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1. It was #Holi on 11th March 1990 when I travelled from Jammu to Delhi. I’d unfamiliar faces, smells, sights, behaviours, language&environment around me.

I was traveling but I was not on a vacation. This was the second phase in my #Exodus journey #KashmiriHindu #MyStory
2. As we neared Delhi, some people started to lower the glass windows which I found puzzling as the weather was nice and breezy. But I soon realised it when I saw water balloons bursting on the window with coloured water designing the glass temporarily.
#Memories #LostChildhood
3. This was my 1st tryst with Holi celebrations. It was celebrated in Jammu but never in #Kashmir & it seemed fascinating to me as a kid. Since Jan 1990, we like lakhs of #Hindus from Kashmir had undergone immense mental, financial&psychological turmoil due to #IslamicTerrorism
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1 October 2021 #MyStory #28

The last time Frank and I met was for a brief conversation at the San Jose International Airport. He'd called to let me know he was coming and to meet him there. As he had my last payment for the Jaguar, he obviously knew I'd show up.
2) "Look, kid, I've done a few deals like this in my life, where I cared as much about the other guy as I did for myself, and I always regretted it. I'll beat myself up for this later, but this time, I know I won't regret helping you out. Here's your check.
3) "You're a bright person, and I'm sure you already know I see a lot of myself in you, too much, actually. I could, and should, have had your car at half the price I'm paying you for it. That's my weakness. I thought I was over it, and maybe this is the last time. Ha!
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24 September 2021 #MyStory #25

Today, we’ll finish up on lessons 4 – 6:

1) Entertain and Inform
2) Risk/Reward
3) Limit but SELL the Risk
4) Qualify
5) Always Show Up
6) Work Your Numbers
2) I imagine you know the word "holistic," and also that it's related to seeing things as a whole, not just as a clump of parts. But I also bet you don't know the power of that in selling. I certainly didn't, when I get started and overcame the other hurdles at ITG.
3) Our investors really were that, investors. They all had portfolios and earned interest on their investments. Something that amazed me was that in all the hundreds and hundreds of prospects I spoke with, not one had any idea what their rate of return was on the whole.
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21 September 2021 #MyStory #23

Having overcome the demons of rudeness by becoming a Courtesy Cop, what were the sales lessons I learned at ITG? Too many to list accurately, I'll identify the smallest number of key lessons.
2) Key Lessons Learned At ITG. Here are just six, but no promises I might not find more...

1) Entertain and Inform
2) Risk/Reward
3) Limit but SELL the Risk
4) Qualify
5) Always Show Up
6) Work Your Numbers
3) What is a commodity? Oil? Gold? Coffee? Corn? Pork bellies (which bacon comes from)? Oh by all means yes, and so many more. A commodity is so much more. It is a contract placed upon future production. That's a Future. It is so much more. What is an option? It is derivative.
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27 August 2021 #MyStory #9

You'll find it interesting that Phil had always guided me away from a vision of joining him in this business. I do mean always. Phil's stated dream was for me to become a preacher. He meant it, too. And in the end, he made 100% sure that I wouldn't.
2) So on that day in 1981, when Tim celebrated my sales skills and opened his arms to me, I was amazed. I'll never forget sitting there with him in their conference room what the purchase order was being composed. Let's talk about drinking for a minute.
3) Tim offered me coffee. I had never had so much as a single sip of coffee yet. Not Coca-Cola, nor Pepsi, nor even Mountain Dew. Caffeine was forbidden in our religion. And of course I had never tasted beer or wine, let alone any of the hard stuff. Obviously all forbidden.
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26 August 2021 #MyStory #8

The math just hit me. In the summers of 1980 & 1981, I only worked 6 weeks each, total of 12 weeks. This sums up to 11 weeks of no sale, and 1 week of 2 sales. And what sales they were!
2) Have you ever noticed how awesome the towing trucks are that tow out of service trucks? They're amazing machines, truly glorious. Just look at this incredible powerhouse! Image
3) I wish I remembered the name of the man who bought our first quarter page ad, and the name of his firm. It was a truck towing company, and it was based out of Northern Indiana. His purchase was an act of kindness, of respect as well, and a great decision.
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@SavageJoyMarie1 @PramilaJayapal @RepJayapal You posted this on March 17, 2021. I agree with you. If #COVID19 hasn't proven how dysfunctional our healthcare system is, nothing will. Stop using #MedicareForAll just to garner votes. Join us on Saturday July 24th!… @M4M4ALL #M4M4ALL
@SavageJoyMarie1 @PramilaJayapal @RepJayapal @M4M4ALL @RepBarbaraLee @repblumenauer @RepJoeNeguse @RepSchakowsky @repmarkpocan @RepCori @RepBrendanBoyle @RepRashida @RepLowenthal @RepJudyChu @RepJerryNadler You're right! #MedicareForAll can be funded simply by getting rid of private insurance. Join us next Saturday! Nadler: 'Eliminating' private insurance could pay for 'Medicare for all' without raising taxes… #M4M4ALL
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The Professional Undertakers in #Bengaluru city now have Camaraperson’s and even Social media manager’s in team. Funeral live streaming is a #NewNormal in india.

During Lockdown, Local medias and studios joining with them to make some money. Charging 10K to 100K for 100 minute streaming.
Normally We doing weddings and celebrations live streaming, but when thousands dying every day, we have to do this also. One camaraman says.
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#MyStory - ‘If u pay ₹ 1109 and took a membership, u will get thousands through simply sit and watching advertisements’. - says @Jaa_lifestyle. The online money chain scheme still continues through the website in india.

But actually what happening behind this ?

👇🏾 Image
JAA LIFESTYLE PVT LTD is a company formed in London on July 2020 and registered in india also under Ministry of corporate affairs. From Dec 2020 onwards company’s india country director & retd army man KV JOHNY started a money chain scheme. Charging 1109 per person.
Through this scheme the members can join the group in website and simply watch advertisements coming from international companies and every add the members will get ₹ 4, one member can watch 60 adds per day. Image
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If we want to change the world, we have to start with our own selves. This is the mantra with which I started initiating efforts to conserve water in my city—Meerut in Uttar Pradesh.
I was studying in 9th standard and had been observing students of my school - both seniors and juniors - wasting water while filling their bottles or washing their hands during recess.
On several occasions, I asked them to be careful of their actions and to keep a check on the wastage. I was, however, threatened and brushed aside by many who said that if it bothered me, perhaps I should stand near the tap and shut it.
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Growing up, I really bonded with Nani over food. I had an almost insatiable longing for her sweets. No festival was complete without her pedas and nariyal chakkis. Image
All our special occasions and festivals were incomplete without Nani's delicacies.
She used to spend hours in the kitchen preparing our favourite sweets and dishes. I think cooking is my Nani's pride, her identity. As she always says, "Cooking never tires her". She loves cooking for everyone- family, friends and even strangers.
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I know this headline may resonate with some, and that is why I have decided to share.

After 6 years of anticipating a Ph.D., I got a fully-funded Ph.D. admission in 2019. Those 6 years of waiting looked like 'forever'!
#success #phd
Waiting for anything in life is not easy, especially when you have had many successes in a related area. Don't get me wrong, I was making progress in many other areas of my life, but this one thing I have always desired and wanted: to be a Ph.D. holder wasn't just forthcoming.
A bit of background, I finished BSc summa cum laude and top of my faculty and proceeded to pursue MSc in the UK on the prestigious commonwealth scholarship. I should also mention that my undergraduate degree was filled with so many prestigious scholarships and awards.
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- माणुस Keyच्या जादूचे प्रयोग -

“बोल साहेबा,काय सेवा करू तुझी?
काय घेणार चहा, कॉफी कि ग्रीन टी?”

हा प्रश्न मला एका मोठ्या कंपनीतील उच्चपदस्थ अधिकाऱ्याने अतिशय आपुलकीने विचारला होता.
मी त्यांच्या ॲाफीसमधे बहुतेक वर्ष-दिड वर्षानंतर 1/15

#MyStory #BusinessDots #सत्यकथा #मराठी #म
काही महत्त्वाच्या Technical Discussion साठी गेलो होतो. आमचे ऋणानुबंधही तसे चांगले आहेत.

त्यांनी लगेच बेल वाजवली आणि दरवाज्यातून त्यांचा ॲाफीसबाॅय आत आला, मी त्या ॲाफीसबाॅकडे पाहिले आणि म्हणालो - “सतिशला माहित आहे”

आणि त्यानेही हलकेच हसून मान डोलावली... 2/15 #SaturdayVibes
साहेबांकडे पाहून सतिशने “तुम्ही, काय घेणार सर? असे विचारले, साहेबांनी त्याला त्यांच्यासाठी काॅफी आणायला सांगितले. तो ही लगेच केबिनमधून बाहेर गेला.

जाताजाता मला एका हाताने नमस्कार केला आणि मी ही त्याला तसाच प्रतिसाद दिला.

“तु या सतिशला कसा काय ओळखतोस? आणि तो ही तुला कसा?”3/15
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व्यवसायाच्या सुरूवातीला आमचे ठराविक असे एक दोन खुप मोठे आणि महत्वाचे ग्राहक होते...(आजही ते तेवढेच महत्वाचे आहेत) एकदा त्यापैकी एका कंपनीत नवीन बाॅस बदलून आले. एक महिनाभर होऊनही ते मला टाळत होते.

मला ते अगदी स्पष्ट जाणवतही होते..

#MyStory #BusinessDots #सत्यकथा #मराठी #म
मी तासन् तास त्यांच्या ॲाफिसच्या बाहेर वाट पहात बसायचो,त्यांना ते दिसायचेही पण ते वेळ द्यायचे नाहीत.

आमच्या क्षेत्रात तेव्हा आमची कंपनी नवखी असली तरी जे तंत्रज्ञान आणि त्यातला अनुभव जो आमच्याकडे होता तो अगदी भारतातल्या सर्वात मोठ्या आणि बहुराष्ट्रीय कंपन्यांकडेही नव्हता. 2/18
व्यावसायिक दृष्ट्याही आम्ही कुठेही कमी नव्हतो पण काही केल्या नवे साहेब वेळच द्यायला तयार नव्हते..
नजरानजर झाली तरी ते इतक्या खालच्या पातळीने पहायचे की माझीच मला लाज वाटायची..आणि मी ओशाळून जायचो, तिथले ॲाफीसबाॅय,रिसेप्शनचे लोक ही मला हसायचे,हळूहळू मला काय कळायचे ते कळाले होते.3/18
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1-#MyStory- Decade of my life is lost in search of American Dream,being labor &showing excellence in 9 to 5 job,law-abiding,paying taxes, with kids close to age-out,my dreams are crushed, American dreams are JUST that dreams!
#S386IsFair #PassS386 #HR1044
2-I wish i get back my 10 yrs stolen life,stolen with misinformed dual intent #h1bvisa , #greencardbacklog despite being vetted twice USCIS&US DOL,APPROVED for GC have2wait for150+yrs?
#EBGCountryCap make #NoSense my last hope is #S386 which is also being crushed by @DickDurbin
3-Not untill 4Yrs back was aware of this indentured servitude caused by #NationalityDiscrimination #ModernSlavery in a Great Nation while world is watching & laughing for its ages-old IMMG policy, adding to it, #Durbin who sabtoge #DACA #LegalImmigrants but doesn’t help in REAL
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Got my bachelor's degree in Fisheries Management in 2014.
Took my first programming class (with zero prior experience) in Sept, 2016.
Completed the program in Apr, 2017 (8 months).
Completed my 4-month Co-op in Aug, 2017.
Became a Senior Web Application Developer in Sept, 2019.
From Student to Senior within 3 years 🤯.
I doubted myself if I could handle the Senior role. A tweet from @TundeTASH that I read at 11pm was all it took for me to submit my application for the role the next morning and I got the role — yaay.
What if I didn't apply?
You can achieve whatever it is you set your heart to. I was told I would drop out of the program, did I felt like dropping out — YES.
But I PERSEVERED and I'm happy today that I didn't quit.
Don't let doubts get the best of you. Don't let opinions overshadow your gut feelings.
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Feeling excited to share #mystory for voices without frontiers initiative, a part of #IWS_Network. I feel proud to be a part of this great group with so many intelligent, dedicated, ambitious and diverse #womeninscience #VoicesIWS
There is a woman behind every successful woman too :)
All that I am and ever hope to be, I owe to my #mother (by #Lincoln); an intelligent, strong independent woman. My parents are the protagonists in my life story. extremely supportive and let me lead my life my way.#parentslove
#knowledge; supreme form of wealth which manifolds when offered to others #momsays. I love volunteering to spread knowledge #VoicesIWS #IWS_Network @LetsTalkScience #STEM #mystory
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Sharing #MyStory as an #international #immigrant a part of @IWS_Network #Voices without #Frontiers initiative! As a #scientist and an advocate for #workplaceequality, I believe in the power of stories. #IWS #VoicesIWS #SayItForward #WomenInspire #WomeninScience #WomenInSTEM
As a child, how would you have liked moving schools in new cities with different cultures every 2-4 years?

Growing up in the #IndianArmy, I absolutely loved it! By the time I was 18, we had moved over 9 times across 9 states! #Diversity #India #TravelTuesday #IWS #VoicesIWS
My #memories of #India include sunny days, welcoming people, rich heritage, vibrant colors, abundant fruits and mouth-watering street food! #IWS #VoicesIWS
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After the #suicide of Anthony Bourdain, so many of you have said that you are available to listen to those who are contemplating suicide.

If that's you, and your DM's are open, please comment in this thread so people can reach out. You can help.

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#IStandWithNationalAnthem. #MyStory. Read the whole thread
Yesterday, the Hon’ble bench of the judiciary made an observation that ‘standing up for d #NationalAnthem doesn’t prove your patriotism’.
As I read that statement with increasing incredulity, I remembered a moment in time.
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