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Welcome to the #ProtectedAndInformed #TwitterChat!! We are pleased to have you here on this #InternationalYouthDay. @UNAIDS_AU_ECA @UNAIDS @hikemboi and @AUYouthProgram are on standby to engage with you!!! Let's chat!
We have 5 (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5) questions for you and would like to engage with your responses. Share your thoughts by simply:
1. Picking a question you’d like to answer
2. Typing your response and label it A1, A2, A3, A4 or A5 in line with the respective question
3. Engaging with others participating in the chat by replying, liking and/or retweeting

NB: Add #ProtectedAndInformed and #twitterchat so the community can engage with you this #InternationalYouthDay
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#NEISvoid, #ParentingwithPain chat is this Saturday, 15 May, 6 - 7 PM CET. You can find the #twitterchat guidelines:…
Q1: How do you prepare your child(ren) for the uncertainty that chronic illness causes in your life (cancelled plans, for ex)? 1/3
Q2: Have you had to take your child(ren) to your medical appointments? How did you handle it? Were they overwhelmed?
Q3: If you are in a relationship, how do you divide your parenting tasks? Is there any resentment from your partner on how this is done? 2/3 #ParentingwithPain
Q4: How involved are you in your child's day to day activities (meal prep, school run, homework assistance, etc)?
Q5: For parents of older children, has your relationship gotten better or worse as your children grew up?
#ParentinwithPain #NEISVoid #twitterchat
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Welcome all to our first ever #TwitterChat
We will be doing a deep dive on the the now like Nawi Knowledge Portal and share with you why we felt there was a need for it.

Follow this thread to learn more! Image
Introducing the panelists:

@crystalsimeoni serves as the Nawi director. She has over 10 years’ experience working on macro level inequalities

@fatimahkelleher a Pan African feminist technical adviser/strategist engaged in feminist advocacy, research & advice #CiteAfricanWomen
Onto our 1st question which we will direct to @crystalsimeoni

Q1. Why the Nawi knowledge portal?

#CiteAfricanWomen #NawiAfrica
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Like many of you, I’m an unapologetic book nerd. I love a good recommendation and love sharing after I enjoy a book.

So check it:

Just finished this book by our very own #medtwitter @AaronLBerkowitz. Here’s my unsolicited review.

(Spoiler alert: I loved it.)
In full transparency, @AaronLBerkowitz told me (via Twitter) about his recently published book. And because:

1. I like books.
2. I believe #supportisaverb
3. It was on Audible.

I immediately used my November @audible_com credit and gave it a try.

I’ll admit—I’m a fan of @AaronLBerkowitz’ Neuro textbook. But I had no idea what to expect out of THIS particular book.

I mean, even with reviews from everyone from Dr. Paul Farmer himself to @drsanjaygupta, the book nerd in me was skeptical.

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@ShamwariyeMwana Q1 Who is shamwari yemwanasikana and when was it formed? #OpenParlyZW Image
@ShamwariyeMwana Q2 Can you highlight of some of your successful works? #OpenParlyZW Image
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For our July #AIEthics #TwitterChat we’ve invited brilliant Data Scientist Ayodele Odubela @DataSciBae for a 🔥🔥
conversation on “Increasing Equity in AI” for marginalized and underrepresented groups. Bookmark this tweet and join us right here on Friday, July 31 at 8a PDT For our July #AIEthics #Twi...
Counting down to our July #AIEthics #TwitterChat in 40mins at 8a PST with brilliant Data Scientist Ayodele Odubela @DataSciBae on “Increasing Equity in AI” for marginalized and underrepresented groups @JBarbosaPR @cyorir @HickokMerve @_sjbennett @favourboroks Counting down to our July #...
In a few minutes we'll start our July #AIEthics #TwitterBookChat with Ayodele Odubela @DataSciBae on “Increasing Equity in AI” for marginalized and underrepresented groups. but first here are some ground rules (1/2)
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We're skipping our monthly #AIEthics #TwitterChat to bring you this Police Violence bingo thread that @more_ian_moura and I created w/ data and facts to counter the alternative facts and propaganda used to justify police brutality. What did we miss? #BlackLivesMatter Police Violence bingo threa...
"Black on Black crime" Just as for blacks when it comes to black-on-black crime—whites are mostly victimized by other whites, with the vast majority of white murders committed by whites.…
“Few bad apples” The point of policing the hood is to demonstrate that the police officer dominates. That he’s the man, regardless of gender, that the officer is the boss, and that everybody else is subordinate...that message is communicated...with fear.…
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@MiaD A6: We must ensure that appropriate oversight, accountability mechanisms for the introduction of digital tools are in place & that we have an open debate about trade-offs that need to be made. This is particularly important in moments of crisis. (1/5) #AIEthics #TwitterChat
@MiaD In order to allow oversight, identify security vulnerabilities early on and create trust, #OpenSource must be a leading principle! Germany has just recently made its Corona warn app architecture public on Github. Hopefully this will set a standard! (2/5) #AIEthics #TwitterChat
@MiaD We need to understand that digital tools can assist us in the fight against #COVID19, but they cannot replace other measures. If we overestimate their potential while underestimating the complexity of the problem, we'll cause more harm than good. (3/5) #AIEthics #TwitterChat
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@MiaD A5: Technology is always about power! Who's interests are given consideration in the development? What/who is perceived as the norm? These questions determine whether AI will reinforce existing power structures or help us fight inequalities. (1/4) #AIEthics #TwitterChat
@MiaD The crisis exposes and amplifies inequalities. At the beginning, people were saying "everybody is the same in front of the virus". It is pretty clear by now that that's not true! (2/4) #AIEthics #TwitterChat
@MiaD We need to make sure that the voices of the already marginalized parts of the population are being heard in the development of the digital tools that are used to fight #COVID19. We also need to keep working towards more diversity in tech! (3/4) #AIEthics #TwitterChat
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@MiaD A4: The dichotomy between privacy and patient protection is a false one! The goal should be to achieve better public health by making data privacy a leading principle on the development of technical responses to #Covid_19 (1/5) #HearTheGermanTalking #GDPR
#AIEthics #TwitterChat
@MiaD The use of tracking tools must always be voluntary. Therefore, to succeed, contact tracing programs require that people trust the technology and the institutions building them. #Privacybydesign is needed to build this trust. (2/5)
#AIEthics #TwitterChat
@MiaD In Germany we now have an agreement against a central database with identities & location data and for voluntary use. + a very active public debate on the pros and cons of a centralized versus a decentralized storage of data. (3/5) #AIEthics #TwitterChat
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@MiaD @CummingsRenee A3: Facial recognition is also being used to diagnose genetic, medical conditions, and to identify and monitor patients for safety reasons. I.e. elderly patients trying to leave care facilities. All these applications rely on highly sensitive data (1/5) #AIEthics #TwitterChat
@MiaD @CummingsRenee We now witness the use of facial recognition by governments to identify people who may have violated quarantine orders. It might in fact help mitigate the pandemic but it can also produce anti-democratic, discriminatory structures on a broad scale. (2/5)
#AIEthics #TwitterChat
@MiaD @CummingsRenee In times of crisis the urgency of action leads us to become more accepting for measures that restrict fundamental rights and freedoms, such as privacy, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, due process (3/5)
#AIEthics #TwitterChat
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@MiaD @CummingsRenee A2: #AI, like all technologies, is never per se good or bad. Besides many opportunities, it also bears the risk of reproducing and amplifying structural bias and discrimination and easing mass surveillance. (1/5) #AIEthics #TwitterChat
@MiaD @CummingsRenee The #COVID19 pandemic requires us to make some new tough tradeoffs - the difficult but crucially important part is a democratic debate on which concessions are acceptable and necessary. (2/5) #AIEthics #TwitterChat
@MiaD @CummingsRenee As of right now, we are witnessing the implementation of digital tools that restrict fundamental rights and freedoms, such as privacy and data protection. Not only in authoritarian regimes, but also in Europe. (3/5)
#AIEthics #TwitterChat
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@MiaD @CummingsRenee A1: Like @CummingsRenee said, countries around the globe are developing a wide array of digital tools to combat #COVID__19. I'd like to start by categorizing the different approaches as a basis for our discussion: (1/5)
#AIEthics #Twitterchat
@MiaD @CummingsRenee Digital technologies are used to...
1) better understand #COVID__19 and speed up the development of medical treatments and immunization
2) track the (global) spread of the virus (i.e. the German Corona Data Donation App by @rki_de)
#AIEthics #TwitterChat
@MiaD @CummingsRenee @rki_de 3) limit the spread of infection by tracking movements, informing people about contacts with infected people (in Europe known as: #PeppPT #DP3T)
4) monitoring people in quarantine
#AIEThics #TwitterChat
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Mark your calendars and join us next week for our monthly #AIEthics #Twitterchat on May 29 at 8a PDT/11a EDT/4p GMT for a timely and relevant discussion with a global expert panel on the ethics of responses to Covid-19 @CummingsRenee @CarlaHustedt #WomeninAIEthics #ResponsibleAI Image
Please use this time zone converter to get your local time. We'll start at 8a PDT. #AIEthics #TwitterChat… Image
Counting down to our May #AIEthics #TwitterCh with our global Women in AI Ethics™ experts Renée Cummings @CummingsRenee and Carla Hustedt @CarlaHustedt
on the ethics of responses to Covid-19 in 30mins at 8a PDT. Grab coffee/tea/your favorite drink and join us! :) Image
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Going live in 1 minute! Join our #Twitterchat using #VoicesAfricaChat.
Welcome @Gee_Skiti to #VoicesAfricaChat Twitter chat! Excited to be hosting you as we celebrate #WorldHealthDay today.

April 7th is World Health Day. What’s the significance of this day?

Q2. Afrobarometer reported that 53% of Africans said they went without needed medicines or medical treatment at least once during the 12 months preceding the survey.

What does this mean for the #COVID19 pandemic?

@Gee_Skiti @WHO @ChoonaraShakira @daktari1
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Wow. It has been awhile since I have had as long a streak of this much pain. Heat, ice, lying prone, standing, walking, stretching, adjusting the neurostimulator—nothing is helping except distraction (i.e. Twitter). Pain meds help but that went terribly awry yesterday.
It’s not a coincidence that my big surges in Twitter participation were in 2012 (shortly after I was disabled due to #chronicpain) & 2015 (3 surgeries for a neurostimulator implantation). When I can’t leave the house or even bed, I can still connect on my phone.
I saw the power of Twitter for connection starting with @twilidiot’s #Twilight Trivia live game & connecting worldwide on #toolschat with @LeoWid @michaelqtodd @Twylah. Most of what I know about the potential of social media I learned from that #TwitterChat.
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Welcome to our #TwitterChat with award-winning author and illustrator Vinayak Varma @eyefry about writing and illustrating for children!

Please send in your questions and comments with the hashtag #SWCreatorSpeak so that we can find your responses easily. :)
@eyefry Kicking off the session with the first question of the day:

@eyefry, you’ve written and illustrated several books for children. What books did you grow up reading?

#SWCreatorSpeak #PBStoryWeaver
@eyefry Here's a question from one of our followers on Facebook:

Can you tell us a bit about your writing process? Do you write first and then start working on illustrations, or does it happen in parallel?

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@ZHDAofficial Morning #Twimbos it is now 11am we can go straight to the #TwitterChat as we seek to understand the doctors's position #OpenParlyZw
@ZHDAofficial Q1:@ZHDAofficial Some critiques say being a doctor should be a calling not a profession what is your take ?#OpenParlyZw
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