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(1) The person who killed the female LEO in Davis, California filed numerous complaints with police - which echoed the statements of US Diplomats in Cuba & China.

"Targeted with dog-whistle-like" technology which disturbed hearing & cognition.

Unfortunately, the female ....
(2) officer was targeted by the citizen who felt that Davis, California police were responsible for the #Sonic Weapons attack.

He was a victim of #TheProgram - run thru #ThreatFusionCenters - and the officer was the unfortunate victim of his response to #DHS #FBI #JTTF ....
(3) extrajudicial targeting.

From her photos she looked like a really nice person who had a lot to offer her community as a #LEO.

The federally-funded #NoDueProcess #PoliticalTargeting by rogue federal employees has to stop.

It endangers the population & god-fearing #LEOs ....
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Wanna know why #Sonic looks so terrible in the Hollywood adaptation? It's because people in positions of power & influence genuinely think the new look is a better, more globally appealing design than the classic Sonic that we know and love. This is a thread on why that's dumb✌️
Throughout my career in videogames and animation in general, I often hear this hoary old chestnut:

"Only Western style art is mass market. Anime and everything else is niche"

It's this out of touch attitude that results in the butchering of something as iconic as Sonic.
Certain forces behind the film (and it's most likely from up top, not from the individual artists--don't go blaming them so fast!) are so arrogant that they believe their arbitrary meddling will result in improvements to classic time tested franchises.
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