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Something strange is happening in certain realms of biology. Let me tell you a story
A scientist (let’s call them scientist nr 1) and a journalist make the announcement, in the form of an exclusive, of an important discovery that triggers a wave of headlines around the world.
There' s no evidence to judge the statement & when, by force, it's made available, the statement proves to be false. The headlines triggers other scientists to post related findings. One of them, scientist nr2, shows exactly what scientist nr1 claimed to have achieved but hasn’t.
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1. The idea that GBD was given a fair shake is what's truly preposterous. Most Americans have short historical memories, but I don't...
2. Acting like "money rigged the debate", as if GBD Koch funded advocacy rigged the debate, is #PostTruth fricken stupid since GBD was on the *suppressed* side of this story. Here's me, bitching about it when it was happening:
3. I'm not the only one with a long historical memory. Twitter search remembers, too. Here's the PsyOps that treated anyone who promoted GBD as if they were fascists.…
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[1] #PostTruth ketika kebenaran dianggap tdk penting, produksi hoax & fitnah bakal makin banyak.

Pilpres 2024 : benar2 akan jadi battle menarik, tp juga mengkhawatirkan.

Isunya masih: khilafah & politik identitas [mrk takut, bila menyerang Islam, bisa terjerat UU Sara & ITE].
[2] Sejak Pilkada 2012, Pilpres 2019 sd Now, zeebong melaksanakan agenda #PerangKomunikasi, dg cara menyerang siapapun yg TIDAK MEMILIH Jokowi & Ahok.

Mrk memasuki #KotakSekulerisme, meremehkan agama & masuk zona merah : Penistaan Qs Al-Maidah.

Ummat yg cerdas, bereaksi ...
[3] #PilkadaDKI. Warga yg muak dg Ahoker [yg terus menerus menista Islam di sosmed] membuat perlawanan dg membuat bermacam2 spanduk.

Anies-Sandi yg dituduh menggunakan politik identitas sd now.

Inilah salah satu bentuk post-truth.
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#PostTruth Zeebong fengek hanya mengambil kata #Pribumi tdk menyimak isi pidato seluruhnya. Setiap ada yg menulis kata #Pribumi serta merta dituduh rasis.

#KebenaranSejarah. Anies menulis dlm pidatonya, "ratusan tahun #pribumi Jkt terjajah ...". Merujuk era kolonialisme ...
Kunyah pelan2 isi pidato @aniesbaswedan simak kata #Duly #RatusanTahun #Pribumi.

Masa Orba, #Pribumi (Betawi) merasa terpinggirkan, krn masuknya investor, yg membangun gedung2 megah, hotel, real estate, pabrik, mall, dll. Bukti gedung2nya ada sd noe.… Image
Tdk ada bukti @aniesbaswedan & Timsesnya yg mbuat spanduk tsbt, masarakat yg melakukan (krn sdh muak dg pendukung Ahok).

Kasus Nenek Hindun, yg mengurus jenazahnya kader PKS, mobil ambulannya punya Timses Prabowo-Sandi.

Ahoker cuma memprovokasi di sosmed, tdk berada di TKP. Image
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#PostTruthEconomics aka Trussonomics or Trumponomics is the economics being followed by #PostTruth governments that ignore economic expertise and formal forecasting & scenario analyses in favour of evidence-free policies based on ideology or populism - a thread
In the UK, the #budget2022 is a prime example: no @OBR_UK costings with scenarios based on alternative assumptions; policy changes based on wishes & hopes, rather than evidence; facile & ad hoc justifications (trickle-down economics); bluster & mis-speaking arrogance; and lies.
One feature of #PostTruthEconomics is the co-option of non-mainstream, outlier, ideological, or dead economists to provide confident justification, at least of aspects of the policies, e.g. for #budget2022 Prof Patrick Minford @JamesVa72538332
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"Réflexions sur le mensonge" : un essai court et clair, où Alexandre Koyré interroge le renouvellement du mensonge au cours du 20e siècle.
Une lecture éclairante et actuelle. 1/20
Via @EditionsAllia
#philosophie #postvérité #posttruth #espritcritique…
Écrit de guerre datant de 1943, Koyré, à travers ce texte, vise le mensonge de masse des mouvements totalitaires.
« La parole, l’écrit, le journal, la radio… tout le progrès technique est mis au service du mensonge. » p 12
#médias #histoire #espritcritique #EMI Image
« L’homme #moderne – là encore, c’est à l’homme #totalitaire que nous pensons – baigne dans le mensonge, respire le mensonge, est soumis au mensonge à tous les instants de sa vie. » p 13
#totalitarisme #postvérité Image
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Infinite Spiders, playwright, @johnsteppling

"If you go to, say, Amazon and under books type in #Philosophy, or Philosophy/Truth…you will get a litany of books with the phrase “post #truth” in the title. It is, apparently, a #posttruth world now."…
"This is related to what I experience as absent in daily life. Post truth is post experience in some sense. As Cory Morningstar put it in our podcast (#25); 'we are being reprogrammed'."

[#SocialEngineerring - a prerequisite for transition to #4IR]
"Of course the more profound elements of the #reprogramming are to be found in the #digital revolution. There is no way to overemphasize the impact of the internet & its various platforms....

Societies of the west are increasingly demoralized...."
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The current events in the USA seem to suggest that we are entering a new stage in #PostTruth politics.

We could call it “quantum truth” (or “Schrödinger’s facts”, for the cat lovers out there).

A short thread (1/n)
Many examples show that the notion of factual truth (or “facts”) is strongly anchored in perceptions and partisanship.

The size of a crowd is now a matter of interpretation, and “alternative facts” have the same epistemological value as quantifiable realities.

We have been observing this for a few years.

Now a new dynamic emerges on top of the normalization of alternative narratives: pushing *opposed narratives*

#Trump is simultaneously “doing very well” (his physician), and “showing very concerning vitals” (COS Meadows)

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In this video I show you how Op India used a 45 seconds clip from @ShekharGupta's Cut The Clutter Video and mischievously edited it to make a narrative that is not only false, but 180 degree opposite to what Mr Gupta said. I welcome @OpIndia_com to correct me if I am wrong.
The point where Mr. Gupta said "several prominent Bloomsbury authors and you'll see those name on screen..." there were screenshots of @DalrympleWill @harikunzru @AatishTaseer etc. In Op India's clip the screenshots are mischievously of @sanjeevsanyal @Sanjay_Dixit etc.
The entire Cut The Clutter video of Mr. Gupta was about blaming the liberal mob of bullying Bloomsbury into withdrawing the book. He completely blamed liberals. And Op India made headline that he is blaming right wing. Here is original video
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Apesar de muito se falar sobre a #vazajato (VJ) na Internet, esse conteúdo não chega a boa parte da população e é ótimo que esteja na TV aberta (@rodaviva: ). Porém o tempo de @ggreenwald e dos espectadores poderia ter sido melhor aproveitado, segue o fio:
Diversas perguntas (intencionalmente ou não) preparam o terreno para que o espectador acredite num cenário falacioso (isso vai ser mais efetivo em quem não acompanhou a VJ de perto desde o começo), criando pré-indisposição com o trabalho de @ggreenwald (independente da resposta).
Da mesma forma q existem péssimos títulos de notícias tb existem péssimas perguntas, q influenciam tendenciando o entendimento. E qto + visibilidade o trabalho tem, maior o impacto dessas mentiras. Em época de #fakenews #posttruth #deepfakes, jornalistas deveriam evitar isso.
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What if I told you that this OPM aide’s tweet (location & time stamp) demonstrates that during #tailsend, @michelle_muscat either (a) outswam not only @MichaelPhelps sprinting but a shark at a steady 9 kph for a gruelling 9 km or (b) cut her 14 km swim short (by ~7 km)? #talltale
Hope that caught your attention. This thread will sum up the evidence that @Michelle_muscat’s claim that she swam 14 kilometres for #tailsend is absolute rubbish that deserves to be framed alongside Kim Jong Il’s claim he invented the hamburger. 2/
In case you are wondering why this deserves attention, after all Michelle did claim she swam 14 km “for charity”, I have one word for you - truth.

You should always defend it or the lies tend to add up. 3/
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Dear @arlenparsa, Thank you for the inspirational and comforting tweet #CovingtonCatholic #Magateen. Basic stuff is falling apart all around us and we are looking depraved on so many fronts. It’s nice to see that we have choices.
You have shown us that there is a high road, a smarter road, and we are free to take it. #Media impose a certain behavioral framework, but we can choose to engage at a higher level like you did. It takes more work and more commitment, but it’s ultimately so much more crucial.
We found the #CNN coverage disgraceful & unprofessional. What these #kids did was unquestionably reprehensible. But they are simply ignorant at this stage of their development. Are they the racist bigots of tomorrow? More than likely, but one may still hold out #hope for them.
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