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Jerk Control of Floating Base Systems with
Contact-Stable Parametrised Force Feedback

🔎📚 Paper:

#technology #data #science #machinelearning #ml #artificialintelligence #ai #robotics #robots #computervision #cv #PatternRecognition #humanoidrobot
👨‍🎓 👩🏾‍🎓 Credit: Ahmad Gazar, Gabriele Nava, Francisco Javier Andrade Chavez, Daniele Pucci
Nonlinear controllers for floating base systems incontact with the environment are often framed as quadratic programming #QP optimization problems.
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In the #HoC for Friday #QP.
Bergen leads off by video, concerned that Bill C-10 is an attack on free speech.
Guilbeault, hewing to talking points, reads that this is about making web giants pay for Canadian artists, while they want suggested playlist to have more Cdn artists.
Bergen lies and says the Bill is about people only saying Liberal-approved things online.
Guilbeault suggests she actually read the bill to say users are not regulated. #QP
Deltell worries that immigration files take longer for Quebec than elsewhere, not respecting Quebec’s targets.
Schiefke recites that Canada is moving quickly to meet targets because they have increased resources. #QP
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Which "experts" are you citing reg Bill C-10, @JohnBarlowMP?

#cdnpoli #QP
Yet #MagaBergen is totally fine with Harper appointing Vance. Back then they were just rumours so no biggie!

#cdnpoli #QP
Didn't the Liberals recently table a budget, @gerarddeltell? Or did I just dream that? B/c, according to the #CPC the most important issue in Canada right now is Harper appointed Vance.

What did @ErinOToole know in 2015, Gerard?

I DEMAND to know!

#cdnpoli #QP
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#QP #CdnPoli #C213
PM Trudeau, in response to question about pharmacare: “Yes, we know there is more to do, which is why we’re working in partnership with provinces and territories. The NDP are pulling a political stunt …
PMJT cont’d: … to try to demonstrate that they could do it in a wave of a magic wand. Mr. Speaker, we work in the real world here. We work with the provinces, we work within the constitution, and we will deliver national pharmacare for Canadians”
some good background information in this thread by @univrsle
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Now that plenty of vaccines on their way, CPC MP Rempel Garner has to find something-else to make a (as my Grandma used to say) "tempest out of a teapot" - she's onto a new manufactured (pardon the pun) problem & demanding when boosters for variants will be available
h/t @JaroGiesbrecht for posting the clip. I’ve transcribed Min Anand’s answer to CPC MP MRG:

Min Anand: “Mr Speaker I thank the honourable member for her question; however, it IS riddled with inaccuracies. To begin, Canada was one of the first countries to sign with …
Min Anand cont’d: … Moderna and Pfizer, one of the first countries to get vaccines into this country, one of the first countries to secure the largest number of doses per capita in the WORLD, Mr Speaker. …
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I don't know who the interpreter is during today's #QP, but wow - am I impressed. That most recent exchange was spoken in French and very quickly by the MP asking the question. At least PM Trudeau slowed down when he answered
(sorry, I missed who was asking the question. Bet it was someone from the Bloc, but can't confirm - was simply listening, not watching & missed hearing the intro of the person speaking)
not sure if tagging the Speaker will mean this gets passed along, but no harm in trying: @AnthonyRota
- while I'm always impressed with the excellent work the interpreters do during QP, today's is exceptional (woman's voice - was interpreting just before 1 pm Mtn time)
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"Canadians deserve a leader who will fight for true diversity. Including diversity of thought." - Rachel Harder.

Sounds like an argument for accepting bigotry in the #CPC's "BIGot BLUE TENT" to me!

#lgbtq2 #cdnpoli
Ha! With the news that Canada's vaccines from Europe are secure Cons are going full on BS talking about scandals and ethics violations. It's gonna be an episode of the Cons Classic Hits.
PM is answering QP questions from his office.

Somewhere @GarnettGenuis is screaming into his microphone trying to virtually heckle!

#cdnpoli #QP
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In the #HoC for the final #QP of 2020.
Carol Hughes is in the big chair.
Gérard Deltell leads off to deliver a Bloc demand for unconditional health transfers.
Darren Fisher reads some talking points about the transfers since the start of the pandemic.
Tracy Gray blames the Canadian government and not the UK for delays to the Canada-UK trade deal.
Ng says they are looking for timely passage of the bill but also working with the UK about mitigation of the bill doesn’t pass in time. #QP
Gray has a very selective memory when it comes to the shenanigans and incompetence coming out of the UK on this trade deal. #QP
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Hi, @DanAlbas, I can't quite remember. Perhaps you could refresh my memory on the issue.

How many consecutive time allocations did your #CPC use under Harper's majority? I DO remember it was over 100...but exact number???

Thanks in advance for your help!


#cdnpoli #QP
#BlockedByBergen asks the first question b/c #BlockedByOToole is such a smart, strong and disciplined leader that he ignored health guidelines and got #Covid19. Then used his wife and kids as props in a photo-op to attack #Trudeau and possibly spread it to more people. #cdnpoli Image
That sigh of relief when Skippy stands in the #HoC and speaks French so you hear the translator's voice instead of his.

#cdnpoli #QP Image
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.@DanAlbas saying #WeakSauce in the House of Commons is #WeakSauce.

#cdnpoli #QP
You know damn well, @RobMoore_CPC, that it was the all-party panel that got #NewBrunswick through the pandemic so well.

You should give credit where credit is due.

#BlockedByRempel thinks it's the Prime Minister's job to make decisions that should be made by medical experts / health Canada.

Cons put politics over people. Always.

#cdnpoli #covid19Canada Image
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Thank you, @JenicaAtwin, for your wonderful speech calling for better care for the elderly and those living with disabilities. Also calling for better decorum and less partisan politics in the #HoC.

#cdnpoli Image
Anyone want to guess how this member from the #CPC responded?

#cdnpoli Image
Hey, @blainecalkinsmp, you gonna rhyme about how, before #Covid19, 70% of Canada's total national debt was added up under the previous 2 Conservative governments?

Or are you just gonna lie and act like a child?

#cdnpoli #QP Image
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"Three strikes and you're OUT" - @cherylgallant.

You mean like being found guilty of electoral fraud in three consecutive elections, Cheryl?

I wish you didn't get cut off just now. I wish the speaker would let you scream and yell for a full hour. The #CPC!

#cdnpoli #QP
#WeakAndy @AndrewScheer said he'd like to ask the Prime Minister "Is everything ok?" - stoking the flames of conspiracy BS.

It's all he has to offer and is why he lost the election.

Now Scheer will babble about WE w/o one Q reg. #Covid19.

"This isn't a plot line in a Sopranos episode" - Scheer giving a nod to Ezra Levant's book "The Libranos"?

Sounds like it to me.

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"Bringing down the blockades doesn't mean that you surrender. It doesn't mean we're going to lay down and let them kick us around, no, it would show compassion," Mohawk Council of Kanesatake Grand Chief Serge Otsi Simon said this morning. This is the scene now at his office.
"I'm simply pleading with these protesters - have you made your point yet? Has the government and industry understood? I think they did," Chief Simon said.
"People are suffering across the country because of this blockade - and not just non-Indigenous people. Indigenous people as well. Shortages in propane and probably food supplies are going to start getting critical if this continues," Chief Simon said.
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"Conservatives just won't take yes for an answer ... " - #Trudeau.

Exactly. As I keep saying: Nothing pisses Conservatives off more than #Canada's success under the #Liberals.

#Scheer is throwing quite the hissy-fit here today during #QP. Never seen his dimples so red. #cdnpoli
Wow. #WeakAndy, red in the face and sweating sure is making good use of that there Parliamentary Privilege today. Everything he's said so far is halve-truths and bullshit. I think I saw steam shooting out his dimples.

#cdnpoli #QP
Ahh, poor little @CandiceBergenMP is still triggered over #Trudeau's xmas trip in 2016. HE TOOK A HELICOPTER RIDE THAT DIDN'T COST CANADIAN TAX PAYERS! Oh no! #LOL #cdnpoli #QP
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PMJT is making it pretty clear in #QP today that some of the Senate amendments to Bill C-69 are non-starters for him and his government. So, that could make for interesting debate when the message is reported back to #SenCA
Of course, the bill, as amended, is a bit messy because the Senate passed virtually all @ISGSenate and @CPCSenatePCC amendments even when they dealt with the same clause. But many cover the same ground & they were adopted with support from across party lines in the Senate.
.@jkenney said he'd support the legislation if the government adopts the #SenCA amendments. It's looking increasingly likely that the government won't stand for at least some of them.
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Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick is retiring after 38 years of public service. He will replaced by the current Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ian Shugart. #cdnpoli Image
Of course, he will be known to the wider general public for recent role in the SNC-Lavalin affair. JWR said she felt like a conversation with him in Dec. 2018, on a DPA, was akin to the Watergate-era "Saturday Night Massacre." He has denied undue pressure.…
He's our first writethru on the story from @cattunneycbc — Michael Wernick retiring as clerk of the Privy Council. #cdnpoli
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In QP today Conservative Veterans Affairs Critic @Phil4Brant bring up @globalnews story on Capt Kimberly Fawcett. McColeman notes Fawcett deployed twice and asks "When will the Libs do the right thing and cover the cost" #cdnpoli #QP #KimFawcett #veterans #CAF
Defence Minister @HarjitSajjan "I want to thank Capt Fawcett for her service to her country" (opposition MPs groan), Sajjan "we are committed to making sure he gets the support he needs" Opposition MPs "SHE!!!" #cdnpoli #CAF #veterans #QP #KimFawcett
Min Sajjan "sorry, my apologies she. But due to the complexity of the decisions that were made some time ago, this uh file is uh complex, however we will make sure that not only she has the right support but we work through the complexity to do right" #cdnpoli #veterans #QP
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