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The Laws of Nature are universal. They work on every person and in every place. They don't differentiate on the basis of Human created divides.
This #Thread will try to dig briefly into some of these laws and How our misunderstanding affects our Human Civilization.
We know Law of Gravity is universal and it will work equally on you irrespective of your place of Race, Caste, Religion. No Matter If you are a MNC CEO or Street begger, Pope of Rome or an atheist. You will fall with same acceleration if you jump off a building.
Same with Laws of Mathematics. No Matter Who is calculating, He will calculate 9 into 9 to be 81.
So, The laws don't see who is following the process. If process is to followed, the person is bound to get results.
The laws of Nature too work that way. The Science of Body, Nature and Mind have been universal from back in antiquity. Sanatana Culture has produced Sages and Administrators who understood these laws and worked on experiments to utilise the effects of these laws.
We had Saptarishi and Sages who composed Vedic Richas and gave Scriptures which explained these very laws of Nature. Any person who follows these laws would get the results. There were Yagya and Tapasya which have specific procedure and give specific results on completion.
Why do You think We have more Asuras getting positive results of their Penace than Devas irrespective of what they did with those Siddhis? Be it Ravana, indrajit, Shumbh, Nishumbh, Raktbeej or other Asuras. Every important one seems to have Siddhis.
Because They followed The laws of nature. Laws which are universal. Which don't differentiate between good and evil. They give You same results when You follow the procedure.
The Intention or Nature of person isn't necessary to get results. Same like laws of physics.
That's where Hinduism comes into picture. We had Sages who understood these laws. Explained the ways to achieve the results. Not only that they gave the prescription to keep the balance. They told us how to not ruin the nature and Civilization after getting Siddhis.
We have our Scriptures like Vedas and Upnishads which makes helps us Understand the Nature, How it works, how we should work with it.

Remember, You will live without following these Scriptures too.
Now How To You enjoy the fruits of those Universal laws? There is not one specific procedure. But basic process involves connecting your inner self to the Supreme energy governing this world. It's Parmatma or Shakti or whatever you name it. Yes, God and Allah are too same.
Sage Patanjali gives Ashtang Yoga to achieve the Samadhi. Yoga in itself means Union. Union of Atman with Param Brahm. When you attain that state, You understand the Nature and it's laws. It's like you establish direct connection with Parmatma.
The Path has many halts and branches at higher level. In fact there are many more paths which lead you to different understanding of the laws. Some call it Vammarg or Dakshin Marg. Tantra Yog, Dhyan Yog, Karma Yog. Infinite ways to get to the Anant and Anadi.
Back in antiquity, Sages like Buddha or Mahavir walked their own path to understand same laws. Though they too were familiar with prescriptions. So Their teachings too lead to same eternal bliss as Samadhi or Moksha. But, Not as Diverse as Hinduism.
When Someone Named Jesus had this had got the fruits of these universal laws he didn't had the prescription of Vedas and Upnishads. So he explained the wisdom he got in way he understood them. His disciples too couldn't fully get what he said being unfamiliar with the laws.
So they termed him Son of God who preached the teaching of God directly revealed to him. Petty politicians hijacked his knowledge and didn't let his followers know that actually he was simply a person who got the touch of Paramatma.
Similar case with Prophet Muhammad. He Got the revelations in Caves of Petra. But couldn't get the core of what he was blessed with. I even doubt if he was actually a Siddha or not. Whatever he spoke was according to politics and geography of his area.
We don't even know what actually he taught his followers. As The present Quran is Compiled by Caliph Utthman not original teaching of Muhammad. Quran doesn't explains the laws of nature neither tells way to achieve bliss. It rather stops u from growing as a person.
Today we need to read our Scriptures and spread it to the last human the most. The obvious reasons:
We need to respect the nature. Imbalance will cause the destruction of everything.

Human is not made for petty material goals. Neither we have to be puppet of some book.
We all are made to Excell and reach to that Brahm. If we don't even try to understand those laws of nature and take benefits of them, it will be insult to the Human life which we have got.
Every one needs today to apply the Sanatana in their life.
This is all the universal law. You too can experience the free fall. You just have to jump off the building. There is no eligibility criteria. Just learn how to jump and how to make balance. Gravity will do the rest.
What you need a push by a Real Guru.
Om Namah Shivay 🙏
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