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Thread on migrant domestic workers in Lebanon
Amnesty International estimates that more than 250,000 foreigners - or around 8% of the country's working population - live within #Lebanon 's kafala system, a form of employment sponsorship and contract which gives all the power to the sponsor…
#Lebanon ’s economic crisis, exacerbated by #Covid19, and more recently the Beirut explosion, “has sparked a distressing phenomenon of...migrant domestic workers being fired & dumped outside their country's consulate.”…
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Who is #IRGC and what is it's mission?
In this video, we want to take a look at some terrorist activities of #IRGC in the world.
#IRGCTerrorWithoutBorders #NoImpunity4Mullahs #Iran @usadarfarsi @StateDept @statedeptspox @SecPompeo @realDonaldTrump @USUN @GermanyDiplo
Below is the history of IRGC.
#IRGC created by #Khomeini in 1979 is an #Iranian government agency tasked with defending the regime against internal and external threats. Espousing a radical ideology and a paranoid worldview.
#IRGCTerrorWithoutBorders #NoImpunity4Mullahs #Iran
#IRGC uses secret #police methods against its opponents within #Iran, and terrorist tactics against its enemies abroad.
The IRGC creates, trains, funds, arms, and deploys forces with thousands of fighters beyond Iran’s borders.
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Lebanese in #London gather in Hyde Park in solidarity with protesters in #Beirut, 5 days following the deadly #BeirutBlasts
The Lebanese national anthem is played as the diaspora comes together in solidarity with protesters on the ground in #Lebanon
“All of them means all of them, and your leader is one them” chant Lebanese in London as #Beirut witnesses protests following the deadly blast that left nearly 200 dead and 5,000 injured
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Explosions at #Beirut port.
The explosion in Beirut happened at a warehouse at the port, according to NBC News. A fire could be seen burning at the port before the large explosion occurred.
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Video shows destruction on ground after explosion in Beirut (starting thread, ending breaking alerts)
Some Beirut hospitals rejecting injured people, citing damage and amount of patients (@GebeilyM)
Beirut explosion was reportedly felt across the sea in Cyprus
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Initial reports suggesting that Warehouse 12 was stockpiling fireworks and multiple forms of chemicals.
Hundreds are reportedly wounded in the explosion, Lebanese Army are assisting the emergency services.
Extremely close up video of the #Beirut Port explosion shows the fireworks before the larger explosion.
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Breaking: Powerful Explosion rocks Beirut
#Lebanon #Explosion
Damage from the #Lebanon #Explosion several miles away
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May Murr (1929–2008) was a #Lebanese #professor, #historian, #writer, #poet, and #political #activist.Before taking up writing, May Murr taught several subjects at several universities and institutions in #Lebanon such as the Lebanese University and the Lebanese Military School.
She began professionally writing and publishing her works in 1967, as well as founding and presiding many cultural and social associations. She was a member of the Société des Gens de Lettres de #France and of the Société Teilhard de Chardin, headquartered in #Belgium.
She was also the President of the Academy of #Lebanese Thought and was a founding member of the political party the Guardians of the #Cedars. She figures among the #woman #poets in the Anthologie de la Poésie Féminine Mondiale. Many international critics have praised her #poetry.
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1/ When I conducted research at the Ministry of Justice [2009-2012], for a chunk of⏳the archive of the Highest Court [cassation/council of cassation] didn't have a working lightbulb [beyond usual power cuts]. We used the weak flashlight in cigarette lighters on some days

2/The institutions of the #Lebanese state, including the Ministry of Justice & our legal system (what could be & once was a crown jewel), have been neglected & pushed into disrepair for forty years-it is a trend across all governments & parliaments. Its the government workers-
3) public servants (often demonized public servants mind you) who have literally held the system together. I'm sure the archivist of the commercial registrar knows EXACTLY where to find a particular file & probably gets on unsteady ladders & carries & breathes toxic dust all day
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In #Lebanon, two people committed suicide to highlight their hunger & the economic pitfall.
Another man stormed a pharmacy waving a gun for a box of diapers.
As of Sunday, #Lebanon is expected to descend into a nationwide blackout, as fuel shortages all but halt electricity.
.2/ With no electricity or extensive power cuts, fridges will cease to function & food will spoil.
With no power, internet will halt; fuel, pharmaceuticals, clean water & even the airport will all be impacted.
No power means no ACs or fans.
Private generators will not cope.
.3/ #Lebanon is not at the point of collapse, it has already disintegrated.
Many families are on the brink of starvation, the situation is beyond grim.
Help us secure relief to families in dire need.
If you can, please donate today. Even a £5 will help.
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The wise @davidboxenhorn once said: The Lord gives you the remedy first, then the disease

Works permits frozen? No problemo: companies are now geared for remote work, can hire someone overseas & keep her/him in their parent's basement

#Indians, #Lebanese don't need to emigrate
It was it the Talmud

אין הקדוש ברוך הוא מכה את ישראל אלא אם כן בורא להם רפואה תחילה
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Give I'm a little bored - let's do a thread on UNIFIL etc.

The #UnitedNations Interim Force in #Lebanon, otherwise known as #UNIFIL #UN & #NATO peacekeeping operation which began in March 1978 - 42 years ago.
During the 1970s tension between #Israel and #Lebanon increased to an all-time high as after armed #Palestinian elements shifted from #Jordan to #Lebanon. Said forces conducted operations against #Israel and retreated to the safety of #Lebanese territory.
On 11 March 1978, this escalated with what is now called the Coastal Road massacre planned by Abu Jihad. Here's a bit about the Coastal Road Massacre.
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No activists, journalists or political prisoners were among the 3,157 people granted an #Eid pardon by #Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi but an ex-policeman who butchered a woman in her home was.…
Ex-policeman Mohsen al-Sukkari was sentenced in 2010 to 25 years for the murder of popular #Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim.

A court had found that al-Sukkari acted on instructions from #Egyptian real estate tycoon Hisham Talaat Moustafa - who was close to the regime - for $2m.
The 2008 killing of Tamim, Moustafa's lover, sparked public outcry across the Arab region.

Moustafa, a well-known businessman, was sentenced to 15yrs for his part in the crime, but Sisi granted him a pardon in 2017 on health grounds.

So now Sisi has pardoned both men. #Egypt
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Import dependency & food Security
1-Lebanon imports ~ 5 times the value of its exports. On the total import bill, fuel comes 1st accounting for ~ 21.1% & food comes 2nd accounting for ~ 17.7% (Worldbank, 2018). The country imports 65% to 80% of its food needs. (ESCWA & WFP, 2016)
2-Major Imported #food categories include sugar, vegetable oils, animal products, beverages, fruits & vegetables ... , many of which can be either produced locally or already have local substitutes.
3-Agriculture’s value-added as % of GDP has been regularly falling since 2014. In 2016- 2018, it dropped to 2.9% only. The high dependency on imports coupled with the declining agriculture sector poses a serious threat on 2 dimensions of food insecurity: Availability & stability
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When #Oman’s Sultan Qaboos had died,I posted obit,mentioned he was longest-serving ruler in Arab world & one of world’s longest-ruling autocrats,that Oman was 1 of 2 Gulf countries that didn’t ban my 1st book, &told my family WhatsApp group that it was open secret that he was gay
Then I saw this obit h/t @thesailorsgirl and pondered what we should do about people in power who are known to be gay & never come out, whose power & wealth protect them from the horrendous homophobia & violence that so many in the region are subjected to…
Sultan Qaboos was longest-serving ruler in Arab world and one of the world’s longest-ruling autocrats. Imagine if someone that powerful and rich had come out? He did not use his power or wealth to decriminalize same-sex relations.
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#Germany #Bundestag #Hezbollah

On Thursday, December 19, 2019, the @Bundestag voted on three proposals that deal with the #Lebanese organization "#Hezbollah". A joint application was accepted by the CDU/CSU, SPD and FDP with the title
"Effective action against #Hezbollah" (19/16046) while abstaining from the other three parliamentary groups.

However, an application by Alliance 90 / The Greens entitled "Strictly enforce a #ban on #Hezbollah and break up its networks in #Germany, #assist #Israel,
support #civil #society in #Lebanon" (19/16050) was #rejected. In addition to the Greens, some members of the Left Group voted in favor of the #bill, but the vast majority of the Left abstained.
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Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh: "I apologize for the journalists who cannot be among us today.

#Lebanon's Central Bank has worked in an difficult environment...we have kept the currency stable.
Salame: When the #Syria-n civil war started...growth declined from 8% to 2%.

Since 2012 we faced sanctions, impacting monetary flow into #Lebanon... we also had internal problems. We remember the two presidential gaps...

There were also difficulties in forming govts in Lebanon
Salame: Our last gov't deadlock lasted 9 months at a time where we needed reforms

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Thread: Since the #Lebanese #Constitution is being discussed so much, it seems like a golden time to revisit it. Some major points.
The constitution was adopted in 1926 under the French colonial control (mandate). It was critical to creating bureaucratic legal, & ideological foundations of the Republic of Lebanon in its current borders (grande liban), separate to and independent from what became Syria.
Lebanon did not become independent from french colonialism until 1943. The 1926 Constitution set up a parliamentary system of governance with strong executive powers concentrated in the office of the President. The constitution is a classically liberal document, in that it
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#BREAKING: #Lebanon is not #Iran. #Hezbollah/#Amal supporters failed to use #IRGC's Tharallah HQ tactics to suppress protesters. #Lebanese Army confronted tens of supporters of #Hezbollah & #Amal who had come to streets to scare peaceful people who are protesting the government.
#Lebanese Army well confronted tens of supporters of #Amal & #Hezbollah who had come to streets of #Beirut to scare & suppress peaceful protesters. #Beirut is not #Tehran & #Hezbollah terrorists can't employ #IRGC's Tharallah HQ tactics to suppress peaceful protests.
Same tactic used by members of #IRGC's Tharallah HQ for suppressing & scaring protesters in #Tehran during #IranProtests on 31 December 2017. Armed with knives while were riding their motorcycles in groups, #IRGC & #Bassij militia members were chanting "#Hezbollah, Mashallah".
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The Lebanese people are no joke. I'm a proud Lebanese-American.

We survived one of the most brutal civil wars of the 20th century and came out strong as ever.

The #Lebanese people are resilient and brave, rooted in thousands of years of history.

#Beirut and #Byblos, where I grew up, are among the oldest cities on earth.
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Tensions increase in Lebanese city as protesters clash with Harakat Amal supporters: video
"#Hezbollah leader Hassan #Nasrallah has signaled his readiness to support the current #Lebanese govt amid the ongoing protests in the capital Beirut. In a televised speech, Nasrallah said that he would back the govt,“but with a new agenda & a new spirit”
"The #Turkish-backed militants launched a surprise attack on the #SyrianArmy’s defenses near the #Syrian-#Turkish border today in a bid to advance to the Tal Tamr District of Al-Hasakah."
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12. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq

#Iraq #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren
1. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼…
2. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼
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For the past week, #Iraq has been burning in the flames of the protests of a disgruntled population over the poor state of people's livelihoods. A key #slogan in the nationwide popular uprising since Oct 1 has been the call to expel #Iran's regime and its agents from Iraq.
On Sept 20, 2019,#AliKhamenei's representative in #Mashhad said: "Today #Iran is not limited by its borders. Today #Iraq's Hashd Al-Shaabi is Iran. #Lebanese Hezbollah is Iran. #Yemen's Houthi militia is Iran. The #Vatani front in #Syria is Iran. #Palestine's #HAMAS is Iran."
The #diplomatic cover for the activities of #Quds Force officers and #MOIS agents has given the regime the ability to use #Iraq as a serious base for meddling in other regional countries, including #Syria, #Lebanon, #SaudiArabia, #Jordan, and #Turkey.
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6. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?
#ForeignTerrorists #RegimeChange #Imperialism #WarCriminal #Lies #Conspiracy
1. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?
2. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?…
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