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Few tweets on India as the original place of Vedic Hindus from the viewpoint of कर्मकांड part of Vedas. 1/n
First Bhagwan Sri Krishna on the structure of Vedas.

"वेदा ब्रह्मात्मविषयास्त्रिकाण्डविषया इमे।" ~ श्रीमद्भागवतम् (११।२१।३५)

The trikânda (Karm, Upasana, jJyAn) divided Vedas have the knowledge of ब्रह्म and आत्मा as their subject matter. 2/n
To further explain this trikânda of Vedas there are many Mimansa texts but these r prominent ones.3/n
Brahmsutra of Ved Vyasa for ज्ञानकांड
Bhakti Sutras of Narada and Shandilya for Upasana Kand
Karma Mimansa Sutras of Jaimini and Bhardwaja for Karma Kand
Now we will focus on a thing called त्रिविधशुद्धि (trividhashuddhi ) mentioned in Sutra 73 of क्रियापाद section of कर्ममीमांसा सुत्र by Sage Bhardwaja.

Per abv, त्रिविधशुद्धि (trividhashuddhi ) is the purification of three bodies of a Jiva to enable its spiritual evolution towards its higher self.
Karmkanda of Veda leads to Aadhibhautik Shudhi
Upasanakanda leads to Aadhidaivik Shuddhi
jJyAnkAnda leads to Aadhyatmik Shuddhi 5/n
Now in Sutra 269 of the क्रियापाद section, Sage Bhardwaja states that त्रिविधशुद्धि (trividhashuddhi ) is must for "पुर्णता" and further states in Sutra 270 that anything attempt for spiritual evolution is futile like "अभिषेक" of a अनार्य. 6/n
From this त्रिविधशुद्धि (trividhashuddhi ) point of view, Bhardwaja states (Sutra 274, 276,277) that Mrityuloka is best in whole Brahmanda and out of the whole of Mrityuloka Aryavarta (Bharat/India) is the best place to pursue त्रिविधशुद्धि (trividhashuddhi ) goal. 7/n
In sutra 278 Bhardwaja, based on त्रिविधशुद्धि (trividhashuddhi ) quotient, declares that even "Antyaja" (beyond Varnashrama and below Shudras) of Bharatvarsha is superior to highest of high of अनार्य countries from the other parts of the world. 8/n
In Sutra 289 Bhardwaja states that तीर्थ in Bharatvarsh are पुर्ण because of त्रिविधशुद्धि (trividhashuddhi ) which is not present in अनार्य countries. 9/n
In Sutra 290 Bhardwaja states that Bharatvarsha is the best place on earth to practice Karmakanda of Vedas and hence calls it कर्मभूमि. Further in next 10-12 sutras, he gives reasons for it.

Reasons for Bharatvarsh as Karmabhumi by Sage Bhardwaja

Sutra 291: All grades of Avatar takes place in Bharatvarsha
Sutra 292: Gods are helpful to this land
Sutra 293: Pitars are favorable to this land
Sutra 294: Grace of sages on this land.
Sutra 295: Being place of all limbs of Dharma
Sutra 296: Being place of three kinds of "Adhikaris" of Dharma
Sutra 297: Being place where three Bhavas ie Karma, Upasana, and Gyaan are manifest.
Sutra 298: Being a place where all seasons are manifest 12/n
And finally Sutra 299: Being place of origins of all kinds of "Punyas" like Himalaya.

Now, the question is how many of the abv qualities are present in central Asia as the place of the origin of Vedic Hindus aka Aryans?
If one goes by even western antiquity of Manusmriti (300 BCE), Bhagavatam (6th to 8th century), these texts call races beyond the western boundaries of India as Maechha/Anarya. If 1500BC is the arrival of Aryans in India and it would have continued for next few centuries. 14/n
Why such a derision and lowly view of your place of ancestors with few hundred years? Muslims from central Asia started settling in India 1192 onwards and to this day they despise India and have high regard for the barren lands of their ancestors. 15/n
Why exactly opposite when it comes with Vedic Hindus aka Aryans? 16/16
"within few hundred years"
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