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Unusual events are developing in Horn. The president of #Somalia with the president of Ethiopia are expected to visit Hargaisa, self-declared republic of #Somaliland: not recognized. The speaker of the upper house of Somaliland though disliking the visit, suggested accommodation
The upper house, Guurti or the house of traditional elders is un-elected body that wields the power( to extend terms to both the executive and the House of Representatives: it did it many times.
For background on Guurti:
see this:……
Guurti, the house of elders, lacks constitutional powers to extend terms, however, they played major role in building #Somaliland state: negotiated its contours, resolved disputes and so on. Many fear younger ‘elders’ may be tempted to advance other interests. #Somalia
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However, it shifts the focus back to the old narrative that Kenyans are somehow responsible for the current insecurity, and that if we "got out of Somalia", the "Banditry" would stop. It also very subtly blames the 'Somali Muslim'.
#AlShabaab #AlshabaabAttacks #NorthernKenya
For over 56 years, those in the North Eastern Territories have been held hostage by the same idiotic thinking pushed by KEGovernment & Media (apologies @DennisOkari) that is OWNED by our political leaders..
It is insanity! In this thread, the historical background of #AlShabaab
@DennisOkari ..from where we last left off. Scroll down or search the other Threads by looking for [#AlShabba] and [#FireWalkers] .
But first, a recap....
"On Wednesday, August 28th, 2019, the UN Security Council rejected Kenya’s request to designate al-Shabaab a terror group under
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1/ If, as this thread by @yashar suggests, the #US airstrikes in #Baghdad, #Iraq lead to #Iran violently retaliating worldwide, one region of immediate concern could be the Horn of Africa.
@yashar 2/ There is latent Muslim Brotherhood presence in #Sudan, Iranian nationals have been arrested in #Kenya multiple times in recent years attempting to carry out attacks, and Iranian weapons flow across the Gulf of Aden into #Somalia.
@yashar 3/ Regarding #Kenya, in 2016 two #Iran ian nationals and their Kenyan driver were accused of planning an attack on #Israel's embassy in #Nairobi:…
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Het there mr ‘deputy minister of petroleum and mineral resources’

Since you’re kind enough to voluntarily dispatch such details, may we request disclosure of information which serves public interest instead of just superficial publicity stunts?

Here's a THREAD to help you along
As I’ve mentioned before, not compelling petroleum firms to pay inflation adjusted amounts for accrued fees is theft.

So can you explain if this was deliberate (impotence) or a simple oversight (incompetence)? Who are the lawyers representing #Somalia?

You say they “paid first installment” more than a year after the Concession Agreement was signed which stipulates payment date as “within 60 days” of agreement.

Some questions:

1) Are you saying the contractor failed to pay within specified payment period (breach of contract)?
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#Thread 👇

#Puntland region of Somalia is the only entity that demands establishment of clan borders in the Horn of Africa.

#Somaliland, #Ethiopia, #Djibouti and even #Somalia reject ethnic borders, so why does PL insist?

The answer lies in #Puntland's demographic problem.
It appears that in the absence of reliable census data post the Somali civil war, #Puntland has managed to successfully inflate their population figures in published estimates by various orgs.

In reality, this region has always been the most sparsely inhabited area in the horn..
For starters, the region we refer to as #Puntland today was historically known as #Majeerteenia pre and immediately post the union of #Somaliland and #Somalia.
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1/ #Somaliland took a different path regarding reconciliation and peace building. There are many factors that was critical for Somaliland’s approach to succeed in the after math of 1991 regime fall. The two most important factors are a less complicated clan poltics mechanism
2/ The other factor was leadership quality. As the political leadership of #SNM was able to neutralise the military leadership and restrain it self from acts of retaliation against members and supports of Siad Barres regime. Contrary to what happened in the south.
3/Fast forward to the current regime in #Somaliland. Muse Bihi is a prominent mility leader, and the quick collaps of the state of freedom, minority rights and human rights in #Hargeysa speaks of its self.
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Do we have new broker for Somali politics? Now, it’s understood a meeting between Muse Bihi-Somaliland president and Faramajo- the president of Federal government in the south will take place in Addis Ababa tomorrow. See the thread? #Somalia
Ethiopia with leadership of late prime minister Males Zanwe, successfully managed to neutralize the menace from Somali anarchy by combination of military campaigns and patron client relationships. #Somalia
In the military and intelligence engagement, it managed to keep at bay all radical threats including foot invasion, suicide, and assassin squads to infiltrate to Ethiopia. Perhaps to get the sense of statement compare with other neighbor Kenya. #Somalia
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Joakim Gundel discuses the Somali context at the Danish Institute for International Studies @diisdk. Spoilers: the Farmajo @M_Farmaajo administration is corrupt, and making the security situation worse in #Somalia. Thread below
On the South West State crisis: Farmajo wants to control who is in power in federal states "the candidate Farmajo wanted to replace the sitting president didnt seem to actually be in a position to get enough support, in spite of political corruption and bribes." #Somalia
on Jubaland: Charcoal trade happens with the blessing of #Kenya and #AMISOM. Charcoal storage facilities are right in front of Kenyan forces in Kismayo.
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#Ethiopia: "Former Chief Administrator of #Ethiopia-n Somali Regional State, Abdi Mohamed Omer, has been arrested." government affiliated @fanatelevision reported.
Update: The federal attorney general's office said Abdi Iley is arrested on suspicion of gross human rights violations as well as instigating ethnic & religious violence, the state broadcaster ETV says. The police is also arresting other individuals suspected of links with him
Update: The police have said they have found five Kalashnikov and four pistols at the house where former #Somali state president Abdi Iley was arrested earlier. The fire arms were placed under police jurisdiction.
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#Ethiopia:The fed defense forcea moving into #Jigjiga city, the capital of the Ethiopian #Somali regional state, after attempts to summon the region's Pres., Abdi Illey, to #AddisAbeba failed & reports that he ordered thousands of Liyu Police to move to the city. 📷 @oladmohamed
Update:This came after Abdi sent members of Liyu police to disrupt ongoing meeting by hundreds of Ethio #Somalis in #DireDawa city. As partial result of the threat the city declared a military command post on Thursday. The gathering in Dire Dawa is called to denounce Abdi Illey.
Update: As per a gov source, since Thursday, thousands of members of the Liyu Police were told by Abdi to move into #Jigjiga. He was then asked to come with key members of his cabinet to AA to discuss the ongoing situation. "He declined & the security situation calls for caution"
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