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0/6 Признание Бойца 155 отдельной бригады морской пехоты #RU, которое снял украинский видеоблогер в социальной сети Чат-Рулетка.
Возможно стоит обратить внимание.
#Ukraine #Russia #Wagner #War #UAF #interesting
1/6 Военный РФ говорит что за уклонения от мобилизации им дают срок 10 лет тюрьмы. Что будучи военным и севший в тюрьму в Вагнер не берут. Военный находится в #Rostov область на границы с Украиной ждут приказ о вхождении в Украину
2/6 Русский военный говорит что они особо не верят в масштабное наступление украинской армии. Он признается что он входит в 155 бригаду морской пехоты, которую разбили под #Vugledar и она понесла урон в 70% убитыми. Их сейчас доукомплектовали(скорей всего мобилизованными)
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As Chin. President #XiJinping visits Moscow, what signals #China and #Russia are sending each other, the world, and re #UkraineRussianWar? Comparison of statements 🧵:
1.Both Xi and Putin published articles in leading media, Putin in @PDChina and Xi in @rianru. Some diff.: 1/20
On #CH-#RU ties, Xi repeats the Chinese definition of ties: "China and Russia are committed to no-alliance, no-confrontation and not targeting any third party in developing our ties.坚持不结盟、不对抗、不针对第三方“。 2/20 CH:…
Russian President #Putin, on the other hand, REPEATS the "NO LIMITS" 提法/formula from 2022: Russia-China ties "surpass Cold War-time military-political alliances in their quality, with no one to constantly order and no one to constantly obey, without limitations or taboos." 3/20
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Hey folks! It's time to announce the official seeds for the upcoming Best Album of the Nineties tournament!
To recap: 80 of these albums are from the top 8 of the years between 1990-1999; 36 were selected by voters from an 140-album list (the People's Hall of Fame list); 12 were selected by contest winners. (Pretty sure I have that right; correct me if wrong.)
All 128 albums were put on a Google form, and then I asked voters to select every album they wanted to have a high seed. Each selection was a vote, I tallied the votes, the album with the most was declared seed #1, the next most seed #2, etc.
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Today we announce a first in #TeamOneFist history - #cyber striking an operational #Russian #AI/#ML (#MachineLearning) model, in addition to a #power #grid #SCADA/#ICS!
This is Op.Neutrino, an electrical counterattack against #SPB, #Russia, and now, it's story is here. 1/4
At 17:00 local time, we assumed control over an @EnstoGroup #grid #automation #controller belonging to the DK Port substation. Timing was chosen to match peak usage hours. In addition to controlling power supply, it was supplying data for Rosenergo's FLISR fault #algorithm 2/4
From the controller, we successfully fed bad data into the FLISR #ArtificialIntelligence model, via the connected sensors. Then, we nuked it!
Every attack against #Ukraine will be avenged, every #RU #data model will be corrupted! 🇺🇦☢️👊3/4 #UkraineWillWin #cybersecurity #infosec
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'Tolling' / Transfer Pricing / Looting natural resource wealth using offshore front companies nd manipulated pricing.

#IsleOfMan #Valmet

#Menetap #ATB #Valmet #Samuelson #Browder #Dart #Khodokovsky #Abramovich #Berezovsky

#FBI Most wanted #Mogilievich & ⏩#Kinahan 🔁

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Welcome to another daily thread covering #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine.

It's Wednesday 9 November, Day 259
The relative quiet of the previous 36 hours has ended, especially in #Dnipro.

To catch up on y'day's news, click and scroll here:

One of the biggest stories for #Ukraine is what's happening in the USA. As I type the Republicans look set to take control of the House, but with a very small majority, while the GOP looks likely to FAIL to take control of the Senate

That should mean no reduction in #Ukraine aid
Kamikaze drones have hit the city of #Dnipro.

There are reports of victims after infrastructure was hit by #Russia's attack.

#StandWithUkraine #RussiaIsATerroristState ImageImageImageImage
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"L'#Occident soutient le #nazisme à l'#ONU". Retour (et démontage en règle) d'un des arguments les plus retords de la #propagande #russe. Là on est pas sur des #fakenews bidons c'est du sérieux et élaboré. Et on peut lui reconnaître ça [THREAD] 👇
Depuis quelques jours, les #bots du #Kremlin participent à une offensive informationnelle pour nous rappeler le vote à l'ONU où une bonne partie des pays occidentaux se sont abstenus ou ont voté contre la résolution #RU contre le #nazisme. #Nazi est même arrivé en tendance !
Evidement ces "génies" se sont arrêtés au titre car quand on lit le texte on se rendre compte que ce n'est qu'un outil que la #Russie compte utiliser pour défendre ses intérêts. La lutte contre le #nazisme elle s'en tape avec force. Mais de quoi on parle exactement ? 🤔
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It's seven months ago today that #Russia started its illegal full invasion of #Ukraine.

The "short special military operation" started in winter, and is now in its fourth season. The killing continues.

Here's the daily news thread for Saturday 24 Sept

Let's start Day 213 with #Russia's total losses after 7 months. On average 264 soldiers are being killed every day. The ratio between deaths and injured/disabled means if #Ukraine's estimates are correct likely 200,000 have been lost to the military

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
the morning update from the #UK's intelligence concentrates on #Russia's dambuster tactics!

#StopRussiaNOW #SaveUkraine
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Eine neue #Studie ist da! Soziologe @FelixSchilk untersucht darin #Compact. Wie hat sich das #rechtsextreme #Magazin entwickelt? Welche Themen deckt es ab? Welche publizistischen Strategien werden verfolgt & welche Methoden genutzt?
👉Zur Studie…
2010 wurde #Compact gegründet. Der Untertitel lautet „Magazin für Souveränität“ – hierin steckt die unter Rechten & Verschwörungsgläubigen verbreitete Vorstellung der angeblichen „Fremdbestimmung“ Deutschlands. 2021 stufte der #Verfassungsschutz Compact als #rechtsextrem ein.
#JürgenElsässer ist #Chefredakteur & wichtiger Netzwerker. Der ehemals linke Publizist vertrat 2000ff zunehmend rechtspopulistische Positionen. #Antiamerikanismus, #AntiGenderismus, #Rassismus, #Verschwörungsideologie, #Elitenfeindschaft sind bis heute Konstanten in #Compact.
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Darya, daughter of Alexander #Dugin was killed in a car bomb attack near the village of Bolshiye Vyazyomy. Sources speculate it could have been either the Kremlin or Ukraine responsible.
Who is Darya Dugin?
She was very outspoken about her hatred for Ukrainians.
"Ukrainians are not humans. They all deserve to die."
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Kremlin #propaganda continues its all-encompassing #disinformation campaign against Poland embedded in the context of the Russian #WARINUKRAINE. Recently, the #RU regime has exploited the issues it believes to have the biggest potential to pit the Poles against Ukrainians.
Examples of the anti-Polish narratives pushed by Russia:

- #refugees from Ukraine are freeloaders
- the Poles use Ukrainians as cheap workforce
- the Poles steal the money allocated for the refugees
- Poland wants to seize the western part of Ukraine
- #Warsaw uses #Kyiv as a tool of its own political agenda
- the Poles have forgotten about the horrors of the Volhynia Massacre
- Ukrainian intelligence services recruit their agents among the Poles
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Janet Yellen, April 13, 2022: “.. the unified coalition of sanctioning countries will not be indifferent to actions that undermine the sanctions we’ve put in place [against Russia]”
No follow up so far on this front.… Image
Appears no mediation role for Turkey as it seems there is no serious chance for talks. Peskov says.
But Russians are not winning on the ground either.… Image
I missed this quote by Erdoğan last week: ‘we have told Biden whatever necessary in the past… When needed, I call Putin, and Putin calls me. So should Biden’
Last time Biden called Erdoğan March 10th after #RU & Ukrainian FMs met in TR.… Image
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53/ Focus #UkraineMap #CarteUkraine : "Russian enemy made an unsuccessful attempt to break through the defences of Ukrainian troops in the #Kurakhove #Donetsk area" 27 Avril 22 - Gen Staff Image
54/ Zone #Kherson #UkraineMap 28 Avril 22
#Ukraine -niens ont repris tout (ou partie!) de #Olexandrivka
les #Russes ayant fait revenir des troupes.
Kyselivka ? attaque sur Nova Zorya
bien zoomer pr voir détails sur carte topo réelle -notez limitation relief/terrain/bourgs etc. Image
55/ Focus Zone #Lyman #Yampil #UkraineMap 27 Avril 22
Ds la zone ops du 41st CAA & 2nd CAA les #Ru ont pris Yats'kivka & Krymky comme évoqué hier & ils continuent leurs agressions directes sur #Yampil qui ont fait sauter le pont au sud de la ville. front stable ce soir #Ukraine Image
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There are other sanctions that we should consider, though.

1. Block #Russia|n and #Belarus|sian passport holders from entering #EU & #US .
2. Members from the RU Duma should be declared "persona non-grata" and added to the sanctions list, as accomplices.
3. Under no circumstances, travellers with passports issued in #RU occupied areas should be allowed to travel here.
4. Muppet governments in #Donestk , #Luhansk , #Osetia, #Crimea and #Transnistria should be sanctioned.
5. Members of the local governernments in the RU Federation should be sanctioned.
6. All people of RU military age should be banned from entering the civilised world - men and women.
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What is known so far about #FR4978 emergency landing. 1. It was close to #Lithuania border when someone informed about 'explosive'.
2. #Belarus authorities sent Mig-29 fighter jet to intercept the plane and force landing in #Minsk.
3. Former editor of @nexta_tv was on board
4. Before the flight Raman Pratasevich (ex @nexta_tv ) wrote to his friend someone showed suspicious interest in him at the registration in #Athens airport.
5. A Russian-speaking man presumably attempted making a pic of Pratasevich's passport, then left the queue abruptly. 2/
6. Currently Raman Pratasevich works as an editor-in-chief of Belarus Golovnogo Mozga web resource which is considered 'extermist' by authorities.
7. After document check in #Minsk, he was detained,.
8. #Belarus authorities: Mig-29 will accompany #FR4978 to the border 3/
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Interesting read; and falls in line with how i'd expect oil to behave going into 2021.

The only thing i find missing is the perspective that War is good for the price of oil, US Shale *also* needs higher prices = more motive for the US-China war path.
Just to clarify, if we look at a #China-#USA conflict through the lens of #oil prices, i see:

1. The price of oil rises.
2. US #Shale needs higher oil prices.
3. China, being the worlds largest importer of oil by far, needs lower oil prices.
4. #SaudiArabia needs higher prices.
Higher #oil prices hurt Chinese industry while helping US industry (currency stays local because of #shale). It hurts the EU too but the US is pretty much past the point of caring about Europe, geopolitically speaking.

In this case, #Russia's the Red Herring. They don't matter.
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Risk assessment, latest news on confirmed cases, #preparadness checklist, geographical distribution and information on coronaviruses.

Find all relevant latest news on the outbreak of the #NovelCoronavirus #nCoV2019 on our dedicated page.

Info ➡️ Image
#RiskAssessment 22.01
• potential impact of #nCoV2019 outbreaks is high;
• further global spread is likely;
• moderate likelihood of infection for EU/EEA travellers visiting #Wuhan;
• moderate likelihood of detecting cases imported into EU/EEA;
Report: Image
@WHO @WHO_Europe @ECDC_EU @EU_Health @EU_Commission Daily update of the #nCoV2019 situation - 24.01
• 897 lab-confirmed cases
• 26 fatalities
• imported cases in: #HongKong, #Macau, #Taiwan, #Thailand, #Japan, #SouthKorea, the #US, #Singapore and #Vietnam
More: Image
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