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The political circle of life:

1) Democrats run on "Republicans are FASCISTS, we'll stop them!"

2) Left responds: "What's in it for us?"

3) Democrats: We stop Repubs from being fascists; that's good enough!! What's your beef, Commies?
Left: Can't we have something a bit more useful for voting for you?

Dems: Oh, OK, OK, here's a platform we'll ignore....errrrrrrr, try to enforce and a couple of bags of old gold!! Is that good enough?

Left: I guess that'll do!! *Votes for Dems, Dems win*
Right: HAHAHAHA, look at those damn Democrats, pandering to the Commies again!!! Let's obstruct them while we plan our comeback!!

Centrists: Look, Dems, your pandering to the Left is hurting our portfolios, and ultimately your re-election funds. Get your asses back over here!!
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THREAD: I'm worried that what happened in 2016 is going to happen again. For anyone who forgot, people pushed so hard for Bernie AND against HRC that when their candidate didn't win the primary, they were all so full of hate for HRC that they didn't vote, or voted 3rd party. 1/
And Russia, who is STILL interfering in our elections, exploited that hatred of HRC and sowed doubt and chaos to such an extent that it impacted our elections. Foreign bad actors piggybacked on US hatred for HRC and led voters to stay home. 2/
They even hacked the DNC and DCCC and released emails to harm HRC and promote Bernie. I'm not saying Bernie was *IN* on it, but they exploited that division and it WORKED. That, in concert with Jim Comey taking it upon himself to announce a probe 11 days before the election... 3/
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The chaos agents like zei_squirrel sure have their talking points down pat. They never miss a trending topic opportunity like “Jill Stein” and overturning Roe vs Wade to drop in a molotov cocktail. #InfoOps #disinfo
The point with these troll accounts … they dont want you to vote … or they want you to throw away your vote. Plain and as simple as that.
Here is an oldie but goodie from us back in 2018 on Jill Stein, #Demexit and the Russian IRA troll farm. Sadly not much has changed since then and almost everything still applies. So much lasting damage. #disinfo #InfoOps
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1. Focus on the "Zoom Coup Group" has duly focused on the western diplomats. Understandable. To this Muchly Much Caffeinated Fitawrrari Wonqette though, what has been valuable is understanding how #TPLF talks to its (let's face it) mainly democratic supporters. Let's refocus.
2. The talking points TPLF uses are the same ones it has hammered for 27yrs & has become the guiding principle at @nytimes, @USAID and every bleeding-heart HR/NGO. What my Zemene Wonqette Colleague called "warrior/victim" mentality. It is clearly on display here. Take notes.
3. These TPs can be found within the 1st 25 minutes of the video, courtesy of @jeffpropulsion. And yes, this is how @PowerUSAID conducts her team meetings. The diplomats here might be old guard, but this sympathy for #TPLF is driving policy TODAY.

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The problem with the Democrats is they co-opt the language of the left when they’re campaigning for votes, but then as soon as they get power they govern like the RIGHT-WING capitalist and imperialist party that they are.
Democrats say “healthcare is a right” but then oppose Medicare for All & govern for Big Insurance.

They say “climate change is real” but then oppose a Green New Deal & govern for Big Oil.

They say “Black Lives Matter” but oppose defund the police & push for more police funding.
Democrats say “end corporate money in politics” but then took more money from Wall Street in 2020 than GOP.

They say “end voter suppression” but then sue to kick 3rd parties off ballots & suppress voter choice.

They say “end the wars” but then vote to increase military budget.
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Berners beware, @SenSanders just said:

"Do I think we should not have police departments in America? No, I don’t. There’s no city in the world that does not have police departments. What you need are—I didn’t call for more money for police departments..."


#dnc #demexit
"...well-trained, well-paid professionals. And, too often around this country right now, you have police officers who take the job at very low payment, don’t have much education, don’t have much training—and I want to change that. "…

In other words: Sanders says pay cops more!

This has nothing to do with genuine socialism. Join the @SEP_US, read the @WSWS_Updates and vote for @jkishore and @NorissaSEP for real socialism!
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PART 2 of Reade-Biden (5/17/20 UPDATE): Tara Reade’s credibility and motives; Joe Biden’s patterns; making a judgment.

Thread on claims and collaboration on separate thread, appended to end of this thread.
Motive / bias:

“Pivot I”: Reade’s view of Biden shifts dramatically in 2018, on social media and private conversations (per Politico). Praised his work on domestic abuse (especially the Violence Against Women Act), cancer research, and even his efforts to combat sexual assault.

NOTE: articles cited in the first thread will not be cited again here
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THREAD on Reade’s credibility and motives, since she is the accuser who bears the burden of proof. Next Biden’s patterns in relation to harassment and assault. Finally, making a judgment.

Thread on claims/collaboration on separate thread, appended to end of this thread.
Motive / bias:

“Pivot I”: Reade’s public comments on Biden shift dramatically in 2018. Before this, she praised his help for victims of domestic abuse, cancer research, and even his efforts to combat sexual assault.
In 2018, pivots to harsh criticism, calling him “Blue Trump,” shopping critical stories to various outlets, including *Trump WH*
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I am a survivor of both childhood and adult sexual violence. I want to preface this by saying, I’m ok now. I’m 47, been through therapy, became a therapist myself and worked with child abuse survivors, and have been happily married for 16 years.

With that said...
I am enraged at what I am seeing from centrist Democrats regarding Tara Reade. I am disgusted at the same old rape apologist excuses coming from them. “Why didn’t she call the police?” “Why did she wait so long?” Calling her a liar, a slut, even a Russian agent....
Here is my experience, as someone who reported and also did not report:

When I was maybe 10, I had an uncle who owned a farm. One year when we got to his farm for a summer visit, another female cousin advised me, my sister, and another cousin, “Don’t wear a pink nightgown...
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A thread for Progressives:

You ever feel like you're experiencing Groundhog's Day? I've been experiencing this feeling ever since the 2020 primary season began.

I would like to illustrate this by reviewing a shapeshifting account which operated from April 2015 to July 2016. Image
[2] The first thing I'd like to note is that this account is just one of many that were never cleaned up by Twitter. Perhaps one might believe that Twitter has taken this issue seriously. But have they?

What happened in 2016 on social media was a matter of volume. That volume -
[3] has not been addressed. Twitter has continuously low-balled the volume, as seen by the initial numbers they revealed to the public which kept growing larger due to pressure from reporters, investigators & Congress.

I digress. Let's take a look at the early life of this acct ImageImageImageImage
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@AOC in NYT on supporting #Biden:

"The whole process of coming together should be uncomfortable for everyone involved, that’s how you know it’s working."

Opportunist! Her job is to take leftwing sentiment and throw it behind the pro-capitalist Dem Party. #demexit #Sanders
@AOC on Biden: "I want to respect his win, he won because of his coalition building, he won because of his service, he won for a lot of different reasons."

Nothing left-wing about the "left-wing" of the Dem Party. This was the strategy of @jacobinmag and
NYT: "What if Biden doesn’t do it? What if he doesn’t get uncomfortable? And you know, only gives kind of aesthetic, in-name-only concessions to the left? What do you do?"

@AOC: "I will be supporting the Democratic nominee in November."
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"Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat"?

He is actually a member of the most successful third party in the United states: the Vermont Progressive Party, currently with the 3rd most elected officials nationwide after Dem & GOP (yes > greens) 1/
Ok so that wasn't exactly news. Bernie has been with them since 1981, and was with the predecessor party, Liberty Union, before that.
Here is the news:
The Vermont Progressive Party is going National.
Follow the National Progressive Party now, new on Twitter.
@WinningNewParty 2/
The first organizing call of the National Progressive Party (Bernie's actual party) starts in under 9 hours from the time of this tweet. We don't have streaming setup yet, but will try to have recorded.

I don't want to sow confusion. This national push IS NOT ABOUT BERNIE. 3/
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Whenever I used to hear stuff like #DemExit or #NeverBiden, I thought these views were held by a frankly marginal slice of the electorate that doesn't have much impact. But I am finding myself increasingly sympathetic to those folks. That's a bad sign. I was raised in the party.
The Dem Party was the closest thing I had to a church. The walls of my parents home are covered with framed campaign posters of Carter, Humphrey, LBJ, Obama. I still believe the party can be an instrument of progress. So when I grow sympathetic to these folks, we have a problem.
I'm not giving up on the party. But I can understand why a lot of folks are. The last couple of months in particular have been jarring. When I saw Pelosi pushing a tax rebate for the ultra-rich during this crisis, I got sick to my stomach. Our party leaders need to wake up.
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And keep in mind, that is $400k in debt with a monthly income of $581 and monthly expenditures of $2,996.
In 2009, Tare wrote she “flew into DC“ to start working for Biden. In Tara’s new story, she said she “drove across country” in her Nissan after Biden hired her.

Why the discrepancy?
In 2016 and 2017, her bank took her to court over debts.

In 2017, Tara stopped using all of her social media accounts, started going by a different last name, and began writing pro-Putin and anti-Biden works.
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(1/6) It should be apparent to everyone by now that these "democratic" primary debates are nothing more than lying contests. Admit it, Biden is an energetic, consummate liar while Bernie is just phoning it in.
(2/6) Bernie's continued participation in these debates is itself his half-hearted lie that these debates are truthful & fair. If I were in his position & his age, I would go with a nuclear option: I would announce that it's time to pause the primaries & review discrepancies in
(3/6) the primary results. Of course, the #DNC & #CorporateMedia would attack immediately & create narratives why this would be impossible & refuse. As a result, I would announce my immediate withdrawal from the race & advise supporters to #DemExit & form a US Labor Party.
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The #NoBidenPledge:

We pledge to neither vote for, convince others to vote for, nor support the campaign of @JoeBiden in the event he becomes the Democratic Party nominee

Some of us are independents. Some are lifelong Democrats. Some were #ObamaToTrump voters in 2016. Some are @BernieSanders supporters, others @ewarren supporters, and others undecided.

All of us would have otherwise supported @TheDemocrats in the general election.
Our three major objections:

1) @JoeBiden’s history of support for right-wing policy

2) Concerns about Biden’s health and ability to defeat Trump and carry out the office of President

3) The DNC and media’s collective effort to smother a grassroots progressive movement
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Hey #Demexit-ers: the Socialist Equality Party is the only socialist tendency who warned against the impossibility of reforming the Democratic Party from the beginning. Check out what the World Socialist Web Site (@WSWS_Updates) wrote on Feb 20, 2019:…
The claim that Sanders is driving the Democrats to the left is belied by the facts. For the past 2 years, the Democrats have focused their opposition to Trump on questions of imperialist foreign policy, in particular the demand for more aggressive military action in the Middle...
...East and against Russia.They have served as mouthpieces for the military and intelligence apparatus in demanding an escalation of internet censorship in the name of combating “fake news.”Far from opposing this right-wing agenda, Sanders has lent support to it.
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Trump would be reelected with a bigger margin if Bernie were the Democratic candidate.

Pandering to Islamism may sound great for Saudi-Qatar funded "liberal" academia, media and "woke" activists, but the American people would never buy that.

#LoseWithBiden #DemExit
"Progressives" need to wake up and stop sacrificing liberalism on the altar of Islam, and pandering to regressive religiosity.

It makes you into dumb hypocrites. People see through it. Dump the Ilhans and the Sarsours.

#LoseWithBiden #DemExit

It was a fight between the Islamic Establishment (with progressive #JihadCoolies carrying that burden) and the Democratic Party Establishment.

#LoseWithBiden #DemExit #YangYang

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1/4 I tabled a lot of SC events for #Tulsi2020. At 3 of them, I was approached by county Republican party chairs and was told that the @DNC and #MSM were assuring @realDonaldTrump's reelection by silencing the only Dem candidate that can beat him instead of propping her up...
2/4 One told me @TulsiGabbard was described in their party meetings as the one to watch, but they figured out the Dems would do their job for them. Even now as she has achieved top 3, the erasure from her "allies" continues. Another told me to thank the #Dems2020 for blocking...
3/4 ...her at every turn because her message resonates with all Americans. So today, I finally share that message from a republican party chair in South Carolina: thank you Dems and MSM for aiding another 4 years of Trump with your bullshit smears, ignoring, and goalpost...
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Culinary union says Bernie Sanders wants to "end" their health care.
Translation: Warren won't endorse a campaign where booing Hillary Clinton or other Democrats is a thing. Seems important comrades.
Chapo Trump House and co. are to blame for a lot of progressives defecting from Sanders 2016 to Warren 2020.
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Building upon our thread that we started earlier in the wk ... we have done further analysis on the hashtags that coalesced at the end of January & into the beginning of February #demexit, #boohillary, #walkaway & #dncrigging. Walkway is a pro-MAGA product
As I mentioned #Walkaway long ago got turned into an enduring pro-MAGA product so we left that out for this. We were among the first groups to out this inorganic campaign in 2018. This chart shows participation of the Kremlin-aligned #hamilton68 and the Domestic #the200 groups
As I stated in the previous thread on Feb 1st the start (#boohillary) or reoccurrence of #demexit & #dncrigging started organically mostly here in the US. However other suspect accnts did participate with additional tweets, retweets and likes (which we currently don't measure)
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When the revelation is so big you can’t formulate a coherent sentence, but still can’t work the periscope.
Sup @Comey 🕶
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People are discouraged thinking @POTUS caved

He gave the Left Nothing

3 weeks more to continue showing their Love of $$ and power only

NOT the safety of Americans or "Dreamers" as they have claimed

More Dems and Latinos are seeing it

Let it be known

Now More Than Ever It Is Time For The #DemExit

MAGA is for All Americans. PERIOD.
A MAGA Hat is NOT Racist

It represents Our Love of God, Family, Country & the God Given Rights we have enjoyed because of the Faith, Sacrifice & Patriotism of our Forefathers, LEOs & Veterans

Thank you to ALL who Serve & Protect!

Thank God for @POTUS
Let's MAGA On!
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