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Radix resolves the demands of a globalised mainstream financial system, without compromising on safety and security.

Radix is creating a platform where the full range of powerful DeFi apps will be built securely and safely.

Here is why XRD thrives 🧵

$XRD #XRD #radix @radixdlt
The thread will cover the following scope:

1️⃣ Introduction ( What is Radix? )
2️⃣ The Problem with DeFi and the radix solution.
3️⃣ Token and utility ($XRD)
4️⃣ Conclusion and final thoughts

Let's get started 👇
In this thread, we will look at Radix DeFi Protocol, a layer-1 network that seeks to solve challenges within the DeFi ecosystem.

In particular, this review, delves into the key features and components that make up the Radix protocol and its native token (#XRD).
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🧵-- $XRD --🧵
🧵 @radixdlt 🧵

🧵#Thread about $XRD and why I think it`s a really great project!


#Crypto #Cryptoinvestor #100x
What is @radixdlt
Radix is basically a layer 1 decentralized protocol that is mainly focusing on #DeFi applications

$XRD also say they are a consensus algorithm that will provide unlimited scalability without breaking #DeFi composability.

a Radically Different DeFi™ Image
Let`s start with introduction video made by @radixdlt itself

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what happened in #RadFi2022?
🔹nowadays the crypto is absolutely garbage for users, Devs & entrepreneurs. because they want good UX , secure platform & efficiency.
🔸 $ETH $Sol $DOT $ADA & Etc. can't response these demands as the best as possibility.
@radixdlt #Crypto #Defi
🔸#DeFi had increased to 200B dollars recently.
🔹20k Devs spend 24h/7d time to build secure & good user experience platforms but almost 6B dollars hack occurred recently!
🔸that's why the people you know who use #Web3 & #Defi are really handful.
@radixdlt #Crypto #Web3
☑️#Radix comes to solve them while providing :
/ \
/ \
secure _ _ __ decentralization

Radix is a pre-sharded platform that has 2^256 shards!
the shard meaning is different from another platforms.
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If you are headed to know about DeFi future this thread cover one great initiative in same direction @radixdlt . Read through and you will be amazed things they are building #Radix #DeFi #ETH #RadFi2022 $XRD $BTC #Crypto
1/7 "Despite this growth, DeFi still represents a small fraction of the global financial system.
The problems with DeFi's technology stack stem from the fact that the underlying technologies have not been designed to work together, leading to limitations". #RadFi2022 Image
2/7 "Radix is taking a radical approach to making web3 and DeFi mainstream by redesigning the entire technology stack from the ground up to work together including the wallet, programming language, execution environment, and user experience." Image
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#CeFi was a stepping stone while the world wasn’t ready for decentralization

Let's look at why 👇


#FTX #Radix $ETH $SOL
The world has had good reason not to be ready

#DeFi in its current form is fractured and hard to use

Do you agree?
Let’s take a cooking show as an example; competitors are given a time limit, and they run and frantically try to make a five-star meal with scavenged and limited ingredients. Rarely is the end product actually five stars
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Thanks #ftx, #dex vs #cex debate is hot again in #crypto

I've spent many years thinking about #dex implementations & building prototypes.

Lets dive in a little & explore the possibility of replacing #exchanges with #decentralized alternatives today

A small thread 🧵
1) Firstly we need throughput, lots & lots of it. A popular exchange such as @binance is likely performing 10,000s of trades per second across 100s of pairs.

A few years ago this kind of throughput was a dream, but not so much today 💪
Our consensus mechanism at #radix could handle that level of throughput, other projects are also approaching that tipping point too.
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Rekt Retweet #6: Re-entrancy and Flash Loans - Why the $80m Fei / $Rari hack could NEVER happen on #Radix.

This is a complex one, so strap in!…

Thread 🧵👇 (1/22)

The incident in question, courtesy of @RektHQ

TLDR: #Ethereum relies on messages, callbacks, and complex execution stacks requiring re-entrancy. This enables exploits if there is even one mistake in the ordering of logic.

On #Radix, re-entrancy is disabled by default, and so this hack could never happen on Radix.
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#Radix is at #CES, perfect time for an informational MEGATHREAD about @radixdlt! Radix is a sharded and #decentralized distributed ledger that is specifically built to serve DeFi. Rather than fixing #scalability by breaking #composability, Radix delivers both without compromises!
Consensus layer: Cerberus.

After seven years of intense R&D and testing, the academic whitepaper of Radix’ Cerberus consensus protocol was published in 2020. Cerberus allows the Radix network to scale linearly with no upper limits!
On top of that, Cerberus also allows for atomic composability across shards! These are two features that are critical for DeFi. It's achieved through the unique 'braided' synchronization of consensus across shards and the ability for all transactions to be processed in parallel.
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Hoy (ahora mismo) es un día histórico. Hoy se lanza la DAO (Organización Autónoma Descentralizada) que gobernará los ENS (Ethereum Name Service). Este servicio puede convertirse en el registro de identidades más importante del planeta, en un registro universal.
Sigue leyendo:
Esto puede ser algo tan grande que es de vital importancia que se use para bien. Por eso me propongo como delegado para participar en la gobernanza de esta DAO, para velar por el impacto positivo de este increíble protocolo. Delega tu voto a joriab.eth
The claim website is
ENS twitter is
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1/ /THREAD/ A good house is built on a solid foundation. #radix #dfinity

Blockchain and DLT technology provide a platform for many amazing apps, technologies and ideas to be built. From decentralised hosting to exchanges, loans and supply chains the possibilities are endless.
2/Some people may not immediately realise the significance of what has been done here on Cassandra. This is not just 'games on radix' for the sake of it this is a proof of concept showing how Cerberus protocol can be widely applied to many use cases that people don't even realise Image
3/ Here's where the comparison to #dfinity comes in. An important part of Dfinity's technology is a blockchain layer which supports their cloud computer. Technically this blockchain could be replaced by another ledger or blockchain. Image
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The #RADIX Report, April 2021


✅111 validators have been selected to participate in Radix betanet.…

☝️@Piersridyard has done AMA sessions in many crypto communities, especially in Asia. Check the AMAs here:…

❤️Our total social following has increased by 2%. Mentions of Radix on social media are increasing up by 7.41%. $eXRD

🎧 The DeFi Download podcast has had two awesome guests recently – @PotionLabs and @POKTnetwork.……

🌐The wait is nearly over for the new Radix website!

🌐GoodFi website is getting polished too! We will be announcing the new members and next steps there.

▶️RadixPool made this video showing a visualization of Radix development over the years!
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#Radix $eXRD Research project
Still unknown to many, Cassandra is one of the most significant ongoing research projects in the crypto-space today. The findings from Cassandra will have a huge impact on the future of digital currencies and DeFi.
R&D has always been a significant part of the development of Radix. Other large projects in the crypto-space such as #cardano and #Dfinity have also realised the importance of R&D and have been rightfully praised for taking a scientific approach to development.
Building prototypes and testing them is a major part of a proper R&D cycle. The benefits of building a prototype can be seen in the case of #polkadot's #kusama network.
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The #RADIX Report, March 2021


❤️ Across the official media channels, we are reaching 30k followers any moment now

🚀The official Radix account @radixdlt had over 1 million impressions in the last 28 days

🤝 Join our community

🔉 Another great DeFi Download with a high profile guest, this time @PiersRidyard is joined by @crypto_birb…

📈 We experienced an increased activity on our Discord server of over +67%

👛 $eXRD holders increased by 1500 in the last 2 weeks!

🦄 Uniswap Liquidity for our token $eXRD rose to $26M…

🤯Radix Founder @fuserleer showing off his coding on the Cassandra research platform on Twitch. Follow him to get notified next time
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The #RADIX Report, March 8th 2021

𝗗𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗹𝗼𝗽𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 👀 All eyes are on the prize of getting everything ready for Betanet ❤️…

🔧 We added some DOS protection for validator nodes with rate-limiting on incoming messages

🔧 Now running 3 internal test networks: latest branch, latest candidate branch, and a manually-deployed network for spot testing

🔧 Added the ability to include encrypted messages in transactions ⚡️⚡️

🔧 Formulated a possible framework for some “chaos monkey” testing


🧠 A critical part of Betanet is starting to onboard potential validator nodes, which is why we have opened up the Validator Community Proposal Program. You have until March 15th to submit a proposal!…
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@PleaseProtocol Blockchain has already been widely accepted by the Innovators & Early Adopters.


Next: North American Early Pragmatists (see CNBC video)…
@PleaseProtocol State vs. Bitcoin by @profwitiger

a single prophet is worth a million consultants
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