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#AVCT interims tomorrow.

Comprehensive updates on all work streams of the Therapeutics and Diagnostics divisions will be provided.

Naturally, the content will likely be dominated by the various #COVID19 products under development - and of those, many market participants... 1/n
...(esp. new holders) will only have eyes for the LFT.

I think it’s important to appreciate the number of short term traders - and nervous retail investors - there are in #AVCT at present.

In my view, the near-term SP movement (which I think will be strong, either way)... 2/n
...will be driven by one very simple - but critical - matter: whether #AVCT has been permitted to disclose in its interims the UK Gov’s involvement in the rollout of the LFT.

I think the majority will agree that that involvement is beyond question.

Project #Moonshot... 3/n
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Some economic comparisons:

A failing #Brexit has so far cost us the equivalent of the total of every payment we've made, ever, to the EU, since we joined.
Some economic comparisons: (2)

A failed Track&Trace / Test&Trace has cost us the equivalent of four aircraft carriers.
Some economic comparisons: (3)

An already-failing #Moonshot #Vaccine scheme will cost more than our entire annual Education Budget and is based on technology that has yet to be invented.
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BMJ Editorial @bmj_latest on why Moonshot is scientifically unsound.

with Tony Brookes and @AllysonPollock

has just been published here…

#Moonshot @UoB_IAHR @unibirm_MDS

Moonshot plans uses point of care tests (POCT) approved for home use which don’t yet exist.

Proposals use computer modelling not empirical evidence. Understanding model assumptions is critical.

Widely claimed model is based on using LESS ACCURATE TESTS. This is WRONG.

The model assumes new POCT is positive in people who have INFECTIOUS Covid-19

and negative in both those who don’t have COVID-19 infection at all

and negative in those who have NON-INFECTIOUS Covid-19.

(infectious means you can pass the virus to somebody else).

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This was a fortunately timed move, but in hindsight, perhaps even more could have been taken off the table...! FTSE approaching -4% on the day.

Then again, as we all inevitably learn the hard way - hindsight is not a strategy.

Regardless, I have a healthy cash pile to...

...deploy now, with many excellent opportunities about.

#COVID19 testing stocks should of course do very well in the coming few months, with the #AZN / Oxford vaccine delayed and #Moonshot being launched.

My top picks (and the only ones I hold) remain #AVCT and #NCYT.

In my view, we won't see a market meltdown. The fear factor driven by 'The Great Unknown' is no longer present, as it was in Feb/March.

Of course, there are some sectors I won't be touching, but many industries have gotten to grips with lockdown working measures/lifestyle.

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I hear there was a lot of talk on the #AVCT LSE BB last night about me having gone quiet / potentially sold out (seems like the thread has now been taken down by admin).

To clarify: I have certainly not sold. On the contrary, I added a significant amount last week, at ~173p. 1/4
I've been writing an update note on #AVCT, but other investments/research have taken up most of my time this week. It'll come in due course.

In short, I have absolute faith that @avacta will deliver THE game-changing #COVID19 test that will be the cornerstone of #Moonshot.

#AVCT's Affimers - superior binding proteins to the monoclonal antibodies that other #COVID19 antigen LFT developers are using - will ensure a first-in-class product.

That in itself will ensure there's a global market that will consume everything that AVCT can manufacture.

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TIL - while reading “Imagineers of War” by Sharon Weinberger - that Eisenhower signed off the creation of ARPA in 1958 despite (1) a note of formal disagreement from the Joint Chiefs and (2) 3 recent failed rocket launches sponsored by Sec of Defense (and ARPA instigator) McElroy
This does not strike me as a very useful precedent.
As Weinberger tells it, McElroy had most recently worked at Proctor and Gamble as a brand manager, and that the launch of the Sputnik by the Soviets had given rise to a feeling of vulnerability and anticipation of nuclear attack in the US.
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I don't know, but I suspect it is an artifact of the way that some #tests are (still) being counted as "#processed" when they are sent out by #Pillar2 👇… Image
Plus, in terms of what people are experiencing on the ground, there's a missing metric - i.e. how many test #kits are #available.

You'd imagine at this point that number would significantly exceed lab #capacity but, were that the case, why 'ration' them by sending people...
...several hundred miles to be tested?

That implies logistical / supply chain issues (as well) - and certainly gives lie to any claim that whatever #predictive #models they're using for distribution are working.

Hmm. Is "#Moonshot" implicit acknowledgement of this?
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The important thing to note with operation moonshot is that, realistically, it’s not going to be ready in time to even potentially prevent another second wave.

Is it just another PR stunt, or is it something more sinister?

A thread👇…
The tests used for #moonshot would most likely be rapid at-home kits, which do have huge potential. These are more transmission indicators and not diagnostic kits.

@michaelmina_lab has spoken a lot on how and why these would be effective:

The main points are that they give rapid results, & lower sensitivity means that they are more likely to catch just infectious people &, if orthogonal assays are included, overall specificity is high which decreases the chance of false positives.
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What is #Moonshot ?

Moonshot is a £100bn dead cat distraction

Tory gov is trying to break the international laws they co-created with the EU in the Withdrawal agreement they voted for the 9th on Jan, having used it to win the Dec 19 election, and was ratified on the 24th of Jan
The Withdrawal agreement was a new agreement drawn up by the Johnson government in cooperation with EU late 2019

It is not May's deal

He could not get it through the 17/19 Parliament

Election was held in December

Withdrawal "#OvenReadyBrexit" agreement was his centre piece
Here is Johnson calling it a great deal Nov and Dec 2019

The deal HE co-created

He knew exactly what was in it back in Nov and Dec 2019
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Six months since @BorisJohnson said: “One of the theories is that we could take it on the chin”, he announces the UK will finally “step up enforcement efforts at the border”.

So still no screening at airports

Just more “enforcement”. #COVID19 #coronavirus #HerdImmunityScandal
“Could it just be they got it wrong?” @piersmorgan asks @OliverDowden.

How is it that same ministers & govt scientists who got it SO wrong on lockdown, testing, screening, track & trace, PPE, care homes, etc. etc. are still making the decisions? #COVID19
“So you want us to trust you as a govt on that?!!” @KayBurley

@grantshapps explains the #Moonshot #COVID19 tests “require further development"!

The £100bn cost will be covered by the millions of spot fines issued by the new army of #CovidMarshalls!
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50 years ago today, the United States accomplished something HUGE that just 7 years prior was only a vision laid out in a speech by President John F. Kennedy *at a time when the technology to get to the Moon didn't even exist yet!*

That didn't stop us! #Apollo50th
With fearlessness, we pressed through the challenge & marshaled the courage, brainpower, & resources to get the job done.

Thank you to the folks at @NASA & @NASA_Johnson for the amazing work you do each & every day. Shout-out to all of you that live in #TX10!

@NASA @NASA_Johnson As we stand on the shoulders of giants like Armstrong, Aldrin, & Collins, we must recognize the work of @NASAClimate as we boldly take on the #ClimateCrisis; the greatest challenge we currently face as a species.

We must take #OneGiantLeap for a #GreenNewDeal! #Apollo50th
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