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¿Qué pensaríais si os digo que el futuro de la sostenibilidad está en el Reino Fungi? La biotecnología ha llegado al mejor reino del mundo y ha venido para quedarse. ¿Queréis saber más?

👇 ¡Dentro hilo! 👇

La mayoría estamos "hartos" de oír hablar de la utilidad de los hongos (desde el punto de vista de su aplicación práctica) bien en la cocina, bien por su importancia en la industria alimentaria o bien por avances como la Penincilina.
Lo que es posible que no sepáis es que en los últimos años se ha explorado con éxito su uso en la fabricación de biomateriales… ¿y sabéis qué? Es una auténtica pasada. ¡Vamos a verlo!
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Can 🍄MUSHROOMS🍄 help us understand Bitcoin?
Let’s explore some of the surprising parallels between #fungi and the #Bitcoin network:
In “Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money,” @BQuittem theorizes that the key characteristics of the Bitcoin network (decentralized, resilient, and adaptable) echo the evolutionary strategies that fungi have used successfully for over 1.3 billion years. 🍄
Fungi are classified as an independent kingdom of life, just like plants and animals.

Scientists estimate that between 2.2 and 3.8 million species of fungi exist on #Earth – as many as 10x the estimated number of plant species!
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Oyster mushrooms will grow on almost any carbon-rich material. Chances are, you've got all you need to get started tucked away in your recycling bin. ♻️🦪

How to build a cardboard digester a thread:
📦Find/build a crate with some room between the slats for your mushrooms to emerge from. About 1" spaces are good. Milk crates work too!
📜Source enough undyed/brown cardboard and paper to fill the crate. You can also add some freshly used coffee grounds or even a little compost.
🚿 Hydrate your materials by giving them a hose down or soak in a tub for a few minutes. Let any excess water drain off.
🥪 Inoculate! Sandwich your crumbled oyster sawdust spawn between layers of cardboard and paper.
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Thread/What do you think of when we talk about #biodiversity?

There's so much more to our planet's ecology than just plants, trees & animals... Our #soils are home to a quarter of the world's species - many of which include #fungi 🍄
2/ From the ingredients we cook with, to the medicines that heal us and the #woodwideweb that runs beneath our feet, #fungi are vital to our existence, and all life on earth, yet they are the oft-neglected kingdom...
3/This month's #BookClub features @MerlinSheldrake's 'Entangled Life' - an exploration of the amazing world of fungi, and the role they play in shaping all aspects of our world - "eating rock, making soil, digesting pollutants and nourishing and killing plants"
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@NjHassel sadly passed away on January 8th. He was an exceptional human being, father, husband, friend and scientist.

A 🧵highlighting some of his many scientific contributions.
#fungi #nitrogen #isotopes #climatechange 1/n Image
@NjHassel did this MS with Matthew Germino at @IdahoStateU

He tested how Cenococcum colonization influences establishment of young conifers at alpine-treeline. 2/n…
He did his PhD with Michael Allen at @UCRiverside focusing on ecophysiology of #tropicalforests

He described strategies by evergreen and drought-deciduous trees to overcome seasonal water limitations in tropical forests. 3/n…
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Took a wet walk through some first class WOOD PASTURE on the shore of #ullswater this morning. Here's a thread to explain why it's such a fantastic habitat, and why we need more of it. Image
On the face of it, wood pasture is just a field with trees in it, but it's so much more than this. When well managed, with the right level of grazing, wood pasture is one of the richest habitats we have. In fact, it's more than just one, it's a habitat mosaic. Image
One of the most prominent features of a wood pasture, is big, old #trees. This one has lots of oak, ash, birch, holly, sycamore, hawthorn and alder, many with abundant rot holes, perfect for pied flycatchers, restarts and other hole nesting #bird species. Image
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Here it is!

#Inktober2020 day 1 in my #PathogenPortraits series. After years of studying this in cow bums, it had to be #EcoliO157

It causes bloody diarrhoea & if that wasn't bad enough, sometimes kidney failure & death. More info @…
#sciart #microbiology Inktober2020 E. coli O157 c...
#Inktober2020 day 2 in my #PathogenPortraits series. 'The Clap' (Neisseria gonorrhoeae) b/c who doesn't 💚 green purulent discharge?

It's sexually transmitted but also from mother->newborn during birth to cause blindness.
More info:…

#sciart #microbiology Image
#Inktober2020 day 3 in my #PathogenPortraits series. The very 💛golden💛 #MRSA.

Minds it's own business on your skin, but if it gets inside, methicillin won't do a thing to stop it.

More info at #sciart #microbiology Methicillin resistant staph...
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This week's #micromeded is for everyone out there who thinks micro is not the coolest thing in the world. Here is a short infographic describing the different growth patterns exhibited by #fungi: mold-/yeast-dominant or dimorphic. Created w/ @BioRender
1/ ImageImage
For #MOLDS, their growth is characterized by hyphal growth at both environmental and body temperature. For #YEASTS, their growth is characterized by bacterial-like growth (i.e.: colonies are soft with no hyphae) at both environmental and body temperature.
For #DIMORPHIC fungi, their colony morphology changes depending on their incubation temperature. This growth pattern makes dimorphic fungi more pathogenic, so it is very important to remember your dimorphic fungi.
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5 areas you should wash thoroughly before you leave the bathroom

1. Around your ears
2. Armpits
3. Groin & anal region
4. In-between your fingers
5. In-between your toes

A thread 🧵

{Retweet for awareness!} Image
When some people go to have a bath, they just pour water on their bodies, with or without soap, & pay little attention to cleaning the dirtiest & most vulnerable parts of their skin.

You need to do this to keep your skin clean & prevent lots of skin diseases.
The back of ears & ridge in front of the ears are often ignored when most people bath.

Some people come out of the bathroom but you still see dirt around these areas.

They are exposed to the outside & can harbor germs, dust & dirt.

Take time to clean these areas when bathing.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/25/2020…
Did a Person Write This Headline, or a Machine?…

#ML #generator #text
Opinion | The Future of Nonconformity…

#thinking #nonconformist
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1/ Just finished reading Mycophilia by @eugeniabone — here’s a thread of fun #fungi facts 👇
2/ Chlorophyll in plants convert sunshine into chemical energy to feed the plant.

Some fungi convert subatomic particles (including nuclear waste) into chemical energy to feed the fungi.

Reminder: bitcoin converts energy into money to feed the network.
3/ Why do leaf cutter ants collect leaves? Decoration?

Combining leaves + a few things laying around the house ( saliva, feces, bacteria) they create a compost farm providing food for the colony. The fungi benefit from life without competition.

Whose farming who?
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Team examines if #Huntington’s genetic mutation that predisposes to immune cell + neural tissue problems cld faciliate #microbial colonization of the of HD brain 👉 Find microbiome (bacteria + a variety of fungal structures) in HD autopsied brains:… ImageImage
2/ Some of the #fungi were found in the striatum + frontal cortex of seven #HD patient #brains, w/ close proximity to the nucleus, or even as intranuclear inclusions 👉 and prevalent #bacterial genera included Pseudomonas, Acinetobacter and Burkholderia. ImageImage
3/ Some of the identified #fungi create #mycotoxins like aflatoxins, ochratoxin A and trichothecenes 👉 which can provoke cellular injuries including ROS production + #mitochondria dysfunction
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And finally, congrats to our 2019 #AgarArt Professional winners! People's Choice w/ the most FB 'likes' goes to "Hungarian Folk Art," Zita Pöstényi, Microbiologist, SYNLAB Hungary Ltd., #Budapest, Hungary. #microbiology #sciart #bioart #bacteria #folkart #clinmicro Image
2019 #AgarArt Professional, 3rd place: "Fu(n)ji-san," Isabel Franco Castillo, Ph.D. Student, @ICMA_Aragon (ICMA-CSIC/UNIZAR & CIBER-BBN), #Zaragoza, Spain. #fungi #fungus #spores Image
2019 #AgarArt Professional, 2nd place (TIE): "Ablution," Michael V. Magaogao, Senior Lab Tech, RAK Medical & Health Sciences University, Ras Al Khaimah, #UAE. "The #NotoriousRBG on V.R.B.G.," Michael Taveirne, Ph.D., Teaching Asst Professor, @NCState, #Raleigh, NC. ImageImage
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Hardest question my students have asked me thus far in gen #biology (asked by an #education major) 1/2 Image
@jenylamb I️ really have to think about the answer. Not gonna lie, have had so many enjoyable lectures as an SLU #instructor 2/3
@jenylamb we (fittingly) are ending the semester w/ #fungi , one of the coolest topics b/c of importance & weirdness Image
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