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#British 🇬🇧 company found liable for #Beirut 🇱🇧 Port blast

Savaro Ltd, a shell company reportedly operated by #Ukrainian businesspeople, has been found responsible for the damages caused to over 200 victims…
#UK-registered company Savaro Ltd has been found liable by London’s High Court of Justice for the #Beirut Port blast that killed over 200 people on August 4, 2020.…
The ruling calls for the “judgment on liability” to be entered “against the Defendant [Savaro] for an amount of damages to be assessed.”…
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#BREAKING | #US mediator between #Lebanon and "Israel" Amos Hochstein: I remain optimistic that we can make continuous progress.

#BREAKING | #AlMayadeen's correspondent: No agreement has been reached so far, and the parties are talking about needing more time.
#BREAKING | #Lebanese deputy Speaker of Parliament Elias Bou Saab on the maritime border demarcation talks: The schism has narrowed, and we want our entire maritime blocs and the entire Qana gas field.
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1/ This is for you dear @Iyadboustany from June 1920, 3 full months before #GeneralHenriGouraud capitulated to @bkerki & #PatriarchHoyek (may God forgive him insisting on the suicide-pact that was #GreaterLebanon.)
Contrary to what historically-illiterate #PostColonialists say,
2/ France wanted no part of #GreaterLebanon, and long into the eleventh hour, the Quai d'Orsay kept insisting on #PetitLiban. Here's a little snippet from a classified memo #Grouraud sent to the #MAE in June 1920, reflecting France's UNDERSTANDING of #History in the #LongueDurée:
3/ “Lebanon, with proud traditions and a millennial history all its own, ought to remain free, and shan’t be constrained to enter into any regional union. It may wish to be associated economically in a joint customs and monetary regime with a future Syrian federation,
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صحيفة «#النهار» تقاوم موتها السريريّ بالحملات السياسيّة الدعائيّة. الصحيفة التي روّجت لعقود لسياسات #رياض_سلامة، وفتحت صفحاتها له كي يرأس تحرير أحد أعدادها، تدعونا اليوم إلى «صفر اشتباك سياسي» كي يتمكّن اللبنانيّون من الاسترزاق خلال شهر الأعياد.
#موتوا_بصمت #اعطوا_لبنان_فرصة
قد يبدو الفيديو ساذجاً للوهلة الأولى. لكنّه، بسماجته ورسالته السياسيّة، يجسّد بعمق ما تقوله السلطة كلّ يوم: نريد دولارات المغتربين في الأعياد. أمّا أنتم، فافقروا بصمت. عيشوا انهياركم بصمت. وحين تموتون، #موتوا_بصمت.
#النهار #اعطوا_لبنان_فرصة #لبنان
#Annahar newspaper is fighting its clinical death with political propaganda campaigns. The newspaper, which promoted the policies of Riad Salameh for decades and invited him to be an editor of one of its issues,
#النهار #اعطوا_لبنان_فرصة
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تخوض #نقابة_الصحافة_البديلة انتخابات نقابة المحرّرين بمرشّحة واحدة: إليسار قبيسي، بدورٍ رقابي وسياسيّ للإشراف على #انتخابات نقابة غائبة عن دورها تجاه العاملين والعاملات في الصحافة.
الانتخابات التي تُعقد اليوم الأربعاء شهدت حتّى اللحظة مخالفات عدّة، سجّلتها الجمعية اللبنانيّة من أجل ديموقراطيّة الانتخابات (#لادي). كما حذّرت #نقابة_الصحافة_البديلة من «استمرار الاستهتار بالنظام الداخلي للنقابة (بالرغم من ملاحظاتنا عليه) والقوانين المرعية الاجراء».
The Alternative #Press Syndicate has one candidate, Elissar Koubeissi, running in the #elections of the Order of Press Editors.
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The Alternative #Press Syndicate held a press conference on Tuesday, where members explained why journalist Elissar Koubeissi is running in the #Lebanese Press Order Council elections
#presssyndicate #journalism #elections #lebanon Image
happening tomorrow on Wednesday, despite their belief that the official #syndicate lacks representative legitimacy.
Koubeissi’s candidacy is to ensure that the Alternative Press Syndicate can monitor the elections, as they revealed that there were many violations “most notably that the head of the Order himself is running, as well as supervising the #elections.”
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#Breaking| #French foreign minister says #EU reached consensus to put in place legal framework for sanctions on #Lebanese leaders
#Breaking| #French foreign minister says this will be done by end July
#Breaking| #French foreign minister says aim is to pressure #Lebanese leaders to form stable government
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🇱🇧Aoun calls on🇸🇦Saudi Arabia for a president other than #Hariri...& Washington for a comprehensive change. The official #Lebanese position, President Michel Aoun in particular has shifted towards trying to satisfy the Kingdom in search of a horizon for forming a government 1/16
In addition to trying to obtain Saudi satisfaction, Aouni's interest in the US position highlights, & knowing the truth about @POTUS approach to Lebanon. The Trump administration set clear conditions for forming the government & it refused to represent #Hezbollah in it. 2/16
The 🇱🇧Lebanese President moved in the direction of the Kingdom of 🇸🇦Saudi Arabia, & he sent an envoy to meet the Saudi ambassador in #Beirut. According to the information, #Aoun gave a presentation aimed at getting closer to the Kingdom, starting with an apology for... 3/16
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#BREAKING: #Lebanese president Michel Aoun called on PM-desginate Saad Al-Hariri to visit the presidential palace to form a new cabinet immediately or else make way for someone who is able to
Aoun and Hariri have been at loggerheads over government formation since his nomination in October #Lebanon
#BREAKING: In response to Lebanon's President #Aoun, PM designate #SaadHariri says was surprised to hear via a televised speech that he has been invited to the presidential palace to form a new cabinet immediately - tweet
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🇷🇺Russia fears economic collapse in Lebanon and Syria! Russia is expanding its movement in the ME. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is touring the Gulf states. & before that, the #Russian-#Syrian meetings were continuing. Needless to say, Russia is strongly present in Syria. 1/25
🇷🇺And Russian-#Israeli communication is not interrupted. As well as the Russian-#Iranian relationship. But Moscow fears the repercussions of the new 🇺🇸US policy in the Middle East. 2/25
And it is affected like some Persian Gulf countries, especially the Kingdom of 🇸🇦Saudi Arabia. It is expanding its movement, trying to strengthen its position vis-à-vis 🇺🇸Washington. 3/25
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#Hezbollah is examining live accurate ballistic #missile fire in real conditions in northern #Syria. Israel is taking care to destroy precision kits even as they make their way from #Iran to Lebanon and pass through the lands of Iraq and Syria. 1/12
🇮🇱Israel is deeply concerned about Iran's and #Hezbollah's precision project, in which #Iran is helping the Lebanese #terrorist organization convert hundreds and thousands of missiles, at various ranges, into ones that will be accurate and not statistically accurate. 2/12
#Israel frequently attacks conversion plants for these missiles on #Syrian soil, especially in the Matziaf area in the north of the country. 3/12
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How the 🇮🇱Israeli defense deals with the threat of #Hezbollah's precision missiles.
In its annual report, the Institute for National Security Studies placed the probability of war in #Lebanon in the first place, higher than the Iranian threat. 1
The latest name given by experts to this war, in publications and exercises, is "First Northern War" - assuming the war does not remain #Lebanese. #Syria (and possibly #Iraq) as well: 2
Syria itself may act against Israel to retaliate against Iran and Hezbollah for the generous assistance it provided during the civil war, and missile rockets may be fired from #Shiite militias from Iraq, and perhaps even by the #Houthis in Iran. 3
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Situation in #Tripoli #Lebanon deteriorating quickly. Protests that began 2 days ago against lockdown measures and 24 hour curfews to curb the spread of #coronavirus have disintegrated into gun fights. #LebanonProtests
For many Tripolitanians & other #Lebanese staying at home simply means no food at the table. More than 50% of #Lebanese are below the poverty line now. #Tripoli has one of the highest percentage of urban poverty in #lebanon
Even though #Lebanese politicians & decision makers have been warning about need for harsh lockdown measure, they have done little to put in place the proper social safety net measures needed to make sure people can survive. What is now in place is simply too little & quite late
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Reports of air defense launches in Syria.

Reports from sources a couple minutes ago indicated very low flying jets over Lebanon. Potentially IAF but unclear.

#Israel #Lebanon
Reports coming in that #Syrian Air Defense attempted to intercept around 4 missiles coming from #Lebanese Airspace.

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Thread: 1/ Hezbollah just proved accurate #Netanyhu UN speech revealing 3 missile factories next to or under civilian homes. After speech, in effort to debunk, #Hezbollah gave tour of site. Tour video shows IT IS A MISSILE FACTORY, w/ missile production machines clearly visible.
2/ My article explains that #Hezbollah by placing missile factories next to or under civilian homes (apartment buildings here) is clearly using those civilians as human shields, which is a war crime under international law, prohibited by Geneva Convention.…
3) In the face of such evidence, POTUS is required to impose sanctions on #Hezbollah officials by the Sanctioning the Use of Civilians as Defenseless Shields Act (Shields Act), which passed Congress unanimously and became law in 2018.
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Watching defiant @EmmanuelMacron press conference, standing by #Lebanon, and clearly blame #Hezbollah and his allies.
But he offers nothing about what’s next?
. @EmmanuelMacron
“Hezbollah and Amal movement unwilling to do any concession”
“The failure is their, not mine”
#Macron is visibly angry and frustrated.
Who can blame him, after dealing with such corrupt politicians in #Lebanon.
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#BREAKING: #Lebanese President @General_Aoun says forming new government does not seem likely to happen soon
#BREAKING: #Lebanon’s @General_Aoun says I propose cancelling sectarian quotas for sovereign ministries - Reuters
#Lebanese President @General_Aoun warns country will go to hell if it fails to form a government Image
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Read the horrific story of the #Lebanese couple whose newborn #baby boy was taken by #Istanbul medical staff and hasn’t been seen since Image
Imagine – leaving your country in the hope of a better life, but your dream turns to a nightmare minutes after your baby is born when hospital staff take him away and he’s lost – it happened to a #Lebanese couple in an #Istanbul hospital Image
It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: your premature newborn is a few minutes old, the nursing staff take him from your arms, walk away & he vanishes – it happened to a #Lebanese couple in an #Istanbul hospital – This is their horrific story: Image
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A large fire has started at #Beirut Port, #Lebanon.
Significant column of black/dark smoke rising from the area. Image
I'm assuming some form of fuel is burning due to the darkness of the smoke?
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PM-designate Mustapha Adib after the end of non-binding parliamentary consultations: I thank the media that covered this long day
Adib: After the consultations, it became clear that there are more common grounds than disagreements, and any disagreement can be resolved through dialogue; we have to address the imminent problems, including the living crisis, the port explosion, and reforms
Adib: A government of specialists is needed to quickly and professionally address the issues at hand and gain the confidence of the #Lebanese, and the Arab and international community
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#Lebanese army: Medical needs, medications, and vaccines accounted for 68 percent of the aid that reached #Lebanon
#Lebanese army: About 43,000 food rations were distributed to residents of the areas affected by the explosion in #Beirut
Lebanese army: The principle of transparency remains the standard of our work regarding the publication of how aid is being received and distributed
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French presidential source: The #Lebanese authorities are cooperating with us in the investigations of #Beirut Port
French presidential source: Political reasons obstructed #Lebanon's negotiations with the #IMF
French presidential source: We expect #Hezbollah to avoid any action resembling the 2006 war
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Thread on migrant domestic workers in Lebanon
Amnesty International estimates that more than 250,000 foreigners - or around 8% of the country's working population - live within #Lebanon 's kafala system, a form of employment sponsorship and contract which gives all the power to the sponsor…
#Lebanon ’s economic crisis, exacerbated by #Covid19, and more recently the Beirut explosion, “has sparked a distressing phenomenon of...migrant domestic workers being fired & dumped outside their country's consulate.”…
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