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I'm going to try something quaint but important: respond to Republican trolling about #inflation & the #StockMarket a dose of facts & expertise, courtesy of top economist @Markzandi on Beyond Politics:…
Because facts and expertise should still matter.
And important note, because everyone questions everyone's partisan motivations these days. @Markzandi is widely trusted with good reason: he's a Democrat who also advised the McCain campaign in 2008. He calls it straight.
First, inflation: "There's a long list of reasons for high inflation, but at the top of the list is the pandemic and the disruption to global supply chains, labor markets, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has sent oil, gasoline, commodity prices, skyward."
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How many stocks should you have in your portfolio? 🤔

Here's a 🧵 on Ideal Portfolio Mix ⤵️

#StockMarket #Investment
An investor majorly faces two types of risk: market risk and company specific risk.

Market risk is certainly inevitable but non-market risk i.e. the uncertainty of a specific area of the market or specific stock can be managed through proper diversification.

#nifty50 #NASDAQ
Diversification basically means spreading your investments in various categories of assets, which helps earn the desired returns without exposing your portfolio to high risk.

How much diversification is enough?

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Biggest companies in the world 🏆

◆ Saudi Aramco $2.33 Trillion
◆ Apple $2.22 Trillion
◆ Microsoft Corp. $1.89 Trillion
◆ Alphabet $1.46 Trillion
◆ Amazon .com $1.09 Trillion
◆ Tesla $0.73 Trillion

(By Mcap)

Biggest Indian companies 🏆

◆ Reliance Ind. 17.67 Lakh Cr
◆ TCS 11.69 Lakh Cr
◆ HDFC Bank 7.37 Lakh Cr
◆ Infosys 5.95 Lakh Cr
◆ HUL 5.40 Lakh Cr
◆ LIC 5.24 Lakh Cr
◆ ICICI bank 4.98 Lakh Cr

Where do you invest?

#stockmarketcrash #invest
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Top countries where FII have invested📊

🇺🇸 USA 39%
🇲🇺 Mauritius 11%
🇱🇺 Luxembourg 7%
🇸🇬 Singapore 7%
🇬🇧 UK 5%
🇮🇪 Ireland 5%
🇨🇦 Canada 3%
🇯🇵 Japan 3%
🇳🇴 Norway 2%
🇳🇱 Netherlands 2%

The data is taken from CDSL for April 2022 based on Equity Assets under custody of FPI (FPIs include FIIs, Sub Accounts & QFIs)

Indian market is volatile because of FIIs selling.

But Why do FIIs investments impact the stock market?🤔

• They are the source of capital in markets
• They are Major Investors
• They Aid in economic development

#StockMarket #investors
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🧵 An attempt at an objective review of #YieldNodes. A #masternode service that has generated an average of 10% a month on #stablecoins for 3 years to date. Like everything in #crypto it is high risk. I present the pros, cons, benefits and risks, as objectively as possible. 1/12
What is it? #YieldNodes offer managed masternoding, pooling investor funds, and managing the infrastructure and profit distribution. Here's a link for you to #DYOR. It is a ref link which means I receive a small commission on any deposits you make.… 2/12
What are #masternodes? Here is the investopedia definition and a link for you to research in your own time. Masternodes have been a commonly used part of #blockchain infrastructure for many years so it is nothing particularly exotic or innovative.… 3/12
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#Nifty Vs #DowJones Who will Lead?

As promised here I am posting my analysis in this thread

1. Dow & Nifty 2004 to 2006. Dow Went into sideways consolidation n did 10% move where as Nifty gave a stunning 300% move in this period. Image
2. What was the reason behind Nifty's such a stellar move during 2004-2006? Here is the clue.

Ratio chart gave a breakout in 2004 suggesting outperformance by Nifty against Dow. Index moved from 1300 to 4245,up by 300% whereas Dow remained in Range 9700-11700 during 2004-06 Image
3. What happened during 2009-2022 ? Both indices moving in tandem. Infact Dow Jones relatively performed little better than Nifty during this period. Image
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Could not be saved and broke the trend line. Heading to next level of 33291...

Will Monday continue with fall or would it rebound after touching 33291 zone.

33716 is also a support.. We will have to see price action at this level on Monday. Can offer some support.
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👉 "El sector defensivo, también se ve arrastrado por el mercado" Image
1⃣ Análisis de índices y sectores
👉 MSCI World
En velas mensuales, podemos ver como la caída que estamos viviendo actualmente no queda ni cerca de la línea de tendencia donde ha habido otros rebotes.
En semanal, vemos un canal bajista y un soporte que parece que puede perder. ImageImage
👉 #DAX
Cierra el gap de la apertura semanal y vemos gran volumen.
Es normal, estábamos muy sobrevendidos.
Vigilaría la tendencia bajista como posible zona para averiguar si esto se trata de otro rebote "muerto" o algo más. Image
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An educational #Thread on 200 DEMA & its imp. in current scenario!

To cut things short 200 DEMA is considered as the decider between who is in dominating i.e bulls or bears. Its equally imp. for #investors & #Traders! Price sustaining below it is considered bad for bulls.

Though major indices like #nifty50 , banknifty, small & mid caps index are all trading above 200 DEMA but the major ones are not far from it. A major concern is the darlings of the market having high weightage have started trading below it.

Lets understand more with e.g's.

#HDFC Twins - Combined they have 15% weightage in Nifty & the picture doesn't look rosy.

For the 1st time in this entire bull market rally both have closed below 200 DEMA which was earlier a strong support. Though a LL again would be a confirmation of bears dominating both.

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🧵 1

🔥I treat offers of 💉💉 with secret ingredients like i treat offers of meatballs from strangers!🤠

🧵2 Catherine Austin Fitts 20211118

It is Communism 2.0❓

🔥🔥No, this is much WORSE. Its slavery😱

👉Digital Currencies, COVID-19 & Climate Change ushering in new slavery system
👉Complete digital control - Money, Health Care, Food, Energy, & Housing…
🧵3 Catherine Austin Fitts

Its a mathematical certainty!

👉 Baby Boomer Generation's retirement & pension 💰💰 being stolen under cover story of the magic 🦠virus…
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There's always a lot of talk about an economic and financial crash. While there are a few who think everything will keep going up, I think we are going to see a mix of both. Allow me to explain. It appears #Crypto is heading towards a market cycle top with a full fib extension.
This is likely to happen sometime between now & spring. There is also a lot of analysis that supports full fib extensions and market cycle tops for the #NASDAQ and the #DowJones at the same time. This is based on a fib cycle start for the NASDAQ in March of 2000 with the #Dotcom
bubble burst and for the #DowJones in Oct of 2007 with the financial crisis. I agree with the cycle start for the #NASDAQ but see the fib cycle start for the DowJones beginning a month before the #Dotcom bubble burst in Feb of 2000 and extending to the #COVID19 crash in March of
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1) Sayfamı takip edenlerin bildiği gibi artık bir klasik olan, geçen haftanın olaylarına ve önümüzdeki hafta öne çıkabilecek gelişmelere odaklanan, David Westin’in sunduğu #WallStreetWeek program özeti hazır.

Bir kahve içimi vakit ile buyrun başlayalım.
2) Öncelikle bizleri dolu dolu bir hafta bekliyor.📝✅

En azından açıklanacak ekonomik veriler açısından öyle. Diğer taraftan da alışveriş ve tatil dönemi başladığı için de bu hafta biraz kısa olacak. Bunların detaylarına şirketler ve haftanın programı bölümünde değineceğim.
3) #Enflasyon konusu en çok tartışılan tema oldu. Teknoloji, inovasyon ve verimlilik artışının iş gücünün katılımındaki kaybı karşılayarak büyümeye destek verdiği belirtiliyor. Benzer şekilde tüketicilerin yüksek harcamalarının etkisi de verilere ve hisse fiyatlarına yansıyor.
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#Nasdaq futures down 0.85%;
#Dowjones futures down 1.3%;
S&P500 futures down 1%.
#US #futures #stockmarketnews
🇩🇪#DAX -1.59%
🇫🇷#CAC40 -2.93%
🇬🇧#FTSE100 -1.42%
🇪🇺#STOXX50 -1.20%
🇮🇹#MIB -4.11%
#Europe #StockMarket Image
🇩🇪DAX extends losses to 2% to the lowest level since July 19. #Europe #DAX #StockMarket Image
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(2) Yatay piyasa filtrelerinin amacı önce yatay piyasanın varlığını belirlemek sonrasında da o kuralınıza göre yani piyasa yataya sarınca açtığınız işlemi kapamak veya hiç işlem açmamaktır. Kullanırsanız işlem sayınız azalacaktır.
(3) En klasik/basit yatay piyasa filtresi ADX'tir. Grafikte 30 dk altı periyotlarda ADX(14) için 25 daha uzun periyotlarda 20 değeri trend varlığı için sınır kabul edilir. Yani sisteminizi yatay sınırlarınız içinde işlem yapmasın isterseniz .... "AND ADX(14) > 20" yazacaksınız.
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1⃣ Herkese iyi geceler. Özellikle #algotrade yani #robot işine yeni giren, girmek isteyen arkadaşlar için bir flood yazacağım. #btc #etherium #dolar #altın #garan #isctr #thyao #viop #viop30 #bist #bist30 #borsa #fx #DAX #dowjones #ASELS #kozal #sise #otkar #kozaa #petkm
2⃣ Yazacaklarım benim tecrübelerim; bu konuda süper olduğumu iddia edemem ama tecrübeliyim diyebilirim, yazacaklarımda aklınıza yatmayan yerler de olabilir. Sorun beraber konuşalım, ben de sizlerden öğreneyim. Kendimizi geliştirelim.
3⃣ Öncelikle bir platforma ihtiyacınız var. Türkiye için Matriks veya İdeal seçebilirsiniz. Matriks için klasik veya IQ seçebilirsiniz. Programları kendiniz satın alabileceğiniz gibi aracı kurumunuz üzerinden komisyon durumunuza göre ücretsiz/indirimli temin edebilirsiniz.
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Thread on Intermarket Relationship 1999-2021

Historical Correlation between #US30 #DowJones, #US100 #Nasdaq, #Gold #XAUUSD, #Brent #Crude, #copper #US10Y

1. US 30 / US 100 vs US 10Y

US30 / US100 was at ~2 multiple in 2000 and it is now at same level in 2021

Above chart shows that sole factor responsible for this anomaly is US 10Y rates
Rates were kept for real economy to recover, generation of jobs etc. however it has clearly backfired.
US Tech definitely does not deserve this kind of valuation

The multiple of 2 in 2000 went to 9 in 2001 represents the US tech bubble burst.
In todays terms if 2 were to go to 9, Dow would be at 25000 and Nasdaq ~2700 or any such other level. It may not hit 9 since tech has much larger role to play today vs 2000,
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#BREAKING Fed pledges to keep rates low until employment recovers, says US economy depends on pandemic, vaccinations Image
#BREAKING Resurging #coronavirus cases weigh on US economy, outlook 'highly uncertain': Fed's Powell Image
#BREAKING #DowJones drops 2% as Fed's Powell warns of 'highly uncertain' US outlook Image
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#StockMarket WE update. #SPX as expected we rallied to my first target lvl above 3800, derived from a measured move off the box breakout. Some consolidation is likely here or even a retracement. RSI poked above 70 for the first time since Aug...
#stockmarket New Seq Demark 13 sell possibly this wk (earliest weds). Propulsion up tgt of 3907 still in view. maybe we hit the tgt while posting the new 13 sell? Reminder the propulsion lvls can act as magnets but also exhaustion lvls. Last 2 13 sells saw short +2% drawdowns...
#stockmarket weekly #SPX could post a Demark combo 13 sell this wk and a sequential 13 sell next wk....
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In pandemic & election, many have financial anxiety right now.

Whether it’s because of job loss or uncertainty of future, in current economic situation many of us worried about money.

#BTC #finance #bitcoin #StartUp #investing Image
Luckily there are some simple ways to combat financial anxiety.

Tackling anxiety often means change of mindset & financial anxiety is no different than that.

#LifeGoesOn #LaxmiVilasBank #sharemarket #Reliance #nifty50 #Nifty


Remember that comparison is thief of joy.

It’s really easy to look at Instagram & think that someone else has more money than you & by extension a better, cooler Life.

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#DowJones #NASDAQ #SP500

Leadership has changed in the markets

Since the March lows, tech, specifically cloud-based tech has lead the markets higher. Companies like #Square #SQ have more than tripled in share price while the S&P 500 is up 40%
However, in the last few weeks this has changed. Former market leaders like #SQ or #Shopify #SHOP have been trading sideways

Meanwhile, industrial plays like @FM_FCX #FreeportMcmoran #FCX and #JohnDeere #DE have barely corrected at all, soaring to new highs.
The market is sensing that the next major move will be driven by fiscal spending and the @realDonaldTrump #Trump administration’s coming infrastructure program
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📊 Lo que debes saber sobre el índice de acciones de los mercados emergentes:

“El índice MSCI Emerging Markets fue desarrollado en 1988 y se ha convertido en un referente mundial del comportamiento de las acciones en los mercados emergentes.
La compañía @msci_inc elabora una serie de índices bursátiles de referencia para el análisis de diferentes mercados entre los que se destacan el #MSCIWorld y el #MSCIEmergingMarkets
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Stock market quotes for Dummies

1)You get recession, you have stock market declines. If you don’t understand that’s going to happen, then you’re not ready, you won’t do well in the markets. – Peter Lynch

2)No price is too low for a bear or too high for a bull. – Unknown
3)In the short run, the market is a voting machine. But in the long run, it is a weighing machine. – Ben Graham

4)The four most expensive words in the english language are, “This time it’s different.” – Sir John Templeton
5)Learn everyday, but especially from the experiences of others. It’s cheaper! – John Bogle

6)Everyone has the power to follow the stock market. If you made it through fifth grade math, you can do it. – Peter Lynch

@PassivefundsIn @IndiaEtfs
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There is only one chart that you should see in current market scenarios. The daily rise in #COVIDー19 cases in each country. All the stock market bullishness, IPOs, investments, stake sales you see around doesn't signify any recovery.
#StockMarket #DowJones #Nifty
Who will businesses sell their products to if the consumer demand is not going to shoot up significantly? Why are the stock markets rallying then?
No institutional fund holder will like to sell at loss. Especially when they can afford to stage a coordinated pump to artificially inflate the prices to stage a bullish recovery to convince the retail investors enough.
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