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#RBIPolicy | Indian economy & financial sector stand out as strong & resilient, and domestic macro-economic fundamentals are strengthening. Rural demand is on a revival path: @DasShaktikanta Image
#RBIPolicy | See easing of inflation observed across all headline inflation categories, forecast of normal monsoon augurs well for Kharif crop: RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta says Image
#RBIPolicy | Goal is to reach the targeted 4% inflation going forward, our monetary policy actions are yielding desired results giving us space to keep rates unchanged in this meeting: RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta says Image
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#RBIPolicy | @RBI keeps Repo Rate unchanged at 6.50%: @DasShaktikanta says Image
#RBIPolicy | @RBI keeps MSF Rate unchanged at 6.75%: @DasShaktikanta says Image
#RBIPolicy | @RBI keeps Bank Rate unchanged at 6.75%: @DasShaktikanta Image
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#RBIPolicy | @RBI’s Monetary policy Committee decides to maintain status quo, policy rate (Repo Rate) is unchanged at 6.50% Image
@RBI @ShereenBhan @latha_venkatesh @_ritusingh @nimeshscnbc @_prashantnair #RBIPolicy | Policy stance is maintained at Withdrawal of Accommodation with MPC voting in favour of this in the ratio of 5:1 Image
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ரெப்போ வட்டி விகித உயர்வு ஏற்கனவே நிதி நெருக்கடியில் உள்ள சிறு குறு நிறுவனங்கள் மற்றும் பொது மக்களை வெகுவாக பாதிக்கும்.

வட்டி விகித உயர்வால் வீட்டுக்கடன் ,வாகன கடன்,தனிநபர் மற்றும் தங்க நகைக்கடன்களுக்கான வட்டி விகிதம் அதிகரிக்கும்.

#RBIPolicy #RBI
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மாதம் தோறும் செலுத்த வேண்டிய தவணைத்தொகை அதிகரிக்கும்.

பணவீக்கத்தை கட்டுப்படுத்தவே Repo rate உயர்த்த படுவதாக RBI கூறினாலும் இந்த நடவடிக்கையால் இதற்கு முன் விலைவாசியும் பணவீக்கமும் குறைந்ததாக எந்த ஆதாரமும் இல்லை.
மாறாக வங்கிகள் தரும் கடன்களுக்கான வட்டி அதிகரித்து பணப்புழக்கம் வெகுவாக குறைந்துள்ளது.

பணவீக்கத்தை கட்டுப்படுத்த வேண்டுமானால் இளைஞர்களுக்கான வேலைவாய்ப்பை அதிகரித்தல் தொழில் வணிக துறையில் முதலீடுகளை அதிகரிப்பது என உற்பத்தி திறனையே அதிகரிக்க வேண்டும்.
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The RBI has hiked the repo rate by 35 bps to 6.25% 🤯

But 1st let’s understand what Repo rate is? And what does it mean for investors, borrowers & customers?

-- A Thread 🧵--

Repo rate is a type of interest rate! 🏦💵

It is the rate at which the central bank of a country (Reserve Bank of India) lends money to commercial banks in the event of any shortfall of funds.

Repo rate is used by monetary authorities to control inflation.
What interest rates mean to different stakeholders :

• Borrower: The price he pays for the use of money

• Lender like banks: The "fee" earned for taking the
risk to extend loan

• Saver & investor: The return on investment from
savings a/c, FD or bond
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Intellect Design Arena

Software products company competing in Global Tier-1 BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) software market.

A hidden gem or hidden trash 😯

-- A Company Analysis 🧵 --

IDA is a software product company headquartered at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Intellect is engaged in the business of software and financial technology development for banking, insurance, & financial services.

But before diving into intellect directly, we’ll first understand, what is Software Product Business? ⤵️
We all are aware of IT service businesses like TCS, they provide services like software development, software testing, IT management etc.

Whereas IT product businesses are completely different, in this, company develop software products which are sold/licensed to others. 🤔
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Saw a lot of tweets about #rbipolicy on twitter but do not know what it is ?

Here is small thread that will be help you.

Like and comment for a wider reach!
What is the RBI Policy?

RBI Monetary Policy is a macroeconomic policy of RBI. The main purpose of RBI Monetary Policy is money supply & interest rates.
What does this purpose achieve?

This purpose helps RBI to control & change Interest rates to maintain sufficient liquidity, consumption growth, and moderate Inflation.

#liquidity #InflationRate
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While the RBI kept the reverse repo rate unchanged, latent monetary policy normalisation could continue, says @HSBC_IN's chief India economist Pranjul Bhandari. #RBIPolicy

@HSBC_IN Most liquidity will now be absorbed a rate well above the reverse repo rate of 3.35% and closer to the repo rate of 4%, said @DeutscheBank's chief India economist Kaushik Das. #RBIPolicy

@HSBC_IN @DeutscheBank The assessment on inflation seems somewhat sanguine, says @IDFCMF's head of fixed income Suyash Choudhary. #RBIPolicy

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While the RBI kept the reverse repo rate unchanged, latent monetary policy normalisation could continue, says @pranjulb, chief India economist at HSBC. #RBIPolicy

@pranjulb Most liquidity will now be absorbed a rate well above the reverse repo rate of 3.35% and closer to the repo rate of 4%, said @DeutscheBank's chief India economist Kaushik Das. #RBIPolicy

@pranjulb @DeutscheBank The assessment on inflation seems somewhat sanguine, says IDFC Mutual Fund's head of fixed income @Suyash_SC. #RBIPolicy

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RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das addresses the media on the MPC's rate decision and additional measures announced. #RBIPolicy #BQLive

Live blog:…
Activity in various segments of economy has cross pre-pandemic levels, says RBI governor. #RBIPolicy

Watch Live:
Live blog:
Economy facing several headwinds emanating from mostly international factors, says Shaktikanta Das. #RBIPolicy

Watch Live:
Live blog:
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MPC, while keeping interest rates unchanged, said it is appropriate to wait for growth signals to become "solidly entrenched." #RBIPolicy

Managing a durable, strong and inclusive recovery is our mission, says RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das. #RBIPolicy

Our motto is to ensure a soft landing that is well timed, says RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das. #RBIPolicy

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Monetary policy committee keeps key policy rates unchanged, stance maintained at accommodative, says RBI governor. #RBIPolicy

Watch Live:
Recovery of aggregate demand hinges on private investment which is still lagging, says RBI Governor Das. #RBIPolicy

Watch Live:
Live blog:
Recent reduction in excise duty and state VAT on auto fuels should support consumption demand, says RBI governor. #RBIPolicy

Watch Live:
Live blog:
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👉#RBI keeps interest rates unchanged at 4 pc; to continue with accommodative stance as long as necessary

👉Aggregate supply is still below pre-covid levels. There is a broad-based recovery in aggregate demand

#ShaktikantaDas #RBIPolicy
👉Consumer confidence for the year ahead has returned to 'optimistic' from historic lows

👉Projection for real GDP growth retained at 9.5% for FY22

#ShaktikantaDas #RBIPolicy
👉Interest rates unchanged, monetary policy stance remains 'accommodative' as five out of six MPC members vote in favour of it

👉Action aimed at prioritising growth and addressing distress in economy

#ShaktikantaDas #RBIPolicy
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RBI: no change in rates in August 2021
GDP will grow at 9.5% in 2021-22. 21.4%in Q1, 7.3% in Q2, 6.3% in Q3, 6.1% in Q4. 17.2% in the subsequent year: RBI
Recovery more important than inflation, which will remain closer to the 6% upper band. Inflation to moderate in the Oct-Dec quarter. #RBIPolicy
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#RBI leaves rates unchanged as it lowers #GDP growth projection to 9.5%, targets 5.1% inflation

#RBIPolicy #ShaktikantaDas…

By @pabsgill Image
@pabsgill Unlike the first wave where the economy came to standstill under a national wide lockdown, the impact on economic activity is expected to be relatively contained in the #SecondWave with restrictions on mobility being regionalised and nuanced: Shaktikanta Das.

#RBI #RBIPolicy
@pabsgill “The favourable base effects that brought about the moderation in headline inflation by 1.2% in April may persist through the first half of the year conditioned by progress in #Monsoon and effective supply side interventions by the government.” said RBI governor, Shaktikanta Das.
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#RBIPolicy | RBI leaves repo rate unchanged at 4% Image
#RBIPolicy | RBI leaves reverse repo rate unchanged at 3.5%, maintains accommodative stance
The MPC’s mandate is to keep inflation within the prescribed limits of 2% to 6%. The wholesale price index (WPI), which was at 2.5% in January, has grown nearly five-fold to hit 10.5% in April.

#RBIPolicy #ShaktikantaDas
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#RBIPolicy | @RBI’s Monetary Policy Committee maintains Repo Rate at 4%
#RBIPolicy | @RBI’s Monetary Policy Committee decides to maintain ACCOMMODATIVE stance as long as necessary
#RBIPolicy | Reverse Repo Rate maintained at 3.35%, MSF rate at 4.25% & Bank Rate at 4.25%
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RBI's monetary policy committee (MPC) outcome is to be announced today at 10 am.

We thought of writing an explainer thread🧵on key RBI Monetary policy tools & their implications. This should help you understand the policy better.

Please RT to educate more folks.
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What is Monetary policy?

Monetary policy is the use of instruments under the control of the central bank to regulate:
✅Supply, cost and use of money & credit

With end objective of controlling:
✅Inflation, Liquidity, Balances, Exchange rate and overall financial stability

What are the tools used by RBI?

RBI (or any Central Bank) has various tools at its disposal to achieve its above-mentioned objectives. We have noted these tools in the left half of image below 👇

3/n Image
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Bankers see monetary Policy Committee maintaining status quo in today’s #RBIPolicy announcement

#RBIPolicy Poll | Majority of the bankers expect @RBI to cut its FY22 GDP forecast to sub-10% & also lower the Q1FY22 GDP estimate from the earlier forecast of 26.2%
#RBIPolicy Poll | @RBI is expected to retain Q1FY22 CPI inflation forecast of 5.2% & Q2FY22 forecast of 5.2%
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#RBIPolicy | RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta says RBI's signals, actions & communication must be read together. Image
#RBIPolicy | RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta says the RBI is addressing the overall liquidity situation in the market to ensure orderly evolution of yield curve Image
#RBIPolicy | RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta says growth is of paramount importance at the current juncture & that the central bank is mindful of the overall liquidity situation in the market Image
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#RBIPolicy | @RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta says the central bank will remain accommodative as long as necessary to sustain growth on a durable basis Image
#RBIPolicy | RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta says vaccine distribution & its efficacy is key to global economic recovery Image
#RBIPolicy | RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta says the upside risk comes from speeding of #COVID19 vaccination programme, gradual release of the pent-up demand & reform measures by the govt Image
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#RBIPolicy | @RBI's Monetary Policy Committee in its meeting over the last three days, has decided to keep the #RepoRate unchanged at 4% Image
#RBIPolicy | Monetary Policy Committee decides to retain its 'Accommodative' policy stance Image
#RBIPolicy | Reverse Repo Rate, MSF & Bank Rate remain unchanged Image
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#RBIPolicy Poll | The MPC of @RBI is set to announce its policy decision at 10 am today amid rising #COVID cases and elevated inflation. MPC is expected to maintain status quo in this policy & the focus will shift towards RBI's stance on liquidity management and forward guidance Image
#RBIPolicy Poll | Most bankers believe, @RBI will maintain its #GDP forecast for FY21 & FY22 Image
#RBIPolicy Poll | As per CNBC-TV18 poll, 60% of bankers see @RBI retaining CPI inflation forecast of 5-5.2% for H1FY22 Image
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#BREAKING | #MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) voted unanimously to leave policy repo rates unchanged at 4%. #RBI maintains accommodative stance, reverse repo rate unchanged at 3.35%: @DasShaktikanta
#RBIPolicy LIVE Updates:
@DasShaktikanta #MSF (Marginal Standing Facility) rate remains unchanged at 4.25%: #RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta
#RBIPolicy LIVE Updates:
@DasShaktikanta #MPC decided to continue with an accommodative stance of monetary policy as long as necessary, at least through the current FY and into next year to revive growth on a durable basis and mitigate impact of COVID-19: @DasShaktikanta
#RBIPolicy LIVE Updates:
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