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#EnergyCrisis is taking a major toll across nations in the world. Developed first world western nations are bidding up oil and gas prices and storing them in reserves while developing third world countries are suffering from massive fuel shortages and power outages. A thread 🧵
Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 got bankrupt due to their stringent climate based policies set by predatory practices from IMF & WEF
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Probably most consequential event as FM has been #COP27 in Egypt. Shaken by #PakistanFloods, worst natural disaster 🇵🇰 has ever seen, for us climate change is not a problem of the future. CoP-27 endorsed 🇵🇰 proposal as Chair of G77 & China, to place “loss & damage” on the agenda! Image
This proposal aims at creation of a financing mechanism to address climate disasters in developing countries. Pakistan & other developing countries have asserted we should be able to access resources to recover from climate disasters through a “loss & damage” financing facility.
Once again we are grateful to the UN Secratery General @antonioguterres for his consistent support and solidarity. Not only did we call upon him, he also visited Pakistans pavilion & spoke passionately along with PM @CMShehbaz about floods and challenges we face. 2/ ImageImageImageImage
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1/29. 📜NEW BRIEF: Today we launch “PASSED THE POINT OF NO RETURN: A Non-Economic #LossAndDamage (#NELD) Explainer” covering what #NELD is, why and how it happens, where it happens, who is most affected, and importantly, how we can respond.

🔗Get it here:…
2/29. The brief begins with a foreword by @UNFCCC NELs Expert Group Member @IrfanUllahCDO, who highlights that Non-Economic #LossAndDamage has been largely overlooked in climate negotiations and that urgent action is needed to address #NELD happening now e.g. The #PakistanFloods.
3/29. Then @DLodry of @LossDamageYouth shares the powerful story of his lived experience of Non-Economic #LossAndDamage in #Cameroon called "The Tears Of A Village River And Its Population" which tells how climate-intensified #Drought can lead to a loss of #Culture and #Identity.
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1/28.📜NEW BRIEF: Today we launch “THE COST OF DELAY: Why finance to address #LossAndDamage must be agreed at #COP27”, which makes it clear why a #LossAndDamage Finance Facility must be established at #COP27 in #Egypt. 🧵

🔗Get it here:… Image
2/28. The brief begins with messages from The Prime Minister of Barbados @miaamormottley, Mary Robinson Chair of @TheElders, and @MohamedNasheed; Former president of the #Maldives and @TheCVF ambassador for ambition, on why there can be no further delay on #LossAndDamage finance. Image
3/28.The first chapter “As Wealthy Countries Delay” starts by highlighting that #LossAndDamage from #ClimateChange is not a future reality, but something happening right now caused by developed country emissions for which communities in developing countries are bearing the costs.
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We are here 👇

"By the end of the 2022/23
crop year, the world's buffer
stocks of corn will be
enough for just 80 days'
worth of consumption"

Crops ruined by widespread drought in the US & Europe, flooding in Pakistan, incessant rains in India & more…
"Tight grain supplies reflect the impact of climate change on crop production as well as growing global demand for livestock that feed on corn, eating away at stockpiles"

& guess what?

The #ClimateCrisis is ramping up as our leaders pour fuel on the fire…
☝️All these warning signs at the same as we know models are likely highly conservative in predicting how #ClimateChange will impact global food production-

Our leaders are clueless or incompetent-

Please do what you can to wake them up!

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In the grim reality of #floods, Pakistanis young & old are providing hope, here are a few

The Solar Water Box provides robust, on-wheels, solar-powered water filtration unit that can deliver up to 10,000 litres of filtered water per day says @hamzafarrukh…
Another startup, called #PakVitae, is providing a filter product that does not require electricity. Using gravity and attaching to the bottom of #water containers, the filters can provide up to 10,000 litres.

It’s pitch-dark at night for tens of thousands of people living on small sections of dry land in most parts of Sindh. #SunKing's Raza Zubair heard about the plight of the flood victims and now providing #solar-powered lamps for #PakistanFloods' survivors…
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That is how the dynamics of a monsoon #TippingPoint relates to the enhanced variability of monsoon rainfall and thereby the #PakistanFloods. A brief thread:
This is the last paragraph of the @nytimes article above and the related papers:
Anders Levermann, a physicist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, has proposed one explanation. The South Asian monsoon begins each spring when the land warms and...
..draws in moisture-rich air from the Indian Ocean. When this air hits the mountains and cools, its cargo of vapor condenses into rain and, in the process, releases heat. The heat draws even more air toward the land from the sea, which keeps the monsoon going...
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Surreal visuals from #Dadu.

The tragedy is immense.

The destruction beyond measure.

Prayers for the Almighty's mercy.

Water till where the eye can see and beyond.

How will these waters drain?

How will life for the dwellers of these lands ever resume normalcy?

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#ClimateChange Heads of Delegation are in Cairo to discuss #LossAndDamage.

I made an intervention for @CANIntl in the opening plenary urging them to put L&D Finance on the #COP27 agenda to establish L&D Finance Facility and deliver #ClimateJustice.

Excerpt as a THREAD – 1/11
#We are already in the era of #LossAndDamage!

In the last few months, we have seen unfathomable levels of suffering because of #climate impacts

We've seen #heatwaves #droughts #wildfire and #floodings sweep through the world and the horrific devastation by #PakistanFloods

Science tells us how much worse this situation is and why that is.

Because #polluters keep polluting and those who are most responsible refuse to do their fair share.…

#BigOil #CarbonBomb @dpcarrington @mrmatthewtaylor

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If you only tune in for one piece of #PakistanFloods coverage from us, make it tonight’s on @SBSNews from 6:30pm

We go in-depth to profile the impact in one village - a man died, dozens of homes, crops and livestock destroyed and the local school is surrounded by floodwater 1/4
When we visited Qiam Khan Wadhio village, aid provided by @save_children @SaveAusNews @savechildren_pk was being delivered by a local NGO 2/4
You can read more about the work of NGOs and the situation in Shikarpur district here, reporting w/ @zulfiqarkunbhar:…
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(1/) Pakistan's horror floods are our horror floods too

A thread 🧵

➡️ RT

#PakistanFloods #floods #ClimateCrisis #extremeweather #climate #water #Pakistan
(2/) The Planet newsletter:

The Pakistan floods are not an isolated incident for the back page of your newspaper. The scale, and relevance for all of us, should make this the main headline wherever you live.

(3/) This summer was marked by extreme weather events all over the northern hemisphere. As a reader of this newsletter, you have likely experienced this too. For instance, many European readers will remember the record-breaking drought in Western Europe.
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Its been about 5 days now reporting on #PakistanFloods for @SBSNews

A thread on what we've seen and heard, from getting here to visiting some of the hardest hit communities 🧵👇 1/15
We set off from Karachi early Wednesday, planning to reach the worst affected areas of Sindh province.

Not far out of the city, the #PakistanFloods appeared on both sides of the road, and we lost reception 2/15
We had been driving for a few hours when the main road we were on ended abruptly, completely cut off by water.

So we turned back, and continued along a long series of back roads through villages 3/15
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Scale of the disaster—beside 1/3 underwater:

📌1350 people killed
📌50M people displaced
📌900K livestock deaths
📌1M houses washed away
📌40+ reservoirs breached
📌220+ bridges collapsed
📌90% cropped damage
📌$10B loss to economy

Let this sink in— one third of Pakistan is now underwater. The growing number of extreme weather events around the world is due to the planet’s rising temperatures, weather experts say.

3) Eight consecutive weeks of heavy rainfall. Killed 1,100 people, affected more than 33 million residents, wiped out 1 million homes and destroyed 2,200 miles of roads. Nearly 500,000 people are in displacement camps—countless others have nowhere to go.…
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Unprecedented #PakistanFloods have been a catastrophe; particularly in Sindh, Balochistan, South Punjab, parts of KP and GB.
Government, government affiliated organizations, NGOs, and many individuals are on the ground round the clock for relief work.
Here’s a list of government an non-government organisation where you could donate:

1) Prime Ministers Flood Relief Fund

2) Sindh Flood Relief Fund

3) CM Flood Relief Fund Punjab

4) CM Flood Relief Fund KP

5) Balochistan Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Fund
6) Army Relief for Flood Affectees

7) Sindh Rural Support Organization

8) HANDS Pakistan

9) TCF Pakistan

10) Edhi Foundation…

11) JDC Foundation…
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We're happy to be out tabling at the #Kanata Mayoral debate tonight to talk to Kanata residents about our movement for a better #ottcity!

We'll also be livetweeting the Mayoral debate tonight so follow along with us in the thread below!
First up with opening statements are Param Singh, former police officer at OPS; former mayor Bob Chiarelli (who still reads his statements off the sheet after all these years); and Ade Olumide, who is focused on a police complaints bill of rights.
Two comments from Ade: “I’m not sure why they put me next to the police officer…” and “I would like to hear how Mark Sutcliffe is going to pay for his environmental plan.”

And next up is Sutcliffe - who is the first to stand up during his opening statement, which is something?
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#BREAKING Pakistan needs $10 billion for flood repairs, rebuilding: planning minister
Relief and desperation in Pakistan's makeshift flood camps.

Camps have sprung up in schools, along motorways and at military bases to give shelter to millions of displaced flood victims. But the relief at finding safety can turn to desperation for many
#BREAKING Pakistan floods 'the worst in the history' of the country: PM Sharif
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"We should be harvesting fruits right now, but it's all gone, dead from the scorching sun."

"It's impossible to work out in the orchard, because the ground temperature is around 60° celsius" [140°F]

"It's too miserable to bear witness to."

'China is facing severe shortfalls in the autumn harvest of rice & wheat in the Yangtze basin...

In Sichuan province alone, 47,000 hectares have reportedly been lost, and another 433,000 hectares seared.

The problem, however, extends far beyond Sichuan'…
'Parts of the European Union could face 𝘁𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗲 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗺𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗵𝘀 of warmer and drier conditions as Europe weathers a major drought that has fueled forest fires, dried up rivers and devastated crops'

#ClimateCrisis #food #farming #health #nutrition…
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1/8. 🚨#Pakistan is seeing massive #LossAndDamage from #ClimateChange as rainfall 2.87 X higher than the national 30-year average leads to catastrophic Moonsoon floods in 116 districts.🧵
2/8. As of the 26th of August, @UNOCHA reported that #LossAndDamage totaled 218k houses destroyed, 452K houses damaged, 2M acres of crops impacted, 774k livestock lost, 1343 injured, and a death toll of 937 lives.… Image
3/8. But since the release of @UNOCHA's report, the death toll is believed to have surpassed 1000+ lives.…
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Being displaced by #climate exposes women &children, to disproportionate risks of health issues, violence, exploitation & worsened poverty

I wrote about w/ Indrajit from @3rdworldnetwork @harjeet11 @JFaleiro12

The recommendations...1/?

@3rdworldnetwork @harjeet11 @JFaleiro12 Need to be refreshed & tailored to be focussed to Pakistan right now - but there are some general directions based on years of evidence from disasters across South Asia, & the world, about how & why to provide a gender responsive approach to disaster relief & rehabilitation.. 2/?
The women's movement in Pakistan (read @pind_wave @Tooba_Sd & so many more) are absolutely right in their approach to gender-responsive support &protection to affectees. So many super well-meaning ppl (usually men) who will make important decisions during this time which... 3/?
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