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Few tweets on the origins of "Establishment of the Secular Democrazy" to understand and counter them.


"Muslim rule in medieval India had produced a whole class of self-alienated Hindus. They had interpreted the superiority of Muslim arms as symbolic of the superiority of Muslim culture. 2/n
Over a period of time, they had come to think and behave like the conquerors and to look down upon their own people. They were most happy when employed in some Muslim establishment so that they might pass as members of the ruling elite. 3/n
The only thing that could be said in their favor was that, for one reason or the other, they did not convert to Islam and merge themselves completely in Muslim society. 4/n
But for the same reason, they had become Trojan horses of Islamic imperialism and worked for pulling down the cultural defenses of their own people. The same class walked over to the British side when British arms became triumphant. 5/n
They retained most of those and Hindu prejudices which they had borrowed from their Muslim masters and cultivated some more which were contributed by the British establishment and the Christian missions. That is how the British rule became a divine dispensation for them. 6/n
The most typical product of this double process was Raja Ram Mohun Roy {And in Cow-Belt it was Nehru Family ie both Baap and Beta}.

Fortunately for Hindu society, however, the self-alienated Hindu had not become a dominant factor during the Muslim rule.

His class was confined to the urban centers where alone Muslim influence was present in a significant measure. The number of this bastard breed was few and far between in the countryside where Muslim rule had never struck strong roots.
Throughout the period of Muslim rule, the education of Hindu children had remained in Hindu hands by and large. So the self alienated Hindu existed and functioned only on the margins of Hindu society, and seldom in the mainstream.
All this changed with the coming of the British conquerors and the Christian missionaries. Their influence was not confined to the urban centers because their outposts had spread to the countryside as well.
Secondly, they were equipped with a stock of ideas and the means for communicating them which were far more competent as compared to the corresponding equipment of Islam. 11/n
What made the big difference, in the long run, was that the education of Hindu children was taken over by the imperialist and the missionary establishments.

That was SR Goel.
Now due to this fast growth, these self-alienated Hindus became leaders of Hindu society during the 2nd decade of the 20th century through the drama of a Christian Mahatma astroturfed from South Africa. 13/n
The class which was confined to the urban centers and treated like an untouchable by Hindu society became the leader of the same. That's why SR Goel observed:
"The power and prestige which Pandit Nehru acquired within a few years after the death of Sardar Patel had nothing to do with his own merits, either as a person, or as a political leader, or as a thinker.
They were the outcome of a long historical process which had brought to the fore a whole class of self-alienated Hindus. Pandit Nehru would have never come to the top if this class had not been there.
And this class would not have become dominant or remained so, had it not been sustained by establishments in the West "

So the quarantine regime of the Muslim period against this class is no more since the last 120 years. And this virus class of Hindus is all over the place.
It's this Double Distilled class of Hindus (equipped with missionary's language of Anti Hinduism in the form of secularism, all religions are same etc) is the root cause of our perpetual weakness against Abrahamic forces.
From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Somnath in the west to Parashuram Kund in the east, it's this class (due to being in the position of leadership of Hindus) has caused all the grief.
It's this class for its own gratification kept Hindus of Kashmir valley under the stupor of "Kashmiriyat" until one day they had to leave with nothing but their lives (if they could). 20/n
It's this class fed Savarnas of Cow-Belt kool-aid of Ganga-Jamuni nonsense until its duplicity got exposed by Mandal-Kamandal. Recent assembly elections show Savarnas have forgotten the lesson and fell for the Janeu/Temple hopping gimmickry by the present face of this class. 21/n
It's this same class what did in West Bengal with Commie mask is well known. WB is almost gone with 35%+ Muslims population due to strong repression of any manifestation of Hindu spirit among Bengalis by TMC as a transmogrified version of Commie regime of the past. 22/n
It was the same class (among TN Brahmins) due to the attraction of becoming the lost brother of victor ie Angrej (during the peak of British power) screwed itself and Hinduism very badly when it got outsmarted by non Brahmins misguided by missionaries in TN. 23/n
It's this same class which provides Oxygen to neo-Ambedkarite (read Anti Hinduism/Brahmanism with the mask of Ambedakrism by missionaries) groups and politics in Maharashtra. 24/n
The problem is that this class' presence is so subtle & widespread (compared to Muslim era when it was confined to the proximity of Muslim centers) among Hindu society that it's not known though being in front of our eyes all the time like villains of Desi Saas-Bahu serials. 25/n
Talking of the subtle presence in abv tweet. Ideas, ideal, and heroes of this class have been digested and made part of the present Hindu identity over the last 150 years. You will find many Dhabas (run by Brahmins) along GT road in Cow-Belt hanging portraits of Nehru & IG. 26/n
Thakurs of Cow-Belt feeling so proud of keeping "Pichadi Jati" in their "Aoukaat" bedding women of these OBC & SC-ST caste (but no shame in doing Shahstang Dandvat to Raul and his Mom) reflects the same mindset. I am sure other parts of India it must be similar. 27/n
That Joshi fella from Rajasthan provoking Brahmin caste ego mocking Uma Bharti and Ritambhara for being OBC and hence ignorant of Scriptures is a typical example of the subtle unrecognizable presence of this class among Hindus and operating for their goal. 28/n
At one time I and whole of Netaji Brigade used to be part of one group but what made them go away was that Modisur Mardini won't give up on her pride in British legacy part of present Bhdralok identity. 29/n
Few RWs handles unfollowed me post assembly results when I criticized Savarnas of Hindi belt supporting Pappu. What more can be said about the subtle presence of this class than the fact that a Shankaracharya and his followers campaigned for Pappu. 30/n
I believe that as a person if even a hardcore RW Hindu observes himself over 24 hours, he will find a strain of the tendencies of this class among his thoughts and conduct. That's how subtly this disease is present among Hindus. 31/n
Hindu RWs on SM drumbeating NOTA is a manifestation of abv mentioned DDC (Double Distilled Class) mindset.
In my observation, only 3 people have put any real threat to the dominance of this class post-1947. They are:
1)Kanshi Ram
2)VP Singh
3)Narendra Modi.

This subtle presence of this bastardized class (SR Goel's words) reminds of Kaliyuga sitting on the head (in the golden crown) of King Pariskhita, making him insult a Brahmin sage and thus bringing his end when latter specfied 5 places for the former in his kingdom. 33/n
I hope Hindu civilization will not meet the same fate as King Parikshita at the hands of this bastardized class of Hindus.

I am really upset at what happened at Sabarimala today.
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