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Drug overdose numbers for July have been released by the province.

95 Albertans died by drug poisonings in the month of July.

40 of those were Edmontonians (42%)

92/95 involved opioids (97%)

#yeg #ab #overdose #opioid #edmonton
In the first 7 months of this year there have been 923 overdoses in Alberta, compared to 966 last year in the same time period which is a decrease of 4.5%.

#ab #overdose #opioid
During the first 7 months of this year in Edmonton there have been 347 overdoses compared to 342 in the same time frame last year which is a 1.5% increase.

#yeg #overdose #opioid #edmonton
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This is an update on Edmonton Public Schools COVID/illness/absence numbers. I have been collecting this data daily since Jan 2022. Thank you to @EPSBNews for making it available for as long as you have. #edmonton #yeg #covidab
This first graph tells the biggest story. In purple are absences related to COVID-19, in blue are absences due to other illness. As you can see, when students returned to school in January, there was a significant amount of COVID-19 going around. Absences due to other illnesses.. Image
were also quite high. Throughout the year absences due to other illness grew well above COVID-19. I am not an expert, but I believe this was caused by a lack of testing moving potential COVID-19 cases into the 'other illness' category because COVID cases often aren't confirmed.
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Safeworks, #Calgary's only supervised consumption site, will be closed by @YourAlberta in the area hit hardest by drug poisoning (red).

Soon after taking power in 2019, the govt cancelled a planned Calgary East mobile site - 2nd hardest-hit (yellow).… Map of Calgary showing drug poisoning fatality rates in diff
@YourAlberta @JyotiGondek @DanWMcLean @SonyaSharpYYC @JenniferWyness @YYCTKW @pootmans @chabot4calgary @kourtpenner @CWalcottYYC @gccarra And yes, the province plans to "replace" the SCS capacity with two overdose prevention sites inside shelters (community access barriers currently unclear). But we've already seen how shuttering services plays out in #Edmonton.
We also know how closing the supervised consumption site worked out in #Lethbridge.

It was, incredibly, AB's only supervised inhalation site. Around 50% of poisoning deaths follow inhalation use.

Still think this isn't intentional policy?…
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Here's some aircraft that I've found around #Uvalde on 5/24/22. These may have already been found by others already. I'm just poking around.

A chronological thread based on what time each arrived near Uvalde:
#CFCNU A helicopter from #Edmonton #Canada that has since made its way to #Monterrey #Mexico. It approached #Uvalde airport around 9:56am, landed, and continued south around 10:36am. Why not just fly an airplane? Maybe it has a new owner? #Heliqwest…
#AE53FB #Ronin42 - I've already tweeted about this one but for the sake of timeline, I'm going to include it. This is a #USArmy recon plane out of #Killeen. It took off around 10:16am and started approach (twice) to #Uvalde around 11:04am.…
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QAnon-Anhängerin #NaomiSeibt glaubt CNN hätte eine "Fake Ukraine Berichterstattung" ausgestrahlt, da ein Feuerwehrmann eine "Edmonton"-Jacke trägt.

Die Jacke ist echt und stammt aus einer Spendenaktion der Feuerwehr in #Edmonton.

Kurzer Thread. Screenshot aus Naomi Seibt Telegram Kanal - 27.03.2022 - Feu
Seit über 10 Jahren sammelt die Gruppe "Firefighter Aid Ukraine" Equipment ein.

Der "Project Director" Kevin Royle zu @CityNewsOttawa:
"Royle confirmed the bunker gear shown in the live footage was donated by his aid group."…
Hier noch der CNN Bericht aus dem der Screenshot erstellt wurde.…
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🇨🇦 Excellent report by @Breanna_KS about the Edmonton Police Service's "secret" surveillance plane, but it leaves a lot of questions unanswered, like, how didn't I notice that one before?

Let's go over (granted, with hindsight) all the details.

👮 🛩️ 👋
Let's look up the obvious, planes with an owner of "Edmonton"

There are 4 plane owners with that word in their name:
‣ Edmonton Soaring Club ❌
‣ Edmonton Flying Club ❌
‣ City Of Edmonton ✅
‣ Edmonton Regional Helicopters Inc. ❌
Re-do the search using the correct owner:

The City of Edmonton own four Canadian-registered aircraft:

‣ C-FEPS Eurocopter EC120B
‣ C-FEPU Aerospatiale AS350 B3
‣ C-GEPS Aerospatiale AS350 B3
‣ C-GMXM Cessna 182Q ✅…
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Thread: A bad budget from a bad government.

Alberta’s 22-23 budget is a master class of deception & gaslighting. It pretends to have a lot of good news, but page after page signals hardship for the province.

#alberta #ableg #abpoli #yyc #yeg #edmonton #calgary #yql
2. The UCP are claiming this is a good news budget because it forecasts a small surplus for the coming fiscal year. The surplus is 100% based on high gas & oil prices, which are not in the control of any government.
#alberta #ableg #abpoli #yyc #yeg #edmonton #calgary #yql
A balanced budget does not equal a healthy economy. Alberta has a 9% unemployment rate. Calgary has the highest unemployment rate among major cities.

#alberta #ableg #abpoli #yyc #yeg #edmonton #calgary #yql
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#FreedomConvoy2022 just show up in #yeg and counter protesters are rocking it!
The Glenora Club security is telling at counter protesters to get off the road
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BREAKING: Hours after Premier Kenney, HM Copping & CMOH Hinshaw requested Albertans limit Holiday gatherings, the UCP held a Christmas party w/ over 200ppl at the Parlour Italian Kitchen & Bar in #Edmonton. Copping & Kenney were NOT In attendance. (1/4) #abpoli #ableg #COVID19AB
According to my sources Minister Kaycee Madu & Assc Minister Dale Nally were at the party w/ around 200 other UCP members. Restaurant staff confirm the entire venue was bought out. I'm told that COVID-19 protocols & restrictions weren't broken. (2/4) #abpoli #ableg #COVID19AB
It was held right after Kenney told people to "reduce number of daily in person contacts by half over the coming weeks." Copping: "We have to stop super spreader events," and asked ppl to "take a close look at their plans and consider how they can reduce their interactions."(3/4)
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NEWS: Developers donated at least $58,499 to Edmonton’s incoming city councillors ahead of the election. Three councillors were also part of an infill development lobbyist group.

I analyzed all the public donor lists & this is what I found. #yeg #yegcc…
Development executives, donating as individuals, gave the most to:

- Tim Cartmell ($22,450)
- Andrew Knack ($14,400)
- Ashley Salvador ($14,039)
- Anne Stevenson ($6,610)

Sarah Hamilton, Aaron Paquette, Jennifer Rice & Karen Principe haven’t shared their lists. #yeg #yegcc
Experts I spoke to say developers have a vested interest in the outcome of Edmonton’s elections.

“You do not contribute to every mayoral candidate at the maximum if you don’t expect to be considered in discussions” - Judith Garber, U of A

#yeg #yegcc
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Many thanks to the awesome ladies at @IWS_Network for the chance to share my #immigrant #womanofcolour #womaninscience👩🏽‍🔬story throughout this week as part of their Voices Without Frontiers program!…
#IWSvoices #WomenInSTEM
I was born in #Guyana 🇬🇾
➡️ Amerindian name meaning “Land of Many Waters”.
➡️small in size (<800, 000 people), rich in natural resources
➡️only English-speaking country in South America
➡️Diversity of people with amazing cultural mix @IWS_Network #VoicesIWS #WomenInSTEM ImageKaieteur Falls - world's la...Photo Source: Guyana Times
Genetically I’m Indian - ancestors brought to ‘British Guiana’ from India during colonial times to work on #sugarplantations.

Culturally I’m #Caribbean as #Guyana shares historical and cultural ties with other Anglo-Caribbean countries.

@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS #WomenInSTEM East Woman in the Anglo-Car...
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My Grandma was moved from #Lethbridge #yql ICU to the #Edmonton #yeg ICU to await a transplant.
Her liver and kidneys are both failing.
She is one of the ones drawing a short stick in the triage world.
she is too sick to wait and they need the room in ICU for the increasing #COVID19AB cases in the province.
She has now been taken off the transplant list, and they are going to decrease her life support.
We will lose her within days, none of us can see her, none of us get to say good bye. She will "live" her final days with no loved ones and only medical staff surrounding her.

She didn't end up with COVID but it was ultimately COVID that will take her away from us.

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Great opinion article by Angela Grace, in the Red Deer advocate today in why Kenney won't back down on the horrendous curriculum.
#ABEd… Image
All Albertans should be livid - experts, school boards, parents, teachers.. hundreds and hundreds have shown why this curriculum is a step back. Why it needs to be scrapped and re-written, this time without the UCPs favorite racist being involved, Chris Champion
Join the protest this Saturday in #Edmonton, from noon to 2 pm. Come masked, and be as LOUD as you can. The UCP need to know that we won't let this go. This is about the future of our province and our children's education. Don't let Kenney force his ideology on you
#abed Image
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I managed to catch the beginning of the rally for #ClimateAction happening in #Edmonton today.

Here’s a short photo thread. 📷🧵

@CJEdmonton @ActivistAlberta
#ClimateEmergency #ableg
#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency
Panorama of the crowd gathered near the Federal Building.

Hundreds here socially distanced.

#ableg #ClimateCrisis #ClimateActionNow
Another shot of the @CJEdmonton banner.

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateActionNow
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Toxic wildfire smoke every day all summer long in Calgary is only the tip of the iceberg.

BC is on fire. Greece is on fire.
California is on fire.

And capitalists complain about changing the economy because they like making money from fossil fuels?

#ClimateCrisis #TaxTheRich
Canada dragged its feet for years on doing anything about the #ClimateCrisis. The Conservative government obstructed actio by sabotaging research, muzzling scientists, and destroying records.

#ableg #cdnpoli
Alberta finally gets a government that recognizes the economic costs of climate change & takes its first baby steps towards action.

The ruling business lobby groups throw a fit & throw all they can into supporting a fascist from Ottawa to rescue them.…
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"The first debate of Edmonton’s mayoral election was a spirited affair, featuring a current of combativeness, a no-show candidate and plenty of ideas on how to invigorate the city’s beleaguered economy. "

& it was a secret.

#yeg #yegcc #yegvotes…
The secret event was presented by @kv_capital, and sponsored by @lloydsadd + @NavacordInc, and moderated by @EdmontonChamber president, @JeffreySundquis.

How very business....

archive of the event page here:…

#yeg #yegcc
"To their credit, the company did eventually provide Postmedia a link to a video recording of the debate...."

I wonder if the link to the video will be made available to the general public?

An article about the video is here:…
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The Kilkenny neighbourhood in #Edmonton has intense low-frequency noise & vibration again disturbing peace & quiet. The sound is a low drone & at times it feels as if the air's vibrating as well. /1...
#yeg #Alberta #canada #noise #noisepollution @ChrisNielsenNDP @KerryDiotte
Frustrating to pin down because the low-frequency drone sounds like it's *all around*. Will be taking recordings to analyze and share. /2...
#yeg #Alberta #canada #noise #noisepollution @ChrisNielsenNDP @KerryDiotte @doniveson #Edmonton
Clearly something of an industrial nature, i.e. motors in compressor/pumping stations causing a #hum that's carried along by attached underground pipe infrastructure /3...
#yeg #Alberta #canada #noise #noisepollution @ChrisNielsenNDP @KerryDiotte @doniveson #Edmonton
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A blanket of smoke is covering #Alberta today.

Climate change events like this are becoming more frequent. So here is a short thread on air quality.

#cdnpoli #ableg #abpoli…
Right now there are air quality advisories across the province.

Health Canada uses a 1-10 scale where 1 is nice clean air and 10 is a like a #Conservative government in your lungs.

Alberta uses the same scale.🔗

#ableg #cdnpoli #absmoke ImageImageImage
A 1-10 scale is beautiful in it’s simplicity, but it also fails to communicate what’s really going ok with air pollution.…🔗

@environmentca does offer explanations for these numbers, but you have to go looking for them. Image
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Remember when the #UCP cut the justice department by $65M?

(And postmedia made excuses for them?)…
“While Alberta's justice system will see significant cuts. Over the next 4 years, operating expenses will drop nearly $100m.
Alberta Justice will lose 198 positions in the next year, about 1/4 of all public sector jobs being cut.”

via @CBCMeg in 2019.…
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The low-frequency #hum and #vibration that's been plaguing our home for the last 5 weeks began diminishing Friday. At 4 AM, May 9 2021, it stopped. Our Mother's Day has been thankfully quiet. #alberta #edmonton #edmontonliving #calgary #Hum #noise #industrialnoise #canada
Coincidentally, Colonial Pipeline in the US was shut down on Friday night. Would be very interested in learning whether or not there's a correlation between these two events. #alberta #edmonton #edmontonliving #calgary #Hum #noise #industrialnoise #Canada
Be sure to let us know what you think and whether or not you've heard a change in the LF hum/vibration this weekend.
#alberta #edmonton #edmontonliving #calgary #Hum #noise #industrialnoise #canada
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If there is anyone that could help fill two serious requests. One is for a single father fleeing family domestic violence & the other is for a single senior needing help with medication that she can’t afford.

To fill these two requests and the two from last night we need $980.00
Dm us for more information.

The single father needs $380.00 for rent.

The single senior needs $476.00 for her meds that aren’t covered.

#Alberta #Calgary #Canada #Edmonton #Lethbridge #Abgov #COVID19 #CalgaryStrong #CanadaStrong #AlbertaStrong #PleaseHelp #Donate #AlbertaCares
The two requests from last night are for a single female that is taking care of her mom who is 70. She has NO food in their house.

We took her a few bags of food last night at 2:45am and left with a promise to bring a food hamper by Monday.

#help #COVIDSecondWave #BeKind #YYC
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#yeg Attn #Edmonton families who don't own their home but don't want a landlord! Our housing co-op in #garneau #oldstrathcona #papastew will have a 3 BR unit in early summer. Read on: 1/x
When you sign a "lease" at the co-op, it is "forever". Rent is at least 20% under market & set by members. 2/x
We have rent subsidy available and we WANT it to be put to use! AND if you lose income, we have a fund to get you through! Its called "security of tenure". 3/x
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I have an emergency that I would like my Twitter Family's #Help with.

I am worried about my friend Jenn and her co workers that run @HarvestHillsYYC.

They have run themselves ragged and need help.

There's a reason why Jenn and the team have not posted or shared a lot lately on their social media accounts.

She is probably going to kill me for doing this (RIP @Hell_Berta)......but I need to do something for them. I can't sit back and watch them burn themselves out.
As everyone knows, Jenn was in a car accident in Dec. and she was hurt pretty bad. I am talking grade 3 concussion bad and really really bad whiplash and other injuries.

She is at home recovering and her fellow board members and dedicated volunteers have picked up and helped.
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