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A low #CPI triggered a 114-point jump that took it above the dominant trendline. At the open, sell orders above that level initiated a pullback that took it 126 points down to the 20DMA

Not what we would call a 1-day reversal, more upside to come
Same picture for #DIA, sell orders above Dec 1 high pushed the #DJI lower

It went down after an impressive initial rally
Bounced from 20DMA

#DJIA will continue to lead the rally

Not a pretty candle, but not exactly a 1-day reversal

#DowJones #trading #options #trading

Same story

Perhaps an uglier candle, closer to a 1-day reversal than $DIA and $SPX.

$RTY looking much better

Bounced from important support in the trading channel

Big volume today.

#IWM needs to catch up with $DJI for accompanying leadership

$RUT #RUT #RTY_F #trading
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Today in the markets
An unexpected rally pushed #SPX 50 points higher today on increased volume

We can say it was a successful retest or bounce from the 100DMA

It closed at 20DMA and is now in the "pinch". Tomorrow we'll know which side #SPX is going to come out on

#SPX Image
Another rally on higher volume

Today closed above the 20DMA, somewhat bullish if it is able to hold that ground.

Big impulsive green candle, indicating further upside

$DJI #DIA #DIJ $DJIA #industrial $SPX #SPX
#DowJones Image
IWM rose on higher volume. It kissed the 100DMA today, which has offered resistance in recent days

It is still in the "extension" zone of its trend channel.
It needs to get back inside the main channel and break above the 100DMA

#IWM $RUT $RTY #RTY #RUT #options
#trading Image
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A few years ago, my team explained the “Bozone Layer”

tl;dr it's when execs pontificate vs empower

it’s my professional nightmare to end up there, so I wrote a piece to keep myself honest

I think this might be the first-ever satirical essay 🧵

(read it aloud for max effect)
Savior Syndrome
Hey! I'm your savior!
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$COIN Coinbase To Acquire Cryptographic Security Company Unbound Security; Says Will Establish A Tech Center In Israel; Terms Not Disclosed
$RKT Morgan Stanley Maintains Equal-Weight on Rocket Companies, Lowers Price Target to $15
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.@NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy: “This could have been catastrophic.”

“We were made aware of two failures in 2017, two failures in 2018, for failures in 2019, five in 2020, 18 and 2021.” (1/2)
This means the number of times the wheels in the 7000 series cars were too far apart. @NTSB warning other transit agencies to inspect their #7000 series Kawasaki cars. @fox5dc (2/2)
^ note to self: spell check voice text b4 copy/paste. #smh
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"If ever there was demonstration as to *the political futility of MMT*"
The "political futility" of a neochartalist theory of modern money and monetary economies, folks! #smh
It's almost unimaginable that a person allegedly desirous of political actions resulting in improvements in the material and symbolic well-being of "the many" AND their autonomy (capacity for self-government) would ...
... critique as "politically futile" a theory/approach which establishes/clarified/focuses on the fact that nominally democratic 'national' governments which spend in the fiat, unpegged, currency they exclusively issue (and in which they impose non-reciprocal obligations) ...
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. @e_v_roslyn This GoFundMe is for legal fees for appealing Kash’s Sentence. 

Many of you kn… Anthony Russo needs your support for Help Kash Lee Kelly Appeal his Sentence…
Erica is an experienced litigator
with trial practice experience in the state and federal courts of Florida, Illinois, and Missouri………
The FBI says pictures show Kash Lee Kelly, of Hammond, waving a flag on the wall of the Capitol building and posing with a statue inside.……
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Alameda County Board of Supervisors Special Meeting re: #HowardTerminal live stream:…
Supevisor Carson declares that the meeting will start in 5 minutes. #HowardTerminal #AlamedaCountyBoS
Sup Carson intros before the formal preso. #HowardTerminal #AlamedaCountyBoS
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Interesting: New Lawyer for the DNC and new Lawyer for Cyber Ninjas are participating today. 1st Amendment Coalition (Perkins Coie)has added a new Lawyer as well. Amicus (We The People Arizona Alliance) checks in.
Judge Martin is on the bench, here we go. Judge is confirming all participants. Cyber Ninjas are filing to change attorneys, have requested an emergency motion to continue as they are unprepared. Judge allows the change, but denies the motion to continue...
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#AMC #GME alright the Failed to deliver data has just come in and here is where we stand as of April 1, 2021.
AMC FTDs were 11,506,779 shares at a price point of $97,474,750.40.
For GME you all have 386,618 shares sold short with a price point of $72,950,601.05. See the pics ⬇️
As I'm going through the numbers we've already surpassed the amount of FTD's in February which came to a total of 7,840,939. Remember these numbers as you all read the rest of this... Moving on to the total number of shares short.
AMC in the aggregate for March are the Following:

-Current short shares Non Exempt: 490,931,765

- Current Short Shares Exempt: 17,738,081
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This thread attempts to cast light on how the mgmt of #UBCLite worked in lockstep with the EC to mislead, misdirect, deceive and captivate viewers.
FYI, #UBCLite was coined by Tom Ddumba after NBS consistently became a state mouthpiece. The "adjective" fits like a glove 0/13
1/13 Take note that prior and during the elections the EC repeatedly announced that Absolutely NO ONE was allowed to have a tally center, not even the candidates. But somehow NBS was able to ignore those directives and implement what appeared to be a live tally center. Why? How?
Now the station reportedly have Monday staff meetings. On the Monday of the election week, staff were notified about an election tally center going to be hosted at their station by a selected few (the special ones)- you know these people, they stick out like a sore thumb
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COVID health orders going well in Canada.
quote: "it's f-ing Canada not North Korea"
terrible optics for police. #smh
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میخوام براتون نقاشی های jon mcnaughton رو توییت کنم و کمیهم روش تحلیل کنم واقعا زیبان و این نقاش در جریان یک چیزهایی هست
در این نقاشی چند چیز قابل توجهه
1پوکر بازی کردن
2ترامپ در حال دیدن بازی و چشمک زدن
2این که نقاشی قدیمیه و جو بایدن کنار کاملا هریس نشسته
3سگ ها زیاد با نژاد های مختلف
4نزدیگ شدن به ساعت 0
5تقلب در بازی
6نقاشی کشتی با مظمون نجات
7مهره های زیاد قرمز نسبت به آبی
8 نماد های لوستر
فردی که داره با تقلب ورق آس گشنیز رو میگیره آس دل داره
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Yesterday, Jim @Comey testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee about the "Russia Hoax" investigation.

Here's what he said, with my commentary.


He was "proud" of the investigation. Seriously, he was PROUD (00:17:49).


When did he first learn of the "Steele Dossier"?


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I am listening-in on this call. You can join too by following the instructions below ...
Prior to the actual conference starting, lots of chatter between a number of people about COVID, etc., and they appear to have no idea they can be heard!
We're told the Judge will be on shortly.
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Chris has an excellent article on the Epic v Apple fiasco.

Why Fortnite picked a fight with Apple and Google (and why now)… via @plante
@plante Matt Stoller also has his own article now up. Both are excellent reads and which - hilariously - say the things I've been saying to Tim et al since this whole thing started.

"Epic Games Kicks Off the Civil War in American Business"… via @matthewstoller
Matt, who literally wrote a book on monopolies, has a more interesting take on the consequences of whatever fallout comes from this.

Both of these authors have articulated precisely why these lawsuits are going to shape the future of digital. Pretty much what I said on day 1.
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@thecableng Aspects of the new CAMA are patently illegal and unconstitutional. There is just no other way to describe them. Executive functionaries arrogated judicial and even legislative powers to themselves that are worse than military era ouster clauses...

@thecableng Sad thing is you all think this is about your vendetta against Nigerian churches. None of you know the actual reach. A while ago many International Devt Partners & #INGOs, @ActionAidNG
for instance, domesticated & registered with @CACNigeria... 👉
@thecableng @ActionAidNG @CACNigeria Now you're telling them their BoT, Country Mgt, in fact, their entire corporate governance manual will amount to nothing if the registrar or minister wakes up on the wrong side of the bed someday or has an axe to grind or is under pressure from the political forces.
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At a S. Korean gov't briefing on COVID-19 response:

"The gov't is covering the financial costs for related testing and treatment instead of saddling individuals with those expenses. The gov't is also reimbursing medical facilities for losses incurred from imposed quarantines."
South Korea has conducted 190,000 tests thus far, capacity of 15,000 a day.

"If doctors suspect a COVID-19 case, they can proceed with testing without restriction. Of course, the testing is conducted free of charge."
Face masks were a prerequisite for journalists at the presser — no mask, no entry.
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Hey Democratic strategists..If you are going to get your non-FBA shills to lie for you, can you at least make the lies somewhat believable?

This is embarrassing
Hold up..Did the Democrats & the Elizabeth Warren campaign create a FAKE BARBERSHOP so that cornball Fred T Joseph (who is not a FBA) could pretend Warren is getting Black male support?

Keep in mind, I have been calling that clown Fred T Joseph out for a while, because he is one of those dudes who claim heterosexual Black American males are the "weakest links" in Black society
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Japan has just spend $146 million dollars to expand America's empire in the Pacific. A quick thread on this truly bizarre @CNN article that rationalizes and normalizes the American military logic driving this imperial project.…
In faithfully recounting the military's circular rationale the article reasons that the U.S. military must expand its empire because it does not have ENOUGH military bases: "The majority of US combat air forces in Japan are concentrated in JUST six bases." [emphasis added]
The problem with this "concentration" of firepower (or so the logic goes) is that this gives someone upset about the growth of American empire ONLY six targets (IN JAPAN) to fire on... but..."the more bases you have, the more missiles an adversary would need to fire."
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Does anyone remember actual convicted pedo Scott Justin Freeman? Former Funimation employee who was guilty on eight counts of child porn? From this article even Funimation WAITED for his conviction before letting him go and tweeting about it.
#IStandWithVic #VicKicksBack…

Didn’t really look to twitter and their opinion on this back then, but did anyone talk about this guy? An ACTUAL PREDATOR after being trialed and sentenced under Texas law?? #IStandWithVic #Smh
I apologize if this source isn’t very reliable. I’m unfamiliar with it myself, but I couldn’t find any other news sources that covered this that I could personally trust. ANN covers it, but frankly, I didn’t feel comfortable using them as a source seeing what they’ve done to Vic
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So I'm just standing on the 2 train and some guy pushes me from behind, hard. I move over and he starts gesturing at me inexplicably and filming me on his phone.
Someone comes over and asks why he pushed a stranger. No response, just more staring, gesticulation, and filming.
A few minutes later, I get off to transfer to the 1.
Oh, and he just followed me onto the 1, and when he got off a couple of stops later, he continued filming until the train pulled away. #SMH
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