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#Djibouti 🇩🇯 is a small which many probably would not be able to place on a map. Yet, it is quickly becoming the arena for 21st century great power competition.

China’s very first overseas base is located nearby a large American base. Image
This American base is set into the southern end of Djibouti’s main airport. Image
The US and it’s partners in the region operate a drone base at a smaller airport to the south of Camp Lemonier. Image
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1. A thread analysis of #Argentina-#China relations through our previous reports, reports from our on-ground reporters, and SM influencers.

Argentina already has a base operated by the #Chinese military in the province of #Neuquén. Image
2. Now plans to add a port for #Beijing in the #RíoGrande, on the continent's southern tip.

The location of Rio Grande is of extreme strategic importance and crucial for the world in general. Image
3. Since 2018, #Chinese fishing vessels have spent 1 million hours fishing between #Argentina’s maritime border and the high seas, yet spent 600,000 hours ‘in the #dark,’ suspected of illegal fishing within #Argentine waters in the South Atlantic.
Report:… Image
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Right before the French Days of #Agriculture 2023, let’s dive in the One Planet Fellowship’s #Science Week!

💚 Follow me for 2 days amongst the inspirational programme’s Laureates!

#OnePlanetFellowship #JNAgri #research #climate Image
🚀 First, a global overview of the #OPF programme - @FondationBNPP has been supporting for 5 years! - by François Pierrot, Acting Director & Ly Ann Kauv Project Officer, from @Agrofondation, Olivier Dangles (@ird_fr) & Michèle Mbo’o-Tchouawou, Deputy Director @AWARDFellowship ImageImageImageImage
🌟 Key notions, challenges and issues reminded:
- New generation of researchers
- Gender equality in science & agriculture
- EU 🔁 Africa
- From local to global
- Capacity building
- Network
- Collaboration (North-South, AND South-South!) Image
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At Qatar, in response to #Eritrean opposition leader Isaias Afwerki who keeps trashing all the achievement of his government, Ambassador Sophia outlines all of them. Speaking of Qatar….…
2010: After two years of denying it had any disputes with #Djibouti and getting sanctioned for its refusal to mediate the dispute, #Eritrea accepts Qatar mediation for its dispute with #Djibouti
2010-2017: #Eritrea and #Qatar have right relationship with Qatar Airways picking the president for frequent “consultations” on “bilateral and regional issues.” ImageImage
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#Ericsson fined $207m for concealing internal probe into bribes paid to #ISIS

The #Swedish company was involved in a large scale corruption scheme across several #Asian countries…
#Swedish telecom giant Ericsson has been fined $207 million for violating a deferred prosecution deal with US authorities by concealing evidence of serious misconduct in #Iraq, where the company reportedly bribed #ISIS to access a specific transport route between 2011 & 2019.
In a statement issued on 2 March, Ericsson said it had entered “a guilty plea regarding previously deferred charges relating to conduct prior to 2017” for not disclosing its inquiry to the US authorities.…
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In his speech to the Somali Parliament, the President of the Republic, His Excellency Ismail Omar Guelleh, emphasized that the Somali Parliament has a leading role to play in the fight against Al Shabab terrorists. #Somalia #AlShabab #terrorism Image
The President emphasized that the legislative and oversight power of the Parliament can contribute to the fight against terrorism by passing forward-thinking laws to combat the settlement of foreigners promoting terrorism. #Somalia #counterterrorism #legislation Image
The Republic of Djibouti supports Somalia in the fight against Al Shabab terrorists, including through its contingent in the African Transitional Mission in Somalia (ATMIS). #Djibouti #Somalia #AlShabab #ATMIS Image
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#UNGA overwhelmingly voted (152-5) for #KhazarianMafia's rogue state #Israel to get rid of ALL #nuclearweapons and allow @iaeaorg access to all its nuke sites. Unlike NPT member #Iran (0 nukes), #ApartheidIsrael is the only country in #MiddleEast that has nukes. 90+ illegal ones! #UNGA overwhelmingly voted ...
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Helping #Somalia-"We get it by, with & through" partnerships, LtGen Michael Langley, nominated to lead @USAfricaCommand, tells SASC

"It's the best thing that will thwart the great power competition that's coming w/these false value propositions" from #Russia, #China
US working w/#Africa|n countries to help them establish maritime exclusion zones - "That's going to be the biggest deterrent, or assurance actions... that's going to deter #China from trying to take over the West Coast of the African continent" per LtGen Langley
"#AFRICOM needs more resources, not less" per SASC Ranking Member @JimInhofe, saying he's heard rumors support to @USAfricaCommand is going to be downgraded
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Where is #BlackLivesMatter while #Russia uses native people for its colonial war by contract enforcement? Why don't you protest in front of the #russian embassy against systemic #racism? Like many people around the world supported Afro-Americans. Solidarity!
2/ @Blklivesmatter could you finally turn your attention to the problem of #racism in #Russia and the bloody exploitation of #indigenous peoples there?
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#China is building #PLA naval facility in northern portiion of #Cambodia’s #Ream #NavalBase on the #Gulf of #Thailand. #PLAN
Back in 2019, #China signed an agreement allowing its armed forces to use a #Cambodian #NavalBase to boost its ability to project military power around the globe.
The deal allows #China to use the base for 30 years, with automatic renewals every 10 years after that. #China would be able to post military personnel, store weapons & berth warships. A #Chinese company is also constructing a very large airport very close to the Naval facility.
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Revealing spotlight on #China's emerging #PLA #Naval facility in #Ream, #Cambodia!

Glad to support @nakashimae & @catecadell's exposé @WashPost.

This will be hot topic at #SLD22 where I'm honored to be a delegate. Let's see what officials say! @IISS_org…
Ships adding up—

"#China’s #navy is already the world’s largest by #s of vessels. The @USNavy has 297 battle-force ships..according to @CRS4Congress, while China has 355 & is projected to have 460 by 2030, according to last year’s @DeptofDefense report."…
But, said Andrew Erickson, research director of the @ChinaMaritime Studies Institute @NavalWarCollege, “as impressive as those numbers are, without a significant network of robust overseas facilities, their ability to use them falls off rapidly w distance from China.” #Ream #Base
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Dr Ahmed Robleh Abdilleh, Minister of Health of #Djibouti🇩🇯 has been elected as the President of the 75th World Health Assembly #WHA75
United States🇺🇸
have been elected as Vice-Presidents of the 75th World Health Assembly #WHA75
Dr Hiroki Nakatani from #Japan🇯🇵 has been appointed as the Chairperson of Committee A at the 75th World Health Assembly #WHA75
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☪️🇪🇬 | Prière de l’Aïd à Heliopolis en #Égypte aujourd’hui. ⤵️


☪️🇩🇿 | Prière de l’Aïd à Tamanrasset en #Algérie. ⤵️

☪️🇦🇱 | Prière de l’Aïd à Tirana en #Albanie. ⤵️

🎥 @Reuters

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HD Updates :

#HeySinamika (தமிழ் - తెలుగు - हिन्दी - മലയാളം - ಕನ್ನಡ | Netflix & Jio Cinema)

#RadheShyam (தமிழ் - తెలుగు - മലയാളം - ಕನ್ನಡ | Prime Video | Simply South (OSI) | TentKotta)

#Thirimali (മലയാളം | Simply South (OSI) | Manorama Max)

#Pada (മലയാളം | Prime Video)
#YuthaSatham (தமிழ் | TentKotta)

#KaunPravinTambe (தமிழ் - తెలుగు - हिन्दी | Disney+hotstar)

#BheeshmaParavam (தமிழ் - తెలుగు - हिन्दी - മലയാളം - ಕನ್ನಡ | Disney+hotstar)

#Djibouti (தமிழ் - తెలుగు - हिन्दी - മലയാളം - ಕನ್ನಡ | Prime Video)
#memberrameshan9aamward (മലയാളം | Zee5)

#SharmajiNamkeen (हिन्दी | Prime Video)

Web Series :

#MoonKnight (தமிழ் - తెలుగు - हिन्दी - മലയാളം - English | Disney+hotstar)

#HaloTheSeries EP - 2 (தமிழ் - हिन्दी - ಕನ್ನಡ - English | Voot)
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#Somaliland and #Taiwan: The benefits


1/14. S/land and Taiwan have a lot in common such as both being a fully functioning democracies with volatile neighbours. Both are striving for international recognition and will not budge to threats or diplomatic pressure. Image
2/14. Somaliland brings a lot to the table. S/land’s strategic location in the Horn of Africa will give Taiwan a gateway into East Africa and beyond. Landlocked countries in Africa can benefit from this diplomatic move such as Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Uganda.
3/14. S/land will give Taiwan an important access to the Gulf of Berbera (Gulf Aden) where access to the Middle East, North Africa and the rest of the world can be established which will boost Taiwan’s export opportunities as well as a chance to make new friends in the region.
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In UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from, by
@UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric (back from 3 weeks in Greece) he's gotten its Qs by email, incl on #Nigeria IPOB case, #Tigray, Emma Reilly/whistleblowers, #Cameroon #Burma #Haiti UN rapes. Thread below Image
Banned Inner City Press asked @UN_Spokesperson & @AminaJMohammed: "On #Nigeria, what are the UN's comments and actions if any on IPOB's legal claim that providing aircraft to the Nigerian government is, legally, assisting genocide? See, case cite (DDC, USA).? ImageImageImageImage
Banned Inner City Press asked @UN_Spokesperson in writing, "what is SG Guterres' response to recent public statements by Emma Reilly that steps are being taken to fire her, w/ UN claiming whether names of Uighur dissidents were given to China is irrelevant?" ImageImageImageImage
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Big day for Nile Basin rains today. The image below [@meteoblue] shows rain at 6pm over the #HornOfAfrica.

The big storm on left is over South Sudan, while the smaller ones on the right are over the Ethiopia Highlands.

Today's Horn, #NorthAfrica & #MiddleEast forecasts follow.
Today's big picture shows a Western Sahara plume in the process of creating more significant storms in central Europe. Bottom left you can see today's #ArabianStorms.
These three images show the winds which are bringing the rains to Africa across the Indian Ocean. The first shows the view as of this morning, the 2nd a forecast for the 7th day and the last one the forecast for the 16th day.

Today's winds were strong.
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Rain storms rising in the Ethiopian highlands this afternoon via @zoom_earth.

Today's #NorthAfrica #MiddleEast and #HornOfAfrica rainfall forecasts follow.
The big picture for today shows a broad swathe of the North Western Hemisphere. Here in Europe we have rainclouds over most of Western Europe now. And more wet weather heading in from the West.

In the East the monsoon is still strengthening and we have #ArabianStorms yet again.
This morning we had a lovely clear view of the #HornOfAfrica from space courtesy of @NASA. The big cloud mass bottom right is mostly over Kenya.
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As Ethiopians vote today in their first open contested election here below we can see the rainstorm forming in the morning.

Today's #NorthAfrica, #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast rainfall forecasts follow.
In the big picture today we can see storms over Europe top left and monsoon storms over South East Asia bottom left, as well as yet another day of #ArabianStorms beginning on the Red Sea.

The monsoon storms over SEA provide the moisture which powers the rains over Ethiopia.
In this satellite image from this morning we can see visible traces of the water arriving across the Indian Ocean.
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Tomorrow Ethiopia will go to the polls. #GERD, the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, a project announced back in 2011 is a key election issue. The dam filling is about to begin.

This image shows Lake Tana, where the #Abbay river begins.

Today's rainfall forecasts follow.
Zooming out to show North Ethiopia this morning we can now see Tigray, where a horrific war began in November 2020, another key issue in this election.
Zooming out still further we can now see all of the ancient nation of Ethiopia. At the top right (the triangle bordered by cloud, we can see the northern end of the great rift where the Indian and African tectonic plates are slowly pulling away from each other.
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See four satellite images taken today of major water transport events from @NASA Modis below.
1. Monsoon winds leaving India
2. Monsoon winds arriving Africa
3. Closeup of the #HornOfAfrica
4. The latest WMA plume.

Today's #Africa and #Middle East rainfall forecasts follow.
Two views of today's heavy rainfall in the Nile Basin and along the Red Sea Coast.
A big picture view from the Atlantic to the Bay of Bengal. It is extraordinary how long the Leviathan storm has been stationary in the middle of the picture near the Black Sea. It started in late May!
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Satellite images of the monsoon winds path to the #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast in three pictures.
1. The source... Bay of Bengal
2. The voyage.... The Arabian Sea
3. Landfall

Today's rainfall forecasts for the wider area follow.
The big picture this evening.

Europe is stormy in the East and the West.

#ArabianStorms have returned to a less unusual format.

Big Rains continue in the Nile Basin.

And night has fallen on the Indian monsoon.
Four North Africa 10-Day rainfall forecasts for today June 18th. Forecasts for the West Africa Monsoon are continuing to move north particularly in the West.
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Unusual June rains continue in Saudi Arabia today, and for the first time since April rain fell throughout the night.

Today's #NorthAfrica, #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast rainfall forecasts follow. [SubThread - Mecca rains.]
Satellite Images arranged from East to West, the direction of tropical moisture movement and Monsoon Winds.
North African 10-Day rainfall forecasts as of June 17th. Rains are extending north of the 15th parallel in all forecasts now.
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It's all set for another big day over the #HornofAfrica today. This big picture view contains some measurements of the monsoon wind plumes which are from Myanmar and India to the Horn.

Today's rainfall forecasts for #NorthAfrica the Horn and the #MiddleEast follow:
And while its still early, 2.30pm local time, we already have #ArbaianStorms lighting up in Saudi Arabia.
Here's a view of the storms after sunset last night from 7pm to 10pm. At present the storms over Ethiopia appear to die down by midnight. But those further West continue through the night.
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