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You people are afraid to form relationships for fear of distances and that is why you are afraid to develop relationships?
@dearloveletters @wilder_rose_ @diotmadreams @i__poet
@chrissy_h69 @gentlewords1202 @thesweetmamasan
@misbeh27527176 @sub_vixen @dropjedept1 @ninipralini
or your #husband who lives in your house
who can #see you
who can #hear you
who can #touch you
who can #smell your body
who can go on a #date with you
have a drink
You are happy to hear his voice of that man or woman
Who is sitting in front of you
and you are satisfied that
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Something a lot of people aren't discussing....why have nursing home deaths spiked in 2021 post Jan?

#SEE next tweet
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- A few days ago #ElonMusk shared a #SpaceX Crew video

- This video was a #message from the #Elite -

The #Crew mentions "45" days
(And has a hidden 5 & 1 in background)

- it appears to be a #hidden message about (5/1) & (5/4) 🤔

- 45 days from this video is = #June9th/10th 👀
I dont have it totally figured out yet...

I expect 5/1 to be the #start or #End of something & 5/4 to be the #end/ start

If we crash after the first... then possible signal to buy the #dip on the #4th

If we #pump hard after the #1st..... then maybe take some money on the #4th
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More justification for the belief of Seeing Machines 'underpromising and overdelivering' from broker Cenkos:

'We believe its strategy of quietly playing down its position and working with partners across the value bearing fruit.'

Would love other opinions, but to me recent events have solidified that Seeing Machines is looking to dominate the market, not just capture 30% of it.

Cenkos are carrying on with the current strategy by only estimating 34-38% (from 30% before) market share, STILL.

The title of the Cenkos report was 'Get in, buckle up, this is accelerating'.

I cannot see a surer sign of a DMS inflection point.

Share prices typically rise in anticipation of future cash flow, not when the cash flows are actually realised.
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Seeing Machines released their H1 2021 trading update today.

Nothing much that we did not already know - hence baffled at the market reaction as I always will be with small caps.

Some quick highlights:

- 3,182 more Guardian units, with 3,371 still to be installed
- Over the next 2 years 'Seeing Machines expects to be in full production with existing OEM customers on more than 30 distinct car models'. From tech leaders to volume leaders. A very bullish sign indeed.

- Working with Qualcomm and Omnivision, so extending its network of T1 relationships
- Formal launch of occupant monitoring systems (OMS); important in 'future-proofing' Seeing Machines
- L3Harris MOU; expecting more news on this deal later
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#UnAnnoFa il #genoma di "un #coronavirus" ricavato da un caso relativo al "focolaio di malattie respiratorie di #Wuhan" veniva pubblicato su #GenBank... 🧐#SARSCoV2
#UnAnnoFa... "Il focolaio di infezioni ha indotto timori di una potenziale epidemia dopo che la Cina ha dichiarato che il virus che lo ha causato è sconosciuto, ma proveniente dalla stessa famiglia di virus che ha causato le epidemie di #SARS e #MERS".🧐
#UnAnnoFa Diventa improvvisamente chiaro che il nuovo virus viaggia velocemente... in aereo. Nessun campanello di allarme in giro per il mondo? 🧐 #covid19…
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The below image is from Jeroen Blokland.

This doesn't necessarily imply a causation (the fit isn't that tight anyway) but it does prompt one to think about what happens when the central banks take the punch bowl away.

You can also derive from there that, as we know, .. Image
developed-market indices have divorced from the reality of their economies (as the image involves central bank balance sheets as a % of GDP).

This cannot occur indefinitely: the logical conclusion is that as we approach size infinity, large-cap index growth tends towards..
..broader economic growth.

We are, of course, likely nowhere near this point but the logical conclusion seems to be that small-cap stocks (and even mid-caps) are a much better hope of achieving above market returns than the currently popular US blue chips like $TSLA and $PLTR.
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I realised my tweets about #SEE have been quite fragmented, so I thought I'd do a thread summarising the stunning investment case (and why I think it will see further substantial interest from both the UK and US investor base, among others).
Seeing Machines (LON: #SEE) is an Australia-headquartered, London-listed company that specialises in driver and occupant monitoring systems (DMS and OMS).
This is essentially a system which, through artificial intelligence and a camera, monitors how alert the driver is, or whether they are intoxicated, tired, or something else entirely.
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Infinite Spiders, playwright, @johnsteppling

"If you go to, say, Amazon and under books type in #Philosophy, or Philosophy/Truth…you will get a litany of books with the phrase “post #truth” in the title. It is, apparently, a #posttruth world now."…
"This is related to what I experience as absent in daily life. Post truth is post experience in some sense. As Cory Morningstar put it in our podcast (#25); 'we are being reprogrammed'."

[#SocialEngineerring - a prerequisite for transition to #4IR]
"Of course the more profound elements of the #reprogramming are to be found in the #digital revolution. There is no way to overemphasize the impact of the internet & its various platforms....

Societies of the west are increasingly demoralized...."
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Anyone think the earthquakes in Iran were just random acts of god?

Remember the MSM lives in a linear world still. "If this than that". They rarely focus on cyber attacks against foreign countries.

@realDonaldTrump never has to fire a shot in order to cripple Iran
Just hacking banks to create internal pressure from an already cash strapped populace…
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Se estrenó @AppleTVPlus, una plataforma de contenidos en streaming. El servicio de series y películas originales está disponible en más de 100 países. Una suscripción mensual de 4,99 dólares, con una prueba gratuita de siete días, que da acceso a un máximo de seis personas. Image
Sus estrenos se dio con #TheMorningShow, una comedia protagonizada por #JenniferAniston, @ReeseW y #SteveCarrell. @Late931Oficial @lolibelotti @laubf Image
#See con #JasonMomoa, plantea una Tierra futura donde la humanidad, por culpa de su incapacidad de tratar bien el planeta, pierde el sentido de la vista.
@Late931Oficial @lolibelotti @laubf Image
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@playwrightwoman @jamieleefinch Hey, @playwrightwoman. Thanks for reading and thanks for the tag. I read the threads. Here’s the point I tried to make, albeit I could have made it better: Christianity as we have come to understand it has absolutely been centered in Europe. 1/
@playwrightwoman @jamieleefinch The European story has become THE story of Christianity. European arguments, ideas, hang-ups, decisions, failures, skin pigments and accents have dominated our Western imagination of Jesus, Moses, David, Mary, Paul, Genesis, the cross, the resurrection and every thing. 2/
@playwrightwoman @jamieleefinch What is the impact of taking a religion born in the context of the oppressed and colonized and reinterpreting it from the social location of empire? The religion of the oppressed becomes transformed into a tool of oppression. 3/
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You guys: Roger Stone thinks I suck.


Even worse, he's not threatening to sue me this time.
Here's the post that made Roger Stone so cross.…
Also, if Roger Stone calls me a #See You Next Tuesday can I call him a rat-fucker on TV?
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