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Dr. Karen Stout - presenting the 7 rules to evaluate #Congenital #HeartDisease by #yesCCT at #SCCT2022

Rule - 1: ALWAYS be prepared. Check cases a day prior & PLAN the imaging

@Heart_SCCT @FiRSTSCCT @SinghVasvi @AChoiHeart
KNOW the anatomy.
If you don’t understand the repair- LOOK up. #Google

@Fentanes_MD @JWeirMcCall @Nidhi_Madan9
Rule - KNOW the surgical history

@Heart_SCCT @SandeepHedgire @JWeirMcCall
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Mag ik jullie er nog eens aan herinneren wat vitamine D met mij heeft gedaan. Weg gewrichtspijnen door ontstekingen (dat weet ik omdat ik etoricoxib slikte). @MinVWS en @ministerVWS. Vitamine D is goed voor je. Het is kanker remmend en zorgt er blijkbaar ook voor dat…

ontstekingen in gewrichten verdwijnen. We krijgen al weinig natuurlijke vitamine D binnen op het noordelijk halfrond. Want vit. D krijg je van zonlicht op je blote, niet ingesmeerde huid. En wat doet @minvws daartegen? Niets sterker nog ze zorgen ervoor dat we zo min…

mogelijk vit D aanmaken of binnen krijgen. Hun laatste offensief:…

Andere middelen die ze hanteren (mijn visie, hoeft net persé waar te zijn):
1 maak de mensen wijs dat zonlicht kankerverwekkend is. Laat ze zich insmeren met factor 50 zodat ze…

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So excited to finally share our paper, now available as a #bioRxiv preprint!

We found that enhancing #mtDNA replication can be highly deleterious, causing #Ferroptosis and neonatal 🫀#HeartDisease. 🧵thread coming soon..…

#newpublication #mitochondria
This project would not have been possible without the fantastic work from many people, so thank you all! @ASW_lab, @Kivela_lab, @WickstromLab, @JMitophile, @AWartiovaara et twitterless al.
@HelsinkiUniMed @helsinkiuni @HelsinkiUniMed @MitoResearch @uniofjyvaskyla @UniEastFinland
Recent years have brought several promising approaches to treat different kinds of #mitochondrial dysfunction, and increasing #mtDNA amount has been proposed to be beneficial for certain defects.
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Cardiovascular disease is one of the most prevalent diseases in the developed world.

One of the scariest things about #heartdisease is that it is often a silent killer, with few to no outward symptoms.
As one of my medical school professors liked to point out, the most common "presentation" of the disease is a sudden, fatal heart attack. You know the patient has heart disease because he has just died from it.
And while mortality rates from those first, surprise heart attacks have dropped significantly thanks to improvements in basic cardiac life support and time-sensitive interventions, such attacks are still fatal roughly 1/3 of the time.
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1| "Innovation is everywhere. No matter where you look, every industry is looking at ways to do things more efficiently and be more sustainable...however, innovation is not just about the latest new digital technology. Image
2| We all know that food is integrally involved with health—thus the phrase ‘we are what we eat.’ Diet is a leading contributor to major cardiovascular disease risk factors like obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, and hypertension, as well as cardiovascular disease itself.
3| The Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study 2019 estimates that 8 million deaths were attributable to dietary risk factor.
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#Turmeric Bioactive Compound Curcumin Blocks the Progression of Thyroid Cancer in Vitro…
How to Prevent Vulvar Cancer Naturally…
How to Improve Vascular Function Naturally and Permanently In Prevention of #HeartDisease…
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My system has been firing for hours since I first saw this thread show up in my feed. I feel absolutely furious that people are misrepresenting #ACEsScience as determinant & dismissing it as unethical & faulty. No one with any reputability is saying "I am my ACEs." #WhyITalkACEs
Maybe you haven't been affected by your experience of #ACEs Maybe you had enough mitigating experiences of #BCEs or #PCEs Maybe you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps. Maybe you were able to access resources in early adulthood to prevent or redirect long term effects.
Maybe the effects of your #ACEs and #ChildhoodToxicStress just haven't shown up in your physiology yet. #Cancer #HeartDisease #Diabetes #COPD #Obesity #AutoimmuneDisease #Suicide #Depression have all been shown to also occur in people with histories of #ChildAbuse #ChildNeglect
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“The biggest crime you can commit in America is being sick.”

📝: @laura_ungar, KHN/@NPR #BillofTheMonth…
Matthew Fentress was just 25 when he passed out while stuffing cannolis as a cook for a senior living community six years ago. Doctors diagnosed him with viral cardiomyopathy, #heartdisease that developed after a bout of the flu. #BilloftheMonth

📸: @MegVogelphoto
Three years later, the Kentucky man’s condition had worsened, and doctors placed him in a medically induced coma and inserted a pacemaker and defibrillator. #BilloftheMonth
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Blood Cells Test to Identify High-Risk of #COVID19 in Patients: Study…

(📸: IANS)
A standard test that assesses blood cells can identify which patients admitted to hospital with #COVID19 could face a high risk of becoming critical and die, say, researchers.

#coronavirus #coroanvirusoutbreak
"We wanted to help find ways to identify high-risk #COVID19 patients as early — who are likely to become severely ill and which hospitalized patients are likely to get worse quickly," said study researcher John M Higgins from the Massachusetts General Hospital in the US.
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My journey to my #PhD program was an absolute #strugglebus. I graduated with a 2.75 GPA from @GeorgiaTech. Most grad applicants have a 3.5 or higher. #Yikes

I applied anyway 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ (I didn't get admitted into any programs - post bacc, M.S., or PhD) #AcademicChatter
Fortunately, my mentor @RaquelLieberman gave me the opportunity to work as a #research technician in her lab for 2 yrs to gain the experience I needed for grad school.

This is when I first started studying essential pathways that we could disrupt to kill disease causing bacteria
After working in her lab for almost 2 years..I reapplied again. This time I felt VERY confident I was ready for the #PhD.

I was denied admission to every single grad program I applied to (including the one I'm in now).
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So this #Stupidity hits close to home. So a #discussion on #arsenicum album 30.
📌30 means 30 times diluted, standard for #Homeopathy
📌What is #diluted? ➡️ #Arsenic trioxide
📌#homeopath says only 0.443mg of compound per pellet
📌Thats #safety levels right? ➡️ NO.
Read on
#Arsenic whatever form, concentration, level, is #dangerous #harmful to #humans.
📌Even LOW DOSE intermediate to #long use can lead to #Cancer
📌Actually, many types of #Cancers - #skin, #liver, #bladder, #kidney, #lung
📌Those with #diabetes #heartdisease its #deathwish
📌NOT one proper #study on this #drug in #Medical #history
📌Read artilce @AltNewsScience debunking fake evidence:
📌#traditional use was in #diarrhea
📌#pseudoscience at its best
👇 Arsenic is As and not ARS
🔥Even though arsenicum album is #crap
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/25/2020…
Did a Person Write This Headline, or a Machine?…

#ML #generator #text
Opinion | The Future of Nonconformity…

#thinking #nonconformist
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Can high-intensity interval training improve physical and mental health outcomes? A meta-review of 33 systematic reviews across the lifespan:…

#HIIT #heartdisease
Congratulations @BrendonStubbs and team on this massive publication. Do your co-authors have #Twitter?....virtual 🙌for all.
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(1/6) I'm so honoured and excited to share that I've been awarded research funds from @HeartandStroke to support a randomized trial examining exercise training strategies (e.g. HIIT) in women with #heartdisease ♥️ @UOHIResearch @HeartInstitute
(2/6) Heart disease is the number one killer of women over 35 years.

Women are Understudied, Underdiagnosed, and Undertreated.

It's time for change!

@thaiscoutinhoCV @CWHHC
(3/6) My colleagues @thaiscoutinhoCV @DrAndrewPipe @Breid57Reid @Brunet_Jen Dr. Heather Tulloch. Dr. George Wells and Marja-Leena Keast (all Twitterless 😅)
and I are so grateful to continue our work in this important area.
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(1/6) This #SundaySpotlight on #PublicHealth brings you @MinorityHealth’s 5⃣ plays for men to stay at the top of their game this #MensHealthMonth, and serves as an important reminder that #HeartDisease is a top killer for men in the U.S. Image
(2/6) Physical activity is key and everything counts! Even on my busiest of days I make time for a little exercise.

If you need a little motivation or tips on how to get and stay active, check out @HealthGov’s Activity Planner:…. Image
(3/6) A lot can change in a year and the same counts for your body – it’s important to see your health team for an annual checkup. Now is a good time to call your provider & see if #telehealth services are available to maintain these appointments. Image
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1/ We’re wrapping up a nine week, around the world filming schedule for #TheCCDoc, where we chatted with @lansberg, @DrAseemMalhotra, @bschermd, @KenSikaris, @eatmostlyfatali, @DrPaulMason, and @zoeharcombe to name just a few of the 36 interviews so far.…
2/ We’re now turning our focus to the US where our first stop will be #LowCarbDenver #LCD2020.

If you’re attending and a medical professional with insights on #cholesterol, #HeartDisease, and/or have patients seeing a rise in their #LDL, register here:
3/ Importantly, we’re looking to get a wide spectrum of opinion. Whether you are pro LDL-lowering, a skeptic, or anywhere in between, we want to hear from you.

This documentary needs to have input from each side of this important topic for the benefit of the viewers.
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What's in a name?
Why @WHO's formal name for the new #coronavirus #disease matters:…

#COVID19 #Covid_19
1. Wash your hands often and/or use hand sanitizer more frequently.

2. Try not to touch your face... 🙈

3. Cough into your shirt or arm.

4. Stay home when you are sick.


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As flu becomes widespread across the nation, it’s time for a #Flu #Tweetorial: 33 states, DC, NYC, and Puerto Rico are all experiencing HIGH levels of flu-like illness.
1/10 Image
This means rates of hospitalization and death from flu are similar or lower than what we typically see around this time of year. This could change.
#Flu #Tweetorial 2/10
There are several “types” or strains of flu. Strains change every year (that’s why you need a flu vaccine yearly).
Each year we try to match our #FluVax to the strains we think will be circulating.
#Flu #Tweetorial 3/10
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In five days we begin filming #TheCCDoc -- a documentary on #Lipids, #HeartDisease, and the phenomenon of higher #LDL #Cholesterol observed in many following the #keto/#lchf lifestyle.

This will either be a single feature length documentary (90-120m) or a series of topic episodes (40-55m each)

I'll be interviewing experts across the opinion spectrum. Pro lipid hypothesis, moderate, skeptic, liberal on statins vs conservative, etc.

We'll explore:
1. History of cholesterol discovery
2. The #LowCarb movement and high "diet induced" #LDL
3. The science and data of risk: intervention, genetic, and observational
4. The two Triads, atherogenic dyslipidemia and ⬆️LDL+⬆️HDL+⬇️Triglycerides

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Our latest paper fresh out in @ATHjournal! We asked: "If we used an #AI algorithm to group individuals based on similar blood profile of 44 #lipid measurements, could we improve coronary #heartdisease risk prediction?" Turns out: no.

Thread! 🚨 (1/13)…
We looked to see if we could detect subgroups in the population that would have a) similar blood profiles across 14 lipoprotein subclasses and b) possible differences in CHD risk. The algorithm we use is called a self-organising map (SOM)

See:… (2/13)
SOM is a tool for multivariate subgrouping. Essentially the user puts in variables and the algorithm groups individuals based on similarity of these inputs. Here's a rough emoji-schematic of how this applies to population cohorts (3/13)
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