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1/ Here's an animated journey of the #Monsoon under #ClimateChange.

The New York Times story on the changing monsoon:…
2/ Through animations, snapshots from life, emotions and research, Henry Fountain and team @ The New York Times narrate the story of a changing monsoon.

—and what it means for us—and what we can do about it.

@henryfountain @nytimes
3/ The story covers the monsoon research at IITM...

@iitmpune @moesgoi
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IMPORTANT Weather update for #Delhi NCR/ North India!
Rains picked-up in Delhi NCR since yesterday with very heavy rains today, places in south Delhi, #Gurgaon #Faridabad crossed 100mm rainfall mark till 8:30PM
Conditions worsen further till weekend. #DelhiRains
Thread👇 Image
• A stable/ Re-curving low pressure area + monsoon axis will hold around West #UttarPradesh/South #Haryana for next 3 days.
• WD trough on upper levels restricting further west movement leading to slow curve making it a steady and compact Wx system.
Impact 👇 ImageImage
Heavy to very heavy rains likely to continue in #Delhi NCR, #Haryana #Chandigarh West #UttarPradesh, East #Rajasthan for next 3 days (Friday - Sunday).
Various parts to receive broadly 200-400mm rains in this period, Close half of the year's normal for a few stations.
3/n Image
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How reclamation of Ocean Land played havoc with #Karachi in general & with Defence Housing Authority in particular, learn from Town Planner & Architect Mr Arif Hasan ( via @q_Asif )

#DHA #StormWaterDrain #KarachiRains #KarachiRain #KarachiSinks #CBC #LandEncroachment #Mangroves
سمندر سے زمین ریکلیم کرکے اس پر آبادکاری سے
قریب کی آبادیاں بالخصوص اور کراچی بالعموم بارش کے دوران کیسے متاثر ہوئے ؟ جانیئے ماہر آبادیات و جناب عارف حسن صاحب سے

#DHA #StormWaterDrain #KarachiRains #KarachiRain #KarachiSinks #CBC #LandEncroachment #Mangroves
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“'Every piece of real estate in #Bangladesh is populated, and this entire area is underwater,' said Sheldon Yett, the United Nations Children’s Fund representative to the country, referring to the northeast."… #Sylhet #FinnegansWake
1/ "But this year, the #rains have been especially intense, a harsh reminder that #climatechange is bringing more extreme weather around the world."
2/ "In #China, where recent #flooding has displaced hundreds of thousands of people, the state-run news media reported this week that water levels had surged beyond flood levels in more than a hundred #rivers."
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#tepary bean experiment, #monsoon crop from the Sonoran Desert, cultivated by the Tohono O'odham Image
Experimental #tepary plot #1. Formerly lawn. Slightly shady, no soil improvements yet. Adding half a tray of worm compost. 2x2 plot. ImageImageImageImage
Tepary are extremely, extremely drought and #heatwave tolerant. USDA says they produce viable pollen and set seed at temperatures greater than 105F (!!!) Image
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The #monsoon doesn’t just affect traffic but also affects the Stock Market. How? Keep reading the thread! ⛈️
Approximately 58% of the population in India depends on agriculture for their livelihood.

When the monsoon comes, their income increases and so does their purchasing power 💰
The rural population is able to purchase more FMCG products, for e.g. biscuits, sodas, instant noodles.

Companies like Hindustan Unilever, Dabur, Godrej enjoy gains as they enjoy the increased incomes of the rural population
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Do you know the connection between the monsoon and the stock market? Let's dive.

#monsoon #investing Image
Rainy season and stock market:
(2/6) Image
Rainy season and stock market:
(3/6) Image
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New Amazon Quiz: Play & Win With Dealsmagnet…

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Where rain drops part ways: Ever thought of a place where monsoon rain drops after hitting ground say good bye and commence their journey separately. @IfsMadhu shares the picture of such a place here 1/n #Monsoon #rain #india @KarnatakaWorld @tourismgoi @TheWesternGhat #stories Image
Rain drops say good bye to each other to race to seas in two separate destinations .Yes, there exists many such locations in the Western Ghats of India. A ridge on Bisile Ghat in Sakleshpur in Hassan district in Karnataka divides the rain water flowing in the region 2/n
between the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Rain drops on the ridge hit the ground to flow to various streams in the Ghat which then link up with rivers before ending their journey either in the Arabian Sea in the west or Bay of Bengal Bengal in the east. 3/n
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#RBI leaves rates unchanged as it lowers #GDP growth projection to 9.5%, targets 5.1% inflation

#RBIPolicy #ShaktikantaDas…

By @pabsgill Image
@pabsgill Unlike the first wave where the economy came to standstill under a national wide lockdown, the impact on economic activity is expected to be relatively contained in the #SecondWave with restrictions on mobility being regionalised and nuanced: Shaktikanta Das.

#RBI #RBIPolicy
@pabsgill “The favourable base effects that brought about the moderation in headline inflation by 1.2% in April may persist through the first half of the year conditioned by progress in #Monsoon and effective supply side interventions by the government.” said RBI governor, Shaktikanta Das.
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#SciSimplified by @MrigDixit ⤵️

👉What is Monsoon?

👉Why Kerala Receives First Rain?

👉When Does IMD Declare Onset?…

(📸: Jipson Sikhera/TOI, BCCL, Kochi)
@MrigDixit For centuries, winds have played a crucial role in almost all voyages navigating long distances through rough seas. One such seasonal wind that sailors historically used to reach India was the #Monsoon.
@MrigDixit As it implies from its likely origin from the Arabic word Mawsim, the monsoon is nothing but a periodic seasonal wind. It is the dominant feature of India’s climate, which brings around 80% of the total precipitation across the country.

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#DesertRain #ArabianStorms #Ethiopa #Sahara #Russia #Europe Special Satellite Images Report:

Here will find a series images of rain events currently underway in deserts in the East of the Western Hemisphere, as the sun goes down on #EarthDay.

Credits @zoom_earth @meteoblue
The thread begins with the mother of all deserts the astonishing Sahara. Here you see an April rain event currently underway in Algeria and Libya. #Sahara #DesertRain #EarthDay21
Here are close up images of the Libya/Algeria #DesertRain now traversing the dryest parts of the Sahara. The 1st image (,17.…) shows rainfall signatures. The 2nd tracks the tail of this rain event back to the Atlantic coast 4500 kms to the West. #EarthDayAfrica
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#SciSimplified: Here’s How Dust from the #MiddleEast Can Shape Our Experience of #Monsoons…

(📸: Rajtilak Naik/BCCL)

By Poorvasha Kar
A new study from the University of Kansas has offered some crucial insight into the mechanisms behind the world's most powerful monsoon systems: Indian summer monsoon or the southwest monsoon.

The study showcases that the Indian monsoon is intensified by atmospheric dust particles swept up by the winds from deserts in the #MiddleEast.

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#AugustMonsoon: #Mumbai Receives Highest Rains Since 1983; Second Highest Rainfall on Record for #Konkan and #Goa…

(📸: Kaushik Naik / BCCL, Mumbai)

#MumbaiRains #Monsoons2020 #Monsoon Image
#Mumbai received a whopping 1,240 mm #rainfall from August 1 to 31—more than double the normal of 585 mm.

(Image credit: Satish Malavade / BCCL, Mumbai)
#MumbaiRains #Monsoons #Monsoon2020 Image
This month's figure was just four digits shy of the previous record of 1,244 mm set in 1983.

#MumbaiRains #Monsoons #Monsoon2020
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حصہ اوّل - معروف آرکیٹکٹ جناب عارف حسن صاحب نے سماء ٹی وی کو بتایا کہ ہر #بارش میں #کراچی کیوں ڈوب جاتا ہے ؟

#KarachiRains #KarachiRain #StormWaterDrain #Sewerage #Encroachment #LandMafia #Karachi #Monsoon #Garbage
حصہ دوم - معروف آرکیٹکٹ جناب عارف حسن صاحب نے سماء ٹی وی کو بتایا کہ ہر #بارش میں #کراچی کیوں ڈوب جاتا ہے ؟ پانی اپنا راستہ خود بناتا ہے جب راستہ نہیں ملیگا تو سب کو ڈبوئے گا
#KarachiRains #KarachiRain #StormWaterDrain #Sewerage #Encroachment #LandMafia #Karachi #Monsoon #Garbage
حصہ سوم - معروف آرکیٹکٹ جناب عارف حسن صاحب نے سماء ٹی وی کو بتایا کہ ہر #بارش میں #کراچی کیوں ڈوب جاتا ہے ؟ برساتی نالوں کو “گٹر” کے لیئے نہیں استعمال کیا جاتا اور وہی ہوا

#KarachiRains #KarachiRain #StormWaterDrain #Sewerage #Encroachment #LandMafia #Karachi #Monsoon #Garbage
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#WorldMosquitoDay: Prevalence and Facts About Malaria Disease Causing Mosquitoes 🦟…

(Image 1 - C Suresh Kumar/BCCL, Chennai )

(Image 2 -KM Sharma/BCCL, Patna)

(Image 3 - Sanjay Hadkar/TOI, BCCL/Mumbai )

(Image 4 - BCCL) ImageImageImageImage
In the South East Asia region, India accounts for 58% of the reported case load. As per the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP), India has reported 62,129 #malaria cases in 2020 till June. In 2019, the country reported 3.3 lakh confirmed cases.
The government of India has set a target to eliminate malaria disease by 2030.

(Image credit :N Kanaka / BCCL, Visakhapatnam)
#StopTheSpread #Mosquitoes #WorldMosquitoDay🦟 Image
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#DelhiRains | People shield themselves using umbrellas during rains in New Delhi on Aug 19.

Heavy rains have caused major water logging in several parts of Delhi-NCR, leading to traffic snarls and even damage to property.

#Monsoons #Monsoons2020
(📸: IANS) ImageImageImage
#GurgaonRains | Heavy Rain Causes #Waterlogging at Key Stretches of #Gurugram…

(📸 from Hero Honda chowk in #Gurgaon submerged due to heavy rains, IANS) Image
#DelhiRains | Visual of a wall collapse from South Delhi's Saket area. Continuous rainfall in Delhi has brought the city to a standstill, with numerous cases of waterlogging and traffic snarls being reported.

More here:
(📸: IANS)
#Monsoons2020 #Monsoon Image
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⚡️ “Heavy Rains, Strong Winds Clobber Mumbai for Second Straight Day; Similar Conditions Likely on Thursday”

#MumbaiRains #Mumbai #Monsoons2020 #Monsoon…
Latest on #MumbaiRains | Heavy rains, accompanied by gusty winds of upto 70 kmph, lashed Mumbai city and suburbs, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, and coastal Konkan, hitting suburban train services and disrupting normal life.

Read more here: Image
#MumbaiRains | @MumbaiPolice issues travel advisory after wall collapses on both sides of Mumbai city's arterial Peddar Road. Traffic on both sides of the road has been closed.

#Rains #mumbairain #mumbaifloods ImageImage
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Sridhar Balasubramanian is talking to @weatherindia on #Monsoons in India, do tune it to watch the conversation LIVE.

@iitbombay #Monsoons2020
@iitbombay "#CycloneAmphan pulled the monsoon trough over Andaman islands in mid-May, and #CycloneNisarga later pulled the monsoon trough onto the mainland. These cyclones unusually led to the 2020 #monsoon season arriving over India right on time.": Raghu Murtugudde on #LetsTalkWeather
@iitbombay "This year, #MumbaiRains have been mostly during evenings & nights. This may have led many Mumbaikars to think the city hasn’t received a lot of rainfall this season, but statistics indicate otherwise.": @weathercast's @akshaydeoras on #LetsTalkWeather
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Engineering a City #thread
Having spent my entire childhood in #Kochi (#Cochin ), it feels criminal to not know the story of how the city came to be the #metropolis it is today. Putting together a thread to trace the journey of the city which has been so endearingly mine (1)
Part 1: The #Malabar Mud-Banks
The story of Cochin is not just about how an engineering marvel can change social fabric, but also of many tenets of #British #Colonialism in India which is often taken for granted, passed off lazily as exploitation, missing nuance (2)
As with any coastal town, the cultural and economic history of Kochi is intertwined with maritime trade routes since the time of the Early Romans and Arabs. Thanks to the #biennale , most of us would now be familiar with the term #Muzuris (3)
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Grooving Through #Monsoon: Iconic Hindi Songs That Capture the Mood of Monsoon Rains…

#Monsoons2020 #Bollywood Image
#Music is a unique universe in itself, and yet, there exists an annual event in India that evokes similar emotions: the monsoon.
🌧️The intricate relationship between music and monsoon is truly timeless. In the fifth century, the dark monsoon clouds inspired Kālidāsa to compose the epic Meghadūta.
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