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Jamal Khashoggi Was No Critic of the Saudi Regime
What you are being told to think about this situation is #FakeNews. Don't let the msm distort your thinking,…
2) The disappearance of Khashoggi, the Saudi journalist, in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul has generated huge international publicity, but unsurprisingly, little in Saudi-controlled, Arab media.
3) The Washington Post, for whom Khashoggi wrote, and other Western media, have kept the story alive, increasing the pressure on Riyadh to explain its role in the affair.
4) It’s been odd to read about Khashoggi in Western media. David Hirst in The Guardian claimed "Khashoggi merely cared about absolutes such as “truth, democracy, and freedom”. Human Rights Watch’s director described him as representing “outspoken and critical journalism.”- FALSE
5) Khashoggi was a loyal member of the Saudi propaganda apparatus. Journalism is not allowed in the kingdom: there have been courageous Saudi women & men who attempted to crack the wall of rigid political conformity & were persecuted/punished for their views. Khashoggi was not.
6) Khashoggi- contrary to what is being written- was never punished by the regime, except lightly two years ago, when Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, banned him from tweeting & writing for Al-Hayat, the London-based, pan-Arab newspaper owned by Saudi Prince Khalid bin Sultan.
7) Khashoggi distinguished himself with an eagerness to please and an uncanny ability to adjust his views to those of the prevailing gov't. In the era of anti-Communism & the promotion of fanatical jihadin Afghanistan and elsewhere, Khashoggi was a true believer.
8) He fought with Osama bin Laden & promoted the cause of the Mujahideen. The Washington Post‘s David Ignatius & others want to embellish this by implying that he was an “embedded” reporter—as if bin Laden’s army would invite independent journalists to report on their war efforts
9) The entire project of covering the Afghan Mujahideen and promoting them in the Saudi press was the work of the chief of Saudi intelligence, Prince Turki, Khashoggi’s principal patron-prince.
10) Western media coverage of Khashoggi’s career presents a picture far from reality. They portray a courageous investigative journalist upsetting the Saudi regime. Nothing is further from the truth: there is no journalism in Saudi Arabia; there is only crude & naked propaganda.
11) Editors are trusted individuals who have demonstrated long-time loyalty. Khashoggi told Arab reporter last year in an interview from Istanbul that in Saudi Arabia he had been both editor & censor. Editors are mouthpieces of princes & kings and eliminate objectionable material
12) Khashoggi never spoke out for Saudis in distress. He ran into trouble in two stints as Al-Watan editor because of articles he published by other writers, not by himself, that were mildly critical of the conservative religious establishment—which he at times supported.
13) Khashoggi was the go-to man for Western journalists covering the kingdom, appointed to do so by the regime. He may have been pleasant in conversation with reporters but he never questioned the royal legitimacy. That goes for his brief stint in Washington writing for the Post.
14) Khashoggi’s vision was an “Arab uprising” led by the Saudi regime. In his Arabic writings he backed MbS’s “reforms” and even his “war on corruption,” derided in the region and beyond. He thought that MbS’s arrests of the princes in the Ritz were legitimate.
15) Khashoggi was accused of meeting with the Emir of Qatar at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York & of having ties to “regional and international intelligence services.” If true it may have sealed his fate. Qatar is now the #1 enemy of the Saudi regime—arguably worse than Iran.
16) Khashoggi was treated as a defector & one isn’t allowed to defect from the Saudi Establishment. The last senior defections were back in 1962, when Prince Talal and Prince Badr joined Nasser’s Arab nationalist movement in Egypt.
17) There is so much more that sheds a great light onto Khashoggi and all of his 'connections' to terrorists. He was NOT just a critical journalist that was murdered for his writings. I will post more as I find it. Research and don't be a sheep.…
18) As promised, here is additional information about Khashoggi's terrorist ties.…
In high school, Jamal Khashoggi had a good friend. His name was Osama bin Laden.
19) “We were hoping to establish an Islamic state anywhere,” Khashoggi reminisced about their time together in the Muslim Brotherhood. “We believed that the first one would lead to another, and that would have a domino effect which could reverse the history of mankind.”
20) The friendship endured with Jamal Khashoggi following Osama bin Laden to Afghanistan. Khashoggi credited Adel Batterjee, listed at one time as one of “the world’s foremost terrorist financiers” by the Treasury Department, with bringing him in to report on the fighting.
21) The media calls Khashoggi a journalist, but his writings from 80s Afghanistan read as Jihadist propaganda with titles like, "Arab Mujahadeen in Afghanistan II: Exemplifies the Unity of Islamic Ummah".
22) After Afghanistan, Jamal Khashoggi went to work as a media adviser for former Saudi intel boss, Prince Turki bin Faisal, alleged to have links to Al Qaeda. Those allegations came from, among others, Zacarias Moussaoui, the alleged twentieth hijacker.
23) Here is what he wrote about 9/11: "Saudis tend to link the ugliness of what happened in New York & Washington with what has happened & continues to happen in Palestine. It is time that the United States comes to understand the effect of its foreign policy & the consequences"
24) 'That’s the real Khashoggi, a cynical and manipulative apologist for Islamic terrorism, not the mythical martyred dissident whose disappearance the media has spent the worst part of a week raving about.' It's all a lie.
25) 'Jamal Khashoggi was not a moderate. Some describe him as the leader of the Saudi Muslim Brotherhood. The Islamist network admires Hitler and seeks to impose Islamic law around the world. Nor was he a supporter of freedom of the press.'
26) 'In one of his Al Jazeera appearances, he complained that the Saudi government was allowing some journalists to report positively on Israel. His final project, DAWN or Democracy for the Arab World Now was meant to aid Islamists.'
27) 'But unlike Osama bin Laden, Khashoggi did not use the Muslim Brotherhood as a gateway drug to the pure and uncut violence of Al Qaeda or ISIS. He was still betting on a political takeover.'
28) Here is where you start to get the picture of why Khashoggi was targeted. 'Khashoggi went on making the case for the Islamic state of the Muslim Brotherhood. He went on making that case even as the Saudis decided that the Brotherhood had become too dangerous.'
29) So fighting for a cause which was NOT supported by MbS, Khashoggi fled SA in exile. 'Like his old friend, Khashoggi went into exile in a friendly Islamist country. Bin Laden found refuge in Pakistan & Khashoggi ended up in Turkey. The Khashoggi family originated from Turkey.'
30) 'Turkey was swiftly becoming the leading Sunni Islamist power in the region. Living in Turkey put Khashoggi at the intersection of the Turkish-Qatari backers of the Brotherhood and the Western media.'
31) 'His disappearance has touched off fury and anger from the Islamist regime that harbored him. And it has also set off an unprecedented firestorm of rage and grief by the American media which adored him.'
32) 'Media spin describes Khashoggi as a dissident. And he certainly was that. But so was Osama bin Laden. What Khashoggi wasn’t, was a moderate. No more so than the Muslim Brotherhood. He wasn’t a proponent of human rights, but of Islamic rule.'
33) 'He could be found on Al Jazeera, Qatar’s Jihadist propaganda network, bemoaning Saudi opposition to the MB & its friendliness to Israel. "Crown Prince MbS should get rid of his complex against the Muslim Brotherhood & stop treating them as an enemy/threat to Saudi Arabia,"'
34) 'He complained, & urged the Saudis to fight Israel instead.' So as you can see, Khashoggi was a terrorist agent who was embedded in media. 'Khashoggi’s career of spouting Muslim Brotherhood propaganda for his new Turkish & Qatari masters came to an end in a curious way.'
35) 'Before Khashoggi allegedly entered the Saudi embassy, from which Turkey claims that he disappeared, he told his Turkish fiancé to call Yasin Aktay if he didn’t return.' He knew that SA had chosen a path away from the ambitions of the Brotherhood- He knew he was a target.
36) Let's look into where Khashoggi chose to flee- Turkey:
'Before the summer coup of 2016, Turkey was said to have 50,000 political prisoners. Many of them were members of the country’s oppressed Kurdish minority which is deprived of its most basic civil rights.'
37) So let's break to give the lay of the land. Khashoggi, who was a trusted 'journalist' in Saudi Arabia (when SA supported the MB), was used to spread Brotherhood propaganda throughout SA and the middle east. Once Mohammed bin Salman took over, Khashoggi refused to accept....
38) .... the new direction chosen by MbS. Remember that Khashoggi wrote for a media company owned by Saudi Prince Khalid bin Sultan, who was among the group of princes arrested by MbS November of 2017. That day was a clear message that the Brotherhood was finished in Saudi Arabia
39) So Khashoggi had to find a 'friendly' country to defect to, so he could continue to fight for the Muslim Brotherhood through media propaganda. Turkey was a perfect fit due to family ties and current culture. Moving on...
40) Back to Turkey- 'Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey’s Islamic tyrant, finished securing his absolute hold on power with the coup as his Reichstag fire. The alleged coup became a blank check for the mass arrest and torture of countless thousands of political prisoners.'
41) 'Amnesty International estimated that 50,000 had been detained. The UN listed a figure as high as 180,000. They included 300 journalists. Lawyers described clients being brought to them covered in blood.' Sounds like they needed journalists who would support the MB cause.
42) 'Erdogan went after professors, judges, law enforcement, the military and the last remnants of a free press. A Human Rights Watch report documented electric shocks, beatings with truncheons and rubber hoses, and rape by Erdogan’s Islamic thugs'
43) 'Heads were banged against walls. Men were forced to kneel on burning hot asphalt. Medical reports showed skull fractures, damage to testicles & dehydration. The media didn’t show any of the hysterical outrage at these crimes that it has over the disappearance of Khashoggi.'
44) 'The media cares more about Khashoggi, a former media mouthpiece of the Saudi regime before it turned on his Muslim Brotherhood brothers, than about 300 Turkish reporters. It’s not hypocrisy, it’s consistency.' Khashoggi was a cabal agent and the 300 others were not.
45) The Saudi Kingdom under MbS had aligned forces with @realDonaldTrump, & turned away from the islamic extremist Muslim Brotherhood- 'Erdogan & Khashoggi are both militant Islamic activists. And their opponents, the victims of Erdogan’s Reichstag fire & the new Saudi king.....'
46) '...had fallen afoul of them for being insufficiently militantly Islamist. The media will always take the side of Islamists over non-Islamists. That’s why it bleeds for Khashoggi.'
47) 'There was a reason why Jamal Khashoggi felt so comfortable in Turkey, while actual journalists in the country were terrified of being locked up, tortured and disappeared. If that was the fate that befell Khashoggi, it was a commonplace one in Turkey.' Did you catch that?
48) 'And it may have been carried out by his own Turkish allies who decided that their Saudi subversive had more value as a false flag martyr than a house guest.' You see, this could have been a 'perfect storm' for the cabal- who supports the MB- just look at Hussein's cabinet.
49) This action would have benefited the cabal in multiple ways.
1. It drives a wedge between Trump and MbS through public outcry driven by msm.
2. It gains WW support behind Erdogan by improving Turkey's public image.
3. Erdogan furthers this PR campaign by releasing Pastor.
50) These are all important because public image is what allows them to carry out the horrible human rights violations. 'Look how much they care about Khashoggi, they couldn't possibly be guilty of the horrible this you accuse them of.' OPTICS!
51) 'The media’s disproportionate outrage over Khashoggi has nothing to do with human rights. If it did, the media would have been just as outraged at the arrests and torture of tens of thousands in Turkey.'
52) 'The politicians shrilly urging that we punish the Saudis never thought about curtailing arms sales to Turkey. The same politicians were unhappy when Trump used sanctions on Erdogan in an effort to free American hostages, like Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was held in Turkey.'
53) 'The struggle between Saudi Arabia and the UAE on the one hand, and Turkey, Qatar and Iran on the other, is the next stage of the Arab Spring. And, from Yemen to Turkey, the media has made no secret of being on the Islamist side.'
54) 'Its outrage over Khashoggi, like its claims of a human rights crisis over the Saudi bombings in Yemen, are not journalism, they’re the political spin of the Islamist axis. This is about Islam.'
55) 'The media has reported every claim of victimhood by the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar’s Al Jazeera propaganda arm, while giving as little attention as possible to the victims of Muslim Brotherhood church bombings.'
56) 'Its coverage of Israel has been little more than terrorist propaganda since Osama was in diapers. Its coverage of the Khashoggi case is every bit as dishonest as its slanted attacks on the Saudi embargo of Qatar, as its propaganda about the wars in Yemen and Libya.'
57) 'The Khashoggi case demands context. Before the media & politicians who listen to it drag the United States into a conflict with Saudi Arabia over a Muslim Brotherhood activist based on the word of an enemy country, we deserve the context. And we deserve the truth.'
58) 'The media wants the Saudis to answer questions about Jamal Khashoggi. but maybe the media should be forced to answer why the Washington Post was working with a Muslim Brotherhood propagandist? Why aren't the Republicans asking those questions?'
59) 'The media’s relationship with Khashoggi is far more damning than anything the Saudis might have done to him. And the media should be held accountable for its relationship with Osama bin Laden’s old friend.'
60) 18-59 of this thread were based from a GREAT article by Daniel Greenfield, with my commentary added. Daniel, who can be found at @sultanknish, is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and author of the Sultan Knish blog. Excellent work sir!
61) I will continue to dig on this, & more will come out. I can tell you with near certainty, that this is another narrative PR operation designed to undermine the efforts of @realDonaldTrump & Muhammed bin Salman, in their battle to eradicate the evil in the middle east.
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