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#SupremeCourt to hear today ED’s plea challenging the Madras HC order which allowed the shifting of Tamil Nadu minister Senthil Balaji to private hospital.
#TamilNadu #EnforcementDirectorate Image
SG Mehta: I was going to say that this kind of order sets a wrong precedent. But a common man doesn't get the benefits of habeas when arrested...

#SupremeCourt #SenthilBalaji #EnforcementDirectorate
SG Mehta: Other side's argument would be that it's an interim order, go argue. That I'll address it first. The Supreme Court has held in its judgement that where notice is made returnable and not the date of filing.

#SupremeCourt #SenthilBalaji #EnforcementDirectorate
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#CalcuttaHighCourt today will take up two #Contempt applications filed by Leader of Opposition in WB Suvendu Adhikari (@SuvenduWB) and Congress’ Adhir Ranjan Chaudhury (@adhirrcinc) against the #WestBengal government and State Election…… Image
In an order dated 15th June 2023, a Division Bench comprising of Chief Justice Sivagnaman and Justice Uday Kumar of the Calcutta HC had directed the State election commission to requisition central reserve forces for the #PanchayatElections within 48 hours.

While the State and SEC had preferred appeals before the #SupremeCourt, regarding the deployment of central forces, the Supreme Court affirmed the order of the Calcutta High Court and dismissed their appeal on the 20th of June 2023.

Read more:…
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#SupremeCourt to hear a plea challenging Calcutta High Court's order directing the West Bengal State Election Commission to requisition central forces for all districts in West Bengal for the 2023 Panchayat Elections #WestBengalPanchayatElections2023 Image
A vacation Bench comprising Justice BV Nagarathna and Justice Manoj Misra to hear the matter.
Sr Adv for State of WB: One paragraph becomes relevant. The only issue is with respect to deployment of central forces.
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#SupremeCourt hears matters concerning suspension of private Haj Group Organizers

ASG Sanjay Jain: HGOs have to meet certain criteria. In month of May, 512 HGOs were cleared. On 25th May, we received a serious complaint against them.

#SupremeCourt #SupremeCourtOfIndia Image
Jain: They then approached HC of Delhi which said pass a reasonable order. That order was passed on 2nd. We don't want to impact the Hajj pilgrims in any manner. They will not have to spend anything extra from pocket. Their travel will be given to other HGOs.
Jain: The government of India is giving them financial guarantee. Tomorrow if these 17 persons are found deliquents, we won't have anything...the pilgrims interest should not be compromised in any manner. This is our proposal.
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Senior Adv Meenakshi Arora #mentions before #SupremeCourt plea against Calcutta HC order directing State Election Commission to requisition central forces for all Districts within 48 hours

Arora: My lords may please take up the matter tomorrow.

Bench: State can do it. Image
Arora: Court has directed for us to requisition. And it has directed on area deployment wise...that is not how it is done... we're challenging both the orders of the court.

Bench: List it tomorrow.

#SupremeCourt #SupremeCourtOfIndia
Counsel: I am for the state government. State has also filed an SLP in the matter. That also may be taken up tomorrow.

#SupremeCourt #SupremeCourtOfIndia
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#SupremeCourt to hear plea challenging Delhi High Court’s order granting bail to Preeti Chandra, wife of Unitech promoter Sanjay Chandra, in a money laundering case Image
ASG,Sanjay Jain for ED: I wanted to inform at the outset, the bail order was kept in abeyance till today because we informed that we will challenge.

Bench: Issue notice. Till further orders the impugned order shall remain stayed.
Bench: Reply be filed within two weeks...Rejoinder within two weeks thereafter. List after 4 weeks...
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Some bad news for Indian Country as U.S. Supreme Court rules that tribes do not enjoy sovereign immunity in federal bankruptcy proceedings.

Decision is 8-1, with Justice Neil Gorsuch the lone voice in support of tribes.

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson authors the court's opinion.
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson:"Under our precedents, we will not find an abrogation of tribal sovereign immunity unless Congress has conveyed its intent to abrogate in unequivocal terms. That is a high bar. But for the reasons explained below, we find it has been satisfied here."
Justice Clarence Thomas, naturally, chimes in with this nugget of wisdom: "As I have explained, to the extent that tribes possess sovereign immunity at all, that immunity does not extend to 'suits arising out of a tribe’s commercial activities conducted beyond its territory.'"
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Plea to prevent 'mahapanchayat' proposed in Purola being mentioned before Uttarakhand High Court Chief Justice.

Advocate Sharukh Alam says the petition is filed and ready for listing.

#UttarakhandHighCourt Image
Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi : We will call for it.

Matter taken.

Alam refers to the Supreme Court's order directing Uttarakhand police to take suo motu FIRs in hate speech cases even without any formal complaint.

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After #SupremeCourt's refusal to entertain the plea to stop 'mahapanchayat' in Purola amid communal tensions, the petitioner moves Uttarakhand High Court.

Earlier today, SC had asked the petitioner to approach the HC.

#Uttarakhand Image
Advocate Sharukh Alam mentions the petition before Chief Justice Vipin Sanghvi for urgent listing.

Alam : This is an issue of urgency. The Supreme Court has granted us liberty to approach the HC.

Chief Justice : What is the subject matter?

Alam. : This is related to an ultimatum given to a particular community to leave the place before the mahapanchayat.
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#BREAKING Plea to prevent 'mahapanchayat' proposed to be held in Purola in #Uttarakhand amid communal tensions mentioned before Supreme Court vacation bench.

Adv Sharukh Alam mentions the petition filed by Association for Protection of Civil Rights

#SupremeCourt Image
Alam : It is an unlisted mentioning...

Bench : We don't permit unlisted mentioning..

Alam : There is extreme urgency.

Alam : There is a continuing mandamus issued against Uttarakhand to prevent hate speeches....there is an ultimatum given to a particular community to leave the place before a mahapanchayat.

Justice Nath : Law and order is for the administration to handle. You move the HC
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Speaking at a webinar about #WrestlerProtests, former #SupremeCourtofIndia judge Madan B Lokur says, "#SupremeCourt should have monitored investigation...Obvious Delhi Police is mixed up. They do not want the investigation to proceed."

#WrestlingProtest #WrestlerProtests Image
Justice Lokur spoke at a webinar on 'The Wrestlers’ Struggle: Accountability of Institutions' organised by ANHAD & National Alliance of People's Movement.

"#SupremeCourtofIndia should have monitored investigation to ensure it did not get derailed, as it has done in the past." Image
Justice Lokur: #SupremeCourtofIndia itself concluded there was a threat. Keeping in mind delay in lodging FIR & threat perception, it should've monitored the investigation...Not with intention to see that accused is convicted, but to ensure nothing goes wrong.

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#SupremeCourt to hear plea challenging Delhi High's order which allowed bike-taxi aggregators Rapido and Uber to operate bike-taxis without aggregator licenses till a final policy regarding it is notified Image
On the last occasion the Supreme Court sought the Centre’s view on allowing bike-taxi aggregators in Delhi…
Sr. Adv. NK Kaul for Uber: Last date has directed the Central Govt for their stand. We had relied on notification to say that two wheelers can operate. In Delhi till date no scheme has been formulated based on Centre’s notification for registration of two wheelers...
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1. Yesterday, while West Bengal CM (with doubtful basic educational credentials) was demanding resignation of the fine technocrat Railway Minister of India,

her State Govt went to the #SupremeCourt appealing for a stay on the #CalcuttaHighCourt order of CBI probe of
#recruitmentscam in West Bengal's municipalities too

WB expected a fast hearing of such appeal

Supreme Court rapped them

Said, no fast hearing,not before July 3

Added that the accused people in such scam could have come, but how could the State Govt appear to halt such probe?
As the Solicitor General opposed West Bengal Govt's appeal,

GoWB stated SG knew nothing about this case, how could he oppose?

SG said he was aware of the #recruitmentscam in the education sector & hence, could legitimately oppose

The top Court didn't grant West Bengal Govt
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BREAKING: California appeals court rules that Manson family member Leslie Van Houten should be released on parole. The decision overturns Gov. Gavin Newsom's previous denial of parole for Van Houten in 2020. ImageImage
Van Houten has been recommended for parole five times since 2016, but her requests were denied by either Newsom or former Gov. Jerry Brown. 🏛️ The Second District Court of Appeal ruled 2-1 in favor of granting her parole. #appealscourt #California
Gov. Newsom claimed that Van Houten still poses a danger to society, but the appellate court found no evidence to support his conclusions. ⚖️ California Attorney General Rob Bonta could ask the California Supreme Court to stop Van Houten's release. #court #SupremeCourt
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Insider Bullet Train: The News You Shouldn't Miss!


👉#Apple Will Need a Concrete Reason to Remove Betting Apps
👉#NDTV placed under surveillance amidst Adani Group Stock surge.

Watch this thread for today's updates!🧵⬇️

➡️Apple: Will Need a Concrete Reason to Remove #Betting Apps

The government banned 232 betting apps in February 2023. To which #iPhone maker Apple responded by asking for a “concrete or legal reason” to take down the betting apps from its phones.

After the #MeitY order to ban apps like Betway, Lotus 365, etc, many are still operating in the open with advertisements on digital platforms and Apple App Store.

Will Apple comply with the government’s clause, or will it take up arms in the court?

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#SupremeCourt hears matter of alleged abduction of 20 year old girl. Girl has appeared in person.

She states that she doesn't live with her family & that her brothers harass her sexually.

Justice Bela Trivedi: Aap aise allegations nahi lagayenge. Kuch bhi bole jaa rahe hai. Image
Justice Bela Trivedi: Zarurat se zyaada smart ho rahe hai. Kuch bhi bole jaa rahe hai.

Counsel: The girl has decided on her own to move out.

Justice Bela Trivedi: No, there is something fishy. How did she know of this case? She's not even a party.

Counsel: Let her 164 be recorded. Let the protection be extended till then. I'll come back.

Justice Trivedi: There is no protection granted to you.

Counsel: There is, please see.

#SupremeCourt #SupremeCourtofIndia
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#SupremeCourt hears matter pertaining to statements made against a judicial officer.

Justice Bela Trivedi: You cannot malign the judiciary like this. Independence of judiciary doesn't just mean independence from executive but also from outside forces.

#SupremeCourtofIndia Image
Advocate Akshay Sapre: He is extending an unconditional apology. Let him not be arrested. It's about a man's liberty. He is a common man running a temple.

#SupremeCourtofIndia #SupremeCourt
Sapre: Imprisonment is unwarranted. He is a 60 year old man.

Justice Bela Trivedi: Let this be a lesson to him and others. Ofcourse it is warranted. He shouldn't have made comments against judicial officers

#SupremeCourtofIndia #SupremeCourt
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#SupremeCourt hears plea of Akhtar Dhebar (accused in Chattisgarh Liquor Scam case) challenging provisions of PMLA.

Dr Singhvi: We have instructions to withdraw. I am withdrawing the main writ.

ASG: But there should be an observation that he cannot come back.

#SupremeCourt Image
Singhvi: If circumstances change then we will come back

Justice Trivedi: If circumstances change you'll always have liberty.

SG Mehta: The circumstances can't change on vires.

#SupremeCourtofIndia #SupremeCourt
Dr Singhvi: I cannot come back again on the vires part. I agree. I won't say anything on that.

#SupremeCourtofIndia #SupremeCourt
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Is it legal for Congress to #default on the US #NationalDebt? It depends on who you ask. There are a ton of good legal arguments for and against, so perhaps it comes down to what the (degraded, corrupt, illegitimate, partisan) #SupremeCourt says?…

1/ A kitchen sink. The Supreme...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

In those terms, it seems like the game is over. #Biden should just surrender, hand the most extreme wing of the (degraded, corrupt, illegitimate, authoritarian) #GOP everything, even if doing so will push Biden's approval rating lower, dangerously close to the next election.

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#SupremeCourt to hear PIL seeking a direction that the #NewParliamentBuilding should be inaugurated by the #PresidentofIndia

#PresidentMurmu Image
Supreme Court hears the plea.

Justice Narasimha: Nothing is there, we will impose costs now..

Advocate Sukin: Please see Article 79..

SC: How does this concern you?

Sukin: The president is my president too..

Justice JK Maheshwari: How is Article 79 related to this?

SC: You are an advocate, please show how this provision is related to inauguration, you please show us..…
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Vacation Bench of #SupremeCourtofIndia to hear appeal filed by Trinamool Congress MP #AbhishekBanerjee against Calcutta High Court's order passed in the teacher’s recruitment scam case allowing CBI and ED to question him. Image
Senior Advocate AM Singhvi appears on behalf of Banerjee.

Singhvi: There are three orders I want the bench to see. The order of April 24..

SC: All this is over, I have seen every document. After this court's order, the CJ changed the bench. High Court has said that it cannot……
Singhvi: How can court say this is res judicata..

SC: The order is a very balanced one, the court considered your arguments and then rejected them..

Singhvi: Your lordships directed a de novo hearing, on what has gone before.. remember the origin of this matter.. this man is……
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YS Vivekananda Reddy murder case| #SupremeCourt vacation bench to hear petition filed by Suneetha Reddy, daughter of YS Vivekananda Reddy, challenging HC order granting conditional bail to accused T Gangi Reddy.

#SupremeCourtofIndia #SupremeCourt Image
Sr Adv Siddharth Luthra: CBI's affidavit states that HC order sets a bad precedent, comments on state investigation. SC while sending it back to HC said that it seems that state was dragging its feet and protecting this gentleman. That's the reason for default bail.
Justice Maheshwari: There is another case in which notice is to be issued.

#SupremeCourtofIndia #SupremeCourt
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#SupremeCourt vacation bench to hear TMC leader Abhishek Banerjee's plea challenging Calcutta HC order which had refused to direct CBI-ED to not interrogate him in West Bengal School Job Scam case and had imposed ₹25 Lakh fine on him.

#AbhishekBanerjee Image
Dr AM Singhvi: Please see these orders. I won't take much time. This first order is of 24th April.

Justice JK Maheshwari: All this is over.

#AbhishekBanerjee #SupremeCourt #SupremeCourtofIndia
Justice Maheshwari: The court said that so far the investigation is concerned, we cannot interfere.

#AbhishekBanerjee #SupremeCourt #SupremeCourtofIndia
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#SupremeCourt vacation bench to hear bail plea of AAP leader Satyendar Jain in money laundering case. Jain has been behind the bars since May 2022, awaiting his trial.

@AamAadmiParty @SatyendarJain

#SupremeCourtofIndia #SupremeCourt #SatyendarJain Image
Dr AM Singhvi: My lords, I have very strong grounds which I'm not touching today. I'm seeking on medical grounds today. Rest you can examine later.

#SatyendarJain #SupremeCourt #SupremeCourtofIndia
ASG SV Raju: On medical grounds, let him be examined by AIIMS. Because the records of other hospitals - it can be fudged. Independent examination is necessary. He was the health minister... medical records of Delhi hospital cannot be correct.

#SatyendarJain #SupremeCourt
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