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There is a lot of going on as we speak with the futile attempt to install identity politics of hate (Populism) as a form of Patriotism. So enlightened critics are summarily deemed the enemy of the state for pointing out the impunity of the oppressors in power. #DoItRightNG
It was Adlai Stevenson that said “Patriotism is not short frenzied outburst of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime” Voting a political party and venerating then as a hub of saints that can do no wrong is cultism & not patriotism. #DoItRightNG
No nation grows under Populism, where critical thinkers are deemed the enemy of the state and the populace are subjugated & conditioned to a life unfit for Cattle. Patriotism is standing by your country & using the constitution to hold leaders to account. #DoItRightNG
The daily life of a patriot involves ensuring that our actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. It is not about consumerism or materialism but simple actions with a mighty ripple effect that inspires all. #DoItRightNG
The country must be supported all the time and the government only when they deserve or earn it. Urging a regime on when they are subjugating the constitution, rigging elections & committing crimes against humanity is unpatriotic and self genocidal. #DoItRight
Nigeria (the land not the dubious construct) wasn’t built on fear but courage. Ignorance led us through slave trade, contrived unity cum independence and today even with the exposure & literacy, many are still enslaved today as conditioned to mental slavery. #DoItRightNG
It is ridiculous to hear that our founding fathers sold their children for mirrors and chocolates but many graduates and PhD holders are selling the future of their wards for less today. This is what slavery does to one. Patriotism is contagious & remains a weapon. #DoItRight
When poverty is weaponized deliberately by those who work assiduously to perpetuate themselves in power, it reduces every citizen to their primal state. We suddenly live with the mentality that we have to fight for basic things to survive. The future becomes bleak. #DoItRightNG
And people start thinking of themselves alone. Our unity is broken and Everyman does what seemerh right in his own eyes. Every documented evil becomes a norm and we grow a thick skin towards crimes against humanity. The struggle to just get by ensues. #DoItRightNG
People no longer value the need to think deep but focus on instant gratification and will do anything for a guaranteed bread however unthinkable. Oppressors then begin to tyrannize as Armed by the monopoly of violence & ignorant populace hungry for crumbs. #DoItRightNG
Patriots know that the constitution is not a document for the government to restrain the people but an instrument for the people to restrain the government. Little wonder why the Legislature (NASS) is the first point of attack of Despots/Fascists. #DoItRightNG
Patriotism is not an indoctrination that makes Sheep of men. It doesn’t make you blind and dead to inanities and impunity. It creates a sense of belonging and a heart of service. It makes you responsible enough to care about society for you are society. #DoItRightNG
Patriotism makes you grow the spirit of volunteering. Joining security agencies for money or job security typifies the traces of the harm that the weaponization of poverty & nepotism have done to us all. Idealistic Volunteers are indeed patriots & they exist. #DoItRightNG
The Indians would say their flag is not merely flying in response to the wind but due to the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it. Today our security institutions have been balkanized & ripped apart by ethnic brigades fending for self at our expense. #DoItRightNG
When those who still see mountains as mountains & Rivers as Rivers speak against issues that will lead us to ruins, mental slaves are quick to find adjectives or an allegation to blackmail/discredit them. They are either accused of being a fraud or Partisan. #DoItRightNG
The true citizens are however known by their actions, resolve, conviction, consistency, perspicacity and attitude in the know. Patriots have grown to learn to fight for something or live for nothing. Our flag has significance... #DoItRightNG
The White stands for Purity, Truth and Peace. But just look at what the Cat dragged in with the kind of rulers we ignorantly stampede to power based on sentimentality. Do they represent peace? Are they pure? Do they speak the Truth? 🤔 #DoItRightNG
The Green stands for Faith and Fertility. It represents our Greenland flowing with milk and honey. But look at what it has become. A killing field! A land where no justice reign. A place where a few benefitting from bloodletting subjugate others because they can. #DoItRightNG
Productivity was deliberately killed just to facilitate the weaponization of poverty. Education was gradually destroyed in fear of the impact of enlightenment on the growing youth force running into tens of millions. The mass media has been poisoned against the truth.#DoItRightNG
Yet they go abroad to lie about Poverty being caused by Climate Change...a scheme deployed to attract beggarly aids just to enslave future generations to imperialistic stranglehold. China is already shopping for what to take over. Just look at the growing debts! #DoItRightNG
It’s time for you to rise to your responsibility. Power belongs to U Patriots. Stop listening to hypnosis that wants U enslaved & dormant. Only U can emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Religion does more than hurt people, it kills them. Populism is a Religion! #DoItRightNG
How I wish we can go on but time is far spent. Speak the Truth always as remains our Strongest weapon against the forces that stands to abort us from the womb of Democracy. Victory is certain, the journey may not be easy but we didn’t get this far to be abandoned. #DoItRightNG
Thanks for reading. #DoItRightNG #Patriotism
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