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🇨🇦✈️ I know the Canadian Armed Forces don't ever take a day off, and this weekend is no exception.
🇨🇦✈️ At least two #RCAF CH-148 Cyclones have been active over Halifax and Shearwater in the past day.

#CFBShearwater #12WingShearwater
🇨🇦✈️ One of two #RCAF-leased King Airs (C-GSYC) were maybe making a VIP transport between Winnipeg, Sault Ste. Marie, and Trenton. I call these the shadow VIP transport fleet, b/c they seem to ferry the brass around (incl #NORAD). #CFC1648 #C076A3
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Barge P305 with 261 on board sunk, 186 rescued,26 body recovered,49 missing 😢
Barge Gal Constructor:
137 on board,all rescued
Barge SS-3 & Oil Rig Sagar Bhushan: Both adrift : 297 on board,all rescued.
Varpadra Ship : 2 rescued,doubt ship sunk with 11 crew😢
#CycloneTauktae 1/N
This all are engaged in @ONGC_ 's projects. Even given a much early waring of #CycloneTauktae and have sufficient time to move all this personal to a safer place. @ONGC_ and contractor @AFCONSInfra has not taken it seriously and left more then 600 persons life on stake.
Since May 9, #ONGC and #Afconsinfra has been alerted about #CycloneTauktae , inspite that warning boths reaction is very lean and moved the barj only after 14th May and anchor in deep sea (8 nautical miles). This barj not able withstand against this heavy storm,
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🔴 #SAR Op 30.04.21 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan" rescued in separate ops 334 #migrants incl. women and children. All disembarked safely in Tripoli Naval Base [UPDATE FOLLOWS] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
1/3 [UPDATE] SAR Op. 30.04.21 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan" rescued a total of 334 #migrants incl. 45 women and 28 children. There are no reports of missing or casualties. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
2/3 [cont] Rescued received medical and humanitarian assistance provided by staff of international organizations present at the disembarkation point. All subsequently transferred to DCIM authorities. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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🔴#SAR Op 29.04.21 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan" rescued 99 migrants incl. 10 women and 2 children. All disembarked safely in Tripoli Naval Base. [UPDATE FOLLOWS] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
1/3 [UPDATE] SAR Op. 29.04.21 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan" rescued a total of 99 #migrants. There are no reports of missing or casualties. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
2/3 [cont] Rescued received medical and humanitarian assistance provided by staff of international organizations present at the disembarkation point. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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#24Abr #DeltaAmacuro


Informe Bomberos 19:00HLV
El cuerpo de bomberos recibió la notificación de que presuntamente zozobró una embarcación en alta mar con personas que se dirijan a Trinidad, se activó la GNB con un equipo multidisciplinarios a la búsqueda de los tripulantes
dónde presuntamente iban 24 personas a bordo y según versiones de los sobrevivientes los sorprendió una ola, en la búsqueda se rescataron 7 sobrevivientes y se recuperaron 02 cadáveres, se mantiene la búsqueda de 13 desaparecidos.
Según informe de los pescadores de la zona, el accidente ocurrió cerca de un sector Boca de Serpiente, aún en aguas pertenecientes al Delta Amacuro, la embarcación llevaría un total de 30 personas, la tripulación de un barco de pesca de la zona logró rescatar 5 sobrevivientes y 3
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I have just been asked how current or former prisoners can get a copy of information held on them.
All you need is send a SAR (Subject Access Request)- A letter requesting a copy of all personal information held on you under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR’s).
No fee is payable for the provision of this information unless a request is repeated or excessive.

Here is an example of the wording to use:

"Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am writing this letter to you as a Subject Access Request."

"My date of birth is _________, prison number ________ and I enclose evidence of my identification." (Enclose copy of driving licence, birth certificate or passport, N.B serving prisoners writing to MOJ, will not need id.)
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1/4🔴#Tunisia 09.03.21 - Tunisian Coast Guard in two separate #SAR ops rescued a total of 165 #migrants and recovered so far 39 bodies. The search for missing continues. In a TV statement for Ch 9 "Tunisia Today" [cont] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
2/4 [cont] the National Guard spokesperson BGen. Al-Jabbali said that the first rescue took place off the coast of Jebniana where 70 #migrants incl. 32 women and 8 children of different African nationalities were rescued from a boat taking on water. #migrantcrisis #frontex
3/4 [cont] The second rescue was conducted off Kératine, Kerkennah Is. where Coast Guard managed to rescue 95 #migrants of African nationalities incl. 2 Tunisian nationals and recovered 39 bodies so far after the boat capsized. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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1/2🔴#SAR Op 26.02.21 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan" rescued 151 #migrants incl. 15 women and 3 children. All disembarked safely in Tripoli Naval Base and were provided with medical and humanitarian aid. [cont] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
2/2 [cont] There are no reports of missing or fatalities. Nationality of rescued: Benin 21, Cameroon 2, Gambia 6, Ghana 6, Guinea 38, Ivory Coast 12, Kenya 1, Mali 41, Nigeria 7, Senegal 1, Sierra Leon 4 and Sudan 12. All #migrants transferred to DCIM authorities. #migrantcrisis
1/2 [UPDATE] #SAR Op 26.02.21 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan" rescued in two separate operations 151 #migrants incl. women and children. [cont] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19 ImageImageImage
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1/3 🔴 #SAR Op 20.01.21 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan" rescued 48 #migrants incl. 1 woman and 11 minors. Rescued disembarked safely in Tripoli Naval Base. [cont] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
2/3 [cont] There are no reports of missing or fatalities. All rescued received medical and humanitarian assistance provided by staff of international organizations present at the disembarkation point. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
3/3 [cont] Nationality of rescued: Burkina Faso 3, Cameroon 6, Egypt 1, Guinea 7, Ivory Coast 5, Liberia 5, Mali 17, Somalia 1, Sudan 1 and Togo 2. All transferred to DCIM Collection and Return Center in Tripoli. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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1/2 🔴 #Libya 19.01.21 - Zuwara Coast Security PB P-107 rescued 10 #migrants from a sunken rubber boat. Survivors disembarked safely in Zuwara and were provided with medical and humanitarian assistance. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
2/2 [cont] According to testimonies 43 #migrants are still missing. The search continues. [UPDATE FOLLOWS] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
1/3 [UPDATE] #SAR Op 19.01.21 - Libyan Coast Security patrol boat P-107 responding to a distress call rescued 10 #migrants (all male) from a sunken rubber boat 15 nm off Zuwara. [cont] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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I'll summarize our study on app vendors' responses to Subject Access Requests ("What data do you have on record about me?"), which was presented at #ares2020 – and received the Best Paper Award 🥳. @ARES_Conference #sar #apps #privacy #gdpr #dataprotection 1/18
Link to paper (open access):…. This was a 4-year longitudinal study (2015–2019) and joint work of Jacob Kroeger (@JWI_Berlin), Jens Lindemann (@unihh) and myself (@uni_bamberg_of). 👀 Watch our 15-min talk on vimeo ( 2/18
Background: EU citizens can ask companies about what personal data they process according to Art. 15 GDPR. We performed an undercover study with 225 vendors of popular iOS and Android apps to figure out how vendors process such SARs. 3/18
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1/6 🔴 #SAR Op 11.08.20 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Ras Jadar" rescued 23 #migrants incl. 2 women and 1 female minor from a wooden boat. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19 Image
2/6 [cont] All rescued disembarked safely in Tripoli Naval Base. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
3/6 [cont] Upon arrival the staff of international organizations IOM, IRC and UNHCR provided humanitarian aid incl. snacks and water to all disembarked migrants. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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🔴 [BREAKING] #SAR Op 10.08.20 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Ras Jadar" rescued ca. 90 #migrants including women and is currently returning to Tripoli for disembarkation. [UPDATE FOLLOWS] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19 Image
[UPDATE] #SAR Op 10.08.20 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Ras Jadar" returning with rescued #migrants to Tripoli Naval Base. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
[UPDATE] #SAR Op 10.08.20 - All rescued #migrants disembarked safely in Tripoli Naval Base. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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Respeito e admiração pelos pilotos do #Canadair acidentado 🙇‍♂️

Sentidas condolências à familá e amigos do Cmdt Jorge Jardim pela perda insubstituível. DEP Cmdt🙏
Rápidas e plenas melhorias para o Cmdt Maxi Plaza 💪

#IRPonteDaBarca #IFManinLobios
Segue um thread 🧵 sobre este #AcidenteAereo, composto a partir de uma tecelagem de diversas tweets e notícias de OCS

#IRPonteDaBarca #IFManinLobios #PNPG #Xures #AccidenteAereo #Canadair
01) No sáb 8Ago2020 pelas 11:16 um avião anfíbio #Canadair despenhou-se e ficou destruído numa zona de montanhosa do Gerês, em território espanhol, na zona de Lobios, província de Ourense, a curta distância da fronteira entre Espanha e Portugal
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1/4⭐️#SAR_Star! Today we celebrate @Nat_Mora_ who is a @CONICETDialoga researcher at @3iaunsam & teaches at @unsamoficial & @Exactas_UBA. Give her a follow 👋& learn about her research 🧐 on landscape & plant 🍃#ecology in #floodplain #Wetlands🌎 of #Argentina🇦🇷. #WomeninSAR
2/4⭐️#SAR_Star! @Nat_Mora_ has a #Phd in #biology from @UBAonline @Exactas_UBA. She studied macrophytes at the #Paraná River #floodplain with #SAR and #PolSAR data. Here are some #Cband #results👇 #WomeninRemoteSensing #WomenInSTEM #SARisbeautiful #RADARSAT
3/4⭐️#SAR_Star! @Nat_Mora_ also analysed the #Paraná River #floodplain with #Lband #PalSAR and #Xband #CosmoSkyMed data. Besides her main research, she also used #SAR & #PolSAR on #coastalMarshes #oildetection #soilmoisture #WomeninSAR #SARisbeautiful
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“Policy Options to Impose Costs on #Beijing’s Coercive Envelopment of #HongKong: Version 1.0”

#NatSecLaw negates #SAR’s judiciary & freedoms

Our #ChinaSignPost™ 洞察中国 report (#102) offers analysis & recommendations…
#HongKong’s long-deteriorating situation has come to a head.

Today, just b/f #July1, Beijing imposed a popularly-opposed #NationalSecurityLaw negating the Special Autonomous Region’s judiciary & freedoms.…

Dissidents are vulnerable; everyone is at risk.
#Beijing has abruptly abandoned binding commitments & reassurances, which underwrote #HongKong’s handover from Britain in 1997, & its subsequent special treatment by the United States & other nations.

Now, sadly, Hong Kong’s identity & status lies damaged & altered irrevocably.
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Urgente! Una barca con ~50 persone in fuga dall #Libia ha appena chiamato #AlarmPhone! Sono in pericolo nella zona #SAR Italiana, a poche miglia da #Lampedusa. Stanno imbarcando acqua e le condizioni meteo sono pericolose. Necessitano soccorso immediato! @guardiacostiera Image
*CORREZIONE*: Le persone in pericolo hanno richiamato e hanno corretto la posizione GPS: 35d03m, 12d21m (00.45 CEST), che li mostrerebbe nella zona SAR di #Malta. Tutte le autorità devono cercare e soccorrere questa barca e portare le persone in pericolo in un porto sicuro! Image
Dopo le 00:45 abbiamo perso i contatti con le persone in pericolo. Le autorità di Malta ed Italia non danno informazioni sull’eventuale avvio di operazioni di soccorso e sul ruolo della nave Fuji Bay che è rimasta sulla scena per molte ore.
Le persone devono essere soccorse ora! Image
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Breaking! A boat with ~50 people fleeing from Libya just reached out to the Alarm Phone! They are in distress in the Italian #SAR zone and only a few miles from #Lampedusa. There is water entering the boat and the weather conditions are very dangerous. They need immediate rescue! Image
*CORRECTION*: The people in distress reached out again & shared a corrected GPS position: 35d03m, 12d21m (00.45 CEST), which would then show them in #Malta SAR zone. All authorities should search for the boat to rescue & bring the people in distress to a place of safety! Image
After 00:45h CEST, we lost contact to the people in distress. Authorities in #Malta & #Italy fail to provide information if a rescue has been launched & about the role of cargo vessel Fuji Bay which was on scene for several hours.
The people have to be rescued without delay! Image
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Una barca in pericolo con ~68 persone in fuga dalla #Libya ha appena chiamato #AlarmPhone.

Sono quasi nella zona #SAR italiana, ma hanno problemi al motore. Hanno attraversato il #Mediterraneo da soli e ora hanno bisogno di assistenza immediata!

@guardiacostiera Image
La situazione a bordo è preoccupante: le persone erano nel panico durante l’ultima chiamata. La barca è alla deriva. Sono in mare da più di 30 ore e ormai a poche miglia da #Lampedusa. La barca di legno può capovolgersi in ogni momento: non ritardate i soccorsi!
Siamo sollevati che le 67 persone in pericolo siano state soccorse dalla @guardiacostiera e portate a Lampedusa. Dopo l'ultima chiamata avevamo temuto che il panico si stesse diffondendo a bordo e, secondo la GC, le persone si sono tuffate in mare mentre si stavano avvicinando.
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SOS! ~62 people in distress!

This night we were called by a boat in distress that escaped Libya. Acc. to the people, 13 women & 6 children are on board.

Authorities are informed. Do not let them drown and starve to death as you did with another migrant group two weeks ago!
The GPS position of the boat we received suggests that this might be the boat that was spotted by @Frontex aircraft Osprey3 this afternoon, as reported by @scandura. This means that European authorities have known about this boat for hours already. Stop watching, start rescuing!
During the night #AlarmPhone & the people in distress tried to reach out to RCC #Malta to provide updated GPS positions. @Armed_Forces_MT did not even pick up the phone or answer our emails. Again, an emergency centre for people in distress is not reachable!
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Nei mesi scorsi #Malta ha spesso fallito nell’organizzare operazioni di soccorso adeguate e legali e le @Armed_Forces_MT hanno messo a rischio vite umane ritardando i soccorsi e collaborando con le autorità libiche nell'intercettazione di barche all'interno della #SAR Maltese. Image
Temiamo che le circa 80 persone che sono in grave pericolo da oltre 40 ore vengano abbandonate in mare in condizioni critiche ancora a lungo, o che rischino di essere illegalmente respinte verso l'inferno della #Libia. La barca è stata avvistata da un aereo Europeo di #Frontex.
Alle autorità di #Malta e #UE chiediamo:
Soccorrete immediamente le 80 persone!
Non respingetele verso la #Libia in guerra!
Rispettate il diritto del mare, internazionale e le convenzioni sui diritti umani!
Non usate il #Covid19 come una scusa per violare i diritti umani!
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In recent months we have seen how #Malta repeatedly failed to carry out SAR activities in adequate & lawful ways. We experienced how @Armed_Forces_MT risked people's lives by delaying rescues & how they collaborated with Libyan authorities to intercept boats within Malta #SAR. Image
We fear that the approx. 80 people who are still at sea – now for over 40 hours – will also have to endure unnecessarily long in acute distress or that they are at risk of being illegally returned to the hell of #Libya. They have been spotted by a European asset from the air.
We call on authorities in #Malta and the #EU: rescue the ~80 people without further delay! Do not return them to the Libyan warzone! Do not breach maritime law, international law, and human rights conventions! Do not use the #COVID19 pandemic as an excuse to violate human rights!
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Siaran Pers

Update korban dan situasi sd jam 19.00 peristuwa susur sungai sempor yg dilakukan oleh siswa kelas 7 dan 8

Peserta yg ikut kegiatan sbb
kelas 7 sebanyak 129. Dari 129 sudah absensi sebanyak 51 siswa yg belum 78.
Kelas 8 sebanyak 127 suswa yg sudah absensi sebanuak 120 siswa, yg belum sebanyak 7 siswa.
Siswa yg ditemukan dan dibawa ke rumah sakit SWA sbb
1. Inisial SA kelas 8 alamat sumber rejo MD
2. Inisial A kelas 7 alamat ngentak tepan MD
3. Inisial NA kelas 8 alamat kembang arum MD
4. Inisial L alamat kembang arum MD
Jadi yg di RS swa 4 mrninggal dunia,
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🆘Alle 13.58h CET l'#AlarmPhone è stato chiamato da una barca in pericolo nella zona #SAR di #Malta. Ci sono circa 60 persone a bordo. Le autorità Maltesi sono state informate @Armed_Forces_MT. Le persone devono essere soccorse immediatamente! Image
Le persone in pericolo devono essere soccorse - si sta facendo buio! #Malta dice che sta ‘indagando’ sul caso. La situazione è chiara: Malta deve inviare soccorsi immediatamente!
Abbiamo informato Malta circa 7 ore fa della barca in pericolo nella zona SAR maltese. Le autorità dicono di aver avvertito la nave mercantile più vicina, ma è a 3.5 ore di distanza! Cos'altro è stato fatto finora? #Malta o #Italia devono soccorrerli! Non si può tardare ancora!
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