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All 3 of my Marketplace items are currently discounted for the @UnrealEngine Black Friday sale! be sure to check them out in this thread! #UnrealEngine #UE5 #UnrealEngine5 #BlackFriday #GameDev #Cinematic
MultiPass Renderer

MultiPass is a simple Editor Utility Widget that uses the Movie Render Queue subsystem to render and queue up different types of passes for compositing externally to give more control over your renders.…
Anamorphic Depth of Field for Cinematics

(kind of been super seeded in UE 5.1 but good for UE4 and 5.0)

Anamorphic Cine Camera Blueprint emulating the Depth of Field of an Anamorphic Lens.…
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Control Rig 5.1 Features in a nutshell - thread -

#UnrealEngine5 #UE5 #controlrig #animation #rigging
Construction Graph lets you procedurally build your controls. Check out this overview of the feature.…
Animation Channels allow you to build controls for rig settings. These can be similarly named for example an IKFK switch or Visibility control.
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Looks like Sony recently filed a patent and plans to use NFT technology with Playstation. We need a #P2E Tekken!

That may be a long way off, so let's talk about what is happening in NFT & Crypto Gaming TODAY. A thread...
1/ My goal with this thread is to create a growing resource for games. ***I will add a short video of each game in this thread for easy scanning.***

Please feel free to comment with games I've missed. I find some of the best gems are hidden in the comments of threads like this.
2/ First, I want to cover the Top 10 gaming projects by total transactions over this past week, according to @Gameverse_

I'll give a brief summary with video demos of each of these in order... Image
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In @KeenSWH, my team started development of new engine #VRAGE 3. It is new iteration of the @SpaceEngineersG engine, with similar goals (sandbox, open world, solar system distances etc.), but very different technology.
We came to the conclusion of writing new engine after hitting lots of bottlenecks with VRAGE2. First, we investigated other engines, big (#UnrealEngine5, #Unity) and small (#Unigine, Stride, @FlaxEngine). But neither of them could support unique use cases without major rewrites.
We started more than a year ago and now I decided to regularly share some of our progress.

So, what changes? The biggest differences are:
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The main reason i dont open source my homebrew is because the code is super messy and experimental. Its wasnt written to ported like doom or quake. Lets look at newozero; #thread
In nz the track, the player and the camera are basically co dependant structures. Joined at the hip. Though drawing the track is separate strangely enough.
The track is using a spatial grid, frustum, distance list and a big array to figure out what to draw and collide with the player. It also tells the camera where to look.
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Started with a landscape in #midjourney. Used a depth map in @sidefx #houdini to create a scene mesh. Imported to #UnrealEngine5 @UnrealEngine to add grass and animate. Added music. Breakdown thread 1/8 #aiartprocess #MachineLearning #deeplearning #aiartcommunity #genart #aiia
I could have created a similar scene in just Unreal Engine and Quixel but I wanted to see what I could do with this landscape image I generated in #midjouney 2/8 #aiartprocess
I'm also trying to do more collaborations with other AI Artists so I used this as an excuse to research depth maps further and see how I could push them. I generated this LeRes depth map using "Boosting Monocular Depth Estimation to High Resolution" on Github. 3/8 #aiartprocess
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Created with #deforum #stablediffusion from a walking animation I made in #UnrealEngine5 with #realtime clothing and hair on a #daz model. Combined the passes in Premiere. Breakdown thread 1/8 @UnrealEngine @daz3d #aiart @deforum_art #MachineLearning #aiartcommunity #aiartprocess
I started with this animation I rendered in #UE5 @UnrealEngine using a @daz3d model with #realtime clothing using the @triMirror plugin. Walk was from the #daz store. Hair was from the Epic Marketplace. Went for a floaty, underwater vibe with the hair settings. 2/8 #aiartprocess
Used the #UE5 video as input into #deforum #stablediffusion. Adjusted the settings to keep the results very close to the input frames. @deforum_art 3/8 #aiartprocess
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What comes to your mind when you read the word #Metaverse? 🤔💭

Do you believe that Metaverse = #gaming or trade of virtual real estate?

Well, let's take you through a whole new perspective & show you what the MILC #media Metaverse is building for the global audience!🌎

MILC #Metaverse, powered by #UnrealEngine5, presents a #3D #VirtualReality

It's not just limited to a gaming platform. And we don't trade in virtual land, rather we'll provide free townhouses to the #MILCians 🏘️❣️

So what can be traded here?

#content media industry is set to be revolutionized with the birth of MILC Metaverse & #web3 social community. 🔥

🔹Trade media assets like movies, television, streaming, music, online publishing, etc.

In a first, it allows direct interactions btw the traders of content 👏
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Took a face made in #stablediffusion driven by a video of a #metahuman in #UnrealEngine5 and animated it using Thin-Plate Spline Motion Model & GFPGAN for face fix/upscale. Breakdown follows:1/9 #aiart #ai #aiArtist #MachineLearning #deeplearning #aiartcommunity #aivideo #aifilm
First, here's the original video in #UE5. The base model was actually from @daz3d #daz and I used Unreal's #meshtometahuman tool to make a #metahuman version. 2/9 #aiartprocess
Then I took a single still frame from that video and ran it through #img2img in a local instance of #stablediffusion WebUI. After generating a few options I ended up with this image. 3/9 #aiartprocess Image
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🎮 Hilo #gamedev !

➡️ Recursos útiles para aprender #UnrealEngine

✨ Parte 2 ✨

🧵👇 Dentro hilo
Estos meses he seguido acumulando información y recursos interesantes sobre Unreal Engine, ahora ya me da para hacer una segunda parte! 😁

Parte 1 aquí:

Este tutorial está orientado a guiar a través del proceso de configuración de las cuentas y las opciones necesarias para habilitar el soporte de EOS en Lyra!…
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Finally! Here it is - my free #UE5 Lumen and Nanite compatible toon shader. 3 methods for cel shading, 7 methods for outlines, and a custom function example. 🧵Breakdown thread below (1/15) 👇… #UnrealEngine5 #gamedev
This is an unlit surface shader. The diffuse and specular colors are based on the main directional light in the scene. Very consistent results, but we can do more... (2/15) #UnrealEngine #GameDev #ToonShader Image
Here I desaturate the final render, mask out the shadow and change it’s color to match the cel shading bands (3/15) #UnrealEngine #GameDev #ToonShader Image
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I wonder what they told it? Image
@Grady_Booch why the self declaration for OOP?
If anyone tells you that you can't ignore your problems forever, just remember that they are quitters.
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#UnrealEngine5 Lumen light game idea. Essentially similar the style of this old thing I did a long time ago. But the character would emit light. And there would be light pylons around the map that would change the player's color and give them > Image
different attributes while standing in the light. Absorbing the pylon would give the player a certain temporary buff that they could bring with them but deplete the pylon. Child pylons could be activated getting there in time with your timed buff. If a player already was colored>
when they absorbed a pylon they would get the product of those two colors combined and could then later activate a child pylon with that combined color. A very dark game where you would be the main source of light and could throw away parts of yourself acting as light sources.
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