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Some people are reporting that #Turmeric is out of stock or hard to find in their cities. So when you come across it, buy a bunch.

P.S. the shelf life of turmeric root is relatively shorter, even when refrigerated. And freezing it doesn’t preserve it well.
So if you get a lot, preserve the roots that you aren’t using by recreating the environment it grows in. You can do that by getting a small bag of high quality soil from your local plant nursery. Pack the bottom of the container with the soil, put the turmeric root on top..
...then cover/bury it with more soil.

Only use the amount that you need without disturbing the rest of the turmeric that you’ve buried.

And it’s normal for roots to start to sprout the longer you leave it there. 👌🏾🌱🌱🙂
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Sign that country is developing on paper but is actually underdeveloped
Objectionable Advertisement Act prohibit ads 4 purposes, of remedies alleged 2 possess magic qualities
@HaealOnline wer is evidence that this prevents WHAT?
@shailajateacher @IMAIndiaOrg Image
#Curcumin, #Ashwaganda combo prevents NOTHING, effects on human health remain UNKNOWN. This public display of #quackery, #pseudoscience is insult to #science, complete disregard to #publichealth This has to be challenged, removed
@RajeevJayadevan @infoclinicindia @Charakan
Here is a paper showing multiple toxic curcuminoids & associated toxins in #Turmeric. How is this sourced, what R contaminants @HaealOnline product?
Ashwagandha is probable cause 4 liver injury #livertox from @NLM_NIH
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#India is probably ONLY country where spices are promoted as a '#treatment', '#prevention' of diseases rather than the flavouring foods that they R! This is done by #quackery promoting #government #ayush, #socialmediamarketing #SocialMedia, irresponsible visual, print #media
C this paper, Forsyth et al, 2019.
#Bangladesh, adding lead chromate (yellow pigment) 2 #turmeric by polishers 2 satisfy wholesale dealers driven by demand 4 turmeric/#curcumin. #India, many #ayurveda companies marketing #turmeric products. Is it pure?
This paper by Cowell et al, 2017…
The authors specify that many spices mix and turmeric contaminated with lead causing toxicity in #USA where from #India.
#Indian culture of daily #haldi #milk use is actually one of the stupidest #health #promotions
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#Turmeric Bioactive Compound Curcumin Blocks the Progression of Thyroid Cancer in Vitro…
How to Prevent Vulvar Cancer Naturally…
How to Improve Vascular Function Naturally and Permanently In Prevention of #HeartDisease…
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#Cranberry Improves Metabolic Profile of Obesity in Vivo…
Intake of Herbal #Turmeric(1) To Discover 15 Incredible Medical Benefits and Optimal Health, According to Phytochemical Properties…
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Sanatan Dharma – A religion based on science

Ancient India, the land of Vedas and Upanishads. The land of culture, traditions, purity of thoughts and a religion that is based on science. Fasting, celebrations, festivals, even our daily routine is based on science. Image
Let me point a few things that we follow that are considered religious but are based on science. Our sages entwined science into religion in such a way that a common man can follow scientific rules to stay healthy.

Toran: Main entrance decorated with Mango, Neem and Ashoka Image
leaves that were put to purify the air. It served two purposes, decoration and purification. A normal daily ritual that was based on science.
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#மஞ்சள் #Turmeric
"உணவே மருந்து"
ஆனால், ஒருக்காலும் "மருந்தே உணவு" ஆகாது.

சண்டையே இல்லாத திருமண உறவு என்பது எவ்வளவு பொய்யோ, அது போல பக்கவிளைவே இல்லாத மருந்து என்பதும்.

நான் அறிவியல் ஆர்வளன். அவ்வளவே.😔
நான் அறிவியல் ஆராய்ச்சியாளனோ(ex: Phd) அறிவியல் மருத்துவனோ (Ex: MBBS) இல்லை.

சித்தா & ஆயுர்'வேதம்' என்பவை சோசியத்திற்கு சமமானவை என்பது என் நிலைப்பாடு.

எனவே, அந்தப் புரிதலுடன் இதை வாசிக்கலாம். இல்லாவிட்டால் நடையைக் கட்டலாம் 😁

மஞ்சளை உணவில் சேர்க்கலாமா என்றால் சேர்க்கலாம்.

மஞ்சள் மட்டுமா என்றால் இல்லை.

மஞ்சளில் உள்ள #Curcumin என்ற ஒரு வேதிப் பொருளே மஞ்சளை சிறப்பாக்குகிறது. ஆனால், அது மஞ்சளில் வெறும் 5 சதவீதமே உள்ளது.

100 கிராம் மஞ்சளில் 5 கிராமே உருப்படியான சரக்கு உள்ளது.

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