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Xi🇨🇳's diplomacy is increasingly about #struggle #斗争

Wang Yiwei, a top intellectual on Xi's Thought, says:

📍West misrepresents China’s struggle as aggressiveness
📍Goal: change international order
📍It's a historical necessity

With whom & how does #China want to struggle?🧵 Wang YiweiAvailable at: https://www.a...

📍Vice Pres. of Institute of #XJP Thought on Socialism with CN Characteristics for a New Era, #Renmin Uni
📍Dir. of Institute of International Affairs and EU Research Center at Renmin Uni
📍Major voice on #BRI
📍2008-11 - diplomat at China Mission to the #EU Logo of Renmin University o...

⭐️Geopolitical dialectics – Wang says there's a struggle:

China's thesis of remodeling international order in line with historical trends (ideally with developing countries buy-in)


"West's" reactive anti-thesis of maintaining 🇺🇸 favourable status quo Source: jetpaper.web.fc2.comSource:
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A violent incident featuring two Chinese diplomats reportedly assaulted a Taiwanese official around October 8 emerged in Fiji. It happened in the lead-up to the celebration of #Taiwan's national day. #Wolfwarrior…
"The incident allegedly took place on the evening of Thursday, October 8, on the fringes of a reception at the Grand Pacific Hotel hosted by the Taipei Trade Office to celebrate Taiwan’s National Day."
"Two members of the Chinese Embassy gatecrashed the function and began taking photographs of the proceedings and of those attending the function, which included members of the diplomatic corps, international organisations, NGOs and Fiji’s Chinese community."
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[US consulate staff in #HK was assaulted by a Chinese national]

#BREAKING: When #US and #China made some progress on trade, an American working for the US consulate general #Hongkong @USAinHKMacau was assaulted by a Chinese national from behind.…
2. The attack took place near the main entrance of the consulate today. The assailant approached the victim from behind & punched twice in his head, right at the moment when the victim left the consulate. The consulate is located in an area regularly patrolled by #hkpolice.
3. It's the first time that consulate staffs fall victim to physical attack in this international city where personal safety is claimed to be protected by the law.
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As the old miner said to his donkey:" All the world's crazy except me and thee and sometimes I wonder even about thee"
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[This year might be the last year of annual #TiananmenVigil in #Hongkong]

1. 31 years ago, Beijing crushed dissents with tanks and guns. 31 years later, Beijing is ripping out our democratic aspiration with a tyrannical law.
2. At the time when #Beijing is unilaterally imposing the draconian #NationalSecurityLaw upon #Hongkong, this year might be the last year that Hongkongers can talk about #TiananmenSquareMassacre publicly.
3. Even before this evil law is implemented, #HKgov has already tightened its grip by banning this years’ candlelight vigil for the first time in 30 years. To block #Hongkongers from joining the vigil, the venue was locked down w/ barricades, with thousands of #hkpolice deployed.
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1/ Despite foreign doubts and #Hongkongers’ criticism, #NPC just passed #nationalsecuritylegislation. # China unilaterally imposes the law with its legislation entirely under a black box, with no legislative scrutiny and public consultation.
2/ Today’s decision is a direct assault on the will of #HKers. China is scrapping its promise of autonomy under the Joint Declaration, a legally binding international treaty, & burying 1Country2System when a #secretpolice agency can enforce #China’s laws within territory of HK.
3/ Up to now, #Beijing loyalists keep downplaying the adverse impacts on HK’s judicial independence & civil liberties. Under similar law in China, people seeking justice for #TiananmenMassacre, supporting HKProtest were sentenced to jail. It might kill HK’s democratic movements.
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[EU should take actions before China scraps its promise]

1/ By unilaterally imposing an ill-defined #nationalsecuritylaw and a #secret-police agency, China is clearly scraping its promise of Joint Declaration and rewriting rules. Image
2/ The latest development by @Reuters shows, #Beijing plans to impose a #CCP-led court in #Hongkong that blocks all foreign judges. Beyond any doubt, all these new measures will undermine HK’s judicial independence and its role as the only common law jurisdiction on China’s soul. Image
3/ The new law will definitely create massive political & legal uncertainties in this global city that affect civil society & foreign business. The loosely defined “foreign forces” will also put all ex-pats & travellers at risk amid the rise of China’s #wolfwarrior diplomacy. Image
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1/ From anti-extradition law to anti-national security law, more than thousands of #Hongkongers took to streets to protest against this highly controversial law since the new law will kill future democratic movements, and murder any slight chance to seeking justice in the city.
2/ It's fiercely imposed by Beijing upon the will of #HKers, without legislative scrutiny. Even tens of thousands of #HKers showed their outcry against draconian law, #hkpolice crushed dissents with armed vehicles, water cannons, teargas & pepper balls but #YouCantStopUs!
3/ The proposed national security agency is like the #secretpolice branch in HK. The biggest concern is arbitrary & political interpretation of the law, When using the law in China, lawyers, reporters, NGOs, religious groups were accused of “inciting subversion”.
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