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The first Airstrike by US against "terrorists" in Afghanistan after 9/11 began on 7 Oct 2001. Nearly 2 decades later, US is now talking to "Taliban" for a "deal". This is how effective airstrikes are against "terrorists". 1/n
WRT India's airstrike on "terrorist camps" in Pakistan, how degrading would that be to the terror networks in reality? Very little. You can't destroy much that cannot be replaced quickly. Would that work as a deterrent? No. 2/n
India's airstrike against terrorist camps in Pakistan is more for optics and electoral posturing by Modi-Doval & company. Like the last "surgical Strike" could not prevent more terror attacks on India, neither would this. 3/n
And Pakistan being a "nuclear armed" state, India can't push things beyond a point anyway and Pakistan knows it. Also, now, Pakistan would be compelled to retaliate. Only a matter of when and where. 4/n
The basic question, however, that needs to be asked is: Would this degrade terrorism and enhance India's National Security? Answer is, a very clear NO. No matter how many orgasma Sanghi imbeciles would have over this. 5/n
Regardless of which "BALAKOT" was the target of our airstrike, the bottomline is still this.
Ah, so it wasn't the BALAKOT in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?
Like the "Aswathama has died but it was Aswathama the elephant".
There goes the deep penetration orgasm of bhakts.
Also, what the #AirStrike cannot erase is the fact that 40 CRPF soldiers were killed in a Fidayeen attack because there was a massive intelligence failure under @narendramodi-Doval's watch.
Here is what I could understand from adding up the information/claims made by both India & Pakistan about the #AirStrike, and also from the information that would logically answer a few questions. 1/n
That Mirage 2000s of IAF crossed the LOC is not disputed. But the aircrafts did not fly all the way into Balakot in Khyber Pukhtunkhuwa but stayed in the airspace over POK, as claimed by Pakistan, is also true. 2/n
Apparently, the Mirage 2000s used Israeli RAFAEL manufactured SPICE 2000 precision laser guided bombs that has range of more than 60Km on a flat trajectory. So, the aircrafts did not really have to do a "deep penetration" into Pak airspace. 3/n
In credible videos shot by @Reuters and @BBCUrdu it appears that there was some damage and some houses have been hit, but the damage and casualty is nowhere near what is being claimed by some Indian "sources". 4/n
Would this really deter terror attacks? No. Also, it is clear from india's message to foreign diplomats that India seeks no escalation. Which means, this was to satisfy the domestic demand for "action" just before an impending general election. 5/n
Let me completely demolish the myth that the #AirStrike carried out today is a credible retaliation to the #Pulwama terror attack, let alone a preemptive credible deterrence to more such alleged attacks being planned by #JeM terrorists backed by Pakistan. 1/n
The #Pulwama terror attack was carried out by a local Kashmiri youth who was radicalized to the extent to become a Fidayeen and attack a CRPF convoy with an explosive laden Maruti Eeco vehicle killing 40 CRPF jawans on the spot. He did not come from #Balakot, Pakistan. 2/n
So, how is an #AirStrike in Pakistan going to stop another attack if the ones tasked to carry out such attacks are local youth turned Fudayeen? 3/n
Sure, the local youth certainly got help from well trained Pak/foreign terrorists in planning the #Pulwama attack and in putting together the car bomb. But what an #AirStrike won't resolve is the fact that these terrorists won't be able to operate without strong local support 4/n
So, what an #AirStrike in Pakistan resolve is the question that why have locals turned so hostile that they are willing to even support and shelter foreign JeM terrorists turning their youth to Fidayeen? Isn't it because India has messed up terribly in #Kashmir? 5/n
And what was the #Pulwama Fidayeen attack but asymmetric warfare? What would be the number of terrorists operating in Kashmir? Not even 300-400. Yet, they have got at least a couple of lakhs troops tied down for counterinsurgency alone. 6/n
In the Pulwama attack, an ordinary Kashmiri youth (whose life is dispensable to the terror network) uses a cheap secondhand Maruti Eeco turned into a car bomb to drive into a CRPF convoy to kill 40 soldiers on the spot. 7/n
And what do you retaliate with? Mirage 2000s using smart precision guided standoff munition such as SPICE 2000 which would probably cost as much as half a million dollar apiece. What a brilliant way of fighting a low cost war, right? 8/n
And did this destroy JeM? Hell no. There is no such terrorist infrastructure that they won't be able to replace immediately. Did the strike kill 300 terrorists? Hell no. But even if it had, how long does it take to recruit and train 300 more canon fodder? Just weeks. 9/n
So, while the imbeciles here would keep cheering, JeM would just need to turn another local youth into a Fidayeen to carry out the next attack. What has been done to prevent that? NOTHING. In fact, by attacking Kashmiris all over the country, you have alienated them further. 10/n
And no, it isn't only those invested in Modi who are misplaced in their enthusiasm. The whole class - from military leadership to sundry analysts to journalists - all are buying into this bullshit because patriotism is oh so fashionable. 11/n
If they knew any better, we wouldn't have been in the mess we are in today - getting killed by teenaged Kashmiri boys turning Fidayeen. Misplaced patriotism is no substitute for wisdom and effective national security. 12/n
No one is asking how did such colossal intelligence failure happen that a Fidayeen attack like the one in #Pulwama could be pulled off by JeM so effortlessly? No oen is asking what the fuck has been done to fix accountability and prevent more such intel failures. 13/n
No one is asking from where did the explosive come? If it was brought in from Pak, which was the route? How could it be done in spite of such a heavily guarded LoC? If the route has not been found, how are you going to fix it? These are things the #AirStrike won't answer 14/n
Common Sense and wisdom seems to have taken a collective leave because it is oh so anti-national. If one more attack happens, what would be the response? Bring out the nukes? or are you going to drop @vivekagnihotri on a JeM camp this time because he is more explosive? 15/n
The RSS Rag #Swarajya claims that #Doval has claimed that 25 top JeM leaders had been killed in the #AirStarike. But why did so many JeM leaders gather in one place? To sing bhajans for Ram Mandir? And who told Doval they would be there for bhajan-kirtan?
The #AirStrike has raised the cost of proxy war for #Pakistan?
How? You are lobbing bombs which cost half a million dollars apiece at what seems to be trees and forests while they used a local boy as Fidayeen in an old Maruti Eeco. And, you don't even want to hit Pak military..
What happened to the "Modi has just raised the cost of proxy war on Pakistan with the #AirStrike" brigade of bhakts, ex-military, analysts, journalists?
Losing two fighter aircrafts to Pak retaliation and getting pilots captured is how you raise the cost of war on Pakistan?
And the war mongering imbeciles on both sides need to remember that #Delhi & #Rawalpindi are just 678 Kms apart.
And since no one has spelt it out let me do so: @narendramodi's Sarkar was so busy framing activists, lawyers, academics, artists as "terrorists" that they forgot about the real ones allowing them to attack and kill 40 of our soldiers in one Fidayeen strike.
Where is James Bond @narendramodi hiding now?
Why has he failed to address the nation now that a fighter has been shot down in Pakistan and one of our pilots captured?
The coward goes missing for hours in every national crisis but struts around like James Bond !!
Cowards and fools should never provoke a war !!
Hey assholes @vivekagnihotri & company, this is what your war mongering has inflicted on one of our fighter pilots. You seek war because it is never your ass, never your family, which is in peril. Thooooooooo !!
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