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The Chinese state is continuing its crackdown on its Big Tech giants, banning the use of machine learning to set per-customer prices, control search results, or filter content. 1/ A black and white drawing d...
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As @willknight and @jenniferconrad write for @WIRED, the regulation covers "ride-hailing, ecommerce, streaming, and social media."… 3/
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1/5 🚨 Today is European day against #Islamophobia!

Many Muslims are subject to discrimination, oppression & abuse because of anti-terrorist & surveillance policies in Europe, disproportionately targeting them as a threat to security.
2/5 ❌ The EU's 2020 Counter-Terrorism Agenda uses a flawed narrative that more surveillance is needed to guarantee security. This will only increase the over-policing of Muslims through data-sharing & biometric mass surveillance.
3/5 ➡️Read @ENAREurope's report about the impact of counter-terrorism law and policy on racialised groups in Europe:…

📣 Instead, the EU should emphasise and detail measures to support & promote the protection of #HumanRights, #Equality & #RuleOfLaw.
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Last week, "Marina" - a piano teacher who publishes free lessons her Piano Keys Youtube channel - celebrated her fifth anniversary by announcing that she was quitting Youtube because her meager wages were being stolen by fraudsters.

1/ Joseph Karl Stieler's iconic 1820 portrait of Beethoven; Bee
(If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:)…
Marina posted a video with a snatch of her performance of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata," published in 1801. The composition is firmly in the public domain, and the copyright in the performance is firmly Marina's, but it still triggered Youtube's automated copyright filter.

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Kann mir eigentlich jemand definieren,was ein "terroristischer Inhalt" ist. Wenn ich nun über Piraten vor Somalia schreibe, die Schiffe terrorisieren,dann hat der Kontext, was mit Terror zu tun. Wenn ich nun auffordere die Piraten zu wählen und Pirat bin, werde ich dann gelöscht?
Also ich lese mir gerade das Monsterschwurbeldokument… der EU durch, das Rechtskraft bekommt. Es ist grausam. Tarnen, Täuschen, Lügen - Meine These - je größer die Dokumente desto verbrecherischer sind sid.
Also die #Terreg Verordnung ist einfach irre. Also nähmen wir mal an ich wäre eine arabische Terrororganisation - Geld würde keine Rolle spielen, dann kaufe ich mir ein RIPE-Netz. Das Route ich dann in ein WLAN-Netz - welches über das Internet erreichbar ist. Daran klemme ich
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📢 It’s time to debunk narratives that the #TERREG will effectively fight terrorist content. In reality, it wouldn’t protect anyone from terrorism & it would censor marginalised groups.

Its proponents are making these false claims to support its adoption in the @Europarl_EN ⬇️ Image
"Member States are free to determine their competent authority, as long as it acts independently and in a non-discriminatory manner."

❌Lack of mandatory judicial authorization & review of orders by national authorities to remove content online means erosion of the rule of law👇
❌To censor content within 1 hour, without prior judicial authorisation will lead to excessive, arbitrary or discriminatory interference with fundamental rights.
❌Systemic violations of the rule of law and fundamental rights concerns the EU as well:…
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1/4 Tomorrow the @EUCouncil will discuss #TERREG new draft with the aim to reach a final compromise with @EP_Justice during Thursday’s trilogue
2/4 The proposal was already subject to criticism by @fra, @edps and three UN Special Rapporteurs in 2018-19. Yet again, EU plans to counter online terrorist propaganda are under fire from @Irenekhan and @NiAolainF

Read and share! #TERREG…
3/4 Legislation would have “serious implications for freedom of expression, association & political participation” say @Irenekhan @NiAolainF
Concerns are:
❕ Broad definition of terrorist content
⚖️Lack of judicial oversight
🌪 Short timeframe, upload filters & EU-wide removal
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On Monday at 4:30, @EP_Justice will vote on the terrorism regulation #TERREG. While the compromises include many improvements, most notably the deletion of mandatory #uploadfilter, one huge problem remains: hosts must delete terrorist content within 1 hour…
In practice, there is no way small platforms can comply with such a short deadline without filters. Unlike the #copyright deal, not even non-commercial or private websites are excluded. @GreensEP want to delete the 1 hour rule:… #TERREG
Although many liberal MEPs from @EP_Justice like @SophieintVeld @CeciliaWikstrom voted against #uploadfilter for #copyright, it looks like @ALDEgroup will support a 1 hour deadline to delete terrorist content. Here’s a list of committee members:… #TERREG
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Am Montag stimmt @EP_Justice über die #TERREG ab! die #Terrorfilter in #Artikel6 werden laut den Kompromissen gestrichen!… Aber Webseiten müssen Terrorinhalte trotzdem in 1 Stunde löschen. Wie soll das gehen ohne Filter? @GreensEP wollen 1h-Regel streichen!
Hier der Alternativantrag der @GreensEP:… Leider wollen Liberale @ALDEgroup für die extreme 1h-Frist stimmen. Das ist für kleine Unternehmen & private Webseiten unmöglich! Diese MEPs im LIBE-Ausschuss können #Terrorfilter verhindern:…
Liberale MEPs im @EP_Justice-Ausschuss wie @AngelikaMlinar @SophieintVeld und @CeciliaWikstrom sind gegen #Uploadfilter in der #Urheberrechtsreform! Also stimmt bitte auch gegen die unmögliche Löschfrist von 1 Stunde, die läuft auf #Terrorfilter hinaus! #SaveYourInternet
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