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1/5 The armed forces of Azerbaijan went to provocation in #NagornoKarabakh. On March 25, they violated the line of contact in the Shushi-Lisagor section and occupied the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

#Armenia #Azerbaijan #Baku #Yerevan #Artsakh #Stepanakert #Shushi #Lisagor Image
2/5 The government of #Karabakh expects the peacekeeping forces of the #Russia to take steps to eliminate the #Azerbaijani violation. For days, 🇦🇿 has been spreading the lie that ammunition is being transported from 🇦🇲 to NK via the Stepanakert-Ghaibalishen-Lisagor mountain road.
3/5 It was a false pretext in order to carry out this provocation. Karabakh announced that, being surrounded for more than 100 days, this mountain road is being used to communicate with 4 villages of Stepanakert, Shushi regions.
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رشتوی جزئیات جنگ جدید چهارشنبه 12مرداد در #قره‌_باغ میان #ارمنستان و #آذربایجان؛


خلاصه جنگ:ارتش #آزربایجان چند «موضع استراتژیک» را تصرف/آزاد کرد و از گروههای مسلح غیرقانونی ارمنی 5سرباز به جهنم واصل شده و 15 نفر زخمی شدند و از آذربایجان یک نفر شهیدشد.

با ما همراه باشید.. Image

در اثر آتش گشوده شده از منطقه لاچین،محل استقرار صلحبانان روسی و جدایی طلبان ارمنی،1سرباز آذربایجانی بنام کاظموف انار رستم اوغلو شهید شد.

ارتش آذربایجان بعد شهادت سربازش،نیروهای ارمنی را در منطقه قره‌باغ با موشکهای پهپاد بایراکتار هدف قرار داد..

با فیلمهای حملات باما باشید.. Image

پس از شهادت یک سرباز در قره باغ، ارتش #Azerbaycan به حملات به نیروهای ارمنی با پهپاد بایراکتار ادامه داد.

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Why Fariz is wrong part 1: please take your time to study these photos (1-3) of the Ghazanchetsots Church before the 1920 Massacre of Armenians in #Shushi. The last picture shows the deteriorated condition of the church during the Soviet era when the city was left in ruins.
Why Fariz is wrong part 2: the number of Azerbaijanis displaced from Nagorno Karabakh (~40,000) and the 7 districts (~400,000) is about 440,000. And if you add the ~160,000 Azerbaijanis displaced from Armenia and that total is about ~600,000. 1/3 less than his number…
And can’t forget his hypocrisy. While he raises the issue of displaced Azerbaijanis (with exaggerated numbers), he plays the victim card and forgets that nearly 500,000 Armenians were displaced in the first war (1988-1994) along with another ~100,000 during the second war (2020).
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Not only has the #Azerbaijani regime desecrated the Ghazanchetsots Cathedral they’ve also destroyed apartment buildings around it… making it impossible for #Armenians to return. The building in red is the one I lived in back in October 2019 with my host family… #StopAliyev
A video of #Azerbaijanis destroying this ethnically cleansed #Armeniam neighborhood.
Another video of #Azerbaijanis destroying this ethnically cleansed #Armenian neighborhood in #Shushi.
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The Lost Places of #Artsakh:

Map of the occupied #Armenia|n villages and towns that were ethnically cleansed by #Azerbaijan.

#Hadrut #Shushi
Design by me, text by @kooyrig and me.

Complementary to the lost villages, I want to add this map by @LCarabinier about the Armenian monasteries of the region. Monasteries in the occupied areas are in danger of demolition:
Additional info: Another village on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan - off the limits of the map - partially affected by ethnical cleansing is Shurnukh (Location:…)
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1. We've all been through so much pain recently, that many of us have forgotten to cherish the precious things we have. We have a beautiful sovereign homeland, unlike our fellow ancient tribes the #Assyrians and #Kurds.
2. If Nagorno-Karabakh had been recognised as an independent nation in 1991 as it was (but with access via Lachin to Armenia), then #Armenians would've rejoiced. That could happen any day, if #France and others recognise #Artsakh.
3. As a ceasefire (not a peace agreement), Shushi isn't yet 'lost' (Putin stated that Shushi hasn't been settled). We must continue exposing genocidal State-sponsored racism and war crimes, so #Shushi is protected by #Armenians.
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Kanach Zham, the oldest and smaller church of #Shushi, #Artsakh. It's history, propaganda and the recent destruction by #Azerbaijan.

It was built in 1818 to replace a former wooden church (Kharabaghtsots) that stood at the same place.
Photo: Postcard from 19th century Image
It survived the 1920 destruction of the #Armenia|n part of #Shushi almost untouched - which is the reason that it today is the oldest church in the city. Here is a picture taken after the 1920 razing of the Armenian parts of town. Image
As it was typical for the time and region, it was built with a dome and a tower. Here is a close-up picture of the church before it's last restauration.

The dome used to be painted green, hence the name "Kanach Zham", which means "Green church" Image
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What is missing in the #Artsakh ceasefire agreement is any tiny bit of humanity towards or hope for #Armenia|ns. All humanitarian parts of the UN resolutions and the Madrid Principles have been left out on purposed (as #Aliyev smilingly announced).
(sorry being negative!)
UN res. 822 (2) urges both parties to immediately resume negotiations fopr the resolution of the conflict within the #OSCE Minsk Group.

The now signed deal makes no mention of this. #Artsakh's future won't be determined by the OSCE anymore, but AZ, RU, AM and TR. Bad news!
UN res. 822 (3) called for unimpedent access of international humanitarian relief and adherence with humanitarian law.

This was left out, too. #Azerbaijan and #Russia will now decide if humanitarian relief is allowed or hum law will be adhered to. Bad news, too.
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There was clearly no alternative for #Artsakh and #Armenia to signing the deal. As #Shushi fell, constant shelling of #Stepanakert would have followed and a complete loss would have followed. It was the only chance to safe some lives, at least.

Yet, that treaty is horrible:
Most of the lost territory was sparsely populated (Agdam, Kalbajar and Lachin Rayons of #Azerbaijan). They were always kept as buffers, mostly. Losing them surely weakens #Aartsakh, but at the same time was always calculated for.
What hurts the most will be the loss of #Dadivank, #Tigranakert and #Shushi. Basically, all historical and culturally important places of #Artsakh are now in the parts taken by #Azerbaijan.
There is a serious fear for cultural genocide:…
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Population of Shushi / Şuşa / Շուշի
This [thread] attempts to explain the evolution of #Shushi population since its creation. (I used some information & citations from @Tom_deWaal excellent book « Black garden » ), completed by other sources.
The fortress of Shusha was built in 1750 by Panakh Khan, leader of the Javanshir dynasty in #Azerbaijan, who establish himself as the Khan of Karabakh.
In the 19th century, under Russian rule, Shusha was one of the most prosperous cities in the Caucasus.
In 1824, George keppel, the Earl of Albemarle, visited Shusha and described a town of two thousands houses, with three-quarters of the inhabitants Azerbaijanis, and one quarter Armenians. The trade was carried on principally by the Armenians.
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I've reached out to all my friends in #Artsakh over the last few hours. They confirm heavy fighting throughout the night in and around #Shushi, as well as on the outskirts of #Stepanakert.
The battle for Shushi either way will be a decisive one...
Journalists and thousands of civilians have been evacuated from #Stepanakert overnight and in the morning. Of my 20+ friends in #Artsakh, only one remains on the ground. #Shusha is almost deserted by now, obviously.
The reason is simple: #Shushi isn't 'just' a historical and cultural centre of large symbolic value. It's also the decisive location for the war. "Whoever controls Shushi controls #Artsakh" is a well-known saying locally.
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1 Thread #Shushi Battle – #Artsakh vs #Azerbaijan
Shushi is a natural stronghold, protected by a cliff to the south. #Azerbaijani forces have reached town Southern outskirts coming from mountain roads, but can they take it ? =>2
2 Thread #Shushi Battle - From the West, access by the M12 road is very difficult because the road is on the side of a very steep hill, and the #Armenian forces are heavily entrenched there. Even taking Karin-Tak down the cliff will not provide a sufficient bridgehead
3 Thread #Shushi Battle - From the East, it is also possible to reach the town via the M12, but access is very difficult and prone to counter-attacks from Stepanakert. =>3
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THREAD 1/ Read @cavidaga's story here to understand the huge emotions in Azerbaijan riding on the war and the subject of return —and also the impossible conundrum that is the town of #Shusha.…
2 Shusha is Karabakh’s city on the hill, a town of great meaning for Azerbaijanis, the birthplace of composers and poets, seat of khans. It was also home to many Armenians (who call it #Shushi) and to Karabakh’s cathedral, shelled by Az. forces in the recent fighting.
3 In the late Soviet era Shusha's population was 85 percent Azerbaijani, 13 percent Armenian. See my 2003 book cover, for view of both mosque and church.…
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Air siren wailing in #Stepanakert. Video taken from the open-air cafe, I always go when visiting #Karabakh.
Streets empty, people are in basements under air strike.
This woman's father, husband, brother and son are at front line. They are safe and brave. It's a war. We are going to win like in previous war, she says.

After another shelling of #Stepanakert by #Azerbaijan army.

#AzerbaijanWarCrimes ImageImageImageImage
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1 MLN is total number of #Karabakh war refugees & IDMs from all sides (1988-1994). 1 mln Azeri refugees is false.

Sources: official #Azerbaijan sources, UNHCR & official census.

In uncertain cases, maximum AZ number is taken.

Azeris - 624,463
#Armenia|ns - 360,000

#DataViz Image
Total number of Meskhetian Turks arrive in #Azerbaijan was 50,000. Here I mentioned them all as move to #Karabakh, while actual number is times less, estimated to 2000 move to #Khojaly, some to #Shushi. If we do not, the Azeri total number is 624,463 - 48,000 = 576,463
Also lots of people flee #Azerbaijan & #Armenia between 1979 & 1989 censuses, before 1988 is not considered, which may be a significant number from both sides.
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Why #Shushi liberation is important?
1. That stopped shelling of #Stepanakert from Shushi heigth using prohibited types of weapons by #Azerbaijan army, lasting since 1991/09
2. Days later, capturing Lachin, Azeri blockade of Karabakh was broken, providing ppl w/ foot & supplies Image
3․ Shushi region Mets Shen, Yeghdsahogh, Hin Shen & Tas Verst villages population, cleansed by #Azerbaijan on 1991, 05/18, to return to their homes.

#Shushi operation participants collected full list of soldiers, fall during the operation - 59 soldiers, who gave their lives for freedom
#KarabakhWar ImageImageImage
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