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As the authorities in Yerevan are neglecting #Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and letting it at the mercy of #Azerbaijan, Stepanagert has no other option; either to witness a genocide under #Azerbaijan or shift its attention to #Russia. The West will not be able to help Artsakh, it +
is convincing and pressuring Armenia to accept Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan. Meanwhile, Russia is proposing to freeze the status and legitimize its presence in South Caucasus. Moscow knows very well its withdrawal from Nagorno-Karabakh will have a domino effect and Russia's +
status will be damaged in South Caucasus. Recently, the President of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic visited Moscow and it seems on October 30 a rally will be organized in Stepanakert. There is no other choice than to organize a referendum in Artsakh and let the people choose +
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JUST IN: #BNNArmenia Reports.

Political analyst Sergey Melkonya in an interview said that the Armenian authorities in Prague have given up on Artsakh. #Armenia #Artsakh #Prague #Nation
"The main success of Azerbaijan, and Turkey is that Armenia said that it gives up on the Artsakh issue. Means Armenia is no longer in the conflict and accepts Artsakh's future is an internal issue of Azerbaijan," he said.
He noted that de facto Armenian authorities have agreed because they accepted the main preconditions - signing a peace agreement with Azerbaijan, unblocking communications, and normalizing relations with Turkey.
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Zwischen #Aserbaidschan und #Armenien sind die Kämpfe wieder aufgeflammt. /TN
Azertag (staatliche aserbaidschanische "Nachrichten"-Agentur) hat es mittlerweile auch bestätigt.

"Die armenischen Streitkräfte verübten groß angelegte Sabotageakte in Richtung Dashkasan, Kalbajar und Lachin" /TN…
Zur Vollständigkeit natürlich auch noch der Tweet des Verteidigungsministeriums von #Armenien. /TN
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1. The #Armenia|n authorities once again failed the deadlines for the construction of a new residential quarter in Shurnukh village (#Syunik).

At first, residents were told they would receive houses (13) by the end of summer 2021.

But... Image
2. Then (Feb 2021), the Chairman of Urban Development Committee Armen Ghularyan said that the houses would be handed over by the end of the year.

At the end of the year (Nov 2021), he announced that they would be ready in the first half of 2022. #Armenia #Syunik Image
3. Now, at my request, the Committee replied that they would be handed over by the end of 2022...

The villagers told me the roof is installed on 7 houses․ The infrastructure is also not ready, the issue of water hasn't been resolved.

#Armenia #Syunik
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❗️ 1) #Azerbaijan controls about 42 sq km of #Armenia's territory, the Armenian MOD responded to my request.

"The total volume of invasion of Azerbaijani Armed Forces units into the sovereign territory of #Armenia since May 2021 is 41.78 sq km."

#Artsakh #NagornoKarabakh Image
2) I didn't ask the MOD general data, but "how many sq km of the territory of #Armenia was occupied by #Azerbaijan south of Khoznavar."

The fact of the advance of #Azerbaijan in Nerkin Khand–Bardutakhk confirmed by the MOD #Armenia in response to my previous requests... Image
3) Moreover, according to my estimates, #Azerbaijan controls about 9 sq km of #Armenia|n territory in this area.

At the end of May, the Armenian MFA announced the occupation of more than 45 sq km only (!) in the Sotk-Khoznavar area...
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‼️There are battles in the area of the Berdzor (Lachin) corridor in #Artsakh. The #Azerbaijan’i Armed Forces have approached the village of Yehtsaoh and are trying to take up a position on a hill adjacent to the road. Battles are fought using a mortar.
There are wounded on the Armenian side.
Earlier today, the secretary of the Security Council of Armenia stated that Azerbaijan's demand to change the route of the Lachin corridor is illegal.
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The previously mentioned Mikhail Podolyak was quick to use the #Bucha "massacre" to ask for more weapons
It's worth noting that the Rus Army left the town on Mar 30,,,,4 days ago but footage appeared only today
#UAV footage of a strike on a Ukr target during the battle for #Izum at the end of March
#LPR Artillery....some awards given to distinguished crews
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Meine Lieben.
Ich bin zurück, nun kann´s mit Twitter-News weiter gehen.
Ich habe wieder unglaublich viel Material zum #UkraineKrieg , das ich erstmal sortieren muss. Ein Thread dazu kommt daher vsl MORGEN.
Heute ein Thread zu zwei anderen Konflikten: Jemen und Karabach👇
In den letzten Tagen ist der Konflikt zwischen dem #Yemen und #SaudiArabia deutlich eskaliert.
Die #Houthis haben saudische Ölanlagen mit Dutzenden Drohnen attackiert.
Teile der Anlagen sind komplett niedergebrannt.
#Saudis flogen Luftangriffe als Vergeltung.
Die saudische Flugabwehr präsentierte sich wieder mal als recht löchrig.
Einige der Drohnen konnten wohl abgeschossen werden, etwa zwei Dutzend kamen dennoch durch.
Das Ganze ist durchaus erstaunlich, da Riad eigentlich über moderne Flugabwehrsysteme aus den USA verfügt.
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Freunde und Freundinnen,
Liebe Lesende,

Viele sind in Aufruhr, ein #Schreck durchzieht sie seit einigen Tagen - der Krieg ist so nah!
Der #Krieg, der immer dagewesen ist, nur eben etwas entfernter war und daher bewusst ausgeblendet und verdrängt werden konnte - und somit den eigenen #Alltag nicht bestimmen.
Jetzt nähert sich das, was Bewegungen wie die @ezln und die @KckUnion / @KckKurdistan schon lange als #Weltkrieg bezeichnen und plötzlich kommt alles in #Bewegung: #Spenden werden gesammelt, Kisten gepackt, Freiwillige fahren...
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The Russian invasion of #Ukraine - Every attempt to redraw maps and country boundaries is criminal! We, however, ought to ask ourselves what caused this blatant by #Russia violation of international law?
Will this 👇 eventually become the new map of Ukraine? [Thread] 1/4
Annexation and territorial conquest is a flagrant violation of international law! Then why,
- the redrawing of the map of the Balkans (#Kosovo) has been ratified by the #West?
- the Russian annexation of #Crimea has silently been accepted by the international community? 2/4
The attempt of #Turkey to annex the occupied by Turkey northern part of #Cyprus is another example of a blatant violation of international law that the world's mighty are deliberately ignoring. And so is for another #Artsakh. 3/4…
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State of #Armenian Economy & 2022 Budget

Thread summary of @groong convo with Vardan Aramyan, Former Minister of Finance of Armenia

* 2022 budget & growth
* Growth sectors
* Inflation
* Corridor economics
* $2.6B in EU aid
* #Artsakh



Q: Assessment of 2022 budget?

- Look at structure and pace of growth & compare it with others
- Good news: +4.4% growth in econ activity (first 9 months)
- Bad news: Does not compensate for last year's downturn (-7.4%)


Q: Are we out of recovery?

A: Not yet:
- Recovery pace is slow
- Structure is worrisome with construction and services leading

Aramyan talks about importance of credibility in communicating with economic actors.

Potential for repeat of 2000s.


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من أجل فهم أفضل لما یجري علی حدود ایران و دور اذربیجان و ترکیا ، يجب على المرء أولاً أن ينظر بعناية إلى خريطة المنطقة المعنية في الصورة 👇، و تحدیدا الجزء الذي يظهر مع السهم ..
في هذه الصورة يمكنك أن ترى بوضوح أن كلاً من تركيا وناختشفان يعبران الحدود مع إيران ، وهي جوارنا مع أرمينيا ، واسم هذا المكان هو زنغزور.
تعتبر تركيا وأذربيجان أنه يجب عليهما احتلال هذا الجزء من أرمينيا ، وهذا يعني أنه لن يكون لدينا حدود مع أرمينيا.
هذا له فائدتان رئيسيتان لهم(تركيا و اذربيجان) ؛
أولاً ، بدون الحاجة لإيران ، سيكون لتركيا 🇹🇷 طريق بري مباشر مع باكو..
ثانيًا ، سيسيطرون عمليًا على الطريق الواصل بين إيران 🇮🇷 و أوروبا من أرمينيا 🇦🇲
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In this thread I'll be listing the churches of #Yerevan, #Armenia. I'll break them down by district and go attempt to chronicle the history of each structure.

#Christianity #Architecture #History
Kentron District is the historic core of Yerevan. Its where the former Fortress of Yerevan was located and is home to 125,453 people (as of the 2011 Census).
The Cathedral of Saint Sargis (Surb Sargis Mayr Yekełetsi) is located in the historic Dzoragyugh neighborhood of Kentron District. The site has been home to a monastic complex since the 4th century.
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Incredible work by @JonahFisherBBC here, who has documented the first complete destruction of a church in #Artsakh by #Azerbaijan following the war, despite minders and efforts to cover it up.

Shocking to see this - and yet completely unsurprising, sadly.
The interview with @HikmetHajiyev is just awful. It's clear to see that this church hasn't been destroyed by accident, but was completely razed with heavy machinery. Ethnic cleansing carried out as a state policy. Simply deeply disgusting.
Yet, I'm also not impressed by @Aivazian_Ara and his statements. Everyone who has been to #Agdam and other cities in the "buffer zone" has seen that they've been systematically destroyed, too, and it's time to admit it, imho.
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1) You claimed the “Karabakh issue” was solved.
2) Your political party is the only one performing (a circus)
3) Democracy... you rank “not free” according for @freedomhouse
4) Economic freedom? Your government owns SOCAR (81% of your economy is oil based).
5) Strengthen what?
“There can be no disagreement on national matters.”

That’s called a dictatorship @azpresident 🤡
He really said “performance of political parties” and “democratic development” 💀
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Operation Ring (April 30-May 15, 1991)

17,000 Armenians from 11 villages in Shahumyan (Goranboy Rayon) and 6 villages in Getashen (Göygöl Rayon) were forcibly expelled by Soviet troops of the 23rd Guards Motor Rifle Division and the soldiers of the Soviet Azerbaijani OMOM units. ImageImageImageImage
Some other pictures from the removal from Shahumyan and Getashen. I didn’t include ones that depict the violence due to their graphic nature. 50 Armenian civilians died during the operation. ImageImageImageImage
Two of the larger settlements depicted before and after the expulsion, and their subsequent abandonment.

1 & 2) Getashen (now Çaykənd, Göygöl)

3 & 4) Gyulistan (now Gülüstan, Goranboy) ImageImageImageImage
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The Lost Places of #Artsakh:

Map of the occupied #Armenia|n villages and towns that were ethnically cleansed by #Azerbaijan.

#Hadrut #Shushi
Design by me, text by @kooyrig and me.

Complementary to the lost villages, I want to add this map by @LCarabinier about the Armenian monasteries of the region. Monasteries in the occupied areas are in danger of demolition:
Additional info: Another village on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan - off the limits of the map - partially affected by ethnical cleansing is Shurnukh (Location:…)
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Spent a week reporting in #Karabakh / #Artsakh, covering it from the Armenian side (Azerbaijan refuses entry to independent journalists:

Some thoughts on the frontlines...

My first impressions were just how desperately sad and eerie it is out there.
Brave young men are stationed at vulnerable outposts often with inadequate equipment. They received little training before being drafted. They have done and will do everything they can to keep fighting, but I don’t think the government has done enough for them to be honest.
On one of the frontlines in Martuni (which was roughly 2km away from an Azeri outpost, that’s on higher ground no less) the soldiers had equipment mostly donated to them via the Armenian diaspora. Some weren’t even issued boots by the government.
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1) Let’s talk about #Nakhichevan - a lost homeland. ImageImageImageImage
2) The the name "Nakhichevan" in #Armenian literally means "the place of first descent", a Biblical reference to the descent of Noah's Ark on the adjacent Mount #Ararat. Armenian tradition says that Nakhichevan was founded by Noah. Image
3) The region was at the center of the ancient Kingdom of #Armenia (858 BC-428 CE). During the invasion by Sassanid #Persian Shah Shapur II (r. 309-379) he removed 2,000 Armenian and 16,000 #Jewish families from #Nakhichevan (360-370 CE). ImageImage
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Updates #NagornoKarabakh .
Auf den Territorien, die an #Azerbaijan übergingen, häufen sich weiter Schändungen armenischer Grabstätten und Denkmäler.
#Armenians sehen sich in ihren Befürchtungen bestätigt und erklären, dass Karabach niemals unter aser.Kontrolle kommen darf.
#Azerbaijani Soldaten rechtfertigen die Schändungen mit den Worten "Sie taten uns vor 30 Jahren das Gleiche an".
Diese "Rechtfertigung" mag für sie logisch erscheinen, widerspricht jedoch den Behauptungen von Aliyev, dass #Armenians in Karabach nichts befürchten müssen.
Baku bereitet sich unterdessen auf eine Siegesparade vor.
3000 Soldaten sowie zahlreiche Militärtechnik sollen daran teilnehmen.
Zudem sollen auch "Trophäen" gezeigt werden...also armenische Technik, die in den Kämpfen erbeutet wurde.
#NagornoKarabakh #Azerbaijan
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1. Form a Governing Council, including representatives from the opposition (none that represent corruption) and other non-political public members, as a form of a unity government until the next elections.
2. Establish Special Council Advisors from Armenian academia, diaspora and expert non-Armenians, to help develop policy and convey clear messages, so there are no more unscripted nuanced political speeches that cause confusion and division.
3. IF the Prime Minister intends to resign, then resignation should be conducted in an orderly transition that doesn’t allow #democracy’s enemies (such as former corrupt officials) to take advantage.
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1. We've all been through so much pain recently, that many of us have forgotten to cherish the precious things we have. We have a beautiful sovereign homeland, unlike our fellow ancient tribes the #Assyrians and #Kurds.
2. If Nagorno-Karabakh had been recognised as an independent nation in 1991 as it was (but with access via Lachin to Armenia), then #Armenians would've rejoiced. That could happen any day, if #France and others recognise #Artsakh.
3. As a ceasefire (not a peace agreement), Shushi isn't yet 'lost' (Putin stated that Shushi hasn't been settled). We must continue exposing genocidal State-sponsored racism and war crimes, so #Shushi is protected by #Armenians.
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When the #Artsakh treaty between #Azerbaijan, #Armenia and #Russia was released, I stumbled over the second point, which mentioned that AM will hand over two small exclaves to AZ.

[pictures is Verin Voskepar (am) / Yuxari Askipara (az)] Image
As I never heard about the fate of Verin Voskepar and Barkhudarly again, I did open the ceasefire agreement and silently, this tiny detail disappeared. @meduza_en reported it about, much earlier, too:…
In a way, this makes sense, as providing access to exclaves seems extremely difficult between two countries that are still in a cold war and that have no diplomatic relations to each other, let alone border crossings.
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Kanach Zham, the oldest and smaller church of #Shushi, #Artsakh. It's history, propaganda and the recent destruction by #Azerbaijan.

It was built in 1818 to replace a former wooden church (Kharabaghtsots) that stood at the same place.
Photo: Postcard from 19th century Image
It survived the 1920 destruction of the #Armenia|n part of #Shushi almost untouched - which is the reason that it today is the oldest church in the city. Here is a picture taken after the 1920 razing of the Armenian parts of town. Image
As it was typical for the time and region, it was built with a dome and a tower. Here is a close-up picture of the church before it's last restauration.

The dome used to be painted green, hence the name "Kanach Zham", which means "Green church" Image
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