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29/08 > Le #positronium défie les prédictions de la physique via @futurasciences #LaMethSci Image
P Debu > le moyen le + fort pour étudier les atomes est la spectroscopie, et c'est ça qui va faire naître la mécanique quantique #LaMethSci
[#Podcast] 3/09 > #Atome : bienvenue à #Bohr un #LaMethSci à (ré)écouter via @franceculture ! Image
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(1/13) Please RT: our first #tweetorial!

Here's a 🧵on our new paper which is also my 1st time being (joint) last author✍️

Congrats to all, especially superstar med student @LuszczakSabina!

#AcademicTwitter @AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics #womeninSTEM…
(2/13) In #prostatecancer cell lines & human tissue, co-targeting #PIM & #PI3K #kinases seems promising!

We reckon ~20% of prostate cancer patients could benefit from this approach in future & these tend to be the sicker patients.

Scroll for #science!…
(3/13) Fig1a:

From publicly available data we see that some patients overexpress either the #PIM pathway, the #PI3K pathway, or both. Each of these targets have inhibitors in development, that could theoretically be of benefit to any of these patient groups when combined 🤞
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[#Publication à découvrir] 29/05 > Etude “Towards Understanding the Origin of Cosmic-Ray publiée dans Physical Review Letters #LaMethSci
.@parizot > à la fin du XIXe s, on découvre tout un pan de la réalité physique ignoré précédemment : le monde subatomique, ainsi qu'un certain nombre de particules nouvelles comme les RX, les R gamma, les particules alpha, etc. #LaMethSci
.@parizot > ce sont des noyaux d'atomes qui se baladent dans la galaxie. Suivant leur type, on a différents types de rayons cosmiques. Les + courants sont les noyaux d'H, puis He, C, Fe, et bcp moins fréquemment des particules lourdes comme l'uranium #LaMethSci
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New #publication#Engineering Students' Thinking About Technical Systems: An #Ontological Categories Approach” published #openaccess in @FrontEducation… | @TU_Muenchen Image
(2) Our paper aims at identifying ontological categories as higher-order #knowledge structures that underlie engineering students' thinking about technical systems.
(3) Derived from interviews, these ontological categories include, inter alia, a focus on the #behavior, #structure, or #purpose of a #technical system.
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New #publication "The role of spatial, verbal, numerical, and general reasoning abilities in complex word problem solving for young female and male adults" published #openaccess in MERJ @SpringerNature… Image
(2) We analyzed the relative importance of different cognitive abilities for solving Complex mathematical Word Problems (#CWP)—a demanding task of high relevance for diverse fields and contexts.
(3) We investigated the effects of spatial, verbal, numerical, and general reasoning abilities as well as gender on CWP performance among 1282 first-year university #engineering students.
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New #publication "The Interplay Between the #NaturalNumberBias and Fraction Magnitude Processing in Low-Achieving Students" published #openaccess in @FrontEducation |… Image
This article is part of the #ResearchTopic "Psychology and Mathematics Education" |…
We investigate 234 individual students’ profiles of the occurrence of the natural number bias and their ability to process fraction magnitude.
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New #publication “The potential of #digitaltools to enhance #mathematics and #science learning in secondary schools: A context-specific #metaanalysis” published #openaccess in Computers & Education |… Image
The comprehensive meta-analysis investigated how the use of #technology can enhance learning in secondary school mathematics and science. 92 studies compared learning outcomes of students using digital tools to those of a control group taught without the use of digital tools.
Key Findings: Overall, digital tool use had a positive effect on student learning outcomes, g = 0.65.
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Delighted to share with you a new exciting #publication in @eLife from my previous lab at @CIB_CSIC that finally came out today.
This paper challenges the previously accepted model of how #microtubules / #tubulin #estructure changes upon #GTP #hydrolysis.
Microtubule #lattice #expansion has been previously thought to be consequence of GTP hydrolysis.
In this work, thank to the use of several #biochemical, #biophysical, and #bioinformatics techniques, showed that the #tubulindimmer expansion does not occur upon hydrolysis.
Microtubules shear-flow alignment and X-ray #fibrediffraction experiments together with #CryoEM data, and different use of analogues showed that #GDP-#BeF3 dimmers resembles the GTP bound state of tubulin, since BeF3 mimics the gamma-phosphate function of GTP, stabilising the MTs
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Publish where, how, what you want to publish, when you want to publish, not where everyone else is publishing just because those places may have an air of prestige, desirability. Publish where the people you care most about will access to work, without others' imposed boundaries.
#Publish in many different kinds of places, with different scales. Be a human body that reaches out to the exact people -- your core -- you wish most to #read and be moved by your work.
I have this suspicion that your "core" readership is not "The Academy," but the folks, the gente, the familia/pamilya, mga kapwa-tao, mga kapuso.

How do you best reach them but to go where they are and where they gather, to bring your presence and your work there.
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This year: 200th #anniversary of the #publication of #Goethe's great work of #art "#WestöstlicherDivan".#Heisenberg memorized #love-#poems from the book while working on #QuantumMechanics in #Heligoland.
#Schubert it to #music:
The #poem sung by #ElisabethSchwarzkopf is on p. 166 of the 1819 edition and reproduced below, side-by-side with the 1914 translation by #Irish critic and #poet Edward Dowden (1843-1913).The translation is close, but NOT accurate (as Dowden tries to recreate rhyme and rhythm).
Remark. The unclear phrase 'zu jemandes Herzen sprechen' was
allegedly utilized by #Heidegger in at least one letter sent to
#HannahArendt in 1925: cf.….
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