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I paid 18K & checked Liv.52 used by chronic liver disease patient who developed herb-liver injury & liver failure, so that you don't have to.

People/patients decide if you would want this junk in you.

Doctors decide if you want this junk inside your patients.

#Ayush #Ayurveda Image
Lot of lay persons, non-med professionals, wannabe med professionals (Ayurveds), absolutely not med professionals (Homeopaths) r giving free med advise in this thread.

Please ignore them and their advises. I cant debunk it all because its a swarm of misinformation.
Please note that this is not the first time.
Herbal supplements industry are taking people for a long ride since ages. Only the ignorant keep riding

Proof 1:
Here is analysis on Liv.52 and Coronil a while back.
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Germ Theory

It is possible for a germ to harm us directly or indirectly. While I am not in the know of any sane research that fulfils KOCH's postulates (direct harm), it is known that bacteria can indirectly harm (excreta, breakdown products).
Animal experiments are most cruel and the very process of experiment leads to an ailment and not any pathogen. In one study, rodents were anaesthetised and "innoculated" with fluid injected into lungs. Is that the way you catch a respiratory infection? Think about it!
Science and philosophy are not two divorced subjects. Look at forests. Are the big cats out to eliminate the herbivores? In the Millions of years of existence on the planet did they manage to eliminate herbivores? Don't we feel the microcosm and macrocosm are related?
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38yr old male who is case of stable CKD since 2008 with creatinine of 3 & small size kidneys... his kidneys worsened due to covid in March and creatinine went upto 6...told him to be in close follow up ..he didn't listen and started taking ayurvedic medicine
Now creatinine went upto more than 14 & urea 350, not just that his hemoglobin which was in good range during all these years drop down to 4gm and his platelets also very low ..less than 50thousands .. probably due to his bone marrow is also damaged due to these medicines
He was taking these four bottles since last 6 months....they r not cheap Even though..the cost of these 4 bottles is equal to chemotherapy drugs. This is not the story of this patient alone...this is the story of thousands of patients who were lured by these alternative medicine
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Liv 52 - A🧵

➡️ What is it?
➡️ Is it Ayurveda?
➡️What is it used (advertised) for?
➡️What is the evidence?
➡️Research and evaluation?
➡️Is it safe?
➡️Who prescribes it?
➡️Should/ can I use it?

#medtwitter #livertwitter #meded #Ayush #Ayurveda
What is Liv 52?
It is a herbal drug manufactured by Himalaya India
Launched in 1955 😐
Named Liv (for liver)
52 (becoz 'researchers' got the 'correct' formulation coded '52' - at 52nd attempt)…
Contains ALMOST 20 components...
...making it multiherbal drug

Is Liv 52 Ayurvedic?

According to the principles that guide an Ayurvedic treatment,

Any classical Ayurvedic drug must act on atleast one of the 3 doshas - Vata/Pitta/Kapha - to 'align' it normally

Action of Liv 52 on doshas isnt mentioned...
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I challenge ur narrative tat alternative medicine works
It doesnt/#neem studies tat u keep quoting, are NOT peer-reviewed, NOT published/has been collecting dust in preprint server since Apr 2020
Tis makes ur argument invalid
But #science is kind, so lets discus
2 This is UR molecular docking study u uploaded to preprint. Y was this never published? Bcoz this is highly flawed from methods to results to conclusions. Molecular docking was blind - hence ligand optimization is not accurate...
...and grid coordinates wer computer generated. Hw did u correct for tis? U cud hav used predicted binding sites 2 improve accuracy/efficiency…
Predicted binding sites 4 #SARSCoV2 is widely published/ use of grid-based docking wud be better...
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A real story of #modern medicine & #Ayush

Sad wen the former messes things up

24 yr male - overweight by 11kg. Routine check up - fatty liver/advised by GP 2 stop eating - yes he said stop eating, eat when hungry or he'll develop cirrhosis +
#MedTwitter #livertwitter
So the guy gets food phobia - loses 2 much weight in 2 months - close to 12 kg - rechecks liver test - AST and ALT enzymes are higher than before - fellow is sure its 2 late and he is going to develop cirrhosis - so he goes 2 a Gastroenterologist at a suburban clinic +
Gastro doc does his ultrasound liver - sees grade 3 fatty liver frm prev Grade 1 - says its bad (on radiological assessment). Liver tests show AST 200 ALT 102. Patient repeatedly asks if he had developed cirrhosis
No answer (a silent doctor is either a fool or thinking one) +
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Y promoting, supporting, advertising, sympathizing or simply ignoring, being neutral abt #Ayurveda, #Siddha or #Unani is dangerous 2 #publichealth. #MedTwitter #livertwitter
Middle aged man with BCLC-B liver #cancer (survival >30 mo) was advised a chemoembolization procedure Image
Chemoembolization or TACE is relatively safe and adverse event free option in selected patients
It also improves survival
This patient luked 4 othr options. He was scared of TACE. Physician failed to gain his confidence bcoz he was busy moving 2 seeing many othr patients
Physician gave the patient an appointment 4 procedure and left it at that. The patient, relatively stable man, went around asking for other options. Landed in arms of a traditional #ayurvedic healer, who advised him a cocktail of herbs and cow urine which he tuk for 3-4 mo Image
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1/Cirrhosis patient on Madhumardan #ayurvedic tabs by #Jain & Pranada #herbal proprietary drug by #Bipha. Patient now with jaundice, recovered from brain failure and an episode of infection. Listed 4 liver transplant. #Ayurveda prescribed by patient's #BAMS sister
Madhumardan contains 32 herbs.
Yes. 32 herbs. It's just crazy. 32 herbs. I can't get over this. Website mentions no side effects. Human #health has no value in #AYURVEDA. This is the truth about the #science of #life which is actually science of #business. Harmful BS.
Pranada is a proprietary medicine. Look at indications for use. Dropsy, hydropsy and cirrhosis. What are these diseases which are totally different from each other, treated with same drug. Vague idiots. AGAIN, #PSEUDOSCIENCE OF BUSINESS. No regard 4 human health. Stupids.
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Harmless #Placebo
64 yr old gentleman. Has mild fatty liver. On meds for high BP. Healthy, farmer. One fine day, he's lethargic. Lost appetite. Feeling under the weather
Gets blood tests done after GP consult. Liver test AST 224 ALT 138. GP says bad fatty liver, starts VitE
Comes back after 14 days. Worsening appetite. Rechecks blood. AST 542 ALT 432. GP refers to me. I ask for alcohol use. Gentleman says never in his life. His family supports him. I ask for #ayurveda #herbals. Says he doesn't believe in that sh*t. I'm impressed. But no diagnosis
3/ Checks for autoimmune liver disease markers, viruses. All negative. Ultimately convinces the elderly man to go for a liver biopsy. He does and the report says. Autoimmune liver disease. Repeat blood markers still negative. Pathologist says ask for drugs. So I do that again.
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Ministry of #AYUSH new task force 2 study effects of Ashwagandha+Yashtimadhu+Guduchi+Pippali+poly herbal drug (AYUSH-64) #Covid_19
Decision coms aftr prev imaginary but negative trials on Ashwagandha+Guduchi+Chyawanprash

More than meets the eye+
This time the ministry is DAMN sure this combination will work - bcoz they hav included their 'trump' card in the treatment combination - AYUSH-64

Know more about this super *cough* drug

Made in 1980 (Yes, older than me)
First released in 2000 4 malaria (yes, anti-parasite) Image
Sadly, peer-reviewed paper in Current Science
showed it was not good, inferior 2 chloroquine

2016 - licensed 2 #Dabur as anti-malarial - failed 2 gain momentum

In between did an item-number dance as anti-filarial
Movie flopped

Thereafter, every1 forgot abt AYUSH-64😭

But, Image
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1/I'm really not sure what you are getting at. You sound sweet, but ur intentions with respect to medical care are not ideal, SEEMS like u r trying to legitimatize quackery (not sure if u r an ayush practitioner-plz confirm)
This is not welcome and unacceptable behavior.
2/ What does it mean /in their own areas/ this is very concerning. Are you promoting quackery? Do u kno principles of AYU & Siddha. They are highly unscientific. Feels like U R somehow trying to speak pseudoscience without actually speaking pseudoscience - an #AYUSH sympathizer.
There is no role called adjuvant.
It doesn't make sense. Don't understand why U wud keep talking on this topic wen its clear tat integrative medicine is unscientific. A hoax of wellness industry to fraud people. I wish you wud rose above this. Tc. I hav nothing more to add.
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1/A horrific patient scene today. A #kidney #transplant patient doing well since 2015. Had fall and fracture of foot. Underwent surgery,improving. Asked for physio sessions to continue at home. Asks around,finds #ayurvedic traditional healer. He does external works.
2/ patient feels better. #Ayurveda healer gets his trust. Says post transplant infections and diabetes worsen (patient was already diabetic kidney disease for which transplant was done). Says #natural is safest way. Patient falls for healers confidence. Starts #herbal drugs.
3/ Drugs and potions prepared at home from locally sourced plants. Small fee Healer also advise nutritional changes. More like starvation. No proteins. Remember patient is post kidney transplant. #weightloss in 1 mo. Loss of appetite in 2 months. Then came something unexpected.
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On 18.12.2020, computer engineer @FitTuber shared @YouTube video titled "10 Safe & Useful Ayurvedic Tablets to Replace Allopathic Pills (Instant Relief)". The drugs he promoted were by @baidyanathgroup, not sure if it was paid promotion. I bought them:
10 drugs, details, batch numbers R given in pic👇. All by @baidyanathgroup exept 1 by
We did GCMSMS, ICP-OES and FTIR analyses on these samples. Here are my 10 safer modern medicine alternatives 2 @FitTuber's untested, potentially harmful #Ayurvedic drugs
Kanthsudharak Vati by Unjha Pharma
@FitTuber: 4 sorethroat, cold, cough
Analysis: Lead 0.54 mg/kg, Cadmium 0.4 mg/kg, Thallium 0.71 mg/kg and industrial phenols.
Low values, but not ideal.

Safe alternative: Levocetrizine & non-sedative cough syrup Levodropropizine
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Remember woman who tuk multiple @SriSriTattva products 4 range of problems frm diabetes 2 gas 2 liver disease & developed liver failure, listed for liver transplant?
Here is original thread:

23 samples, Analysis results
#MedTwitter #livertwitter
Before I go into results, I must say this was overwhelming. There was SO MUCH the lab identified, impossible to put everything here. So I made a summary. At the end of this thread, I have linked a full analysis described in Excel format. Some results were VERY concerning
How did we analyse?
Here R links 2 methods
They R high end, done under strict protocols
Frm Ministry of Forest, Environment, Climate / NABL approvd Lab
Here is list V analysed 👇
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I followed @FitTuber advise and got all these #Ayurveda medicines which he outright claimed are '#safer', ''#effective' than conventional prescription drugs for day to day use. These will be tested for #safety first - will undergo GCMSMS, ICP-OES and FTIR analyses.
I looked at packaging and found interesting (poor regulation, absurdity), #quackery, #pseudoscience based descriptions like this:
Malaria - caused by parasite
Dengue - caused by virus
Typhoid - caused by bacteria.
One tablet to rule them all. Reminds me of lord of the rings.
This particular #ayurvedic tablet is good for indigestion, hyperacidity and THEN - like a @starwars hyperspace jump 🤯SCABIES🤯. How? Why? What is the mode of action within this very broad range of 'symptoms to disease'. You know this medicine is #fraud.
Also check out 'etc'🙅‍♂️
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Dear @doctorsoumya, your tweet isn't in best interest of scientific practice. Yoga is an arm of the #pseudoscience & potentially harmful, untested but highly promoted #AYUSH. In fact, many #quacks promote #Yoga with other forms of #quackery.
Plz C absurd
I did not understand why you specifically tweeted on this study? Because there is more you could have tweeted on the same.
Example, simple walking, independent of other forms of physical activity is ALSO associated wit reduction in systemic inflammation.
Which means, people don't have 2 SPEND money on 'YOGA GURUS' or join 'Yoga based' clubs or PAY 4 'YOGA' classes when same effect is noticeable with - yes, money free, hassle free, walking. There is also a systematic review on it But U did not #tweet it?
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#India is probably ONLY country where spices are promoted as a '#treatment', '#prevention' of diseases rather than the flavouring foods that they R! This is done by #quackery promoting #government #ayush, #socialmediamarketing #SocialMedia, irresponsible visual, print #media
C this paper, Forsyth et al, 2019.
#Bangladesh, adding lead chromate (yellow pigment) 2 #turmeric by polishers 2 satisfy wholesale dealers driven by demand 4 turmeric/#curcumin. #India, many #ayurveda companies marketing #turmeric products. Is it pure?
This paper by Cowell et al, 2017…
The authors specify that many spices mix and turmeric contaminated with lead causing toxicity in #USA where from #India.
#Indian culture of daily #haldi #milk use is actually one of the stupidest #health #promotions
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Is Aloe vera good for you?
A review of toxicity and adverse effects of Aloe:
A review of Aloe and liver injury in humans
#MedTwitter #livertwitter #SocialMedia
Aloe vera is a potential carcinogen. Meaning its use can cause cancers in long term.
Always consult your physician or doctor (not #ayush) for the correct information regarding what supplements products are safe for you.
Aloe vera can cause toxicity to reproductive organs
It is proven in mutiple animal studies.
Inform your doctor if you are using aloe products
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A person messaged me asking if he could continue taking this following drug for memory boosting.

The drug contains 'Brahmi' from herb Bacopa.

Fact: Depending on #Ayurveda, which itself, #quackery, embodiment of #pseudoscience ➡️#herbal #memory booster is #fraud. #medtwitter
People age, som develop cognition disorders - there R identifiable risk factors, treatable&controllable.

Cognition disorders➡️ - which of these are prevented by Bacopa? Actually none

Let us see 2 large metanalyses/systematic reviews on Bacopa extracts
A -
Result: some potential, nothing definite because it is never compared with a standard drug. I dont know Y complementary and alternative medicines R always compared with placebo when there are other better standards 2 compare them with! #livertwitter
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#Ayurveda 2 prevent surgical site infections. Is this the #future? Looks good. But it's smoke & mirrors. How did this start? A team of scientific practitioners (including #orthopedic #surgeon below) performed worlds 1st surgery(prostate)wit only #herbals without antibiotics. 1/
4 yrs back this was published in a newspaper. Yes. The same 'scientific newspaper' deal that ruined real #COVID19 public awareness.…
The authors of 'study' gave 10 days of giloy, guduchi and 'anti infective herbs', & performed surgery in an elderly man 2/
What happened then? Voila! There was no infection and the authors claimed that herbs prevented surgical site infection! This happened after consulting top brains in Ayurveda in the country.
Again this happened in 2016. Thats close to 5 years back. Fast forward. 3/
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For over 65 years Liv.52 has been useful to many with #liver problems. Each herbal ingredient is thoroughly tested, and heavy metal levels of Liv.52 are within permissible limits and in compliance with WHO, #AYUSH, and major regulatory agency guidelines. #HimalayaLiv52
We ensure every product is of the highest quality, for the safety and benefit of the user. Each herbal ingredient in Liv.52 is used after careful #examination as per Pharmacopoeial standards. #HimalayaLiv52
Numerous clinical studies conducted on Liv.52 over the last 65 years have proven and reinforced the efficacy and safety of the product in treating hepatic conditions. #HimalayaLiv52
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Justice Ashok Bhushan led bench of the #SupremeCourt to shortly deliver judgment on an appeal against Kerala HC order prohibiting @moayush doctors from advertising or prescribing medicines as a cure for COVID-19, except those in Centre’s advisory on March 6, 2020
Bench assembles

Modification not needed in the Kerala HC order.

Plea disposed off
Supreme Court refuses to interfere in Kerala HC order prohibiting @moayush doctors from advertising or prescribing medicines as a cure for COVID-19, except those in Centre’s advisory on March 6, 2020.
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#Ayurveda treatment for alcoholic #liver #cirrhosis - case based protocol, described in a case series of 3 patients.
Once again, forget @NetflixIndia comedy shows, this is where all the fun, comedy and jokes are now.

Caution: This limited series will drop your IQs
🔅#Ayurveda is a philosophy. Correct. No therapeutic value.
🔅Uncertainty due to uncertainty😳 HUH?
🔅#Ayush guys got 'sanskrit' spelling wrong 😵 whats with that?
🔅Time to combine evidence based medicine with case based medicine. What #herb is the author on?
🌿Alcoholic is not correct. Alcohol related/associated. More compassion toward patient. But what does #Ayurveda know abt compassion right? Need a herb 4 that.
🌿Specifically note the sentence bad mouthing scientific, conventional care. That's hw these #ayush #quacks survive.
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Here is something funny&sad
Yes. Its about #hepatitis C and #Ayurveda #Homeopathy #Ayush
A thread

32 yr male. Routine check in 2017, found 2 have hepatitis C virus (HCV) +ve. That is, anti-HCV +ve meaning exposure to the virus & antibodies in blood.
#MedTwitter #livertwitter
To confirm, PCR test 4 RNA has to be done. Which he did. The viral load was 900,000 IU/L. So he goes to a Gastroenterologist, who checks the virus genotype (it was type 2) and puts him on the fantastic direct acting antiviral Sofosbuvir+velpatasvir for 3 months. All good?
He checks Google. Finds cirrhosis, liver cancer etc...gets alarmed and before completing the treatment, checks HCV at 2 months. Finds - anti HCV still +ve.
[note: anti HCV ELISA test STILL +ve]
Feels modern medicine doctor cheated him with expensive drugs.
Enter the dragon.
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