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#MarketReport 2023/04

1) In this thread, I'll cover comparative performance of

📌 #Stock Indices
📌 #Exchange Rates
📌 Treasury #Bills and Government #Bonds

both for April and since pandemic. Image
2) #StockMarkets

MoM returns in April, at their own currency:

➡️ #SPX #IXIC #DJI #DAX #NI225 #XU100 Image
3) #StockMarkets

MoM returns in April, based on USD:

➡️ #SPX #IXIC #DJI #DAX #NI225 #XU100 Image
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#ChartStorm: 1/17
🗓️ March Performance of ...

🇺🇸 #SPX #IXIC #DJI 🇯🇵 #NI225 🇩🇪 #DAX 🇹🇷 #XU100


#TreasuryBills #GovernmentBonds #Yields
2) Here I'll cover 6 stock market indices in 4 countries:

In order to compare the relative performances, I've chosen a pre-pandemic basis, which is 31/12/2019 closing values.

As Nasdaq, S&P500 and DJI are denominated in US dollars, but the others not, returns are misleading.
3) I have adjusted the data, and now all are denominated in US dollars.

#BIST returns are still amazing with its 30.4%, but not striking as above. Besides it is positive only after Sep'22. #Nasdaq is leading with 36.2% return. #Nikkei225 is the only index below pandemic level.
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🔸#Coinbase Jan '23 attestation missed and delayed
🔸Justin staked 150.000 #Eth and use stETH on DeFi
🔸SEC targeted #Paxos
🔸#Busd deplete mode on
🔸#crypto pumped on "security risk rumors"
🔸Vitalik Buterin missed
🔸#ETH2 Shanghai soon

🔸#WBTC here and there
🔸#LIDO used in a way you should be worried
🔸#MAKERDAO high risk loading
🔸#DJI too high
🔸#US30 too high
🔸#SP500 too high
🔸Us Gov Treasury Total Default before July
🔸Inflation high
🔸Interest rate low

Few understand the risk, But they will feel it
If you are a #crypto enthusiastic, risk sits on
🔸Wrapped tokens, mostly #wbtc #weth #stEth
🔸Real risk is if Vitalik lied on #ETH2 and Rug Pull #ETH

Without #ETH almost all #crypto will blow
Wrapped tokens are perfect for laundering
Un- #stablecoin issuers will blow
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Our weekly "NEXT WEEK, The Bear's take, The Bull's take, Our take" is here

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#SPX $SPY $ES $SPX #ES_F $GAMMA #GEX $QQQ #QQQ $DIj #trading #options #Futures

The Bear's take:

•Rates and valuations are high
•Looming recession
•Geopolitical tensions ↑
•Very Bearish Gravestone doji on Friday
•More rates coming
•Market is extremely overbougth
•Dollar is going ↑

#SPX #ES_F $SPX #options #trading #Futures $SPY $ES

The Bull's take

•Inflation/Commodities/Oil ↓
•SPX made a higher low and a higher high: Trend change
•Most charts are bullish
• $FAANG chart bullish
•All Breadth indicators are very strong
• $VIX, $VVIX still in strong donwtrend

#SPX #ES_F $SPX #options $SPY
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If you haven't read it
From our newsletter:
"Last Friday it managed - just like the $DJT and $IWM - to make a solid upward breakout... did so on high volume... close above the 20, 50, 100 and 200DMA.
All indicates that this will most likely be the way forward for the #SPX"
" #DJT made an excellent breakout and closed above 20 and 100DMA. It closed right at its 50DMA. Bullish action from a leading indicator. $DJT will have to surpass the conjunction of 50DMA and 200DMA next week, in order to validate more upward moves"
It did that yesterday


"A follow up rally is expected to allow it to break out of the Noise Box and break above at least the 20DMA.
On Monday it broke above the Noise Box, yesterday above the 20DMA, today above the 50DMA"

#QQQ #NDX #TradingSignals #bearmarket #SPX #ES_F #trading #SPX
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$SPX has been trapped in a Noise Box for the past 14 days

As at other times patience pays: whichever side SPX breaks out of the box will be followed by a big move

A great trading opportunity

👁️👁️Volume has been higher on bullish days and SPX closed above 20DMA

We should look at the indices that have led the recent moves up and down: $DJI, $IWM, $DJT, #S5TH.

The #DJI has a more defined Noise Box. It broke out of it last Friday, and did so on higher volume, closing above 50DMA and 20DMA. Bullish, DJI should continue up on Monday
$DJT has as $DJI a more defined Noise Box. It broke out of it yesterday in higher volume, closing above 20DMA, and like $SPX rigth at the 50DMA

The general look of this chart is bullish short term, so a continuation rally is on the menu for next week

#DJT #XTN #DJI #DowJones
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2022'den 2023'e Portföy yazısı tamamlandı.👌🏻🖊️📖
Ancak çoğu grafik ve analizi çıkararak daha sade bir yazı sunmaya çalışıyorum. Çalışmalarımın bir kısmı belki sizlerin de ilgisini çekebilir.

1) Gelin hisse senetleri piyasalarına ve döviz kurlarına bir bakalım.🤔
2) Önce yöntem:

31 Aralık 2019 tarihindeki kapanış verilerini 100 kabul ederek, seçtiğim hisse senedi endeksleri ve döviz kuru verilerini standardize ederek bir karşılaştırma yapıyorum.

İkinci aşamada da 3 Ocak 2022 açılış fiyatına göre bugüne kadarki değişime bakarız.📊📈
3) Küresel ölçekte yatırım yaptığım için hisse senetleri getirimi ilk başta ABD, Almanya, Japonya ve Türkiye gibi ilgili ülkelerdeki endekslerle kıyaslıyorum. Bunun için de grafikteki gibi temel yıl verisine göre değişime bakıyorum.

Evet #BIST100 muazzam: %473,11 🤯
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A low #CPI triggered a 114-point jump that took it above the dominant trendline. At the open, sell orders above that level initiated a pullback that took it 126 points down to the 20DMA

Not what we would call a 1-day reversal, more upside to come
Same picture for #DIA, sell orders above Dec 1 high pushed the #DJI lower

It went down after an impressive initial rally
Bounced from 20DMA

#DJIA will continue to lead the rally

Not a pretty candle, but not exactly a 1-day reversal

#DowJones #trading #options #trading

Same story

Perhaps an uglier candle, closer to a 1-day reversal than $DIA and $SPX.

$RTY looking much better

Bounced from important support in the trading channel

Big volume today.

#IWM needs to catch up with $DJI for accompanying leadership

$RUT #RUT #RTY_F #trading
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The market today:

$SPX / $SPY / $ES

It closed below the key 20DMA in higher volume than yesterday

It's still in its upward trending channel

It bounced from channel support

#SPX #ES_F #trading #options #futures #daytrading #TradingSignals Image
$DIA / $DJI / $YM

It closed below the key 20DMA in higher volume than yesterday

It's still in its upward trending channel

It bounced from channel support

#DIA #DJIA #DowJones #trading #options #Futures #OptionsTrading #DayTrading #TradingSignals #YM_F Image
$QQQ / $NDX / $NQ

It closed below the key 20DMA in higher volume than yesterday

It's still in its short-term upward trending channel and its mid-term downward channel

It bounced near channel support

#QQQ #NASDAQ #IXIC #NDX #trading #OptionsTrading #Futures #NQ_F #daytrading
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Look, Honestly what I think about the current market situation #NIFTY & # SENSEX >> thread [1/n] 👇
mostly in history, I saw every time #USDINR price come upside and the market also show correction on big timeframes same time, #usdinr continuously going upside after July but our index was also going upside in June, July, and Aug after 15,183 Low ImageImage
#NIFTY sustained upside to this trendline for more than two to three weeks, which was a sign of continuing bull run, and targets of 19k and 20k, in fact, all TV anchors were giving long-term and shorterm trades, all big channels, and Twitter handles were started posting 20k chart Image
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Detailed analysis of #Nifty based on Quant and Technical parameters. Covered COC, COI, PCR, IVs, Breadth and Price Action on monthly, weekly, daily and hourly time frames.
#Nifty50 #NiftyBank #BankNifty #optionstrader #OptionsTrading #StocksToBuy #StockMarket #Stocks
COC analysis on #Nifty. Data Courtesy : @quantsapp
COC analysis on #Nifty. Data Courtesy : @quantsapp
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Ehi there #Crypto and #macro Twitter

Time for #market analysis #Number12!

"Quiet, before the storm"

I will explain here what happened since last week, and cover the broader #economy as it breaks

I will start from #onchain #BTC, going into #Technical Analysis + #macro🧵
First of all, if you want to have a deeper insight in what happened the week before, you should check my last #weekly #analysis

I'll put the link here for you:

But let's start digging into this week, should we?
Last week we experienced a rally in #crypto with #Eth leading the way with a speculative date on the merge happening on September 19th.

BTC managed to rally breaking the trendline at resistance and the realized price, but failed to maintain those as support ImageImageImage
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 16) - Una jornada más, comenzamos nuestro #hilo🧵sobre la #guerra de Ucrania.

🟥 Confusión en #Volnovakha, con medios que afirman que los ucranianos la han recuperado de manos de la #RPD y otros que afirman lo contrario.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 16) - #EEUU, junto al #G7 y la #UE tomará medidas para revocar el estatus de "nación más favorecida" de Rusia como consecuencia de la invasión de Ucrania.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 16) - Esta noche se habrían llevado a cabo ataques aéreos sobre #Dnipró. Recordemos que al menos uno de los ejes de avance rusos por el sur va en dirección hacia #Zaporiyia y #Dnipró.
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Hanımlar beyler, herkese günaydın…

Bilanço Küçülmesi ile ilgili küçük bir bilgi vereyim, ne olduğunu bilmeyen ya da anlamlandıramayanlar olabilir.

Aslında hep bahsettik, sadece kavram farklı gelmiş olabilir.

Piyasaya para akışını ve arzını arttırmak için yaptıkları +++
tahvil alımları, yani varlık alımları ile #FED Bilançosunun elinde artan bu varlıkların, bilançoyu şişirmesi ve bunların yeniden piyasa sürülmesi ile geçmişte arzını gerçekleştirdiği parayı geri çağırmak için varlıkları +++
boşaltarak bilançosunu küçültmesi diyebiliriz.
Böylece bilançonun aktifini biraz indirmiş olacak yani. Kabaca bunu söyleyebiliriz.
Küçük bir şema çizecek olursak;

Likidite ⬇️
$USD’ye Olan Talep ve $USD Değeri ⬆️
Buna bağlı olarak #DXY ⬆️
#SP500 , #Nasdaq , #DJI , #Kripto ⬇️
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🔗 Dünya piyasalarında küresel kriz, ekonomik gerilemelerin çok öncesinden analiz edebilmek, spekülasyonda bulunabilmek adına neleri takip edebiliriz?

Gelin birlikte bakalım.

#SPX #DJI #Bitcoin Image
▫️ Öncelikle "Küresel Kriz" kavramına detaylı olarak inmek istiyorum,

Çıkış yeri dünyanın herhangi bir ülkesi ya da bölgesi olan ve tüm dünyayı yakından etkileyen krize küresel kriz denir.
▫️ Birçok ülkenin ekonomisini doğrudan etkileyen küresel kriz büyük çapta hasarlara yol açabilir. Örneğin; 2008’de Amerika’ da meydana gelen küresel kriz dünya ekonomisini etkisi altına aldı ve gelişmekte olan ülkeler bu krizden oldukça etkilendi.
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A partir das 08h, ao vivo na Globo, SporTV e BandSports!
#Tokyo2020 #JogosOlímpicos
20 MINUTOS! Bruno e Ketleyn já estão no preparo!

📸 Christian Dawes/COB
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I crashed my Mavic Mini drone last year, really badly hitting a wall, then free-falling onto another wall, tree, and finally ground. It was roughly two weeks after my insurance on it expired. Being into electronic tinkering I decided to see if I can fix it. #drones #DJI
About half of the drone parts were broken. One front arm was shattered near the motor, propeller blades gone, plastic shell shredded, ribbon cables ripped up to pieces, and gimbal plastic and rubber holders ripped up.
The surviving parts were all the circuit boards (control unit, power/motor drivers, IMU), three of the arms with motors. Everything else had to be replaced. Ordering all the parts from AliExpress was easy with only one piece unavailable.
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#情報操作 - 降低心防


關於 #Clubhouse 出現了【因為目前沒有政治審查的跡象,所以它是乾淨的】的評論。

延續這幾天 #小紅書 的討論,我的記憶恢復了一點,想到兩個例子:
1. 以前中國製的路由器,
數年後被大規模的發現有方便監控使用的後門(It's not a bug, it's a feature.)
2. #DJI #大疆 無人機也曾被發現後門(Big~9China)及其他一些可疑情況,目前被美國政府做出某種禁止。

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The bubble is coming...

DJI 1929 #DJI
Gold 1980 #GOLD
Nasdaq 2000 #NASDAQ
Bitcoin 2017 #Bitcoin
Sp500 2023 #S&P

1/2 ImageImageImageImage
2/2 Image
#Bitcoin 2022-2023 Image
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Recuerden siempre que esta compuesto por:

📌 | 3M
📌 | American Express
📌 | Apple
📌 | Caterpillar
📌 | Chevron
📌 | Cisco
📌 | Coca Cola
📌 | Dow
📌 | Exxon Mobil
📌 | Goldman Sachs
📌 | Home Depot
📌 | IBM
📌 | Intel
📌 | J&J
📌 | JPMorgan
📌 | Mc Donald's
📌 | Mecks&Co

📌 | Microsoft
📌 | Nike
📌 | Pfizer
📌 | Procter&Gamble
📌 | Raytheon Technologies
📌 | The Travelers
📌 | United Health
📌 | Verizon
📌 | Visa A
📌 | Walgreens Boots
📌 | Walmart
📌 | Walt Disney
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La velocidad de nuevos #contagios es la más rápida desde que inició la #pandemia ya llegamos a los 10 mill, este es el catalizador para el miedo en los #markets y posibles bajas, sin embargo, los factores de fondo que regirán los movimientos del mercado son otros. #TRMX #COVID19 Image
Sostengo que los #mercados no cayeron por el #coronavirus, ya existían factores subyacentes que tornaba al mercado como una burbuja y el #Covid_19 sólo fue la aguja que rompió esa burbuja, por tanto, el hecho de que nos encontremos en el pico de la pandemia y no en el piso...
De los mercados es completamente comprensible, puesto que el mercado ha descontado la existencia de rebrotes o segundas olas, sin embargo, los movimientos de fondo del mercado no se regirán por la evolución del #Covid_19, sino que se regirán por los factores subyacentes previos
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another island reversal after 24th feb
if we don't fill this gap in this week.... we should see new lower levels(obviously all or any analysis can fail but going forward we have 9550 as massive resitance)
and we will act as per this.
9550 resistance so we will keep it Image
sl and we will keep selling options of 9550 in bounce.
on lower side - we closed today at trend line support or a rising wedge tl support.
explained in past about rising wedge in past.…
one most imp point I will say -
island reversal is best when it forms in the weekly time frame or when it happens on 1st day of the week. they have high probability of success ratio.
hourly minutes charts are useless in my view when u focussing on Island reversal
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Dow Jones Possibilities - I can go 100% wrong, this is just an imagination. Forming a small HnS pattern & I expect the market to bounce next week & once we reach the resistance, another week of panic & downside, which should form the larger HnS pattern. #DJI #trendlines Image
If today's low holds, we might be well in for a good bounce 🤞. #DJI #trendlines #trading #coronamarketcrash #Fedstim Image
In markets, these simple but powerful lines act as very important demand and supply zones. If only we could understand them. Opened 7% up and rejected beautifully #DJI #trendlines #trading #coronomarketcrash #technicalanalysis Image
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Dow Jones bulls are still putting a strong fight. Trading in a parallel channel. Can rally another 400-500 points from here!

#DJI #trading #trendlines #15mincharts Image
Retest of today's trendline! Image
Trendline breakdown.. heading to 25400, 25300 levels? Image
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