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@CTIserbyt The power of the founders of Democratic schools is reaching into Dutch education inspection and the Ministry of Education.

The Dutch authorities conducted the policy of Unesco Global Education Plan in public schools.

UNESCO Education Plan.…
@CTIserbyt The bottom line of Unesco document, from Page 44, the timelines are to meet countries, including citizenship, genderneutrality etc.
There are massive subsidy flows from VN and EU for these free invisible networks.
@CTIserbyt A Dutch Women, Claire Boonstra, from Open Education and United4education is one face. Avatar- Scientology is part of a great octopy.
Unesco has an international changemaker network that must ensure the transition of society through education.

Charlotte, in Dutch but maybe your husband can translate:)…
@CTIserbyt Jan Rotmans recommends VN and the Dutch authorities on the transition.
@CTIserbyt Ashoka internationaal team changemakers. these Changemakers must ensure that governments, schools, companies etc. the 17 goals of Unesco realize.…

Het netwerk van Ashoka is GIGANTIC.…
@CTIserbyt One of the changemakers is John Moravec.

John Moravec is a major spill in the network of Unesco and interferes with all the transitions: education, energy, environment, care.
The following://www2. eco/john/2008/02/29/unesco - thirdprobe - knowledge - conference - online/
@CTIserbyt John Moravec is a very professional marketing male. Every guru has its own bankaccount.
Like guru Ron Hubbard of Scientology and his distinct guru, who became a very own guru with sekth Harry Palmer of Avatar, NLP guru Ken Robinson and all.
@CTIserbyt You see in all these gurus the same earning model:
They are author of many books. They give courses, preferably in a pyramid model where you climb up the ladder to Master and even Wizard. They give workshops, lead others to leadership, set up schools, educate others to set up
@CTIserbyt the same schools according to their ideology, and preach everywhere-whether or not they are paid-to anyone who wants to offer them stages. They develop games, games, digital education in which you have to participate or where you are financially attached for years.
@CTIserbyt John Moravec has a purpose to make a goal: Everyone make changemaker.
He pointed out schools. The knowmadge schools, worldwide.
In the Netherlands too.
Http://www. knowmads. nl/
@CTIserbyt John Moravec is changemaker.
Claire Boonstra, too. They want to change the Dutch Education radically to the Unesco Global Education Plan.

Claire Boonstra and John Moravec…
@CTIserbyt Claire Boonstra and Unesco
Claire was declared saint by Unesco.

John Moravec boek Knowmadge Society - kennis delen…
@CTIserbyt Unesco and Scientology
@CTIserbyt Scientology dictates in issues such as peace and war, ecology and the environment, the future of the family, the role of women, education and education for making new policy.
@CTIserbyt Scientology thinks himself a religion, you read it, and you read why…
@CTIserbyt Two Finns - both in Unesco - did research (in whose contract and who paid for.) And Judge Scientology as religion. Many countries take for truth. Including the Netherlands.…
@CTIserbyt Unesco and Scientology support youth organisation Youth for Human Rights International
Here's where you read their purpose.…
@CTIserbyt Scientology sponsort YHRI for study material Dutch secundairy schools, MBO and HBO and Ministry of Foreign Affairs plays a role in this infiltration of Scientology in our education.…
@CTIserbyt Scientologist Mary Untiedt changed her name to Mary Schuttleworth.
Mary is a teacher and is high in the ranking of Scientology. She starts
Youth for Human Rights.
3 screenshots
@CTIserbyt Below you read the first paragraph of the education of Scientology according to the Ron Hubbard vision, as we find in Unesco. And in this transition is Netherlands now.
As you can see, Mary Shuttleworth also followed the Scientology teachings of Ron Hubbard.
@CTIserbyt Her father was also Scientologist. As a child, she has been completely brainwashed by Scientology
It has only one mission: all children, all teachers, all schools in the world have to get Scientology education.
@CTIserbyt According to Scientology, there is only one absolute truth, that is that of the Guru Ron Hubbard.
@CTIserbyt Dutch Educational inspection does not investigate infiltration Scientology.
Meanwhile, it is clear that educational inspection does not investigate infiltration avatar Scientology in the Netherlands following the articles and broadcasts of The Monitor.
@CTIserbyt De Montior:…

Cult expert abbout Avatar…

Dutch meldpoint for cults requests inspection to study…

Inspection decision not to investigate…
@CTIserbyt More Unesco people who love Scientology…
@CTIserbyt Jan Figel Europion Commission

Jan Figeľ is a Slovak politician and was commissioner responsible for training, Culture and multilingualism in the commission - Barroso I.án_Figeľ
@CTIserbyt EU ‘President’ Jean Claude Juncker creatie a special job for Jan Figel to promote and project Scientology Worldwide as a religion.
@CTIserbyt Scientology is proud!
@CTIserbyt The UN and Jan Figel accuse Russia that excludes Scientology.
It has therefore consequences from EU and EC as a country doesn’t accept Scientology.…
@CTIserbyt Scientology is targeting humanitarian aid. And achieving the most vulnerable people worldwide.
Then these people get the Scientology training. Brainwash!…
@CTIserbyt By Unesco and VN Scientology seems to be humanitarian (commitment to a better world) to grow and interferes with
important strategic plans with transition education, the environment, energy and care.…
@CTIserbyt Jan Figel is under the responsibility of EU Frans Timmermans.

Frans Timmermans will follow up Jean Claude Juncker!
@CTIserbyt Unesco has developed a global network to achieve the 17 goals. This network targets push and pull groups in each country. They develop or suggest crises by law appropriate education, inclusion, truants, teacher shortage, money shortage, in short: the World goes down.
@CTIserbyt It is a matter of ' peeling off ', ' disrupting ' to rebuild the ideology of Unesco and Scientology.
This happened and we already see in education, care, environment and energy.
It is not hesitate to have professors make pseudo-scientific reports and to completely ignore
@CTIserbyt the truly scientific reports of critically highly educated ones that prove otherwise.

Unesco Chairs Worldwide…
@CTIserbyt How Unesco is going to doctrinate teachers.
For the necessary urges and compulsion, Unesco make A Teachers Guide.
A Guide which allows teachers to indoctrinatie. So that they can make a ‘better’ world. The transition of society through the teacher.…
@CTIserbyt How that world must look and how you and all of us must live, was decided by Unesco, Vn, Scientology - Avatar and You can read it in the teachers guide.…
@CTIserbyt It is not Democracy.

The teachersregister (in Dutch ‘Lerarenregister’) must make you follow the necessary courses to make You a better teacher for making a better world that's going to lead to children who are "better’. So you're all gonna think and live by ideology from...
@CTIserbyt In the UK, there is an Chartered College Of Teaching with an elaborate ‘teachersregister’ under the responsibility of Prime Minister, David Cameron.

The teachers don’t like it at all!…
@CTIserbyt “The heavy involvement of CPD providers in how it was set up always seemed suspicious. Lots of non-teachers were allowed to hold interim positions before there were elections. But the promise always was that eventually it would be teacher led.”
@CTIserbyt “First non-teachers were appointed to the board of trustees. Then a category of members called “fellows”, which included non-teachers, was created. Then the majority of the positions on the ruling council were reserved for fellows.”
@CTIserbyt “And this is where we are now. The organisation that was meant to re-establish us as professionals, is selecting its officers and council members under rules that favour non-teachers.”
@CTIserbyt You can climb through their courses. It's the same pyramid model model as the courses of Avatar and Scientology.…
Training to educating for a sustainable future. Indoctrination of teachers to teach them to indoctrinate the children the right way.
@CTIserbyt Unesco sees 60 miljion teachers Worldwide as pawn for the transition of society.
@CTIserbyt The teacher as pawn for the New Age VN sustainable future dream. Utopia.
@CTIserbyt Unesco needs a New Curriculum for that dream.

Robert Muller’s World Curriculum. With help from Ron Hubbard’s education - method and Psycho -Therapy. Brainwash!
@CTIserbyt For all transitions.
@CTIserbyt Unesco magic with words. Curriculum is multi - Interpretable.…
@CTIserbyt What do all these Dutch people in foreign country’s to interfere with the Education allocated? By order of Unesco.
Countries in which curriculum renewed large - scale renewed is based on less knowledge + skills + technique.
@CTIserbyt Corine Vis was promoted on curriculum studies initiated and sponsored by Unesco and SLO.…
@CTIserbyt 3rd sect in Unesco and VN
Brahma Kumaris sect - Foundation living value Education

In this cult, also Democratic school the Vrije Ruimte in the Hague, the Netherlands…
@CTIserbyt The Dutch ambassador of this sect speach in Dutch University INHolland.…

More about living values Education

100 Unesco teachers
@CTIserbyt This is where the comparison is drawn between BK cult with Living Values Education and Scientology……

Klaas Wiltng confirmed that Dutch police agents have followed the courses of the BK cult for years.
Thousands of VN officials also followed the courses of the BK cult. Brahma Kumaris sect is een VN NGO!
@CTIserbyt @wiltingklaas These cults all have their own pseudo scientific academy.
It's about these cults and unesco/un to indoctrination through education. It's about personality development ttgs that transition and 17 Unesco goals. To creatie the One World, One religion VN dream. Utopia
@CTIserbyt @wiltingklaas That's how Scientology has her Dianetics and schools.
Avatar's own democratic schools and ecovillages.
Damanhur sect has her own school, is an ecovillage en helps other to create eco collages too.
The BK has the Academy of living value education
Unesco has its Unesco schools.
@CTIserbyt @wiltingklaas For the'transition of society required by VN and Unesco, it is necessary to set on a huge migration. To force Islam to the knees to One world, One religion should Everyone become gender neutral. By lifting the differences between man and wife.
@CTIserbyt @wiltingklaas Gender neutrality makes no Muslima have the same rights. Then no need for headscarf and burka.
This transition process - where we are in the middle- is implemented with urges and compulsion.
@CTIserbyt @wiltingklaas Youth healthcare and education are going to work together intensively. ‘Personalty development’ becomes more important than knowledge. It is sent to behavioural change and standards and values of the EU, VN en Unesco, not the islamic One.
@CTIserbyt @wiltingklaas The Islamic community must count on a strong increase in exhaust infusion urang and compulsion.
@CTIserbyt @wiltingklaas Global
This is how the VN thinks:
There must be a change in the world's consciousness.
And they want to reach by the sgo’s and ngo’s, steering groups and seas full of subsidies.
@CTIserbyt @wiltingklaas In this way, the want to eliminate the violence in families - which is part of the Islamic culture -.
Their Kids will be placed with foster parents. But, there are not enough Forster boardingschools!
@CTIserbyt @wiltingklaas boarding schools and state education/indictrination.
The EU countries may not close their borders to migration through international treaties.
Now it's being sent to converts, disappearing cultures and traditions on the side.
@CTIserbyt @wiltingklaas The migration is sold by VN, Unesco and EU all of us as humanitarian as well and necessary. It's not.

They create a new kind of human. A New kind of Aryan race, like Hitler.
@CTIserbyt @wiltingklaas That is extremely political ‘left’ and at the same time extremely ‘right’ ideology of the New Age movement that VN and Unesco is.
Where’s nothing democratic or socially about. It’s socialist communism.
@CTIserbyt @wiltingklaas @threadreaderapp Please unroll. Thank You!
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