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🏆🇪🇺 Champions League probabilities:

🔀 Who has the best chance of winning & qualifying from each #UCL group using our xG model?

A: #ManCity, PSG, Leipzig, Brugge
B: Atletico, #LFC, Porto, Milan
C: Sporting, Dortmund, Ajax, Besiktas
D: Inter, Real, Shakhtar, Sheriff

🏆 Champions League Group Probabilities:

🔀 Who has the best chance of winning & qualifying from each #UCL group using our xG model?

E: Bayern, Barca, Benfica, Kiev
F: Villarreal, #MUFC, Atalanta, Y Boys
G: Lille, Sevilla, Salzburg, Wolfsburg
H: #CFC, Juve, Zenit, Malmo

📊 The Infogol model's top-two predictions for all eight #UCL groups.

💷 The 'both teams to qualify' acca is 153/1 with @SkyBet

🤑 The straight forecast acca is 4385/1 with @SkyBet
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/Thread/ How #PremierLeague shirt sponsors have changed. Data POWA analyses shirt sponsorship trends in England’s top flight football league. Once small and local, now sponsors are multinationals. In the late 1990s tech and telecoms companies predominated; then financial Image
@POWAindex @utdarena @MUFR_ @iemadAFC @ChrisWheatley_ @MaaxiAngelo @mjshrimper @OsmanZtheGooner @theesk @arsenalbarclays and insurance firms muscled in. Since 2005, when gambling laws were liberalised, betting firms have worked their way up the league. This season they sponsor 45% of teams. The average size and type of the business sponsoring each tier of EPL teams has changed dramatically.
@POWAindex @utdarena @MUFR_ @iemadAFC @ChrisWheatley_ @MaaxiAngelo @mjshrimper @OsmanZtheGooner @theesk @arsenalbarclays During the 91/92 season #ManUnited, #Arsenal and #Chelsea were all sponsored by electronic brands. Nowadays, the likes of Arsenal and #ManCity are both sponsored by global airlines, with #Liverpool and #Tottenham choosing to take financial service companies as their lead partner.
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Jack Peter Grealish, the FIRST ever £100mil Englishman: A purely statistical analysis.

Here goes my first ever thread:
Grealish made 26 appearances in the Premier League for Aston Villa, scoring 6 goals and assisting an additional 10 more playing out of the left wing. Image
This means a goal every 4 games and an assist in almost every 2 games! The 0.41 assists per 90 minutes has Grealish ranked in the top 98th percentile of all players across the top 5 major leagues across Europe!
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Fernandinho or Rodri might have made a difference last night but there was a fundamental issue they wouldn’t have solved 1/
If we’d have started one of our regular dms last night we might have picked off more second balls in midfield (especially Fernandinho) and played a bit slower with more control (especially Rodri) 2/
But we would have still encountered the same tactical issues Chelsea pose. I wrote about their shape and how difficult it is to press without leaving 2 vs 2s at the back last week. As early as the 2nd minute alarm bells started to ring last night 3/
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Manchester City vs Chelsea berhadiah 1.000.000

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The European Cup Final:
Chelsea’s shape vs City’s press.
A tricky conundrum for Pep 1/ Image
Tuchel’s Chelsea set up in a 3-4-2-1.
3 centre backs across the back line play behind a midfield 2 of Kante and Jorginho with wing backs wide and Mount, Havertz and Werner up top 2/ Image
There are various challenges this formation creates for City.
Here I’m going to concentrate on City’s press. City have generally pressed in a 4-4-2/4-2-4 in the last few months. It matches up well against a back 4 and midfield 2, as we can see against Gladbach in the last 16 3/ Image
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Es oficial: la Super League ha nacido. 12 clubes se cortaron solos de la UEFA y decidieron crear su propia liga, entre semana, para competirle a la Champions. A la UEFA/FIFA no les gustó nada. Y esto recién comienza...

Para que tengan una especie de índice, el hilo será dividido así:

📍Explicación y formato del torneo
📍 Implicaciones financieras (importante)
📍 Implicaciones deportivas
📍 ¿Se puede parar esto?

Vamos a ello.

La #SuperLeague estará compuesta por:
🇮🇹 #Milan - #Juventus - #Inter
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #ManUtd - #Liverpool - #ManCity - #Chelsea - #Arsenal - #Tottenham
🇪🇸 #Barcelona - #AtléticoMadrid - #RealMadrid

Desde 🇩🇪 y 🇫🇷 se negaron.

(@brfootball) Image
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Let me play the devil's advocate here for a second. #SuperLeague

I have already stated that I believe relegation and promotion are essential for any competition. The underdog's success is a story that will always be desirable. So, if you lock in 15 clubs that will never lose their place, the competition losses its charm.
However, if that detail is corrected, then this could be something revolutionary. Like how Europen Cups were started by Santiago Bernabeu's ideology and later became the #ChampionsLeague, as we know today. Or how the #EPL rebranded itself in 1992.
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De Bruyne creating from False 9.
Opposition centre backs beware 1/
When KDB plays False 9 he tends to be the F9 option who wanders furthest from the forward position for City. This can create problems for opposition centre backs who are being asked unusual new questions 2/
For this Sterling chance in the first half yesterday De Bruyne has moved into a left midfield position to receive the pass in space from Stones 3/
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Arsenal today.
The home match was significant and unique from a tactical perspective 1/
The match was pre @city_tactics but was one of the most interesting of the season. City set up with Ake and Cancelo nominally as full backs and Walker and Dias at centre back.
Rodri and Bernardo in midfield supported Mahrez and Foden wide and Sterling playing off Aguero 2/
It was unique because we’ve not seen Walker line up nominally as a centre back before or since.
It was also one of only 2 PL starts for Aguero so far this season and Sterling has rarely played centrally since either 3/
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Not long now before we hear from the boss ahead of tomorrow's trip to Goodison Park 🙌

🗣 @marathonbet
🔷 #ManCity |
PEP 💬 Sergio is one year injured so cannot start from the beginning - but he is ready to come back. He was on the bench last game and will be again. Ilkay is much better but I don't think he's available for tomorrow. The rest of the players are okay, except Nathan Ake.
PEP 💬 He's really getting better [De Bruyne]. Today he did all training with the group, with all of us. Much better!
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How Pep changed it to combat Alexander Arnold whilst breathing life into City’s attack 1/
Pep mentioned in his post match interview that he changed the formation at half time in part to combat the threat from Liverpool’s full backs. In a quiet first half Alexander Arnold looked like Liverpool’s main attacking weapon. Both full backs stayed wide and were given space 2/
Alexander Arnold set up a headed chance for Mane in the 25th min. Zinchenko challenges Salah for Henderson’s cross field pass. He can only head it on to Alexander Arnold who’s in space. No one else has picked him up and Zinchenko has a problem 3/
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The challenge Liverpool’s press could pose and how City might try to overcome it 1/
Many previous Liverpool vs City encounters have been noted for their frantic pace, often set by the pressing game of Liverpool’s front 3.
City’s current set up at the back in possession - in a 3, rather than the 4 - could be a big difference this time 2/
In previous seasons we’ve seen Liverpool’s front 3 press City’s backline with the support of the midfield and even the full backs. It’s made it very difficult for City to play out and has resulted in dangerous turnovers high up the pitch 3/
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7 key areas for City on Sunday 1/ Image
1. Defensive set up.
Walker at right back will indicate Pep wants pace at the back to deal with Liverpool’s threat.
Cancelo at right back is the more positive selection, it’s where he’s done the most damage in his more advanced hybrid role 2/
At left back - if we presume Cancelo starts at right back - Laporte is the more defensive option to try to deal with Salah’s threat.
Zinchenko probably offers more in possession moving forward and is possibly more press resistant 3/ Image
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This week #LFC manager Jürgen Klopp said “We’re a different kind of club. We cannot just change it overnight and say, ‘So now we want to behave like Chelsea, now we want to behave like them’.” The implication that LFC are a morally superior club. Here’s why that’s bullshit THREAD
1/ When #LFC hierarchy wanted to expand Anfield, they bought houses surrounding the stadium on Lothair Road and Anfield Road before expanding to Hartnup Street, Donaldson Street, Granton Road, Salisbury Road, and St Domingo Vale. They evicted tenants and left the houses to rot...
2/ The vacant houses became targets to arsonists, drug dealers and even one woman was murdered. They engineered the economics of the area, meaning the once thriving community was ruined and they got the remaining houses for a knock down price...
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This #Messi story is massive news for all footy followers ⚽️

Will English fans get the pleasure of seeing the genius grace the #EPL ?
Will #ManCity replace 'El Mago' with 'El Dios'?

As amazing as his on-pitch story is, the background with Barca is juicy to say the least 💸🔁🤯
Recently I read #FootballsSecretTrade (brilliant!) & started watching #Gomorrah (also brilliant)!!
Then started doing a bit of digging into the history of Messi and Barca...

Now, I know the angle I'm looking at this from is heavily influenced by those 📕📽️ BUT wow!

Messy 🦹💸
Barca is an incredible football club #MesQueUnClub & Messi has given us fans some of the most magical moments ever seen on a pitch #MesQueUnJugador BUT the club has a really 'interesting' past which hangs over this current situation.

Let's start with how the club is run...
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Nathan Aké may be going to Manchester City for ~ £35m. Here are his stats in comparison to those of Aymeric Laporte (below):

Laporte has been pretty slack this season. Aké's style is *almost identical* with much better attacking.

(1/2) #MCFC #ManCity #AFCB Image
Aké can get into the box both in open play and on dead balls, and he's a mean finisher. When he gets forward, though, he's typically looking for a short pass. Good fit for Man City, good competition for Laporte. Great talent in duels, can still improve his overall game.

(2/2) ImageImage
P.S. To be fair, Laporte was much stronger on both sides of the ball in 2018-19, before his injury (see below). Will he get back to his best next season? Aké may soon be there partly in case he doesn't. Image
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Y'all ready for Pep? 💬

Get set for live updates from the boss' pre-Bournemouth press conference.

🎤 @marathonbet
🔵 #ManCity |
PEP 💬 Incredibly happy for the (CAS) decision which shows what all the people said about the Club was not true and to defend on the pitch what we won on the pitch.
PEP 💬 Like I said many times, if we did something wrong we would accept the decision of UEFA and CAS because we did something wrong. We can defend ourselves. We have the right to defend ourselves when we believe what we have done is correct.
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It's that time again! Live tweets from Pep's Brighton preview incoming to your feeds!

⚽️ @marathonbet
🔵 #ManCity
PEP 💬 The first leg we played in Madrid, the second leg we play at home. It’s a normal situation.

It’s not about advantage. It is what it is. In knockout games it’s one at home and one away.
PEP 💬 Well I think in the next season (VAR) will be better. It's only the first season (with it). You will have to ask the people in charge. I am not a specialist in this kind of situation. I don’t know if they will admit the reality. Ask them not me.
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