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Part 2 of @RubinReport with @Barnes_Law is up, folks. Definitely check it out.
"If we had an ideal court system in the world, it would be the Native American elder system. I'd be all for it...

I'd happily forfeit my law degree to see that system put in place." -- @Barnes_Law, noting their goal is a just unity, not division.
. @Barnes_Law: "None of the [#CovingtonCatholic] families wanted to sue. They just wanted the record corrected and for it to never happen to anyone else again."

"That's it."
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1/ So, word is the #CovingtonCatholic kids are lawyering up to sue people 4 accusing them of being racists. A few thoughts. First, anyone who believes in free speech (including conservatives who claim 2b "free speech activists") should be horrified by this move (but won't be)
2/ Fact is, this is simply an attempt to stifle legitimate opinions about the actions of ultra attempt to shut down anti-racist commentary by subjecting those who discuss racism to potential lawsuits. It's a deliberate right wing strategy to stifle dissent..
3/ While one can disagree with the assessment of the students in question as racist, to suggest that believing them to be such is an essentially illegal opinion for which people should be financially punished is legal insanity...
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Ah, now we're seeing the real narrative emerge... After the confrontation with the #CovingtonBoys #NathanPhillips tried to disrupt a special Mass at the National Shrine in DC.
He read a f*cking list of demands that included reparations.…
Y'all can't possibly believe that #NathanPhillips JUST came up with that list of demands this weekend. 🤔 This man has longstanding animosity towards the Catholic church...
"Nathan's past was a difficult one. He was forced out of his family at the age of 5 to be integrated at a Catholic school like so many other Native Americans- not being allowed to see is family for 10 years." [1:05]…
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How Twitter stole the mantle of being one of the most harmful tech companies in the world today. Thread:
1/ Twitter has been hungrily picking up the scraps of outrage-attention that Facebook left on the table when they changed the news feed algorithm last year.
2/ Internally Twitter decided to increase time-on-site using the same methods Facebook used in the lead-up to 2016. You can see it in your notifications, and in your feed with the amplification of out-of-network viral content.
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Note: this is an attempt to give a folks a chance to look outside their echo chamber. This is based on last week's controversial confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial between Covington Catholic students, Black Hebrew Israelites, and the Native American elder. 1/
I'm thinking of Matthew McConaughey's character, Jake Brigance, and his closing argument (Brigance is a lawyer) scene in the movie, "A Time to Kill". (great book, btw). The following is written with that scene in mind, and hopefully you can read along in his voice. 2/
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Interesting that @RunSwitchPR, the #Louisville PR firm helping the #CovCath #MAGATeens has its account on private right now. Perhaps, like #CovingtonCatholic school itself, they don’t want to deal with public backlash for protecting racist shitheads?…
Who you work with matters. You are accountable for the effects of your actions & choices, even as a company. I hope folks think twice before hiring them.
This is the cover image on their Twitter account. It’s qwhite telling, no?
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Dear @arlenparsa, Thank you for the inspirational and comforting tweet #CovingtonCatholic #Magateen. Basic stuff is falling apart all around us and we are looking depraved on so many fronts. It’s nice to see that we have choices.
You have shown us that there is a high road, a smarter road, and we are free to take it. #Media impose a certain behavioral framework, but we can choose to engage at a higher level like you did. It takes more work and more commitment, but it’s ultimately so much more crucial.
We found the #CNN coverage disgraceful & unprofessional. What these #kids did was unquestionably reprehensible. But they are simply ignorant at this stage of their development. Are they the racist bigots of tomorrow? More than likely, but one may still hold out #hope for them.
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Just ran our #Hamilton68 accounts and here are the top hashtags being promoted over the past 48 hrs by two of the main troll subsets. One focused on US politics and one focused on Russian geopolitics. No big surprise #CovingtonCatholic cracked the list #infosec #opsec #psyops
A friend helped do a quick analysis of last ~3000 tweets from 24 core #Hamilton68 accounts in my US domestic subset -- 73165 tweets in total. Here were the top accounts retweeted. We removed all known Hamilton68 accts from this list. Yellow are known/verified accts. Thx @saill
Guessing a lot of you will recognize some of the accounts on this list. Just because we haven’t been able to reverse engineer them as Hamilton68 accounts doesn’t mean there aren’t a few suspect ones on this list.
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1. I'm seeing what I believe to be sincere apologies from some journalists and verified media persons regarding their lack of professionalism in rushing to judgement re the #CovingtonCatholic situation.
2. These apologies are welcome and necessary, but they don't address the damage that cannot be undone which was inflicted upon young people who are about to embark on adulthood - applying to colleges, looking for employment, etc.
3. These young people will forever have these smears follow them through their life every time they proffer their resume with the word "Covington" on it. It will also affect anyone who ever has or ever will attend that school. The damage is incalculable.
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More on the #CovingtonCatholic debacle. PART 2 -- AFTERMATH AND ANALYSIS (now with even more sources)
There appears to be a horrible culture brewing at CCH. It is, as stated, an all male school staffed entirely by a white administration. Any students of diversity are pretty much hazed.…
Last month, one of its star graduates was charged with a violent rape, his second accusation in fact.…
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My final(ish) take on the #CovingtonCatholic debacle. PREPARE YOURSELF! Part 1 -- THE INCIDENT

Even watching the full, 2 hour video does not exonerate those boys. People who want them to be innocent point to it as: "They were provoked."
The student's mother came out with: "Those black muslims made those boys act that way." Here's where I call bull.…
First of all, they weren't "black muslims," they were member of the Black Hebrew Israelites sect, a rather extremist group based in Black Judaism. As someone said: "If you're from the hood, you know to ignore them."
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@cnnbrk #CovingtonCatholic I saw the 90 min video yesterday. Yes, kids were riled up by the “preacher” but there was no need to be in Mr. Phillips’ face & the chanting & chopping is reflective of the school’s historical attitudes, which a little research would clearly show.

There are numerous anecdotes on social media of intense bullying of anyone “different” to the point where students have had to leave the school. There is apparently a tradition of basketball fans in *full blackface* coming onto the court to mock & harass opposing black

players who are inbounding the ball.

With that long time school ethos as context, it is hard to see the “face off” with Mr. Phillips as an innocent attempt to settle things down.

Certainly, either way the supervising adults needed to have inserted themselves into the

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Ok. Had breakfast and tea, got a kitty curled up on my chest, fighting off a migraine but let's do this! Some comments and replies to what people have been saying about my #CovingtonCatholic thread.
First and foremost: I can only post my POV. I encourage people to watch for themselves and draw their own opinions. I included time stamps to help with that.
Second, I did not hear "Build That Wall" in either of the videos I cited. I heard shouts and chants I couldn't identify, but those could've just as easily been a recipe for chocolate chip cookies for all I know. The vids are inconclusive either way.
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I was reading a story about the #MAGATeens from #CovingtonCatholic & there was this little tidbit about how the school has students add “born & unborn” to the end of the Pledge of Allegiance & I’m just like 😳😳😳
The pledge is already a weird nationalist throwback we force children to memorize & say, but then to alter it to add your religious beliefs about abortion...yikes. Every day I am grateful I made it out of that small town KY white Catholic community.
As a queer black woman, I knew that things I was taught in HS were wrong but was afraid to speak up. I just waited to leave & as an adult, I struggle to go back bc I see how many ppl actually believed the shit being shoved down our throats...or perhaps they swallowed willing.
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Hiiiii. One small rant before I get to work regarding the #CovingtonCatholic students. (FWIW I went to a nearby Catholic school Newport Central Catholic & dated a guy at CovCath my senior year of HS so I grew up in this very area & community)
Reports claim black men were harassing the white students with “racist & homophobic slurs.” Let me make one thing clear f*ggot is a slur that has been reclaimed by some gay men but is not acceptable for use as an insult, especially from straight folks.
That said: White boy & cracker, ARE NOT RACIST SLURS. There are no racist slurs for white ppl bc white surpremacy is the structure of racism which aids rather than harms white ppl. No one was racist toward those kids. White men in #MAGA hats are the embodiment of racism.
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Make no mistake this IS the Democrat party, this is the “impeach the mother fucker” movement at work. The false narrative about #CovingtonCatholic was boosted out of the gate by members of Congress, they want chaos. Russia can take a knee the liberals have it covered.
They’ve spent two years making thier base blood thirsty, encouraging it, throwing out people to them like pieces of meat. What enrages you, emboldens them. Republicans have been shot, beaten, berated, fired, ruined and dragged and that’s just how they like it.
People have to fight back the way they do and it’s not through twitter. It’s writing letters, picking up the phone, filing FOIA’s for every move they make put every one of them under the same microscope.
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Here's a 2015 photo of #CovingtonCatholic's fine, upstanding student body clad in blackface at one of their basketball games. The kid harassing the black player is also flashing the white power sign.
Covington Catholic has an all-male student body of around 500. Ninety-nine percent of the student body is white. The entire faculty (teachers and administration) is all white, not a single ethnicity represented other than Caucasian.
Wide-angle shot of the same game.
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You will see on the almost two-hour video, The Black Israelites, who claim to be descendants of Benjamin from the book of Joshua, start by condemning Native Americans for worshiping animals, then the young lads react to
#CovingtonCatholic #MarchForLife
the taunts by these people, who then welcome the Native Americans they'd previously been decrying.
Hypocrisy much?
As for the Native American and radical activist named Nathan Phillips, who has a history of disruptive

#CovingtonCatholic #MarchForLife
protests and activism to include the Dakota Access Pipeline, he walked into the midst of the group. One of the others is also smiling and beating a drum. The lads are being berated BY the four racists encouraging the NA.

#CovingtonCatholic #MarchForLife
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Ok, I just destroyed my brain by watching an hour plus video of the incident so I'm gonna lay down some play by play commentary on the whole #CovingtonCatholic thing and Nick's statement.
I've seen two longer videos of the incident. One seemed to be the POV/filmed by one of the students. I can't find that vid on Youtube anymore. The other, taken by the cameraman with the black preacher, can be viewed here:
(I've seen multiple names for the group with the preacher and don't know what name they actually go by. No insult meant by me not saying it, it's purely my own ignorance.)
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I've been watching videos all day. I have one thing to say (in a bunch of tweets, so hold on): The videos BACK UP/STRENGTHEN Mr. Nathan Phillips' account of what happened toward the conclusion of the #IndigenousPeoplesMarch on Saturday. They also reveal how it all happened. 1/
1. I attended the #IndigenousPeoplesMarch from 8:30am-1pm. We started on the stairs of the Department of Interior and marched to Lincoln Memorial. The spirit was peaceful. The call was for indigenous people and allies to receive the wisdom of the elders/remember who we are. 2/
2. While I was at #IPMDC19 at Lincoln Memorial I neither saw, nor heard any competing rally or street preachers. I did see a huge group that took up most of the steps. They took a picture on the Lincoln Memorial steps. Many in the group seemed to have red caps. 3/
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1. The Rashomon effect is when the same event is experienced differently by the people involved. The #CovingtonCatholic incident exemplifies this. That's not to say that Nick Sandmann is being 100% honest in his version of events - the look on his face is recognizable enough.
2. What is clear is that Black Israelites harassed the boys. If you're familiar with Black Israelites, you know this rings true. When the boys responded and the situation escalated, Nathan Phillips situated himself in between the groups to engage in a chant to calm the situation.
3. The boys didn't know what Nathan was doing - and they interpreted it as confrontational. They were already on edge from the Black Israelites. They behaved aggressively in response. On social media we saw the MAGA hats and a white kid sneering maliciously at a native elder.
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Here is another video re: #CovingtonCatholic that shows they are not the monsters they've been made out to be. I'm not saying they all acted like angels, most just acted like immature teens. Min:
1:36 - Kid on right behind NA says something I can’t hear. NA responds w/ “Why don’t you go back to Europe where you came from” and discussion ensues. NA gets worked up and Kid makes a stupid argument.
2:13 - Not sure what happens here w/ kid up close to Phillips. Could be
interpreted diff ways.
2:36 - Kid walks away from Phillips and group dissipates around the NAs. The NAs get into heated discussion among themselves.
3:16 - NAs start cheering.
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Here's the video of the obnoxious and insulting Group of Black men who were engaging w/ #CovingtonCatholic kids. Its long so I'll list minutes to look at in this thread. #NathanPhillips #nicholassandmann
Min 38:20 - first appearance in video. Kid covers MAGA hat as BM walks towards him. BM says “See now you got these pompous assholes gonna come down here in the middle of a Native rally w/dirty ass hat on?”
Min 46:00 - BM proceeds to rudely insult Priest. #CovingtonCatholic kids walk over to offer him support. It didn't look like the Priest was a part of their group but not sure.
Min 50:00 - Kids walk away from BM and gather to left of Lincoln steps
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