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BTW, before going off Twitter last year, I had completely finished the arguments against 3067BCE for the Mahabharara war.
I had also finished off all the claims for 5561BCE.
Now, let me reiterate, we have a Gregorian calendar date for every event of the Mahabharata:
But first things first:
Basic data of Mahabharata:
Short Film 1:
Next, why Mahabharata cannot, I repeat CANNOT go beyond the parameters of 2000-3000 BCE
Proof: Short Film 2
Now, the absurdity of 5561BCE: no no forget ice age, forget everything else hai na?
Where is the proof you ask?
Short film 3: Why 5561BCE for Mahabharata is an absurdity?
Now, here is the complete refutation to Oak’s every argument:
Check the date of this article and thanks to @Pragyata
I have the 127 tweet link to my old thread prior to account being deleted.
I will post it here slowly.
Now, those who wish to attend my seminar in Birmingham in 18th May where I will publicly teach how astronomy of Mahabharata is to be interpreted (70+ already coming)
can contact
I will also teach all those present how every one of these false dates including 5561BCE is to be demolished.
How the data is simply not holding up to scientific scrutiny.
This thread will continue, but first election special toh karu pehle.
I am also distributing free of charge initial 200+ copies of Dr Narahari Achar’s definitive book on the “Dating if the Mahabharata war” and Krishna’s mission for peace and linking each page to my arguments.
Now for the basic flaw in the so called:
Arundhati Vasistha hypothesis:
Q1: What is an omen?
A: It occurs when there is a change in celestial position.
Q2: When did the change occur?
A: The change in her behavior occurs in 11091 BCE. So can MBH occur in 5561 BCE?
In 5561 BCE, therefore, for 6000 years, Arundhati is already following Vasishtha.

Betey, how does it qualify to be an omen?
Go and ask this question to the 5561BCE chaps? Can they answer?

When does the change occur again the behaviour of Arundhati?
Ask this question?

Here you go, see the SS1 again: it’s 4508BCE.
So MBH war, hypothetically speaking can occur 50 years either side of these dates, BUT not in 5561BCE.
The sequence in the Epic is below:

Krishna’s departure (Revati)->Full Moon(Kartika, Lunar eclipse)-> Krishna-Karna ride(Uttaraphalguni)->Amavasya (at Jyeshtha, solar eclipse)-> war (does not begin on an amavasya).
In the case of the data in the epic:

Krishna and Karna ride together after Kartika paurnima, but in Oak’s case, they ride together before Kartika paurnima.
Matlab: Basics main Rada!!
The sequence of events, as per 5561BCE :

Krishna’s departure(Revati)-> Full Moon(Ashvina)->Krishna-Karna- ride(uttaraphalguni)->Amavasya(at Vishakha) -> Kartika paurnima -> war on Amavasya(at Moola, Solar eclipse).

AND we already said that d war CANNOT occur on Amavasya!!!
This is bare bones, nobody can prove it otherwise. It’s my challenge. Prove this sequence in the epic to occur in any other date other than 3067BCE.

10 bottles of Glenfiddich free. I will either pay or send. Open challenge.
Anybody willing to accept the challenge?
If you lose, you will distribute 10 bottles of Glenfiddich to the deity of the KalaBhairava temple in Ujjain or Delhi?
Ab log poonchtey bhai yeh Bhairav baba dikhey kaisey, toh yeh lo darshan:
KalaBhairava in Varanasi for those who DM’ed.
So, I will be holding a seminar in England in less than 1 month where I will give the methodology of dating the Mahabharata based on astronomy, cross referencing the slides to the book.
200+ book copies will be handed out free: and will teach analysis of why other dates are wrong
Right, people think that because you don’t show up to someone’s talk, you are scared. Scared of this man Oak?
Abey, look at yourself first. Who will be scared of you?
There is a good reason for blocking Oak. You want to know why?
A: He falls the most senior researcher of the Mahabharata as “falsifying”.

You know what is this? When you call Dr Achar as a liar, whose work is actually peer reviewed and your work is not peer reviewed?
This is the reason for the block.
Now, you are seeing that I am able to dissect your “hypothesis” and giving all these short films out proving that Arundhati Vasishtha phenomenon was false and you are saying “scared”.
Lol. Chal... 18th May. Aa raha hain.
Despite disproving all his work on Mahabharata (His work on Ramayana I don’t comment on)... he says the same things again and again... no wonder Achar stopped debating him.
Let’s dissect further:
प्राजापत्यं हि नक्षत्रंग्रहस्तीक्ष्णो महाद्युतिः
शनैश्चरः पीडयति पीडयन्प्राणिनॊऽधिकम् ।MB(V.141.7)

In 5561 BCE, Saturn is near Hasta nakshatra border. Any Jyotishi on my TL wants to tell me how exactly Saturn will cause peeda to Rohini from here.
On the other hand, Saturn is at Rohini and passing through the wain of the cart that is Rohini in 3067 BCE.

See the verse carefully:
प्राजापत्यं हि नक्षत्रंग्रहस्तीक्ष्णो महाद्युतिः
शनैश्चरः पीडयति पीडयन्प्राणिनॊऽधिकम् ।MB(V.141.7)
You know “Prajapatyam hi nakshatram”.... there is a long Jyotish tradition going back centuries where every Jyotishi knows that there is an association that when Saturn is at Rohini, the earth performs a Kapalika penance... strewing the earth with corpses.... you understand?
Let’s analyse this further. Go deep. What’s the proof you will ask:
Well, we know from Jyotish that only when Saturn goes into the wain of the cart is it really significant.
Where does this come from?
A: From this shloka of Vyasa from the Mahabharata.
Now, you will say: Bhai, this is still not enough:
Ok, now go to 9/11: (Sept 2001) and in that year check when exactly does Saturn go retrograde? Where is Saturn?
Check an ephemeris and see:
It’s at Rohini as we thought.
Still you will say, not enough:
Ok. Extrapolate the data to 29.5 years back: it’s exactly at 1971 war: (Bangladesh formation)

Then 29.5 years back: it’s at 1945 (WWII)

Then 29.5 years before that ... keep going. See what Saturn at Rohini is!!! “Prajapatyam hi Nakshatram”
When Saturn is at Hasta can you find any proof of this sort of thing? Any Jyotishi will tell you that Saturn at Rohini is well known for this sort of catastrophic stuff... anyways. This is just one small thing, but you can see how it’s going and in which direction?
So 5561 BCE, Saturn is not there where he should be. Let’s go for the next planetary indicator Mars.
“कृत्वाचाङ्गारको वक्रं ज्येष्ठायां मधुसूदन | “MB(V.141.8)
Krtva Cgangarako Vakram, Jyesthayaam Madhusudana says the text.
Again, ask any Jyotishi on my TL what vakra gati means.
Retrogression, a slowing of motion of a planet with ref to the earth so it seems to move backward.
Check, Redshift or Skymap pro, in 3067 BCE the planet Mars is exactly where it should be... in that place near Antares... and retrogressing towards it.

Now, as someone who practices Jyotish if somebody comes and tells any Jyotishi that Vakra is not Vakra but something else?
Ab, now what can you call such a hypothesis if Vakra gati is not really “Vakra” gati.
Then what is it bhai?
Now, look at short film 3 to check what exactly 5561 BCE for Mahabharata is:
I uploaded it in May 2017 to FB.
That particular short film completely shoots down 5561 BCE as a date for the Mahabharata...
Chalo back to Communist Charitra.
and Congies.
But, just a reminder:

This is the sequence in the Epic is below: very rigorous

Krishna’s departure (Revati)->Full Moon(Kartika, Lunar eclipse)-> Krishna-Karna ride(Uttaraphalguni)->Amavasya (at Jyeshtha, solar eclipse)-> war (does not begin on an amavasya).
Sequence of events, as per 5561BCE :

Krishna’s departure(Revati)-> Full Moon(Ashvina)->Krishna-Karna- ride(uttaraphalguni)->Amavasya(at Vishakha) -> Kartika paurnima -> war on Amavasya(at Moola, Solar eclipse).

The war CANNOT occur on Amavasya!!! Why? Will continue this thread
Why can’t the war begin on an Amavasya according to the epic, the Mahabharata? THAT will be the next series.
Remember this is the 140RT thread of 127 tweets.
Let me also say one small thing here:
My film Krishna History or myth has 1.5 + internet views.

Inspite of all what had happened, if Oak had actually proved that his work was authentic, I would have showcased him in my film, spent money on promoting him n ensured he went viral
Everyone who knows me, knows that I never appear in my own long format films. You all have seen it for the last 10 years.... it’s a matter of record.
For me, I would have been thrilled if he had proved his work to be true.. what could be better than a fresh story?
It’s a pity.
Sharadiya Navratri as everyone here knows, conditional mouna vrat and sadhana only is something I haven’t broken for a few years.
That was the time this guy turns up in Birmingham for his talk on the Mahabharata...
The seminar on Mahabharata dating is tomorrow:
It’s free and Dr Achar’s book will be given free of cost. The methodology of dating, the exact Sanskrit references (n why 3067BCE is accurate) all provided free of cost:
Exact methodology, exact problems with methodology of dating by all other authors ... all of this will be addressed. QandA with Dr Pandit at site and Dr Achar on Skype.
All questions are welcomed... the more controversial the better.
What it means is that there is proof.. solid incontrovertible proof... allow yourself to see with your own eyes.
That old well known thread on every tithi of the Mahabharata having a Gregorian calendar date comes here:
BTW, 70+ free copies of Dr. Narahari Achar’s definitive book were given out on that day a couple of months ago. Full house on the day thanks to a couple of friends who persuaded me to talk extempore in the dinner hall.
120 copies remain at least. We aim to make sure that everybody gets interested gets the exact basics of dating the Mahabharata.... If required I will personally distribute at least 1000 books...
We are giving them out free to ensure that Hindus get to know their history. All you have to do is to turn up to the talks.
Remember, a huge amount of the Astronomy references in the Mahabharata pertain to Krishna’s diplomatic mission of peace.

And that war according to the critical edition of the MBH CANNOT start on an Amavasya...
Vast majority of dating expeditions ignore the mission for peace!
10 bottles of Single Malt Glenfiddich are lying unclaimed.
My challenge: nobody accepted so far
Prove that this below occured on any other date other than 3067BCE:
Koi Hai?
Does anybody want to accept my challenge?

No... LOL!
Socho and samjho folks.
The entire sequence above occurs ONLY during Krishna’s diplomatic mission for peace which is ignored in most dating attempts of the Mahabharata.
Simple as that... people ignore the only thing with proper astronomical data and put up a date. Kya hoga phir?
BTW, please note, that we are literally donating the book for free.... we do NOT wish to make any money from this.. BUT it’s important to make sure that people don’t put up wrong claims for the date!!!
Then after challenging me to a debate and me accepting it.... blocked by Oak.
Anytime anybody wants to debate on camera with me (except sadhana times, Navratri and do on) ... come and debate this with me... BUT prove that the sequence I mention occured in that year you want to prove first.
Anybody on Oak’s side in Birmingham who wants to do this... come baby... let’s debate BUT first you prove that the sequence for Krishna’s mission for peace occured in 5561BCE.

Aao na!
10 bottles of Glenfiddich await the lucky person who can prove that Mahabharata occured in any year other than 3067BCE... come... open challenge!
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