Q-Thread 3/17-3/18
Life is crazy but GOD IS GOOD!
Lots to cover so buckle up and let's go.

"How much more obvious can we make it?"
@realDonaldTrump RTs a #QAnon Twit acct.
@Potus 17 tweets on Q-Day
You can tell that they are trying to FORCE the Question.
It is very clear to all of us that are involved in the movement, that this was undoubtedly a NOD to all of us. There have been many over the past 17+ months.
Q Drops us the graphic associating Skippy Podesta to the NZ shooting. When A dog gets a bone, he buries it. Shooter traveled to Pakistan, France, UK, India & many other places. Having read his 'manifesto', I believe he was fmr military & definitely had a therapist.
"Now let's set the record straight, there's no argument over the choice between peace and war. But there is only one guaranteed way you can have peace, and you can have it in the next second. SURRENDER."
#QAnon is making the DS options very clear.
Screenshot of the tweet that @realDonaldTrump RT'd from the Q account. "We have to fight back." #WAKEUPAMERICA #FACTSMATTER #SAVEAMERICA #UNITEDNOTDIVIDED #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #StormIsUponUs #QAnon
@realDonaldTrump is calling on all of us to 'Keep Fighting" for what is right and what is good. We cannot sit back and hope things get better. We have to stand up to the idiocy of the left and their faux principles. We all know that they actually have NO Principles.
Q gives us D-802, defining a Patriot and a Traitor. In light of the drops from 3/18, it is all becoming more clear. Soon.
We have a visual of light/dark, life/death, good/evil.

Here is the whole picture
The moment before the revolution. FREEDOM.
March 23: Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty or give me death" speech
Apr. 18: The Rides of Paul Revere & William Dawes
Apr. 19: Minutemen and redcoats clash at Lexington & Concord "The shot heard 'round the world."
Q drops a link to a @realDonaldTrump tweet, where @qanon76 posted the 1775.png flag in the comments. At the time of the drop, Qanon held the top 4 comments on POTUS' tweet. Then Q taunted Jack with
"Who has the 'real' control?
Can you remove the top comments?"
We all know that Jack can and does push the positive comments down the presidents twit feed. It did not happen immediately, but if you look at that link now, it has happened. More to come on twit in a moment. #FACTSMATTER #SAVEAMERICA #QAnon
The taunt was for a singular purpose- to get Jack to demonstrate his censorship on @realDonaldTrump's feed. It happened and the STRIKE came Quickly. Enter NUNES.
Q had to correct his misspelling of the word SRIKE with STRIKE.
Think X
@DevinNunes filed a $250M law suit against Twit today for censorship of his platform, while enabling 3 other accounts to allow them to slander him and his investigations. This will very likely turn into the 'Class Action' suit that #QAnon told us about in D-830.
In D-830 #QAnon outlines what will be sought for disclosure:
WHO wrote the singular censorship algorithm?
WHO deployed the algorithm?
WHO instructed them to deploy the algorithm?
SAME embed across multiple platforms.
Why is the timing relevant?
When @DevinNunes spoke on Hannity tonight, he said "This is just the first of many." He also said 'We want the algorithms, and transparency. We want to know who is behind these accounts.' This is going to lay the groundwork for the reorg of social media for regulation. BIG.
Here are some nuggets from the Nunes lawsuit:
"No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider." 47 USC 230
1. Twitter is an information content provider.
Twitter creates and develops content, in whole or in part, through a combination of means: (a) by explicit censorshipof viewpoints with which it disagrees, (b) by shadow-banning conservatives, such as Plaintiff,
(c) by knowingly hosting and monetizing content that is clearly abusive, hateful and defamatory – providing both a voice and financial incentive to the defamers – thereby facilitating defamation on its platform,
(d) by completely ignoring lawful complaints about offensive content and by allowing that content to remain accessible to the public, and (e) by intentionally abandoning and refusing to enforce its so-called Terms of Service and Twitter Rules
Once twit is solidified as an INFORMATION CONTENT PROVIDER, the door will swing wide open for ALL social media to fall under that definition. This will change their regulation to fall under the same umbrella as public access TV. Which means that they cannot legally discriminate.
The suspected killer of a mob boss in NY last week was in court today and scrawled MAGA forever and a Q on the palm of his hand with an ink pen. Of course there are MULTIPLE articles out now attaching this idiot to the #QAnon movement. All for a LARP right?
Remember the DECLAS countdown? D5- Bush funeral
Remember the FISA Memo release? Parkland Shooting
#QAnon says ammo is hard to come by- [RBG] is in limited supply- will they spend this ammo to prevent the DECLAS or on the Mueller report.
We get a link to the 8-chan twit account- where they stated that they are being investigated for the postings of the NZ shooter. Very interesting that 'they' want to hold 8-chan accountable for a users post, but twitter wants to hold the users accountable. #FAKENEWS.
#QAnon is letting us know that the Mueller report was scheduled for 3/18. but it was delayed- Game Theory. Panic in DC means they are scrambling to plan a FF for cover. Q lets us know that the REAL PANIC will be seen when they pull a 'LAST RESORT' False flag. [RBG]
I believe that this ties to the timeline change. I do not have it figured out yet, but I will give you this. Did you notice the [HRC] tweet today? Limited ammo? NO Plan B? Look at the girl holding the SIGN (lower right), why is she looking at the camera? #QAnon
Treason lineup? Here is a photo from @LisaMei62's feed that I like a LOT. Thanks LMC.
I can't wait to see this flocker in cuffs being perp walked. I might just make a trip to DC so I can livestream it.
I think Comey will the the first MAJOR indictment.
Remember when I told you earlier to think 'X' in relation to STRIKE?
How do you mark a STRIKE in bowling?
Did you know that I have bowled (3) PERFECT 300 games?- TRUE
A STRIKE is marked with an X.
What is @DevinNunes tweet say he is going on Hannity to discuss?
Even though the timeline has changed, do not get discouraged. We are seeing BIG BIG BIG things happening almost daily. There will be another BIG thing tomorrow- TRUST ME- We are #WINNING BIGLY. They are on the ropes & there is no need to rush this. COMPLETE DESTRUCTION- PUBLICLY
GREAT theory on the [+21][+2][+4]
Remember the countdown for shuttle launch- built in delays?
We are at the clear all non-essential personnel hold.
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