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I see this thread from last year is getting another round of attention. Results of our randomised trial to test the effect of press releases on the news are now in-press with @BMCMedicine so stay tuned! cc @adamsrc86
We’ve just published the next step in our journey to understand the role of press releases in science news. It’s without doubt the most off-the-wall & unexpected research project I’ve ever been involved in.

Our latest foray was a real-world experiment on the news media itself.
That’s right. We did an experiment on the news.

We took press releases on health-related science, altered them before they were issued to journalists, and then studied what effect the changes we made influenced science reporting.
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Follow me on a little recap of my time at @nycplanning over the last 3 years. I was recruited after @arielmai introduced me to @fuchsnyc . He was building a progressive, data-savvy team focused on analyzing and influencing NYC’s Capital Budget. 1/
@NYCPlanning @arielmai @fuchsnyc The team had been assembling new data products and cleaning up old ones, and the missing piece of the puzzle was a digital platform to make the data more accessible. The simplified dream: see all of NYC’s capital projects on a map instead of parsing through 4000 pages of PDFs. 2/
@NYCPlanning @arielmai @fuchsnyc I like to describe @fuchsnyc as having a clear-as-day vision in his head for what this product could do, but didn’t like his options. (1. Figure out how to get it built in-house in the agency’s IT team. 2. Find money and hire a vendor to build it) /3
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Thread on thread

Voting is cool and all but inside the City of Seattle govt (controlled by mayor and appointees), the Council, the general public, is treated like an inconvenient group that needs to be effectively lied to so business can continue as usual
The body takes pressure and attention off the places where the money is actually being spent and decisions are being made

But very few people ever look under the hood
A small but obvious con I repeatedly backed upon demand while trying to educate people in other ways (turns out I’m the worst Professor Snape ever but that’s another story): the “open budget” “dataset” and tool from @socrata ... which was a viz of the Mayor’s proposed budget...
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Stoked to announce @ZooKeys_Journal published our @BatumiRaptors data paper! It explains how our #citizenscience project monitors the autumn #migration of >1.000.000 #raptors in the Eastern Black Sea Flyway, and how to use our #openaccess data @GBIF/@NLBIF! - 1/n

Many #raptors migrate primarily by thermal #soaring. To do so they travel by day and avoid high mtns and open sea. This leads to spectacular raptor aggregations in overland #flyways. One of the world´s largest raptor flyways occurs along the eastern Black Sea coast in SW Georgia.
The Eastern Black Sea Flyway has its narrowest point just north of #Batumi, where the coast and Lesser Caucasus form a clear "bottleneck". The mtns are not extremely high but present a significant barrier for #raptors on #migration due to low and dense cloud cover. @BatumiRaptors
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La parole est à Frédérique Joannic-Seta, directrice du Département des métadonnées @laBnF. #transitionbibliographique
Nous sommes dans une profonde mutation qui a commencé lors de la migration de nos supports physiques vers des supports numériques. Le web a accentué cet effet, le lecteur peut avoir accès à la connaissance depuis chez lui.
Il s'agit donc de poursuivre cette mutation initiée par les OPAC, par nos collections numériques. Car, nous n'avons pas fait évoluer nos métadonnées. Nous avons un Ferrari avec un moteur de 2 Chevaux.
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Há algum tempo atrás baixei um PDF com a lista de beneficiados pela Lei da Anistia. Hoje fui procurá-lo na página do @JusticaGovBR e *o arquivo não está mais disponível*, daí comecei uma investigação, segue o fio. #opendata #DitaduraNaoSeComemora
A URL original era:… (dá pra encontrá-lo pelo Google, mas a versão em cache não está mais disponível).
Parece que o primeiro arquivo foi liberado em jan2015 (notícia:…), mas depois existiram outros.
Buscando um pouco mais encontrei um outro arquivo, de 2018, mas também não acessível (sou redirecionado para uma página de autenticação):…
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One of our biggest but admittedly most interesting challenge has been responding to a lot of #fakenews. Headlines and stories that do not reflect the true story at @NCDCgov despite our #opendata

I'm grateful that journalists and organisations are doing more to ensure better reporting of health data. Two weeks ago, the #NCDCTeam supported the facilitation of a health journalism masterclass. We do this to show our willingness to be held accountable by the public
Over the weekend, we saw a publication stating @NCDCgov has relied solely on funding from @CDCgov since its establishment. This is not true as the Government of Nigeria funds NCDC as a government agency and partners like the US-CDC support
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No mention of #Gatineau serving @OC_Transpo buses in post #LRT readiness report? Specifically not in remaining route adjustments summary. Only STO service?
@AllanHubley_23 @AltaVistaWard18 @TimTierney @tm_kavanagh @glengower @cmckenney @JennaSudds @RiverWardRiley
Ready for Rail My Route page has some information but doesn't address peak hour capacity provisions. 85 will have to run a lot to handle all East Ottawa folks transferring at Pimisi. (Western folks seem to have more trips / route options.) #LRT #transit
The #transit fare zone transfer areas for Tunneys, Hurdman and Blair are hard to picture. Pedestrians come at those stations beside bus roadway so... #LRT
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In about 10 minutes, The GovLab’s Stefaan Verhulst will moderate a panel at @ReaktorNow taking stock of data collaboration and data stewardship efforts to date. Get more info at: #OpenDataWeek #OpenData #DataCollaboratives
Only a few more minutes until the beginning of tonight’s event. Stay tuned as we’ll be tweeting highlights throughout the evening.
“The focus of this year is to think about how we use open data and expand open data to include corporate data [...] How do we unlock the value of data in the private sector for good?” — Stefaan Verhulst
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This blog post terrifies me. "Whitehall policy makers do think about the appropriate balance of central prescription and local discretion, partly in recognition of local difference" --- really?! No. No no no no no.
I have explained to a secretary of state for transport why their laws make an Oyster card for Manchester & Birmingham illegal. I have explained to National Infrastructure Commission and to very senior academics and civil servants the same. In all cases they were fucking clueless.
And I have many more examples. I have been asked by three central government bodies/departments how to expand our Real Journey Time work to all UK cities. In all here cases, invited to London to do so. I've invited all three to Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield. None come.
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A thread

1/ Thank you @row1960 (@CdnPress) for your article (…) raising awareness about monarch butterfly conservation in Canada. I wanted to share with you some of the amazing work & science that is taking place in Canada to conserve the monarch butterfly
2/ Canada is home to some of the world’s leading monarch conservation science experts, e.g., @NorrisLab @TylerFlockhart @EspacePourLaVie, @alanaaewilcox, @jetkerr @hkharouba @TaraLCrewe. This is something we should be proud of & celebrate.
3/ In fact, @ECCCSciTech scientist Keith Hobson pioneered the technique that we use to determine where monarchs on the wintering grounds originated from in the US and Canada using a chemical marker in the wings (isotopes; PNAS 95:15436-15439)
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Je voulais profiter du #GeoSDIS pr interpeller (gentiment, hein 😇) les géomaticien-nes des #Sdis et leurs responsables (DDSIS)
Je lance un appel à déposer sur @datagouvfr les jeux de données des localisations des centres de secours de chaque Sdis et + (si affinités)
Actuellement, seuls 4 Sdis l'ont fait: @SDMIS69, @pompiersdugard, @sdis67 et @SDIS81, sans oublier @PompiersParis et @MarinsPompiers et je les en remercie.
Je n'oublie pas le @SDIS_10 qui sans les avoir déposés en #OpenData, nous les a fourni bien volontiers. Poke @DDSIS10 ;)
Sachez que la communauté #OpenStreetMap profite de toutes ces données #OpenData pour améliorer la sécurité de nos concitoyens par le biais de la cartographie #résilience
Nous sommes beaucoup à nous intéresser à ce sujet.
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Chez Wedodata, 2018 a été une année en créations. On vous refait un petit point à dérouler #thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️
📱 Des #stories intégrables directement sur votre site, grâce à notre outil maison ⬇️
📱#stories "À data sur la politique" est une obsession imaginée pour "Les Jours" : déjà 6 épisodes en ligne et 2 nouveaux en préparation pour découvrir la présidence Macron en data et en stories.…
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A little thread telling you one of my motivations for this #CitizenScience collaboration between @AutisticaUK and @turinginst.

It’s about how non-autistic folk can adjust our behaviour to make places easier for #autistic people to live and work.

Job ad:…
In 2016 I was selected to attend #OpenCon @open_con - a conference to support #EarlyCareer researchers in #OpenData #OpenAccess and #OpenEducationalResources.

We were asked to watch a couple of videos before arriving in #DC to make sure we were all on the same page.
The video/webinar that stuck with me the most was the one on #Diversity, #Equity and #Inclusion in the #Open community.

And in particular the section by @pennyb which starts around 15:30

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It's International #AntiCorruptionDay. What is corruption? At #ARIJ18 conference hosted by @ARIJNetwork, OCCRP's Editor in Chief @DrewOCCRP defined it for us based on the sum of investigations published by OCCRP. #UnitedAgainstCorruption
#AntiCorruptionDay: Investigative #journalism exposes corruption and activists at Transparency International (@anticorruption) act on the evidence. The Global Anti-Corruption Consortium is a game changer. #UnitedAgainstCorruption
#AntiCorruptionDay: Investigative reporter @Khadija_Ismayil saw how the Global Anti-Corruption Consortium was key in the Azerbaijani Laundromat investigation and its impact. Recap the investigation here:… #UnitedAgainstCorruption
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1/ Some more details on yesterday's #HousingNow Proposal by Mayor @JohnTory in #TOPoli.

Here's a Public-Map of the 11 Sites / 13 Addresses with Links to @_CreateTO - where available... #OpenData #OpenGov…
2/ ...most of these sites should be "As of Right" to build new HIGH-DENSITY Housing on what are now cheap/subsidixed Surface Parking-Lots near #TTC Stations - including new @CrosstownTO Stations in #TOPoli...and stations serviced by the new Vaughan extension...
3/ ...but in #TOPoli - the Deafult setting is "NO" - and Councillors have fought efforts to reduce CHEAP parking-spots at #TTC stations in the Past...…
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𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐱𝐢𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐦𝐲
This thread is entirely 2018 analysis and as unbiased as I can make it. Collated as I find a lack of signposts to the raw analysis in the media and political discourse, which are high on spin low on facts. Hopefully this will be helpful.
Tetlow G., Alex Stojanovic A. (2018). Understanding the economic impact of Brexit. 𝐼𝑛𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑡𝑢𝑡𝑒 𝑓𝑜𝑟 𝐺𝑜𝑣𝑒𝑟𝑛𝑚𝑒𝑛𝑡. This report attempts to make clear the assumptions that different studies have made, what evidence they have to support them.…
Gudgin G., Coutts K., Gibson N., Buchanan J. (2018) The macro-economic impact of Brexit: using the CBR macro-economic model of the UK economy (UKMOD)𝐽𝑜𝑢𝑟𝑛𝑎𝑙 𝑜𝑓 𝑆𝑒𝑙𝑓-𝐺𝑜𝑣𝑒𝑟𝑛𝑎𝑛𝑐𝑒 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑀𝑎𝑛𝑎𝑔𝑒𝑚𝑒𝑛𝑡 𝐸𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑜𝑚𝑖𝑐𝑠 2:7-49
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Un nuevo libro sobre la mesa "La economía WTF, el futuro que nos espera y por qué depende de nosotros" de @timoreilly Inicio nuevo hilo 👇…
Hay factores que empiezan a ser una constante en textos de innovación y futuro. La llegada de la IA, un nuevo mercado laboral y un sinfín de cambios que de una u otra manera ya están aquí. La clave es como los utilizemos para generar un futuro mejor 😉
El mapa no es el territorio.- Alfred Korzybski
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Got a seat right in the front at #CSPC2018 @sciencepolicy for the panel on #NextGenCanScience (science and the next generation) feat enablers of trainees getting involved in #scipol @ChiefSciCan @McGill_VPRI @katemoran Stacey Robinson and @DanWicklum
#CSPC2018 @ChiefSciCan mentions #Budget2018 reinvestments of 2.8B$ to create more collaborative infrastructure in govt labs and beyond. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get things right and elevate Canada in science leadership 🙌
📣 All major equipment in federal labs will be part of a registry and be accessible to everyone ➡️ democratizing the infrastructure of #cdnsci - @ChiefSciCan #CSPC2018 @sciencepolicy
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Spending the morning with our dear colleagues @translatores to learn about “Linguistic linked #opendata for #terminology” - with Elena Montiel-Ponsoda (Polit. Madrid, a trained #1nt, btw) & @jor_gracia (Uni Zaragoza) #xl8 /cc @Goldsmith_Josh @WordLo @RodolfoMaslias @Jeromobot First slide of the presentation with title and authors
This should be a great preparation for #18TEF in a few weeks which is also all about language/translation data.
We’re starting with the limitations of “traditional data”: lots of stuff out there, connected by hyperlinks, but still accessed 1-by-1, unstructured, difficult to interpret, hard to integrate different formats. Oh my!
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Gestern fand der 2. #ELRC-Workshop für deutsche Behörden statt, in dem wir uns darüber austauschten, wie wir mit unseren #Sprachdaten zur mehrsprachigen Kommunikation in Europa beitragen können. #Mehrsprachigkeit #xl8 #MachineTranslation /@LR_Coordination @ELRAnews
Nach der Begrüßung durch die Organisatoren von @LR_Coordination und die @EU_Commission, erklärte Gudrun Stock von DG Connect das #CEF-Programm, mit dem auch ELRC gefördert wird.
Nach einer Frage aus dem Publikum gab Prof. Busemann vom @DFKI einen Spontanvortrag über neuronale maschinelle Übersetzung. 👏 #NMT.
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On a atteint les 1000 circuits électriques du réseau @rte_france, routables sur #OpenStreetMap ce soir.
70% du réseau 400/225kV est routable, 400 circuits 225kV ont été ajoutés en 2 ans, le projet a débuté avant 2010 #thread
Au delà des liens, les nœuds du réseau sont aussi décrits, avec une topologie fine. On trouve les points d'arrivée de chaque ligne, les jeux de barres servant à aiguiller l'énergie et les appareils transformateurs, sectionneurs et disjoncteurs.…
3377 sites sont attribués à @rte_france en oubliant parfois que les sous-stations ferroviaires sont exploitées par @SNCFReseau par exemple
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Only a few more moments until GovLab’s Co-Founder and Chief Research and Development Officer Stefaan Verhulst participates on the #IODC18 panel “Open Data and the Private Sector: Breaking Down Walls.”
Key points before we begin:
- Priv. actors can be data users, intermediaries, or providers
- Incubators and accelerators help hundreds of companies
- Large and small bus use open data for business operations and for products and services
- Open data is a largely untapped resource
Stefaan highlights GovLab’s work on, an initiative that shows how partnerships with the private sector can generate insights that lead to public good. Check out the website for more information.
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If you want to make code/data “available”, GitHub isn’t enough.

You must deposit at a DOI-issuing data repository @figshare & @ZENODO_org are both free & awesome; can be synced w/ a GitHub repo

Why GitHub not enough? 1/4
#OpenAccess #OpenData
GitHub is a place for things to be worked on, not for them to live forever.

- Links are fragile (username, repo name)
- Users can delete repos
- GitHub could make your code/data unavailable in the future.

DOI-issuing data repositories preserve your stuff for the future 2/4
Depositing on @KaggleDatasets isn’t good enough for #OpenAccess #OpenData either.

- No API for accessing files without an account
- Fragile URLs
- Kaggle Datasets is a commercial thing.

Do all three! GitHub repo, Kaggle Dataset and @figshare or @ZENODO_ORG 3/4
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