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Let's see who's the vulture who preys over the dead.
Let's put aside that he was busy shooting. The main opposition declared "no politics over tragedy".
And the vulture swooped in, asking for votes in the name of martyrs.
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Not for the first time. He was there, right in front of the Taj, addressing the press, as #MumbaiAttack was unfolding behind him. There's more.
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Flyover collapses in Calcutta. The vulture is there. Seems the tragedy was a message from God, to vote for his party.
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9 years of disaster. There are so many instances, that it would be tough to pick just 9.
Here's my list.
1. #Demonetisation. That one stroke of stupidity that literally broke the nation's back. ImageImageImage
2. #Pulwama
Still remains a mystery, how a vehicle loaded with explosives could move around, undetected, in J&k, one of the most militarised regions in the world. What was more shameful than this was how BJP used this tragedy for electoral gains.
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3. #JammuAndKashmir
Art. 370 was abrogated. J&K stopped being a state. Was carved out into 2 UTs. With the objectives of bringing peace & development to the region. Result? We've ended with 2 UTs with seething discontent below the surface.
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Heart wrenching pics are emerging from #Poonch. I hope the terrorists are taught a lesson. This hurts! Om Shanti! 🙏
Today when the first pics of Poonch attack emerged, it appeared more serious than what was being reported, akin to #Pulwama attack when the shock wave hit us hours later. A peace loving INDIA doesn’t deserve this. We don’t deserve Terrorism!
Top commanders sitting across the border should feel the heat. There’s no other way to teach them a lesson! Enemy shld PAY DEARLY for every soldier we lose.
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#SAT Analysis

The #PulwamaAttack of 2019 that killed 40 CRPF personnel in Indian-held Kashmir served as a trigger to bring India & Pakistan on a nuclear threshold.

But were India’s blames rightly put?

A 🧵 Image
How the BJP government averted from intelligence oversight & focused instead on winning the electoral margin following the #PulwamaAttack is the hot talk in India right now.

An “explosive” interview of BJP’s former governor of #Kashmir, #SatyapalMalik, has sparked a debate.


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🔴Thread: Understanding Doval Doctrine

With the military and technological advancement, the concept of mutually assured destruction has become an almost obsolete idea. In the 21st century, we are witnessing something different, a new kind of warfare that is Hybrid Warfare.
It is a multi-pronged approach that is employed to harm the enemy to the maximum at all levels, be it economically, politically, diplomatically, ideologically or in any other form. India, under its National Security Advisor (NSA), #AjitDoval...,
...has geared up for Hybrid War against #Pakistan and #China. Doval confirmed India's strategy of Hybrid Warfare in a lecture at a university when he said that India should be exploiting Pakistan’s weaknesses, harming and exploiting it at all levels...
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From 93 blast to 26/11 to #Pulwama, Terror state #Pakistan not only bleeds India but refuses to punish the perpetrators of terror.
Instead of holding Pak feet to fire as a nation, we broadcast Pak PSL cricket matches?
India needs *Maharana Pratap* & Bhamashah to keep #IndiaFirst
#Pakistan makes #money from the #broadcast of these matches in #India.
Same Indians who outrage holding a candle light in hand after every Pak sponsored terror attack watch Pak teams play cricket?
Pak cricketers abuse our country & religion & Pak cricket benefits from our money??
Sporting ties & people to people exchanges are good but not when #Pakistan continues to use terror as an instrument of state policy & continues to bleed India.
1993: 257 dead.
1999: 530 dead.
2006: 200 dead.
2008: 166 dead.
Many more killed
But some want 2 play & show Pak cricket
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India conducted Pulwama like false operations to implicate Pakistan to derail it from the path of progress.
#Pulwama #pulwama_attack
@ANI @republic @BJP4India @PMOIndia @majorgauravarya
Adil Dar who carried out the Pulwama Attack was a local boy. He was picked up 6 times by Indian army within a time frame of two years.
#Pulwama #pulwama_attack
Indian secret agencies masterminded false flag operations like Parliament attack, Uri attack and Pulwama attack to create a war-like situation in South Asia.
#Pulwama #pulwama_attack
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Facts about #Pulwama attack:
On February 14, 2019, a car bomb hit an Indian forces bus on the Jammu-Srinagar highway near Pulwama, killing 40 security personnel. India had accused Pakistan immediately after the attack.
Pakistan offered to help New Delhi investigate any actionable information, but India did not share any information.
#Pulwama #pulwama_attack
A report in the Indian newspaper "The Hindu" quoted a senior government official as saying that the ammunition used in the attack was not ordinary but specific material used in wars which is present only in military arms depots.
#Pulwama #pulwama_attack
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False flag operations are India’s policy tool.
Modi government can no longer fool the people and hide the facts. Pakistan’s position has proved true, as a former Indian general also revealed that Indian material was used in the #Pulwama attack.
The attacks are linked to India. Any terrorist attack in Kashmir does not help Pakistan’s narrative of Kashmiris’ right of self-determination, as it only endorses the Indian claim of Pakistan sponsoring terrorism in the region.
#Pulwama #pulwama_attack
Indian Army’s atrocities on oppressed Kashmiris should be stopped immediately. India is an extremist country that is playing with the lives and property of minorities, especially Muslims, under the guise of religion.
#Pulwama #pulwama_attack
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@ajaishukla @narendramodi Thread:
Col. Ajai Shukla (retd) had floated a conspiracy theory about the #Pulwama attacks, claiming that ‘Pakistan Army & ISI carried out the attack to get Modi re-elected’ as Modi in power. Shukla claimed that, Pulwama being an ‘inside job’ by PM Narendra Modi.(1/10)
@ajaishukla @narendramodi Col. Ajai Shukla (retd) had made bizarre statements that the Indian Air Force “diluted” the specifications for trainer aircraft perhaps to favour a particular vendor, #Pilatus. (2/10)
@ajaishukla @narendramodi Col. Ajai Shukla (retd), had been complicit in spreading fake news that Gen. (retd) V. K. Singh touched Amit Shah’s feet.(3/10)
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As #SupremeCourt orders no further action on pending #Sedition cases, our year-long investigation of sedition data & stories—used by most petitioners in current case—lays bare how cases rose 28% every year after 2014. 1/n…
25 #Sedition cases filed after anti-#CAA protests, 22 after #Hathras gang rape, 27 after #Pulwama bombings: 519 sedition cases by #Modi govt (2014-2020), against protest movements, journalists, intellectuals. 2/n
96% of sedition cases filed against 405 Indians for criticising politicians & govts between 2010 & 2021 registered after 2014: 149 accused of making “critical” and/or “derogatory” remarks against #NarendraModi, 144 against #YogiAdityanath. 3/n
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An RTI filed by,the reply for which came after 5 months reveals that #InternetShutdowns were imposed in Jammu & Kashmir for a period of 2 months.…
#LetTheNetWork #keepiton #internetshutdown #JammuKashmir #BreakingNews
SFLCin had received information that the mobile Internet was being frequently suspended in various regions of Kashmir for nearly 10 hours every day.
The areas facing such suspensions are #Anchar, #Eidgah, #Qamarwari, #Soura, #MRGung, #Nowhatta, #SafaKadal, #Bagyass of #Srinagar district; #Wanpoh of #Kulgam district, #Qaimoh and the #Litter area in the #Pulwama district of #Kashmir.
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Gujarat has been a peace loving state.

But what happened all of a sudden that Godhra incident happens, train catches fire and riots erupt. The entire state starts burning in the fire of murder, rape and violence. Who got political mileage from this scandal?
Has the face of a master mind ever been sketched?

Why did the bombers keep the bombs in cycles and chose Ahmedabad only, why all these incidents happened only between 2002 and 2014? Was it just a coincidence or some experiment.Well who got political mileage from this scandal?
Well, who got political mileage from this scandal? Has the face of a master mind ever been sketched?

Pulwama will not be investigated, but before the elections, there is a terrorist attack on soldiers in Pulwama, 40 soldiers are martyred, but the country is not told how RDX
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Be it is an incident of plane hijacking, attacks of Indian parliament, Mumbai or #Pulwama or Uri, India always used falsehood as statecraft to

#APPNews #FakeNews @MoIB_Official Image
In an interview, Major General (retd)Z.A.Khan,former Director,DGFI (Bangladeshi Intelligence) said“There is no doubt that RAW played a vital role during our liberation war,but their motive was to divide Pakistan at any cost to weaken their archrival #Pakistan.”
#APPNews #FakeNews Image
India uses false flag operations to generate a negative perception to initiate international actions against Pakistan as well as a tool of coercion which is often utilized to provoke or justify a war against adversaries.
#APPNews #FakeNews ImageImage
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Jai Hind.
Resonant News
5a9h86coi06h17foh6a7ed ·
Spotted RANGERS badge on Lt Col Krishan Singh Rawat who was recently awarded SHAURYA CHAKRA.
Ranger School, in America, is 1 of the TOUGHEST combat course in the world.
Last I had spotted this badge on Gen VKSingh, Image
who had topped Rangers course, US.
Recently Lt Col Krishan Sigh Rawat was awarded for counter-terrorist op in which he had eliminated 2 terrorists.
The op was 36-HOURS long!
Prolly this was the op in which 8 terrorists including mastermind of #Pulwama attack
was eliminated.
Yes! EIGHT terrorists! 😊👍
Rangers school not just trains American soldiers but also foreign soldiers— which includes Indian soldiers.
Then ofcourse, Gen VK and Lt Col Krishan Singh Rawat belong to #ParaSF. 🙂
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As the #SupremeCourtofIndia calls for "reinterpretation" of "ambit & parameters" of 150-yr-old #sedition law, our database reveals how use of the law has soared over a decade, especially after 2014, in clear violation of previous SC judgements…
96% of sedition cases filed against 405 Indians for criticising politicians, govts over last decade registered after 2014, with 149 accused of making “critical” and/or “derogatory” remarks against PM #Modi & 144 similarly accused for comments against #UP CM #YogiAdityanath.
In UP, 77% of 115 sedition cases since 2010 registered over 4 yrs to 2020, since #YogiAdityanath became CM. More than half over issues of “nationalism”: against those who protested #CAA, for shouting “Hindustan Murdabad”, allegedly celebrating #Pulwama, India’s cricket loss
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LoC #CeaseFire Reaffirmation Decoded. #thread

For nearly two weeks the villages along LoC are witnessing days and nights without the sound of guns and bombs as the DGMOs of the two nations announced reaffirmation of the #India - #Pakistan ceasefire agreement.
It is pertinent to mention that the cease-fire was asked by #Pakistan. Although, the agreement is reported to be a result of week long back-channel discussions, what made Pakistan walk on this road? Here is a quick analysis.
#India’s hardened approach to #Pakistan with cross-border surgical strikes after the #Uri terror attack & upped the ante further with the #BalakotAirStrikes following #Pulwama terror attack has made it clear that no more diplomatic resolves will opt until Pakistan mends its way
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@Gen_VKSingh Dear Honorable Minister @Gen_VKSingh Ji
Here is my thread in-line with your tweets🙏
as an #AndolanJeevi #IStandWithFarmers on #FarmersCallPMforDebate on suspended #farmlaws and #MSP Guarantee
@Gen_VKSingh Now, it is clear that the Govt is adamant on #suspended #farmlaws and is misusing even #parliament to tell Lies on #MSP
refusing MSP Guarantee act to prevent below MSP purchase by anyone in India.
We Step back and understand the true ramifications of this situation for #Annadata
@Gen_VKSingh When do #Sellibrities become active to tweet on agriculture subject? When they get hints or advice, being a celebrity is a sensitive expectation from the powers and they are close to the heart of every Indian. #AndolanJeevi #FarmersCallPMforDebate on suspended #farmlaws and #MSP
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This was soon after #Pulwama attack where we lost 40 Soldiers.
#ArnabGate 1/3
This was three days before #Balakot Airstrike. He knew about Military excercise days before it was carried out.
#ArnabGoswami #Arnabgate 2/3
This was after Balakot strike.
#ArnabGoswami #ArnabGate 3/3
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#SrinagarEncounter : New facts revealed by family to local journalists. A #Thread

Journalist Safwat Zargar in his article in SCROLL dated 03 January 2021, made some important revelations after interviewing the families of those eliminated in #SrinagarEncounter
Take a look..
Athar told his sister on 29 Dec at around 3:30 PM that he has gone to #Srinagar and will reach home late in the evening or next day morning. He also said that his phone might be switched off due to low battery. #kashmir #TerrorFreeKashmir
Ajaz told his family that he was in #Pulwama and he would be home either in the evening or next morning. He also told them that his phone might shut down due to low battery.
#SrinagarEncounterNotFake #PoliceDeniesAllegations
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Encounter in Hokarsar, #Srinagar Central #Kashmir.

Information recieved of 2-3 terrorists in ,HMT Area opposite Noora Hospital #Srinagar. Area cordoned by 2RR, JKP & SOG ,#terrorists asked to surrender. Terrorists fired from inside. Appeals made to surrender.
One #terrorist came out to surrender. However, other terrorists fired from inside. Terrorist went inside. Due restraint being observed by security forces to avoid collateral damage. Operation in progress. Details follow.
#IndianArmy #Kashmir Image
#Srinagar #Encounter Day 2 :

Operation resumes, intermittent firing going on.

Operation was suspended at night to avoid collateral damage & cordon around the place where terrorists were hiding was tightened so that there is no chance for terrorists to escape.
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Pre 2008 Cong was selling this theory of Hindu Terror.

Before LS 2009, Pak sends Kasab wearing a Hindu Kalawa to do 26/11

If Kasab wasn’t caught alive. 26/11 would have been sold as Hindu Terror.

Digvijay had books ready.

The plan failed but Cong still won. #Pulwama
Post 2014, Mani Shankar Aiyer goes to Pak & says, Inko Hatayiye Hame laayiye.

Pak does Pulwama just before LS.

Cong & its media asks, "RDX kisne supply kiya?"

Not retaliating wld have undone earlier surgical strikes.

A failed surgical strike might hv costed Modi 2019.
In 2008, Pak does a 26/11 to help Cong sell theory of Hindu Terror.

In 2019, Pak does Pulwama to undo the goodwill of surgical strikes & put Modi in spot just b4 election.

Both 26/11 & Pulwama were done to help Cong.

Why does Pak want Cong in Power?
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#TaalThokKe LIVE : राहुल के 'भरोसेमंद' पाकिस्तान का 'क़बूलनामा'?

पाकिस्तान में भारतीय सेना का 'ये डर अच्छा है'...

#SabootGangExposed पर ट्वीट करें

@AmanChopra_ के साथ…
#Pakistan's Federal Minister @fawadchaudhry tellsNational Assembly #Pulwama was great achievement under @ImranKhanPTI Govt, in which 40 @crpfindia soldiers were killed
Terror attack in Pulwama carried out by Pakistan govt, admits Imran Khan’s Science and Technology Minister Fawad Choudhry. @RahulGandhi
@ArvindKejriwal and #FakeNewsMediaClowns were peddling lies to malign India, PM & our Martyred bravehearts
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