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#LetsDoThis #MaryTrumpBook

15 seconds in and I am already bored

Listening because I have to

“Conversations recalled by essence, not actual quotes” ... sigh

And much is sourced from #NYTimes Image
[2] “Hillary Clinton was the most qualified person who ever ran for President in the history of the nation”....

“Didn’t expect Vladimir Putin would swing the election for Donald Trump” ...

Who wrote this, Mary? Or the DNC ?
[3] Groundhog Day talking points. Make it stop.
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📣 THREAD: Thanks to over 3,600 patriotic Americans, I've broken my goal of raising $500,000 to help flip as many seats blue as possible this cycle!

Now, with 114 days until the 2020 general election, I'm DOUBLING my target to an even $1 MILLION! 1/
Instead of listing the U.S. Senate page first as I usually do, I'm gonna start promoting the STATE legislative pages first. You get more bang for your buck with these races, and state legislatures usually control redistricting and other critical tools of government. 2/
MICHIGAN: In 2018 we flipped 5 seats apiece in the state House and Senate. In 2020 the Senate isn't up, but we can #FlipMIHouseBlue by flipping just 4 more seats!

I particularly recommend helping @voteKellyBreen in HD38 and @votePulver in HD39. 3/…
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Kanye West and the Kardashian tribe have over 100 million followers between them. He would be our first bipolar, anger management "jackass" faux angry rapper president and she would be the first porn actress Armenian naked first lady with transgender step father. #LetsDoThis
President Kanye would make us pine for Dementia Donny and all those fat old corrupt incompetent white appointees. Finally America will be in full reality show mode. Will there be a laugh track?…
a little taster of President Yeezus.
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Do u SEE this #pennsylvania? @GovernorTomWolf doesnt give a flyn F%ck about your livelihood, ur bills or family. Hes following orders from enemy @georgesoros. We MUST unite & and not allow him to bankrupt pa or us. He can't veto codified law! Next...
👇👇… ImageImageImage
2. #Tomwolf gave 30mil to the BLM while 3mil+ pa'ers havent recd a DIME of unemployment. The feds paid pa the eic. Biz pd premiums. Its not the website. Pa re did the site yrs ago. Wheres the$ ? Follow @RealCandaceO. She outed the blm actblue as money laundering 4dems
2. This isnt disinfo. Look at wolfs behavior. #NursingHomeSlaughter
Was in all dem states. To purge the conservative voters. Crazy? The dems cabt win so they'll cheat. Win at any cost. Feds are going after all the govs even wolf. Pay attn. Next
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Abschnitt 4
Meine Eltern sind endlich krankenversichert und das musste gefeiert werden! 🥂 Der Funky Arse Whole Circus war zwar so mies, wie er klingt, aber die Stimmung der Circle-Crowd war bombastisch. Kalden war auch da.. schönes Wiedersehen!❤️#partypeople #zitronenbaum #allesfürdencircle
In der (noch leeren) Lobby der Renaissance schon mal auf die PK aus Washington warten. Heute ist #DreamFriday und
@Anniethecircle1 ist auch wieder aus Peru zurück 😍 Was auch immer Senatorin Williamson heute vorhat.. gegen den #Circle hat sie keine Chance 🤷‍♀️ #allesfürdencircle Image
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1 Like = 1 genuine German insult

They’ll all sound funny, some might only be known regionally, and I might not know the underlying meaning for all of them.
Please use irresponsibly.

#LetsDoThis #GermanInsults
1) First the one you probably already know: if you’ve heard that Backpfeifengesicht (~ BUCK-phyfen-guh-SEEKHT) means “a face in dire need of a slap,” that’s exactly right. #GermanInsults
2) Honk. Probably just an insult because it sounds funny, and because there’s a weird rumor that it’s an official abbreviation for “Hauptschüler ohne nennenswerte Kenntnisse” (= lowest school degree and no noteworthy skills). But that’s likely apocryphal. #GermanInsults
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My post on LinkedIn about my interview experience in 1996 @amazon blew up. But a bunch of people asked me why I left after 3 yrs and boomeranged 14 years later. So I thought I’d tell the story here #AWS #amazon #techjobs…
Everyone assumes that if you’re “successful” by some measure they seen you got there through a series of brilliant chess moves or you were an overnight #success. Occasionally that’s true, but far more often it looks like this
My first 3 years at amazon were amazing. We changed the world of #ecommerce, survived competitive threats that were supposed to kill us, invented lots of 😎 #tech that’s now commonplace in websites. But it was also exhausting. I worked 6-7 days a week, every week for 3 years 😓
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HOLY FUCK! Trump is running Build the Wall commercials— on @CNN! ! With
some Rambo narrating. When in the hell did this start????

It ends with: "I'm Donald Trump and I approved this message."

I got chills. Seriously. This is coming off the rails, folks.
@CNN What matters about this ad is the context. This isn't promoting an existing program (I don't believe Obama even made an ad for ACA).

This is promoting a private interest; a personal obsession. One that he's shut down our entire govt to force us to pay for. Let that sink in.
@CNN Of course it was probably campaign money. None of that matters. What matters is that this is more evidence that this media-obsessed lunatic is pushing a private war against brown people that we're all supposed to pay for, simply because @annCoulter despises them.
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(1) #PhotoThread for the #ConfirmKavanaugh process starting 10/3/18.
(2) Mitch laughing to himself about how absurd it is that he has to push his way through the crowd of reporters on 9/25/18.
(3) Sen Grassley is 85 years old. (Democrats have senators around that age, too.)

Today he had to hold onto a Capitol Police officer to reduce the risk of a reporter knocking him over. This has to stop. Senators must return to being able to walk around freely at work.
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This November, millions of Americans’ access to health care is on the line. Each day from #100DaysOut to midterm elections, we’ll share the story of a Little Lobbyist who needs YOU to be a #HealthCareVoter for them. THREAD 0/100
#100DaysOut “Meet our kids and think of them when you vote. Our children deserve that.” @ElenaHung202

This November, Xiomara's access to health care is #WhatsAtStake. She needs you to be a #HealthCareVoter. 1/100
#100daysout Timmy would’ve lost his insurance in the NICU if he hadn’t been born just 6 days after the #ACA banned lifetime caps on care.

Timmy's access to health care is #whatsatstake this November. Be a #HealthCareVoter. 2/100
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HEREWITH: a _different_ argument about why it's easier to put a man on the moon than to have backdoorable cryptography at scale. This fine article got posted by Techdirt a couple days ago…
And it has received reasonable praise, commentary, and dad-jokes from the usual crypto suspects:
And it quotes the highly respectable @mattblaze who as-ever properly demolishes the argument on its own terms of groundless aspiration:
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Our country is a mess and is currently being ran by one of the most disgusting human beings on Earth. The good news is that there are millions of us fighting to protect our people and our democracy.
We have some of the finest men and women working day and night right now to bring about JUSTICE and I fully believe that JUSTICE will be served.
Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, "Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country."
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