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🛢️Buffett & Munger on #Oil!

Buffett: It's hard to say which of us knows less about oil

Munger: we should hold much larger oil reserves in the SPR and elsewhere because it will be worth a lot more in the future

Buffett: rapid energy transition odds are extremely low. #oott
Munger: the oil industry is so vilified right now. Petroleum engineers are fine people. I'm in love with Standard Oil. I wish other countries had oil companies that were as high quality as our oil majors (likely referring to #chevron $cvx and #oxy $oxy)
#oil #oott $brk #buffett
Should someone get #Buffett and #Munger $250 WTI hats?
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Headline: Warren Buffett significantly increases Chevron bet, now in Berkshire's top 4 positions

He's discussing how and why he bought 14% of $oxy and buying $cvx. Nice to see Buffett bullish on oil and gas equities. Potential inflation play? #oil…
Buffett is now talking about his optimism about America. Interesting hearing this immediately following the discussion of investing in oil and gas stocks. It sounds like a bet on oil & gas is a bet on America. #oil #oott $xle $xop $cvx $oxy #america #warren #buffett $brk
Buffett discusses his experience in Vegas when he was younger, observing people flying thousands of miles to roll dice and bet on if they were "hot" - he told his wife "we're going to be rich." "There is nothing stranger than what has happened in finance" - markets now casinos 🤔
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Warren buffett letters can teach you more than any investor

Key learnings 👇

1. Invest in Tollbooth Businesses

These r those businesses to which u have to pay whether you like it or not, in order to do things u do want to do.

For ex: To use a laptop, you have to use Windows.
2. Dividend-paying companies are bad

Companies that distribute dividends from their profits don’t have the ability to re-invest their profits in business.

Profits reinvested in the business create a lot more wealth for shareholders than dividends.

#sharemarket #WarrenBuffett
3. Moat

#Buffett believes in investing in businesses that have a moat that is sustainable and would not weaken over time.

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It is educational to observe the best ever at any highly competitive activity. Welcome back, @TomBrady?
Should @TomBrady:
I'm thinking of finance / business parallels. Here are a few, which do you think is equivalent? Or maybe someone I missed? #buffett #munger @Carl_C_Icahn #tboone
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Happy Birthday to the favorite Investing Teacher for many of us.🎂

Five of my favorite and useful #Buffett resources in the thread below ⬇️

CC: @dmuthuk @Gautam__Baid
1⃣ An Excellent 5 part Infographic series on Buffett by @VisualCap…
2⃣"Lessons From Warren Buffett’s Annual Letters To Shareholders" phenomenal compilation by @CBinsights…
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"In a 2011 Times Op-Ed, Warren #Buffett decried the treatment of #carriedinterest, which allowed him to report a lower tax rate than his secretary. A minimum tax on millionaires was proposed shortly thereafter & dubbed the '#BuffettRule.'”… #PrivateEquity
1. "The #carriedinterestloophole might finally disappear. Profits earned from funds owned by real estate investors & mgrs of #privateequity & #venturecapital firms are taxed as #capitalgains at about 20%, instead of as regular income, which is taxed at more than double that rate"
2. "#Privateequity executives are also worried that the Biden administration may limit the tax deductibility of corporate interest payments, which would be another hit to their business model."
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$CVS remains my top large cap pick here. I think Buffett letter this weekend was the most bullish thing I’ve read for value stocks in a long time. He basically said bonds are the worst investment here and that Wall St never gets tired of story stocks. This is a toxic statement if
by #Buffett if you’re a growth investor that has just come off a hell of a decade. Now getting back to CVS. Currently trading at a FCF yield of >12% i.e. printing money. What many people don’t realize is this is a subscription business. Here me out for a second. Their PBM which
is the arm of the business that manages drug spend for employers has a 99% retention rate and built in growth in spend. We’re talking the largest companies in the world along with government programs such as Medicaid. They retain year in and year out 99% of current customers.
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Time for a very short story !!

Once a 14 year old kid, who used to deliver newspapers, told his family friend that if he doesn't become a millionaire by the age of 30, he'll jump of the tallest building of his city !

Sadly, he didn't become a millionaire by 30 ! 😔

I'm sure nobody even remembered his outrageous claim after 16 years but that child.....that child is now the age of your grandpa and is worth $85 Billion !!! 😮

He is the legend himself - Warren Buffett !

A short thread on Warren Buffett !

Warren Edward Buffett, also known as the "Oracle of Omaha" is the 4th richest man in the world as I'm writing this.

Born in 1930, in Omaha, USA, he went from being a newspaper delivery boy to the owner of Berkshire Hathaway, a $526 B conglomerate !

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La comunidad inversora siempra habla de #Buffett, #Munger, #Bogle o #Graham pero se olvida, sobre todo la comunidad dividendera, de #GeraldineWeiss

Para no olvidarla, abro hilo sobre la ‘Gran Dama de los Dividendos’ 👇

Nota: Aunque se base en #dividendos no es B&H puro
1. Geraldine Weiss nació en San Francisco en 1926 y gracias a que sus padres eran inversores se interesó por las finanzas. Se graduó en 1945 por la Universidad de California en Negocios y Finanzas.
2. Se interesó por la inversión en bolsa a leer todos los libros de inversión de la bibiloteca de San Diego, pero los más le influenciaron fueron los de Benjamin Graham: El Inversor Inteligente y Security Analysis.
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Share dealing or stock trading is a process of buying and selling shares of publicly listed companies.
In this thread, we list a few interesting facts about stock markets for beginners:
#StockMarket #stocks #investing… Image
1. What is the first stock market in the world? Many people think the oldest stock market is in London... No.
1. Amsterdam Stock Exchange - 1602
2. Paris Stock Exchange - 1724
3. Philadelphia Stock Exchange - 1790
4. London Stock Exchange - 1801
2. What is a share? A share or stock is a share of a particular company. Both, public and private companies issue shares but only public shares are traded on the stock exchanges.
Shares can also be called: stocks, equities, securities.…
#stocks #trading
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#ShelterInPlace #NonFiction #BookRecommendations !

Sharing takeaways and recs from recent reading blocks.

Who would I recommend this to?
👑 Everyone
🏆 Any interest in topic
🎖️ You often read on this topic
🍅 Nah

Michelin, not Amazon, style ratings = any non-🍅 is a good book.
Keynes Hayek by @NWapshott
Topic: 🌍💰
Layperson's history of JM Keynes' inventing #macroeconomics, and opposition by ppl who fear inflation > unemployment.

#Stimulus packages are <100y old
• They seem like magic, but aren't
• Fiscal policy goes beyond red vs blue Image
The Snowball by @aliceschroeder
Topic 💰📈
Great bio, but #Buffett's life is so consistent most ppl won't need 700 pages of it.

• "Take a simple idea, and take it very seriously"
• Learned early he loves making money, never stopped
• Wife surely made him a better human Image
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Acabo de terminar #Buffettogia de Mary Buffett y David Clark. Me había comprometido a dar alguna idea sobre el libro. Así que ahí van algunas notas rápidas #Buffett #Kindle #LecturasRecomendadas #Biblioteca (1/14)
El libro lo escribe la EXnuera de #Buffett, él no tiene nada que ver (con las #LettersToShareholders ya tiene suficiente). Y no, no hay detalles escabrosos, le deja bastante bien. Alguna anécdota doméstica es ilustrativa #NoBelenEstebanMoment (2/14)
El estilo de #Buffett lo denomina inversión desde la perspectiva empresarial. Y lo desagrega en 7 puntos (3/14)
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Salah satu kata-kata Buffett yg sering jadi “dagangan” adalah pendapatnya yg “against” terhadap diversifikasi. Seolah-olah kalau elo mau jadi investor tulen, diversifikasi TABU, is a NO NO.

Bener gitu gak sih? #diversifikasi #buffett
Padahal kita jg diajarkan prinsip diversifikasi dengan kalimat-kalimat semacam ini:

“Don’t put your all your eggs in one basket.”

“Diversification is the only free lunch.”

#Buffett #Diversifikasi
“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”
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