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[The world please stands with #Thailand]

1. To stamp out pursuers for #Thailanddemocracy, a sweeping emergency decree was just announced, under which #Thai government banned mass gatherings, imposed media meltdown and can mobilize troops to crack down dissents.
2. At least 27 activists, including prominent figures Anon Nampa, Prasit Karutarote, Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak @paritchi, Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul & Nutchanon Pairoj, were arrested. Police can intercept citizens’ communications, impose travel bans on Thais & deport foreigners.
3. Under the decree, media meltdown was imposed, banning media nationwide from publishing news or info (incl online) that are regarded by the regime as “inciting fear among the public”. International media like @BBCWorld and @CNN covering #ม็อบ14ตุลา in Thailand were blocked.
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[Phone repair specialist arrested for possessing client's phone]

1. Upon release, I'd like to take opportunity to call attention to other unreasonable arrests. A phone repair shop owner was arrested in Sep for possessing clients' phones #NationalSecurityBureau claim suspicious. Image
2. Utterly unacceptable that he has been detained for weeks, although those phones don't even belong to him. His bid for bail was repeatedly denied. Before his arrest, he was reportedly harassed by cops after refusing service to #HKpolice to show support against #policebrutality. Image
3. Worse still, he may face graver charges if #police crack his clients' phones w/ phone hacking tools like #Cellebrite & find any suspicious conversations. He hopes his bail can be granted & #12hkyouths can come back safe.

After all, #Hongkongers hope he can be released soon. Image
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[#AntiELAB Movement vs #UmbrellaMovement: are #HKers walking on the old path?]

1.1/ #HK's protests have indeed reduced due to the #COVID19 and the #NationalSecurityLaw. #HKGov mass arrests protestors, and crackdown on the education, mass media, medical and judicial industries. Image
1.2/ But, NO, we're not walking the old path of division between different sides in the pro-democracy bloc. In fact, we're winning. Here's why: Image
2/ In 2014,
- 70% of polls call for the occupation to stop
- Division within Pro-democracy bloc
- Average results in the District Council Election
- Pro-Beijing bloc gained 57% seats in Legislative Council
- #CCP's economic diplomacy is doing well
- Few countries support HK Image
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[#HKers doxxed by #Russia-based pro-#China website]

1. @AFP finds a shady site #HKLeaks ramps up doxxing campaign against pro-democracy #HKers from politicians, teachers, journalists, businessmen, ordinary citizens to expats, w/ names & addresses posted…
2. Promoted by #Beijing loyalists and #CCP’s state mouthpiece, this #Russia-based website moved its domain multiple times and now migrated to Pakistani domain address. While 2000+ #Hongkongers were doxxed, #Hkpolice has charged no one over the doxxing campaign until now.
3. Similar #China-style snooping model may expand overseas, esp when #Chinese #military contractor #Zhenhua Data was found snooping 2.4M+ of politicians, businessmen, academics, celebrities & individuals. Clearly Zhenhua is just the tip of the iceberg.…
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[Arrests at #hkprotests hit 10,000 milestone]

1. Since #HongKongProtests last year, 10,000+ HKers were arrested with nearly 400 arrests solely in the past two months. It implies in every 700 #Hongkongers, one has been detained due to protests or #hkpolice’s arbitrary arrests. Image
2. While most are charged w/ rioting & illegal assemblies, the figure clearly indicates freedom of assembly is under assault amid #Beijing’s mounting influence. With the prosecution rate much lower than arrests, it suggests arbitrary arrest is a tactic to scare off protesters.
3. In fact, #policebrutality intensifies, especially with pregnant woman and 12yo girl forcibly tackled to ground, and a #HKer dragged along the ground just because he urged resuming election & demand releasing 12 HK #Asylumseekers now detained in #China’s prison. #save12hkyouth
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[On now-cancelled Election Day, I was tailed by unknown agents for 1.5 hours]

1. On the day supposed to be our election day, I was tailed by 4 unknown cars AGAIN for 1.5 hours+. At least one five-seater, one seven-seater Honda & one motorbike kept following me from east to west. ImageImageImage
2. Clearly #Beijing and #hkpolice attempt to create fear today when #Hongkongers staged protests urging gov to resume the #LegCo2020 election, opposing DNA collection and #nationalsecuritylaw and releasing 12 #hkers detained in #China.
3. #Police even fired pepper balls at #HKers that chanted “voting is a right” and expressed support to #Thailand and #Belarus, with nearly 100 arrested. #MilkTeaAlliance ImageImageImageImage
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[Trapped in the black hole -
After two-week detention in #China, still no update abt 12 HK #AsylumSeekers]

1. Only thing we know is they are all taken to detention centre in #Shenzhen & Chinese cops will decide whether to arrest them formally by Oct 1, according to #China’s law
2. But even after the arrest, there's still a huge question mark on when they will be prosecuted, put on trial and how long trial will last. Prosecution can be further delayed if Chinese prosecutors claim they need “supplementary investigation”. It will be like an endless tunnel.
3. Under #China's law, suspects can be released on bail. But in reality, especially when all the #asylumseekers may face further charges under #China's #nationalsecuritylaw and other criminal laws, the chance of bail is slim.
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[In every 700 #Hongkongers, one was arrested because of #HongKongProtests]

1. Since the outbreak of #HKprotests last year, 9672 #HKers have been arrested when they protested against injustice, with 2093 prosecuted.
2. With arrestees from 11yo kid to 84yo elderly, #hkpolice is now staging the biggest political purge across generations in the city, especially at the time when #hkgov attempting to rewrite history, whitewash #policebrutality and censor textbooks.
3. You may wonder what #HKers can still do under draconian #nationalsecuritylaw, arbitrary arrests, unchecked police violence that even targets pregnant women, and also the detentions of 12 asylum seekers in #China, with their fate still unknown for nearly 2 weeks.
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[Say no to digital authoritarianism,
Boycott universal testing]

1. Defying doubts, #HKgov will impose universal testing in #HK, a citywide DNA collection viewed as a way for more surveillance. Medical experts repeatedly raised concerns below that are completely ignored by gov:
2. No inflow curb: test can only be achieved w/ full border seal, stay-at-home order & full population testing in short time. All don’t exist in HK. As #Hkgov now exempt tens of thousands ppl from quarantine, main factor for #HK third wave, the test is deemed to failure w/ leaks.
3. High false-negative rate: #COVID19 studies suggest that false-negative rate of current testers ranges from 20% to 100%. This unreliable testing result will create a misleading virus-free perception, which will further worsen the outbreaks in the community.
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[Secret deal: China's security cops can investigate in #Switzerland]

1. @NZZaS: #China & #Swiss signed a secret deal in 2015 allowing #Beijing's security officers to investigate Chinese nationals WITHIN #Switzerland for 2 weeks, even w/o official status.…
2. Five years after the secret deal was signed, no Swiss MP had ever heard of the deal. In contrast to similar agreements between #Switzerland and other countries, the one with #China is harsher as #Chinese cops can come and investigate without prior discussion with Swiss govt.
3. Even though the treaty claims only covering smugglers and illegal immigrants, it is doubtful whether this extraterritorial enforcement power can be abused under the newly enacted #nationalsecuritylaw that covers foreigners.
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1/ THREAD: After political censorship in Liberal Studies textbooks, #HKgov is moving on to the Chinese language curriculum, axing several required texts for the examination next year.
Here’s why it’s important.
2/ @rthk_news reports that 1 of the 2 axed Classical Chinese texts is a historic political essay by Su Xun from the Sung Dynasty titled “On the Six States”, often quoted in recent years by #Hongkongers as a lesson from history.
@rthk_news 3/ It comments on the historic "Warring States Period", where the state of Qin eventually devoured 6 other states and "united the land as one." Read the text below to find out why it was quoted by #Hongkongers:
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[#China new game crackdown on #CallofDuty]

1. After #CallOfDutyBlackOpsColdWar released its teaser, original teaser was swiftly under heavy criticism by Chinese trolls and banned in #China for having a one-second documentary shot of #TiananmenSquareMassacre (1:05) in the teaser.
2. Clearly, this is another game censorship after the recent ban on Animal Crossing, which #Hongkongers take our activism into video games. And also #Blizzard saga last year, where a Hearthstone player was banned for supporting #Hongkong. ImageImage
3. But this time it's even more ridiculous. #Beijing attempts to ban a Cold War game just because the game mentions a Cold War event that the regime wants to remove from its history book. Under #China's tightening ideological grip, game censorship will only intensify. Image
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[In the face of tyranny, #Hongkongers stand with the oppressed #Belarusian]

1. Although #police unreasonably fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters last week, tens of thousands of #Belarusian still took to streets and voiced their anger on #policebrutality.
2. From them, we can see the people’s courage, robust bonding with each other and their resolute determination for justice and democracy. These are what autocratic regimes cannot crush. These are what dictators fear most.
3. When scrolling through their biggest telegram channel, NEXTA Live, time and again I am impressed by #Belarusians’ creativity and vibrancy, when people generously provide shelters and donate medical resources.
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[Has #HK become a #secretpolicestate?]

1. More #hongkongers are tailed by unknown agents in recent days. Today pro-democracy lawmaker @tedhuichifung said he has been followed by unknown cars for a few days, with cameras and video recorders inside.
2. But when Ted tried to ask the drivers to identify themselves, #hkpolice came, slammed Ted to the ground and cleared the path for the secret agents to leave. ImageImage
3. Under #nationalsecuritylaw, it is dubious if our privacy and safety are still under protection when more evidence suggests #HK comes closer to a #secretpolicestate where citizens and foreigners can be maliciously followed by unknown agents. Image
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Thinking back on the arrests and charges that have been made under the #NSL so far in #HongKong, I can't help but to have a feeling that #Beijing and the #HK government is trying to set up one example under each offenses according to the law.
We have the six exiled and overseas #HongKongers who were wanted, including a foreign national, which seems to be showing the extraterritoriality of the #NSL.
We have the four young students who were arrested for inciting secession, which is one of the main offenses under the #NSL.
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[When reporting becomes Orwellian thoughtcrime]

1. @JimmyLaiApple's arrest and the raid of @appledaily_hk is a litmus test for the city's #pressfreedom, one of the cornerstones of whether #HK remains open, free and tolerant to critical views under #Beijing's authoritarian rule. ImageImageImageImage
2. Before that, #Beijing has already been toughening its curb on media, from setting up a new #nationalsecurity unit in Immigration Dept to screen foreign correspondents' visa application, replacing news heads of credible TV providers, to interrupting local media's news coverage. ImageImageImage
3. Using its sweeping powers under #NationalSecurityLaw, #China now extends its reach to #HK media by clamping down on critical voices on media, halting flow of information to international audiences and turning the city's media outlets into state-controlled propaganda apparatus. Image
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Seek, and ye shall find

The determination, bravery, blood and tears of every Hongkongers who #FightForFreedom are the strongest motivation for our 1 year long advocacy work.
Yesterday, one of our main call for actions has been met.

This is just the beginning of our story. 1/7
In June 2019, an exasperated LIHKG forum user called for help to revoke foreign citizenship of senior HK officials for trampling on #Hongkongers’ freedom. In less than a month, like-minded volunteers established this advocacy group *Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.* 2/7
Hongkongers have endearingly adopted both our names, "Laam Chau" in Cantonese, as protest slogans. In our unity and resolve, we along with our fellow compatriots have come this far - Yesterday, the @USTreasury announced sanction regime on 11 top #HKSAR and Chinese officials. 3/7
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Latest: Last Friday, @samuelmchu woke up to news that he had been wanted by the #HK government under the #NSL, but instead of worrying about his own fate, he is more concerned about other #HongKongers who didn't have a choice to make under the #NSL.…
"When I picked up the phone at 6 a.m. in the morning, I was surprised to learn that they had included me on the list with those who have just left #HK over the last few years. I knew I was an outlier because I’m a US citizen who has been in the country for 30 years."
"They also immediately knew the unique nature of the Hong Kong government targeting a US citizen on US soil, essentially accusing what I’m doing as a crime. But I’m merely exercising my constitutional right."
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1/ Soon after #Beijing issued arrest warrants for the first non-Chinese national under its sweeping #nationalsecuritylaw, @SenatorMenendez and @RepEliotEngel condemned #China’s move in their statement, "today we are all Hong Kongers.”…
2/ In case you don’t know, this line refers to President John F. Kennedy’s famous "Ich bin ein Berliner!" speech when he visited West Berlin in 1963, "Two thousand years ago the proudest boast was civis Romanus sum..........
3/ Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is 'Ich bin ein Berliner'… All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words 'Ich bin ein Berliner!’”
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Dear fellow teammates,

As one of the few only surviving international organizations that have their roots firmly in Hong Kong, we will not back down.

We will double down on our fight for Hong Kong in the US, UK, Europe, Japan, and via @ipacglobal.
2/ We know that going forward will be difficult and would require sacrifices that we cannot fathom before, but we are sure that when we look back in the future, we will be proud to say that these are the finest hours of the #HongKongers.
"Fight For Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong." team thanks you for your trust and support. We hereby announced that we have just passed our 1.6M goal on our gofundme.

We will keep fighting for Hong Kong till the day Hong Kong is liberated.

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[Mass disqualification is just the beginning]

1. #Beijing is staging multiple acts to prevent the opposition bloc from taking the majority in LegCo. They could disqualify us, arrest us, throw us into jail, or even call off the election and create a puppet parliament elsewhere. Image
2. While Singapore successfully held a general election earlier this month, #Carrie lam just announced to propose the election. It is expected that Beijing would decide on whether incumbent legislators (who were disqualified yesterday) can extend tenure by redefining Basic Law.
3. More questions about the postponement of election include: To what extent and in what ways does Beijing intend to reopen the election? Will Beijing decide to arrest more activists under #NationalSecurityLaw?
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[I was just disqualified from LegCo election, despite being the biggest winner in #Hkprimaries]

1. Few minutes ago, I was just disqualified from running in the upcoming LegCo election in #Hongkong, even though I got the highest vote share in the primary, w/ 30000+ votes obtained
2. The excuse they use is that I describe #nationalsecuritylaw as a draconian law, which shows that I do not support this sweeping law.
3. Despite 610,000+ #Hongkongers voting in #HK’s primary, #Beijing now staged the biggest-ever crackdowns on the city’s election, by disqualifying nearly all pro-democracy runners, from young progressive groups to traditional moderate parties.
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[Seeking justice amid stalking by unknown agents]

1. Under #nationalsecuritylaw, the world may be wondering how it affects the daily life of ordinary #Hongkongers, especially #Hongkongprotestors. Chinese-style surveillance and stalking is one thing.
2. Wonderful story by @BBC on how I was tailed by 3 unknown cars and 1 motorbike on the day that I applied to run for #HK legislature.…
3. In fact, even before the law was put in place, businessmen like Lee Bo and Xiao Jianhua have already been kidnapped by Chinese agents WITHIN the territory of #Hongkong and brought to #China. With more sweeping powers under the new law, the problem will only be more common.
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[Under #nationalsecuritylaw, I was tailed by 4 unknown cars in 30 min today]

1. After #NSL became effective, stalking that targets me has intensified. Solely today I was tailed by at least 4 unknown cars/motorbikes in 30min drive. Even my Uber driver could tell we were stalked Image
2. According to telegram bot developed by #Hkprotesters that crowdsources information about unknown cars owned by #hkpolice or unknown Chinese holders, the cars’ numbers are all classified as “dangerous cars”.
3. Governments are creating fear by unlawful stalking and onlooking that is ubiquitous in #China. In the past, businessmen like Xiao Jianhua and booksellers like Lee Bo were even kidnapped by Chinese agents in #HK and brought to China’s courts.
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