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1. Vous ne pouvez pas comprendre les tensions exacerbées à Taïwan sans connaître la question cruciale du quasi-monopole de la fabrication des semi-conducteurs à base manométrie (< 5nm) par le géant taïwanais #TSMC.
Pourquoi les USA et la Chine accélèrent ? #pelosi
2. TSMC détient 92 % du marché mondial des puces à base manométrie, ils fournissent notamment Apple. Leur savoir-faire unique au monde pose un problème de dépendance aux Américains car sans les Taïwanais comment préserver leur avance technologique ?…
3. Le Pentagone a insisté pour que des fonderies de puces soient créées aux USA afin de garantir l’approvisionnement de ces composants vitaux en cas de guerre.
La décision Trump de couper les livraisons de puces au géant technologique chinois Huawei a provoqué une onde de choc.
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I spoke with #TSMC's Former General Counsel Richard "Dick" Thurston on how to interpret the #China provision in the #CHIPSAct. One provision prevents recipients of the funding from expanding advanced chip capacity in China in next 10 years. What is exactly restricted? (1/11)
"..the covered entity MAY NOT engage in any SIGNIFICANT TRANSACTION....involving the MATERIAL EXPANSION of semiconductor manufacturing capacity in the People’s Republic of China." The restriction is designed for advanced node under 28-nanometer (28nm not included). (2/11)
As for memory, analog and packaging technologies, the restriction would be on any #legacy generation of semiconductor technology relative to logic chips under determined by Secretary of #Commerce. Not clear how to define the technologies mentioned above yet. (3/11)
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#TSMC sees 2022 sales to grow by mid-30% in USD terms
#TSMC sees a long-term gross margin of at least 53% is achievable.
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As 3 maiores empresas de #Taiwan -Foxconn, Pegatron e TSMC tem fábricas espalhadas pela #China -principalmente em #Shangai-, de onde exportam barato, para todo o planeta. Donos e acionistas ficarão contra Xi Jinping? ImageImageImage
Em caso de anexação, os empresários taiwaneses e acionistas globais ficarão ao lado de Xi Jinping ou de Tsai Ing-wen?

Quem estará disposto a perder mais de U$15 bilhões em lucros líquidos anuais por conta de uma mudança administrativa e política? Image
Caso a China corte a cadeia de suprimentos da #TSMC -a empresa mais importante do planeta Terra e 3 vezes maior do que o principal concorrente, a Samsung Semiconductor, da Coréia do Sul-, a derrocada da empresa afetará a economia global no dia seguinte, em efeito-dominó. ImageImage
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De l’Ukraine 🇺🇦 à Taïwan 🇹🇼. Pourquoi les 2 conflits sont liés ?

Un #Thread 🧶 pour comprendre : ⤵️ 🌍 Image
1/ « L’Ukraine aujourd’hui, Taïwan demain »

Ce sont les mots de John Avlon présentateur de CNN qui est passé dans le Late Show de Stephen Colbert il y a quelques jours. Il n’est pas le seul à penser de la sorte.
Si les Américains sont concentrés sur l’Asie, ils ont certainement conscience que Pékin regarde avec grande attention la réaction américaine en Europe.
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Who is working on the semiconductor version of “Operation Paperclip,” for the ~500 or so TSMC engineers and executives (+their families) that basically control the world’s supply of high end electronics?

Some quick thoughts:


Make a list. This probably requires the help of #TSMC leadership, who should be in on the planning.
- who goes and in what order
- who accompanies them
- what equipment goes with them (eg the ASML machines)


Logistics infrastructure.

- identify the location of each person on the list
- plan exfil routes to-airport
- plan to-airport logistical support for both humans and machines
- have necessary air cargo and passenger planes on standby
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A thread on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and basics of semiconductors

#TSMC #semiconductors #semiconductorshortage #Taiwan

Given the importance and buzz around semis, a timely thread on TSMC --> One of the most important companies in the world! Image
1/ Semis basics

Semiconductor is a tiny electronic device composed of
billions of components that store, move, and process data.

Chips are fundamental to emerging technological applications such as AI, Cloud, Metaverse, 5G, IoT, large-scale data processing and supercomputing Image
2/ Semi fabs are characterized by size of wafer and the transistor

The leader in chip mfg. is the fab that can produce the next “Tech node” first

Fabs have to make continuous R&D and capital investments to produce the most advanced semis with reduced feature size Image
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Or: How a former National Security Council Staffer looks at the intersection of great power competition and technological revolution.

THIS is your THANKSGIVING data dump on #TSMC:

> history
> geopoltics
> domestic + commercial implications

First: WHAT is a semiconductor?

Tiny silicon wafers that form the foundation of nearly EVERY DIGITAL DEVICE we use, like:


Here’s a 5m @MIT explainer:

👇👇 👇

Second: WHY are semiconductors so important?

Without them, no “smart” cars, laptops, or Mars-bound @SpaceX rockets. “digital” in “digital device.”

Want to buy the BEST semiconductors in the world?

For now*, you MUST go to TSMC, in Taiwan:

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Now Intel is stepping up their game to compete w/ TSMC & Samsung on cutting edge semiconductor manufacturing!

Imagine: huge companies COMPETING & building chip plants all in Western countries w/ friendly Democracies! ❤

Intel made Pat Gelsinger CEO in Feb. 2021 to chart a new course in semiconductors to make Intel competitive again

"I think I have more concrete trucks working for me today than any other human on the planet"…
Intel CEO Gelsinger:
"We have construction in Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, Ireland and Israel. And we expect to plant our next major fabs in the U.S. and Europe before the end of this year."
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TSMC 3Q net income NT$156.3b, [Est. Nt$149.59b Prev.137.31b]
TSMC 3Q Gross margin 51.3%, [Est. 50.6%]
#TSMC #semiconductor #chips
#TSMC 3Q revenue NT$414.67b, [Est. Nt$413.56b Prev.356.42b]
TSMC posted a 13.8% rise in quarterly net profit, boosted by a surge in global demand for #semiconductors for smartphones and laptops amid a supply shortage.
The shipment of 5nm chips accounted for 18% of the company's total silicon wafer sales in the 3Q2021, while 7nm chips accounted for 34%.
$TSM #semiconductor #chips
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#TSMC #Samgsung
Myth of #freecapitalism (thuggery) revealed.
US is no longer resorting to industrial espionage/hacking. It's pressing a gun to the chip makers' heads to request handover of trade secrets "voluntarily" in the name of "transparency" & "chip supply chain security".
Can you imagine the CPC asking US companies to voluntarily handover their trade secrets? US is doing it to foreign companies without being condemned.

The global chip shortage crisis is still not eased, and the US is forcing TSMC, Samsung and other semiconductor manufacturers:
"Within 45 days, hand over inventory, orders, sales records and other confidential data."

"If you don't hand it over, we have other ways to 'force' you to do so." "We don't want to go that far, though." On the grounds of improving the "supply chain transparency" of chips.
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#SCOOP - Biden administration has relaxed restrictions on US officials meeting counterparts from #Taiwan, in yet another example that taking tough stance towards Beijing. #China
US officials will be able to meet Taiwanese officials at federal government offices, and also at the de facto Taiwanese embassy and consulates across the US.
In one big change, US officials can attend events at Twin Oaks, which served as the Republic of China (Taiwan) ambassador's residence until the US switched diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing four decades ago.
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💥He recopilado las 69 MEJORES EMPRESAS que lo pueden hacer mejor en los próximos años💥
👉Descripción, precio, crecimiento, características y valuación de 5 años en un sola página⚡️
🔥SUPER hilo desglosado en sectores🔥
El informe completo en mi web
16 sectores con mucho potencial:
1 Base de datos🖥️
2 Internet💻
3 Games / Streaming🎮
4 Fintech💸
5 Impresoras 3D📟
6 Evs🚗
7 Semiconductores🔌
8 Drones🚁
9 Realidad virtual📺
10 Software💽
11 Renovables☀️
12 IoT📠
13 Telemedicina🩺
14 Medicina🧬
15 Ecommerce🛒
16 Cannabis🍀

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Taiwan, Semiconductors and the Geopolitical Tech War

The market value of the global semiconductor industry has recently overcome the global energy sector. The market is telling us that chips are more important than oil.

Chips are the commodity of the future.

At the end of 2019, the market value of Taiwan's TSMC was $200b, while Intel was $350 billion. Today, TSMC is at $570 billion, while Intel has dropped to $260 billion.


Last summer, TSMC came out and said they can now make 7nm chips and will make 3nm chips in 2023.

Whereas Intel said they won’t be able to make 7nm chips until 2021. So in 2020, we witnessed the passing of the technological baton from Intel to TSMC. The leadership in the semiconductor industry now belongs to Taiwan.


#Taiwan #semiconductor #intel #TSMC $INTC $TSM
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La crise du #COVIDー19 n’empêche pas la poursuite de la rivalité #tech sino-américaine. Exemple ici avec les semi-conducteurs (#microchips), dont la «géopolitique» est aussi complexe qu’instructive sur les reconfigurations mondiales de la technologie. 1/ ⬇️
Les semi-conducteurs sont à la fois un enjeu technologique (miniaturisation & sophistication avec intégration d’#IA), un fait économique (prolifération + industrie ultra-globalisée) et un enjeu stratégique (frictions politique de Trump / velléités 🇨🇳 de rattrapage techno) 2/
Illustration (partielle…) de la globalisation de l'industrie des semi-conducteurs : 3/
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