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2)which underscores the need for close supervision of these patients."

Let's take a look at their rationale for their conclusion.

Of 9940 patients who received 3 or more #opioid prescriptions over an 8 years, 51 experienced an #overdose, 6 of the 51 experienced a fatal event.
3)The researchers did not make the yearly data available, nor did they provide data on any known prior history of Substance Use Disorder #SUD within the #Patient population.

It's impossible to determine how they performed their calculations to obtain these results.
4)While they did provide percentage risk based on MME dosages, they also Risk based folks multipliers which obscures actual risk. The highest percentage of risk reported based on MME dosage was less than 2%,

Limitation: Low OD Rate 🙄🤦‍♂️…
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#covidlong, une troisième étude portant sur les données de la cohorte @PatientsComPaRe distingue 3 profils de patients à 2 ans :
5% d'amélioration rapide
90 % d'amélioration lente
5% de symptômes importants et persistants
Parce que je ne serais pas en état de faire un résumé plus détaillé, le 🧵 de @nicolasberrod :
NB : pour les 90% l'amélioration est très lente (🙏 @Jerome_Larche)
NB 2 : il n'existe à ce jour que des soins de support / palliatifs / symptomatiques pour
diminuer certains symptômes. Et le #rétablissement tient beaucoup à la façon dont le #patient, dans ses #environnements et avec son #histoiredevie, apprend à #vivremalgré la maladie. (#vivremalgré c'est mon choix, d'autres préfèrent #vivreavec, #assimiler etc. & rien que cette
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Second day of @Smart_Meeting_M

Professor @giovannilandoni talking about management of #anticoagulant in #perioperative patients 💉

✅You surely all know how to deal with #antithrombotic and #regionalanesthesia, here the guidelines:

#FOAMed #FOAMcc Image

💡Let's focus on perioperative #DOAC /#NOAC / #TSOAC

➡️Consider both #surgical blood loss risk and #patient characteristics.

⚠️Remember NOT to bridge with #LMWH or #UFH. Image

What if it's not an elective patient??

Use #reversal agents when needed❗

🔹#Idarucizumab for #dabigatran
🔹#Andexanet for #apixaban and #rivaroxaban
💡#Prothrombin complex concentrates in addiction Image
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Disheartening things I find w/ #ChronicPain & #ChronicIllness is misunderstanding &judgement from others. Weight seems to be a big thing for others. Overweight or thin seems to be an issue. Is it though or are those "others" basing it from their reality instead of the reality of
#ChronicPain & #ChronicIllness. I'll share just one of the many examples I've experienced. Recently I had to shop in the little girls' section & buy the largest size little girls to find a #sundress that would fit!!!(still a little big)So I'm a fairly small person. I, literally,
also had major #abdominalsurgery 2 weeks ago. A friend gave me a ride to get my staples out yesterday. He, on the way home, asked about my exercise, &about how often I walk. Yes, he knows about #ChronicPain & #chronicillness. Unless someone is asking you for exercise health
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Please Advise #HelpNeeded
I have been working with woman who has been struggling with a number of #physicians & getting mixed messages re #prescribed #medication. She was pulled off a combo of meds that worked for her a few years ago. Since then has 1
struggled with accessing meds that worked & #stabilization of health conditions. In desperation to improve QoL reached out to #Clinic above. They prescribed w no issues. It was difficult for #patient to access at #Pharmacy. She then attempted to contact #physician re questions 2
& was told could not talk to #physician & then received this message last night. I am furious & looking for advice on how she should disengage & get back w regular #physicians, yet she is afraid they will terminate care based on her actions & she is fearful she did something 3 Image
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Und es ist mal wieder soweit. Mir platzt der Kragen. Habt ihr gestern Abend @sterntv gesehen? Wie kann man so einen widerlegten Mist über den Ether schicken? Was ist der Auftrag? 1/x
Es geht schon gut los. Ein „Cannabisexperte“ warnst vor steigenden Konsumzahlen. Nein echt? Wenn ich ein Dunkelfeld aufhelle steigen die Zahlen? Nein? Echt? Wer ist davon überrascht? Es wird immer klarer, dass Corona nicht nur Pandemie, sondern auch noch Intelligenztest war. 2/x
Was kommt als nächstes? @SherifforKIDS bekommt Sendezeit um für ihren Mist Werbung zu machen. Habt ihr überhaupt mal zugehört, was sie im Vorspann von sich gibt? Cannabis soll der Einstieg in die Sucht gewesen sein. Es lagen familiäre Problem vor. 3/x
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A few patient consultations may not require prescribing medicines

1. When patients consult a doctor, in most cases, they expect a pill to be prescribed.
Vice versa, a doctor may feel compelled to prescribe a drug to ensure patient's satisfaction.
#doctor #patient #MedTwitter
2. There are some situations, where a medicine need not be prescribed. As a doctor, it is our duty to explain this aspect to the patient, so that un-necessary medicine prescription may be avoided. It can save costs as well as prevent any drug-related "adverse effects".
3. Case 1: 25-year old presented with pins & needles sensation in scalp for 3 days. It was mild & didn't interfere with daily activities. Patient was anxious that it could be something serious. Clinical exam was normal. I reassured the patient and asked to review, if needed.
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A journey which started in 2016 has led to the publication of the #PREPARE study in @TheLancet today. In this #randomised study, we show that a 12-gene panel can reduce #adverse_effects by 30%. @CDSS_Liverpool @pandtuol
A 30% reduction in adverse reactions from a single #intervention is remarkable.… #pharmacogenetics #personalisedmedicine #adverse_effects. The study was funded by the Horizon 2020 program by the @eu_comission
Led by @HenkJGuchelaar and @JesseSwen as part of the #UPGx consortium: All #ADRs were assessed for #causality by the Liverpool Causality Assessment Tool (LCAT):…
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Vandaag 1 jaar geleden, op 18 december 2021, achtte de overheid het nodig om een nieuwe strenge #lockdown af te kondigen. Deze ingaande op 19 december 2021. #Evaluatie van deze en andere #coronamaatregelen 1/1…
Maar de overheid wilt het nu wel hebben over een pandemische paraatheid en welke #maatregelen daarvoor in te zetten kunnen zijn...
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Sharing a few tips that could enrich doctor-patient relationship
1. I saw my first patient in 1994. During past three decades, I have learnt a lot from my patients while interacting with them. These tips could help younger doctors who have recently started this amazing journey.
2.Listen to patients: The clues to diagnosis often lie in patient’s history. Moreover, if patients are properly heard, they feel satisfied. Occasional chronic patients may have thick files; it is still worthwhile letting them narrate the story, especially if it is the first visit
3. If patient requests for a test, accept it, even if the chance of it being abnormal is low. Patients understand their body well, and you will be surprised to find an abnormality in the test they wanted and you felt it was not needed.
#MedTwitter #doctors
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Searching for a #hospitalist Job? I have made it easy for you. Too many options to choose from.

Top Factors to look for in the job.

#MedTwitter, @BeckersHR @NY_Hospital_Job @TodaysHospital @acphospitalist @ahahospitals
Not every hospitalist's job is the same.

#patient Volume:
- in 12-hour shifts, 15-18 encounters are common
- above 18, difficult to provide quality of care and high risk for errors and burnout risk
-it's okay to have a few days with a high census, but not with every day.
Night Shifts - Nocturnist
- Does the program have a dedicated nocturnist team?
- or rotation with all team members
- In 12 hr, shift 10 new admissions are doable
- Cross-Coverage: If a hospital is small (<150 beds), it's manageable, beyond it is difficult.
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Almost 25 years ago I entered the world 🌍 of #raredisease when 1st my husband was dx w #PRSS1 & then our children.
What I’ve learned is #HealthcareInAmerica is brutal & often #harms those most in need.
The system is broken.
There is no disguising it.
I believe that our 1
#Healthcare system truly only benefits a small populous; individuals that are mainly #healthy & don’t belong to a marginalized group.
There are monumental system issues that need to be addressed that impact #medicalprofessionals ability to provide necessary 2
care. I understand that. I believe that #patients, #caregivers #medicalprofessionals need to work in collaboration to push back on the systemic issues that plague the system. I absolutely can give & find grace in many situations.
What I have no time for is the void of 3/
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Honestly #medtwitter why is it so damn had to have a consistent plan in place for #patients w #complexhealth issues when person necessitates hospital frequently?

Also, why get upset with #patient when lack of coordination between #medicalprofessionals, assumption of #patient 1/
goals as well as often your own biases result in care that is subpar & harmful & leads to said hospitalizations 🤦🏻‍♀️. I understand you all are in a difficult position yourselves but you definitely have much more #power than #patient. 2
Also, why does it seem so difficult for #hospitalists to pick up phone 2 specialists? I know many of you work hard to acknowledge your biases, to incorporate the #patients voice in care planning, BUT if you are not one, YOU are harming #patients. #HealthcareInAmerica 3/
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What in the world is going on here on this awake #patient ?
Hint: it is not a c1-2 puncture, which is used when lumbar puncture is not an option. Image
Occipital puncture into 4th ventricle in awake patient. Image
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I'm ecstatic that I was finally able to cover patient design in a paper, as it is a topic I present in each and every one of my keynotes.

This is my first paper as a physician and researcher that I co-authored with a patient scholar, @ePatientDave.
The paper reports that patient design, instead of patient centricity, should lead healthcare leaders in designing products, facilities or technologies for patients.

Patient design means we involve patients on the highest level of decision-making.
While patient centricity is a passive process for patients as whether their opinions would be used in the final design of a product is the decision of those finishing the product.
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#Notaufnahme|n arbeiten seit langem über jedes Limit hinaus. #Notfallmedizin|ische Strukturen & Prozesse im Zusammenspiel zwischen #Rettungsdienst, ambulanter Versorgung & stationärer Behandlung sind veraltet.
Zwischen d. Fronten stehen d. #Notaufnahme|n.…
Einerseits stets zur #notfallmedizin|ischen Versorgung verpflichtet, werden d. überlasteten #Notaufnahme|n von vielerlei Seiten bewusst missbraucht. Andererseits stehen in vielen Beispielen keine ambulanten & rasch anzusteuernden Ressourcen als Alternative zur Verfügung.
Gleichzeitig gehören #Notaufnahme|n zu den letzten Abteilungen in Krankenhäusern, die keine Personaluntergrenze erfüllen müssen. Auch für die Refinanzierung von (Funktions-) #Pflege|kräften fehlt ein eindeutiges Statement von G-BA & Gesetzgeber.
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Exactly 7 years ago, I spent #StrokeAwarenessDay undergoing emergency #thrombectomy for #basilar artery occlusion. #BAO

Today, I'm still in awe and celebrating how #modern #medicine saved me from locked-in syndrome and enabled me to live a normal life, against all odds.

1/ 🧵
2/ So far, I have avoided sharing this information as part of my professional life, fearing it would somehow disqualify me as a credible clinician-scientist. Finally, I realize that the experience only strengthened my resolve to give future patients the second chance I was given.
3/ What happened in brief:

I was a healthy, 25yo medical student, all excited to have finished the first 10K run of my life not even 5 hours before my family reacted #FAST and called 911.
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Thread 🧵: Reflections of a Parent/Caregiver After Six Years Implementation of CDC Guidelines (warning long but I am very interested in feedback)

Since babies, my kids, have intimately known #pain. At one time their #pain was intermittent & #acute. Sadly, they now struggle 1/
#chronicpain & are young adults. Our kids 1st 13/16 years of life, our family had a #safetynet, their #pediatrician. He was highly intelligent, compassionate, he challenged the system & in the most authentic sense #partnered with families. #Pain was not a major concern when 2/
the kids were under his care. The nature of their disease often brought us to the ER & hospitalizations. The hospitalizations resulted due to inability to manage #pain, dehydration, & other issues caused by a flare in their #disease. My husband & I attempted to minimize the 3/
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Just a friendly reminder @moderna_tx told the @SECGov that the @US_FDA defines #mRNA as gene therapy. And called it an unprecedented new category of #medicines tho they really want that #vaccine classification anyways for liability protections & fear the public wouldn’t take it.
They know the #COVID19 #vaccine isn’t a vaccine but human #gene #therapy.
The @US_FDA #fda reaffirmed their definition of modified viral #nucleic acid that alters #CELL Jan 30th 2020 #COVID ImageImageImageImage
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@ibdgirl76 What I really struggle w & it’s not just re the lack of care for those in pain & stigma they face, overall the system & many (not all) inds wi not set up to address issuers #patients & #caregivers have re care. There is literally no place to go. Yes, there are 1/
@ibdgirl76 #patient representatives but they are there essentially to watch out for health facility. File a concern & most times you are not part of the process, nor do you know the outcome. There literally is a lack of protection for #patients. Maybe some clinics or healthcare 2/
@ibdgirl76 facilities better than others but often #patients are left w no #voice. I understand, but in NO way condone aggression, physical harm, threats or name calling to #medicalpersonnel. They deserve a safe place to work, yet I understand the rise of these incidences 3/
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Making money from #STOCKMARKET is a most BORING REPITITVE JOB..
One just need to keep it simple, Boring & need to repeat it every day, week, month, year.

And in this #Thread will try to explain how to do it in such way..

You can Start it with 3lk-30lk-3cr..
It's up to u.. 🤗🙏
Divide your Capital in 3 parts..
1-1-1 lakhs or 10-10-10 lakhs or 1-1-1 crore respectively..

Let's name them

Part 1 : Fix Income Source
Part 2 : Make money with market
Part 3 : Wealth creation by Compounding

Below is the description of all 3 parts.. 👇

We all know that stock market is uncertain & beyond anyone's control. So if we enter in it as a Full Time Job then 1st thing we must do is to fix our earnings for our family's daily livelihood.
So for that we need to make our Fix Income Source from it.
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I wonder whose bright idea it was that if a #vagina managed penetrative #sexual activity, it must be pliable to #insertion of the speculum 😒. Whoever that was definitely disregarded the physiology of sexual #arousal & vaginal changes in the moment that facilitate #penetration.
@vagina_museum shows that everyone's apparatus is different then how can #Gynecology stick to a one size fits all model? #publichealth should strive to develop minimally invasive self administered #screening tests & #gynaecologist must #research on making procedures comfortable.…
This shows that topical #anesthetic agents reduce #pain and #discomfort during speculum manipulation. Why can't the usage of topical #anesthesia be a #standard process in #Gynecology? Why such blatant disregard for #patient #comfort? 😠 #misogyny much?
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PHASE 1 LAUNCH! New study reveals yawning gap in medical care for energy-impaired

#pwME #NEISvoid #FBLC #LongCovidWork #LongCovidCosts #TreatLongCovid #CountLongCovid #miilionsmissing #HealthEquity #patientled #medtwitter #wellless

A THREAD > Image shows 'energy' used for patient activities on a graph
Long-Covid visual report quantifies money, time, work and energy spent on the battle to get medical care, and introduces new language of the “well-less” to improve patient awareness and support.
@long_covid @longcovidwork @actionforme @chronicinclude #EDS #PoTS #postviral Image shows a new healthcare spectrum from Well[ness] throug
I tracked and analysed my own health interactions from 2020 across nine different self-data sources, including @BupaUK @Bupa , @LloydsBank , @timspector (Zoe Covid Symptom Tracking App(, email, SMS, mobile and calendar data #Datavisualization #selfanalytics #dataviz
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